Malawi Police arrest man who held girl hostage, raped her repeatedly

Malawi Police in Kasungu have arrested a 21 year old man for abducting a secondary school girl, locked her in in a room for five hours whilst repeatedly sexually abusing her.

Mazingwitsa: Sex offender arrested

Mazingwitsa: Sex offender arrested

Kasungu police station publicist Edna Mzingwitsa said Chikwamao Mambo abducted the 17 year old girl around 8:30 Sunday evening as she was coming from studying at Khota community day secondary school.

Mzingwitsa said the girl used to go to the school in the evenings to study in preparation for her junior certificate examinations which are due in a few months time.

The police publicist said on Sunday she met Mambo on her way back home and allegedly abducted and repeatedly raped her, triggering fears he might have impregnated het or worse still infecting her with HIV.

Deputy head-teacher at the secondary school Winason Chaomba described the incident as “unfortunate.”

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18 thoughts on “Malawi Police arrest man who held girl hostage, raped her repeatedly”

  1. Mazi says:

    Eeeeeh a Mazingwitsa muli boooh. What are you doing in kasungu? You need to come here…

  2. andy manfor says:

    Y getting matured women instead of abusing school grl my rubbish

  3. Fury Road says:

    Ka dona kali mushe aka

  4. Fury Road says:

    Chikwamao what a name!

  5. stevie says:

    why my fellow men, alas… Anawa2 sadziwa chilichonse mkungowalakwira chabe powapatsa chiphyinjo chotere anthufe tiyene tikondane wina ndimzake tisakhale ngati nyama

  6. Why kasungu endergase in such cases, The reason might be mukulima ndi kusuta kwambili chamber.


    sharia law basi aphedwe ameneyo coz edna amafuna kuzakhala sistele nde kuti zakanika basi!!!!!!

  8. funzo says:

    Is this man worse than a homosexual? By far!

    And the Depute Headteacher said this was ‘unfortunate’. Is this code for something that we are not being told?

  9. Moffat says:

    Does a form 1 girl sits for JCE exams?

    What a short cut!

  10. bongolwethu jayiya says:

    koma ka edna kali mushe aaah!!!!!!!

  11. Mbuya says:

    Why did ve girl not shout for help ?anavata kukoma naye sanapatse ndalama chabe and wat kind of room, resthouse or dwelling?

  12. reasonableman says:

    the article has a lot of punches and the author failed in his/her homework here hence it has no name of author.
    1. the girl is in form one
    2. she was going for studies so as to prepare for JCE which is coming in few months
    since when has MANEB started administering JCE to form ones .
    whom are you fooling here Vuto lolemba nkhani ndimabodza mukati so as to make people read your stories.
    17 years form one? my guess is ichi chinali chibwenzi ichi mwina on this day she just didn’t want it.

  13. Owen Phiri says:

    What a bombocrat he is really!he must not see the world anymore send him to hell.Rasta I say

  14. owen phiri says:

    He is so disgusting why mahule are lot why not buy one he deserve to rot in hell

  15. soko says:

    anthu osusuka ngati agalu azimangidwa moyo wawo onse

  16. chinjoka says:

    pliz choose a better heading ife timaganiza ngati kuti mukuti a policeman kkkkkk becareful when writting pliz

  17. Fuvung'ondo says:

    Is this Mzingwitsa lady married, she looks very available

  18. Amwali says:

    Animals like this man dont deserve to live. Castrate him and let him rot in hell. Vile disgusting man.

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