Malawi Police arrest 50 car wash operators in Lilongwe

Malawi Police in Lilongwe have arrested 50 car wash operators for what council officials say is for operating from illegal premises.

Car wash business

Car wash business

Lilongwe City Council publicist Tamara Chafunya said the operators were given a month long notice to vacate the premises they are operating from but decided to ignore the warnings.

“We were in newspapers, on radios, on tvs warning them the police would arrest them, we would confisticate their equipment but they ignored us. We had to do what our bylaws tell us,” she said.

She said all car wash operators, most of them who operate from drinking joints, needed to register with the council and they would be allocated designated places for their lucrative businesses.

“This process started on Tuesday, we have arrested lots of them, we have seized lots of their equipment. We want them to follow procedures. We want them to be given proper guidance on how to go about their business,” Chafunya said.

She said the exercise continues until there is sanity in the Capital City.

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6 thoughts on “Malawi Police arrest 50 car wash operators in Lilongwe”

  1. International Observer says:

    What the Council through police have done is temporal. As long as you don’t put up structures for these poor souls to operate from, after some time they will get back to business as usual. Construct shelters where they will call their work places then ask them to pay a small fee. Those you are arresting are the same youths government and the private sector can’t manage to employ. Now to day they want to earn a cheap livelihood but the same system that is failing to cater for them posses a stumbling block; do you want them to continue commit crimes to survive? What sort of a country that does not encourage its people to venture into own businesses as a means of reducing unemployment? You mean the council with all the muscle it has can fail to organise these fellas appropriately? Go out there and engage them, ask them where exactly they would prefer to have these structures built for them, even buy them proper equipment for car wash (Pressure washers) and loan it to them then gauge what the response will be like. These are bits and pieces expected of a caring council/government. By arresting those needy guys you are just being unfair and the consequences will be social unrest which will overstretch the already overstretched police service. The police has to sometimes reason with these organisations in the manner how they go about their daily business other than rushing blindly into the dark. C’om civilised Malawi, where have we deposited our common sense?

  2. Mayor 2 says:

    This is a welcome development. Blantyre should also emulate because it is becoming a nuisance to see how these car washers are doing their businesses. Let the City Councils bring order to the cities. Car washers are contributing to the damage of the roads in our cities, let alone hygiene. we indeed need to develop a culture of having to do things at the right place and in accordance with the laws!! Bravo Lilongwe City Council!!!

  3. Chagada says:

    My take is that alimi a mu LLs ukhondo njeeee. Look at what Noel Chalamanda is doing in BT. Ma city ena kutalitali kukanika kuchita chitukuko ndi ukhondo. City kumaoneka bwino anthu akenso odziwa kulumikiza ulusi osati zopalasa fumbi za mu LLs.

  4. chonchobe says:

    koma okuba anapha Dexter Kanike olo mmodzi omangidwa, busy kulimbana ndi anthu opanga ma business ang’ono ang’ono.

  5. kenken says:

    KOma adzidya chani plis chifukwa eni magalimoto amafuna malo oti iwo ali pafupi adziona. Mukulakwa, malawi watentha uyu.

    1. kkilembe says:

      So this City Council thinks arresting them is the solution? How much did those adverts on TV and radio cost? Malawi is a failed state indeed. Release them and provide the facilities for them. Take the lesson from Bakili who had a human face and did not arrest or evict illegal squatters in Dubai. Bwanji nkhanza chonchi? This is cruelty.

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