Malawi Police arrest man for Mzimba shooting incident

Malawi Police Service in Mzimba are keeping in custody Madaliso Kumwenda aged 20 from  Traditional Authority Chindi in the district for allegedly shooting and subsequently killing  John Nyirenda with no apparent reasons.

Medical personnel examining body of Mzimba murder

Medical personnel examining body of Mzimba murder

Nyirenda, aged 69 was from Kadudu in the same district.

Mzimba Police Public relations officer, Gabriel Chiona has confirmed with Nyasa Times about the murder.

A charge of murder contrary to section 209 has been pressed against the suspect. It attracts the maximum penalty of life imprisonment.

Police say it is not known where the suspect got the gun.

Of late gun crime has been on the increase in the country and apparently, police officers are reported to be aiding gangs.

Just recently, Malombe Police Officer In charge was netted for releasing gun to poachers

According to  Malawi News Agency report, the officer in – charge identified as Inspector Sign Chitsulo was arrested on Tuesday morning for a crime of transferring of firearms and ammunition without authority.

The incident has been confirmed by Mangochi Police Public Relations Officer.

Currently, Police Constable Guta is walking freely after being arrested on five charges of conniving with criminal gangs.

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32 thoughts on “Malawi Police arrest man for Mzimba shooting incident”

  1. chimwemwe Jere says:

    Get Real Alice, you cannot substantiate your claims….

  2. kwali says:

    mwawana wakwa nyitenda a munawa mwe ,,a cha bwera wakanangachi,sono hee mwajinangiska,simwathawa pakaya,chalo chimuwireninge chifinyi.

  3. ochewa says:

    May his soul RIP

  4. andy says:

    Killing iz every where nowadays its not about tumbuka

  5. Honest says:

    Kkkkkk za Mr Chabwera zalembedwanso pompa?? Koma kuwerengaku!

  6. Decent Citizen says:

    So somebody can just be shot for nothing like some lawless ghettos in America where people are high in drugs?Shame for this thug from Mzimba.He must have been high from Nkhotakota weed.Throw him in jail and throw away the keys in Mzimba river.He should never see a daylight again until he comes out in grey hair.

  7. Mbukavu says:

    Is it ethical to display a dead person like that? Mr Chabwera may your soul rest in peace As for the young man who killed Mr Chabwera may the Lord touch his heart

  8. amina says:

    Noone is safe except the dead person in the mortuary.

  9. redeemed says:

    May I warn the police officers against this not only unethical, but reckless behavior as tomorrow they will suffer the consequences, there is no friendship in criminal vocabulary but accomplice. Hence there is no assurance of sefty, soon you will reap the fruits of your unbecoming tendencies. Ask your fellow SAPs who are now faced with a predicament of being killed by criminals. Believe me when l say over 50 officers have been killed by criminals countrywide.

  10. alice says:

    Problem is there a too many mzimba guys in other countries where they a copying from these killing habits.

  11. Anthu akumpoto inu bwanjikodi ziwanda.

  12. emmah says:

    ine monga Mmalawi ndikuona kuti bvuto ndi anthu omwefe kamba koti timatha kudziwa komaso kukaikira munthu mdera lathu koma sitichitapo kanthu,poopa kuti apolice omwewa amati tiziwadziwitsawo ndi ameneso akupezeka magulu awanthu oipawo.

  13. Kavanyo says:

    Tiyeni tingovomereza kuti dzikoli likupita kumalecheleche and nobody is safe nowadays, only Mr president and His ministers.

  14. mamaaa says:


  15. GANYAVU says:

    Atumbuka atumbuka muzatheka inuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!.

  16. Tchinga Chisoni says:

    Ubwino wake si amalawi asiyeni aphane

  17. vwapuwvapu says:

    I am only sorry for Mr. Nyirenda.

  18. ndadabwa says:

    mfutiyo anamupatsa ndi apolice omwewo and they are lying kuti they are investigating. apolice ndi agalu. they are fueling crime

  19. Mbare says:

    You want federism to kill one another like that. Nthawi zonse mapokoso basi atumbuka. You came to Central region with your Livingstonia CCAP but look? eeish! mtundu wokanika.

  20. Sindi says:

    Koma policeman Guta is very special ndekuti? Mpakana 5 charges koma walking and drinking freely in town. Abansotu ameneyu.

  21. Souja says:

    Shallow minds,kuphana is every where in Malawi,next is you and your family,lets just pray that security improves in the country.

  22. ... says:

    Our police are now acting.

  23. dry bone says:

    nobody z safe

  24. Koma mtundu uwu wa atumbuka ikanakhala mbewu tikanango kazinga Wati everyday kuphana!!!

    1. Souja says:

      Shallow minds,kuphana is every where in Malawi,next is you and your family,lets just pray that security improves in the country.

  25. Tengupenya says:

    illegal arms are rampant in some places like Mzimba. those with arms are known by someone, like neighbours, wives, children, uncles, and others. no one is safe with illegal arms around. Chiefs and Police need your help to curb illegal small arms in your villages and homesteads.

  26. Souja says:

    APM is safe bro…

  27. makawa says:

    Amapangana mafavors apolisiwa tikanakhala ife anthuwamba bwezi tili mukanyumba komata.

  28. Let it rain says:

    Indeed GUta is a freeman, we meet him in town and looks fine. I wonder

  29. Lord Denning Chatsika says:

    Koma zapweka mpaka police officer lending out weapons to criminals? Who is safe in this country?

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