Malawi Police arrest Western Union employee for dumping baby in pit toilet

A 24-year-old woman, Gladys Phiri, is currently in police custody for allegedly dumping her new born baby boy in a pit latrine in Chilomoni Township, Blantyre.

Phiri an employee of Western Union gave birth to the baby in the wee hours of September 18th, 2015 and allegedly dumped it in the toilet to conceal birth following months of disguising the pregnancy.

The baby, according to police, was discovered by the suspect’s neighbours and was quickly rushed to Mitsidi Health Clinic where the baby was pronounced dead.

Phiri was arrested following a medical examination, and has since been charged with Infanticide contrary to Section 230 of the Penal Code.

“The baby according to medical report died of suffocation. We arrested the suspect on Saturday 19th September and she is currently in custody,” said Blantyre police Public Relations Officer, Elizabeth Divala.

The suspect had gone into labor in her home in Sigelege in Chilomoni Townships on September 18th and instead of calling for help; she single handedly prised the 2kgs baby from her body before dumping it into the toilet.

And according to family relations, Phiri went to great lengths to hide the pregnancy and was forced to dump the baby to conceal birth after her boyfriend denied responsibility.

“Her boyfriend had denied being responsible for the pregnancy. And what made the situation complicated is the fact that apart from the boyfriend, she was also going out with her boss,” one of the relations confided in Nyasa Times.

“She tried all she could to hide her pregnancy by the fear that her relationship with her father would change if he found out the truth”.

Phiri hails from Anderson village in Traditional Authority (T/A) Kuntaja in Blantyre.

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45 thoughts on “Malawi Police arrest Western Union employee for dumping baby in pit toilet”

  1. Phwado says:

    Izi ndiye zanyanya ngati chigololo cha pa Parliament..Abambo akulera ana asali awo.Hehedeeeeee!

  2. Prodigalson says:

    Uhule wamusowesa mtengo wogwira ndiye uhule ndi chimo,kupha mwanaso ndi chimo.

  3. DOBO says:

    @30 nyasatemes is simply giving us the particulars of a criminal by giving her name, working place and home location.Nothing iis wrong man.Why you not the people of his hometown ,

  4. Zaire says:

    Please Nyasa times,,, try to put proper heading to your articles.

    What is the difference between Phiri and Western Union?
    The issue has nothing to do with western union,,,, and yet you are implicating it.
    It is quite unfair.
    You went to school and taught everything,,,therefore, doing this does not put good picture to your academic backgrounds.
    Improve please…..

  5. Maximum Prison says:

    Nachisale read between the lines! The relative says this bitch was also sleeping with her boss so who is the father of the baby? A lot are happening in the offices. Female employees are flirting with their bosses to get pay hike or promotions. Others just flirt for money. So can not fault the man he denied responsibility!

  6. Chinena says:

    Iwe Nachisale osamuikila kumbuyo hule uyu. It’s difficult to be sure who the father is as atsikanawa ndi mahule. Koma mpaka nyerezo mpaka plain when you are not married? Ku Malawi makondomu otchipa chonchiwa mpaka boilo edzi yonseyi?

  7. redeemed says:

    Without sounding like I am condomning this evil act, I would like to know if this new mom would have resorted to this gruesome deed had the man responsible for the pregnancy played his role of a father? Naturally no woman has a child in her body. And it’s normally a man who approaches a woman to engage into sexual intercorse, but the same man has balls enough to neglect the woman who is carrying his baby. How did dare he continued to sleep with a woman whom he accused of having an affair with somebody else. This is plain stupidity if you ask me. There are lot of children whom there fathers have denied them citing that the mother was sleeping with somebody else. If you are a man enough why would you sleep with another man’s woman. Such moron needs to be held accountable as the innocent soul shouldn’t suffer because of his cowardness and stupidity. In this case both the man and the woman must face the full mighty hand of the law. As a matter of fact the man must receive a stiffer sentence for he is the man cause of this moronic act.

  8. rasta says:

    Iwe dadaboma ndiwe galu kwabasi.. What has baby dumping have to do with the Lhomwe’s? Sukuona the name of the whore who has dumped the baby is from the north, a stupid Tumbuka… Mukumachoka Ku north kwanuko kuzagawa zimatenda zanuzo kuno. Atumbuka muli ndi vuto kwambiri, kukonda kuchindisa kwa ma bwana for favors ndizimenezitu mxiiu

  9. Chinyanga says:

    Personally, dumping the baby coz the father denied the responsibility isn’t tangible reason at all cost..Inenso madala anandikana only to pop up later nditakula. In fact, pregnancy is not an accident as some thinks but a product of ones all starts with sex then that “belly” & i wonder how these ladies nurture the pregnancy from the day of realisation up to 9th month only to dump the fruit in the toilet, this is ridicurous 4 sure. If u hate kids then stop opening your legs open. zaziiiiiiiiii

  10. Happy Eduardo says:

    Is Phiri a Lhomwe name? Search me. The name sounds Chewa, Tonga or even Ngoni of Mzimba.

  11. Che Ngana says:

    IWE BAKHA ETI!UMALEKA KUNDIPATSA INE MWANAYO.For Sure You Deserve To Die.Mtima Wako Wakondwa Sopano Uhule Upitilire.

  12. Dikisan says:

    Nthawi yomwe adzafune mwana adzababwa bwinobwino koma sadzakula. Adzagundidwa ndi galimoto, adzakhala mwana wasavera. Mwana yemwe wakana akamakumvera ndi amene watayo. Shame on you!. Ana amahule inu! Nyasa pezani chinthuzi cha Gladys kuti mudziwe. Otherwise adzatiphera ana imwe tingafune kulenga naye.

  13. amfumu says:

    it was a live baby.why not murder?

  14. Kachindamoto says:

    MRA and Western Union are famous offices in Malawi where bosses are screwing the female employees heavily. Men with wives in these offices watch out. Every woman in these offices has already been undressed by other men. For example Thodi has already screwed over 80 percent of women from MRA. So if you have a wife working at MRA, just know that probability that she may have been screwed by Thodi is over 95 percent.

  15. Otanjere says:

    Atsikana a masiku ano kukonda kunyengetsa uku ndi uku. Makamaka ndi azibambo akuluakulu. Amuna a size yawo sakuwakwanira. Nawo azimayi apabanja nde #1 kunyengesa.

  16. Mwini Dimba says:

    This is misrepresentation of facts. The heading could be ” A girl dumps her baby in the toilet ” not the one captured because Western Union is a company that is on money transfers so why should it be involved in an individual story? Had it been that she swindled the company’s money that could be another issue.

  17. Dominic says:

    Only God knows

  18. Jon says:

    Dadabomas sentiments are way out of proportion. Ethnic cleansing is not the right directing and advocating for it is disastrous.

  19. Vwapuvwapu says:

    Do not play with men if you do not want children kkkkkkk kkkk

  20. Azimayi aku chiradzulu akuba says:

    Mkazi wa nzeru. Azimayi ambiri akanakhala kuti amaganiza ngati mtsikana ameneyu, mMalawi muno chiwerengero cha anthu sichikanachuluka. Tiyeni talimbikitse atsikana makamaka mahule kuti atengere chitsanzo chabwinochi. Paja akulu anati njoka siiyenda ndi mwana. Mahule nso samayenda ndi ana.

  21. Foolish girl indeed! Why anali kukhanyula nyini yake na kupasa cipase-pase kuli onse amuna a nyele? Lock up the idiot.

  22. Moralist Weniweni says:

    The bitch should face the long arm of law.Afterall she was employed and she could even look after the kid to shame the irresponsible shagger boyfriend.Learn to use condoms if you are ready to bring some lives in this tough world.Anzanu akukhala zaka 10 m’banja alibe mwana,why you are throwing an innocent kid in the toilet.Why didn’t you hand it over to some orphanages in Bt?

  23. Brazilian Wax says:

    @15, Nachisale. Sometimes its better to be an analyst than an emotional feminist. I mean why arresting the man? According to the story, the lady was double crossing and who would love to take such a lady on board as a wife? Women are no lesser animals; they have all the faculties of the brain intact. They know the repercussions of any behavior and indeed unprotected sex. This woman in this case is the proven criminal and she has to face the law. Nothing like involving the man here.

  24. GRM says:

    Why Western Union? She is an employee of western union. Just like if a Policeman is caught stealing he tarnishes the image of Police. Her bosses were bonking her right at Western Union and you want him to accept that nonsense.

  25. Naligonkhwiro says:

    Infantcide ?? Not sure, ldt me consult my dalawini for points to prove the case. Okweee

  26. banda says:

    Let no-one condemn her. Women are overburdened with pregnancy and children. Men just walk away and the courts do not arrest and imprison men who deny responsibility and abandon children. So women should not be punished of these crimes. If anything let the man or father be arrested and chargef as well.

  27. Weniweni says:


  28. munthu wabwino says:

    Chamba. Zotaya ana zinalikobe? Aphedwe gwape ameneyi.

  29. Lovemaniac 91 says:

    Sharia Law shud be applied here plz! # feels gud to be back in love!

  30. dadaboma says:

    ALomwe ndi zitsiru. Malawi will not be a clean place with Lomwes around. And the Lomwe judges, being as silly as the fellows, only charge 50,000 for baby dumpers to encourage the practice of baby dumping. This tribe has got to be erased to erase the socio-economic dirt in Malawi.

  31. nachisale says:

    Can the police arrest the father of the baby because by denying responsibility he equally killed the child. The abortion bill needs to be enacted quickly so that women like men can choose to keep pregancy/baby. Its not fair to arrest women when men can just run away from pregnancy.

  32. Chibalo says:

    Why dumping your own baby you carried and walked with for 9 months?Why also hide pregnancy when we see hundreds of women in town walking around proudly some of whom their 3rd or 4th born without fathers?

    Women, you all know the consequencies of baby dumping before men and in the eyes of GOD?Do you know you would easily be forgiven by God if after falling pregnant you reveal to your parents/Aunt-though difficult,and repent of your sins and keep the baby than dumping your own child to death?

    By the way, tikudziwa kuti ndalama zikuvuta kuno ku Malawi,can our women take a bold step further to say NO even if they know sex is Sweet to both parties? Men at the office, can we zip up please and know that sleeping around with girls who are vulnerable and powerless is a great abomination punishable by fire?

  33. Chimimba chachikulu says:

    Iwe nde chitsiru basi. Kukula mimba. Kuyerekedwa konsekuja!! Nde umati ndikugulire slimming belt ncholinga choti umangile chimimba chakocho. Ndiwe mfiti kwambiri. Umaona ngati ungandibele ine! I knew all a long kuti yu were playing games wth many men including your boss. Mutuwako and yu must rot in jail for sure. Bitch!!!!

  34. ntinti says:

    Very bad. Ena akuvutika kusowa ana.

  35. aha says:

    She shoulf request to be heard at Nkhoyakota court, they will give het K50000 fine there.

  36. Wodandaula says:

    Ambuye Mulungu, Kalonga wa mtendere, imvani pemphero langa. Sindimamvetsa bwanji mukupatsa ana anthu ngati amenewa? Ife zaka zikutha, mwana osamuona.

    Chomwecho, poti mumadziwa zonse. Sitingakumvetseni poti ndinu Mulungu.

  37. newsmaker says:

    This matter has nothing to do with Western Union, as she did not dump the baby in her capacity as Western Union employee.

  38. kwakawale says:

    Let her face the law

  39. cobra commander says:

    mkazi okonda ma plain. taonani tsopano, upita ku ndende. ukadzamaliza sentence yako, udzaphya ndi moto chifukwa wapha munthu osalakwa. why atsikana inu why? you know kuti we men timathila umuna inu mukalandila umunawo mumaphulika, yet you still say yes tikakunyengelelani kuti timenye nawo boil.

    poor little baby. you never even had the chance to see the world. evil people that only think of kunyekhula ended your precious life. rest in peace.

  40. KUKAYA WA KUKAYA says:


  41. hk says:

    What has Western Union to do with dumping of the babay? It is very unfair to draw employers into issues of indivial nature!

  42. Henry Vegas says:

    u beta throw away the key because she commited murder not just murder but to an innocent boy

  43. One Loves says:


  44. Long Dick says:

    A lot of chisembwere is happening in offices! A day cant go without one loose woman get fucked!

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