Malawi Police arrests suspect in Njaunju murder

Malawi Police have arrested and charged Frank John with murder offence relating to the senseless killing of Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) director of corporate services Issa Njauju.

Njaunju car in ashes

Njaunju car in ashes

Police spokeswoman Rhoda Manjolo confirmed the arrest of the suspect and that he is on remand at Maula Prison.

However, she could not disclose more information on the suspect and the investigations that led to his arrest, saying “its not for public consumption.”

Police arrested John because he allegedly was found with the deceased phone.

Critics say Police are ignoring the larger picture because of political pressure as ACB boss was reportedly killed by a “state-sponsored” mafia-style attack.

Njauju was brutally murdered and his body thrown aside presidential villas along presidential drive in the capital city’s Area 44 on July 2 2015.

His official car a Toyota Hilux D4D double cabin was burnt down to ashes.

Post-mortem results showed that Njauju was shot twice in the neck and chest before he was buried near Lilongwe River.

Justin Dzonzi who is Executive Director for Justice Link faulted the police for failure to show professional handling of the crime scene involving the high profile ACB official.

“When a gun is fired you would find shell casings where the shots were fired and if you assume that the person who shot might have been in the car it is then possible that you can find evidence in the car so on and so forth.

“Now if that car has been disturbed before the investigating team has had time to investigate then they may lose all certain clues that may lead them to certain conclusions’, said Dzonzi.

He explained that If at the investigation level the police have not been able to establish what exactly happened even if some individuals were to be arrested it becomes extremely difficult for prosecutors to prove in court that indeed those individuals are connected to the crime that took place.

Dzonzi said this is because investigators will have failed to gather sufficient evidence with which to convict suspects.

“Remember that in court its evidence that speaks volume, it’s not just mere allegation so you will need to arm yourself with sufficient factual information that would then show what actually happened.

“So the disturbance of the crime scene would affect both investigations and subsequent prosecution if it were to take place”, said Dzonzi.

Police said initial investigations indicated cashgate – probe into systematic plunder of public resources – could be the reason to Njaunju’s savage murder.

Envoys from the United Kingdom, United States, Germany, the European Union, Norway and Ireland called for speedy investigations and warned that intimidation and bribery should not been used to deter ACB from pursuing those denying the country its much-needed resources through corruption.

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57 thoughts on “Malawi Police arrests suspect in Njaunju murder”

  1. victim Chamkhuni Lwazazi says:

    How was the vehicle burnt in Mtandile Township 10 km from near State House where the body was found? What particular case in the 15 year cash gate was he invetigating at the time of his death? Where are the sincere law enforcers and government powers in Malawi? Remember, God was, is and will be in control – When He acts and will act, no one is equal or above Him, even if you do not believe in Him.

  2. nyavizwazwa says:

    This is very true, Frank John is tortured on the activity of weacked people. God will judge

  3. vendort says:

    Phone alone may not be enough evidence. Unfortunately phones can be bought in streets. Police probe deeper

  4. Kamchenyenthe says:

    The police have long believed that ordinary Malawians don’t think except themselves or else how would one explain the stupidity demonstrated by police in claiming that Njauju was murdered by a Mr. Frank. Njauju killers were fairly sophisticated the sophistication that Mr Frank or John does not possess. Looking at his wife and children it’s very clear Mr Frank is being tortured to cover up. There is no doubt to most Malawians that some state agency killed Njauju. The police should stop belittling Malawians by thinking that their narrative makes sense to us. Munachita kubaya. But remember you will also die and you will account for your actions

  5. Citizens please lets on the streets and demonistrate to show solidality to the family. There are people who die for their rights, but Malawian cowards can not do it. And if they want to do they are bought. How do you sleep when you know you took blood money? The man died for what he believed he was doing the right for the nation and the people. Shall we call him brave or coward? NO! The cowards are us. We are going back to Kamuzu Banda,s time. Why did we want democrancy? Dont let this case to be another Chasowa case. If the government is protecting someone then this government is not for people. APM should know what they do in America and he is a lawyer so he can act professional. In America they resume a case after 30 years. We need to do the same even if they leave the government. But we need a leader who is for people. UDF, DDP and PP ill never solve Malawi corruption cases because each one has tested the money they stole. Lookat Muluzi now he is healthy and happy, because he is bought and his case is tken away. That is the work of APM. To buy people. He has bought his son. Do you think donors are stupid or they dont know this??? As long as DDP is ruling Malawi and Malawians will suffer for 5 years. Another mistake to let DDP rule Malawi will be very bad economic situation for 10 years.

  6. Blame yourselves Malasians. What did you expect from DDP? Nothing has changed. APM said it before he stole the votes that he will take where his brother left. What did he mean and where was his brother left? DDP know that they stole votes that is why they have not protested when Chakwale says it opening. In Normal circumstance they could sued him but they have kept quite. Problem of Malawi majority of young men and women are not educated and aware of how the governmen should run. It is them who vote for these idiots. Because their mins set is not manured. In every country it is the yough who fight for their rights. Since educated ones dont vote it will be these kind of leaders ho will rule Malawi, and Malawi continue to be the poorest in the world. APM is the worst leader Malawi ever had. He talks like a parot. He says Malawi in 5 years will be better. How? If it is not now how can it be better in 5 years? There are no investors, No money. The kwacha is on the lowest point. People are jobless. Salaries are vey low. No. Medicines. People die for a simple illness. There only thing is stealing. Most Malawian workers steal from their employers. It is a desease.

  7. Malawi wa Lero says:

    One sophisticated indiviual big enough to lift/carry a human body plans to kill Njaunju. He arms himself with the latest model gun with probably a silencer, a hoe, a bucket of water, a match box or lighter. Njaunju is eventually killed and we are told the killer is a simple Malawian who can not buy a phone of his own. Did the Malawi Police not tell us that they had released Cell Phone man because of lack of evidence. Bwanji kudzikolakola simungakhale ndimanyazi.

  8. Ya human life is not something to play with. The other thing is incompetence on the part of police service, they’re not well equipped with the modern technology. But that is a stepping stone to finding the truth. It doesn’t matter whether it was the people in power or other forces but one day the truth will come in the open cos it always does.

  9. Stanley says:

    Bribe that is only problem

  10. Change says:

    Dausi, Dausi, Dausi, you will start suffering right here on earth before you go to hell for the work you are doing. Hiding in Catholicism Kumadya u kalistia.

  11. September 23 says:

    I see the finger prints of Dausi all over this.

  12. Truck says:


  13. Josophat Returns says:

    Kkkk. You think the real guys needed a phone? Kkkk. The boy was sent. Anali dobadoba. He is just the fall guy.Dig deeper and then suddenly you will start smelling Dausi in the deep hole and some eccentric lomwe soup cooking to cover up the cashgate trail.kkkkkk.

    We need to have our own hit squad. To butcher those who think they have a license to kill. This crookedness should be met with crookedness. With an iron fist. With riots. With caress abandon. Anarchy for Anarchy. Iron for iron. Gun for gun. Let’s abet the crimes. Evaporate the dollars. Let the kwacha slide to Zim levels. Stab the FISP. Create desperation. Let’s help the DPP in its cause. They will love you dearly. Then we can think better again when we assess the syrian -like plunder and destruction.

    I love this government. Honestly…. Kkkk…Kkkkkkk

  14. muha says:

    You cannot play around wth sb blood! Some other day truth will speak for itself

  15. John says:

    End of this World!!!!!!!! Ambuye bwelani muzatiweluze!!!!!!!

  16. Prodigalson says:

    Chilungamo chake chiziwika.

  17. NJOLIKA says:

    STUPIDITY DPP:killing pple it doesnt make sense,during ur time how many malawias hurted???.how many things burned??? zonse zikukhala zoipa chifukwa chiyani??? Munabwera kuzalamulira mwina kuononga???.let me explain what u did killing chasowa,pple 4rm north&njaunju now.burning ballot paper,stores 4mec,njaunju’s car&etc.police should tell us the truth.2019 dpp x

  18. Bololo says:

    This poor man is the fall guy who has had the misfortune of taking the bait and been framed. Did this guy kidnap, drive and shoot Njaunju. I doubt it.

  19. CHIGAWENGA says:

    This man is just a decoy. he was set up by this corrupt DPP government to make it look as if they have found the real killer. This murder was the work of Dausi and his mafiaso. It was a well calculated murder that no watch man could have pulled it off. So here is my warning shot to Dausi and his DPOP cadres, find us the real killers or elses we will start taking you one by one. Enough is enough

  20. We need human right to go and ask the man to tell his story.
    It does not make any sense that an ordinar Malawi poor can kill this man without any reason. And one man alone. How did he know the man? Why him? If the man was after telephone or money why burning the car? Why shooting him? Where did he get the gun? The police belongs to government. And afraid to tell the truth. Rise Malawian please.

  21. Everyone knows the man is killed by high rank and government. DDP is a killing machine. To silence and freighten people from doing right think they are giving warns. It is not first tim DDP has killed. Chasowa case. 20 young people were killed in Muzuzu and were called thieves. How Malawians died during Kamuzu Banda compared with DDP which has been in short governement. These people who are killed by DDP are not direct in politic but they threathen the government and that they can not
    Allow to be reviewed. The county is rulled by mafia killing machine. The man had children and family. They make the children fatherless. Is this human????? He was doing his job for the better Malawi. But the evil people want to continue to live in lunxious as if Malawi is their own property. Why this government has majority of members or people working in the government from one tribe or region. They have just enrolled uneducated polices to police school. People not passed MCE. What kind of job can they do. Abale Chalo kuonongeka. Bwanji. Whos mistake is this.
    No matter what they ar hidding it will catch them later. Saddam Huissen never knew his day will come.

  22. DPP and their old fool no hu is responsible.

  23. Hansou says:

    Police are lying!

  24. THE TRUTH IS says:

    The arrested guy is a watchman in area 12 from Kauma. He went to the bushes near Lilongwe river to hunt mice (mbewa). There he found a phone near were Njauju remains had been found. He picked it and tried to sell it at Kauma. The middlemen at Kauma took it to nearby Kamuzu Barracks to sell to a soldier. Somewhere it was discovered that it was Njauju’s phone. It was then traced back to him. He tried to explain his side but nobody listened to him and he has been in remand since. This happened over a month ago. But because he is a poor illiterate Malawian watchman, his side of the story is not being heard.
    Come to Kauma, his friends know this.
    Frank John will be executed for searching for his relish along Lilongwe river and the perpetrators of the crime will be happy the case is closed.

  25. Vwapuvwapu says:

    Anthu akudikila kumva.

  26. kadamanja says:

    Peter Mathanyula knows who killed Njauju, He is just sitting quite.

  27. jp says:

    God will judge dpp one day zoona?

  28. Mphangela says:

    Mumutsata,kodi omwe anapha chasowa sanamutsate?

  29. chimutu says:

    so Malawi police has resurfaced the arrest folowing documentary on Zodiac radio?..shame on on Malawi and i regret to hv voted for thes killers in power…offier killed in are 43 and got buried behind presidential villa whrte security is 24hrs and tight..i remember to hv been prevented from just passing that corridor by police ati its a no go zone.mhow come thsese mafia managed everything without any interferences from those do called state guards within thier vicinity..i sense a hand of the great one being involved in this saga…God have mercy on Malawi

  30. Dyanani nokha kwanu komweko ndisankho lanu ndipo dzikoli lakulepherani Mulungu simunthu amayang’ana kwabasi.Inde tikuvutika koma mbiri yanu siyizatha mwationengera dziko la Malawi kumatenga kumpoto ngati akunja.

  31. Mzungumbuli says:

    “You can cheat one time but you will never cheat all the time” Zidzaululika tsiku lina. In life there is always “one day” THE MOMENT OF TRUTH WILL COME.

  32. TCHaTChIhI says:

    God is watching you guys,its only one day that you will be cought.osati kumanga munthu Osaka mbewa.Remember one thing you can hide from God’s eye.

  33. Kanyimbi says:

    zopusa basi.

  34. Malawian says:

    Chasowa was gone without a trace, people knew it was the DPP that did it. Njaunju was killed too and people know the truth that it was facilitated by DPP Cadres trying to destroy K577 billion cashgate information involving the current Government. Voting by Regional and Tribal lines is killing this country. There are Malawians out there that can rule and transform this country. When voting comes its “wakuba” or “wakupha” yemweyo!!.

    No wonder we are 51 years old and at a peace but we cant even feed ourselves. Despite the said peace, we are the poorest country in the world “really”. God have mercy on us.

  35. Greencardless Malawian says:

    Zabodza izi…the persons who killed Njaunju did the deed on instruction from very high ranking authority!

  36. Apa Boma Lawonetsa Kuyipa Kwake Konse. Musiyeni Munthu Wosalakwayo Mangani Enieniwo

  37. Dango says:

    Anthu opanda manyazi inu,mukufunanso mutinamize ife tiziti mukugwira ntchito.mukunamizirano munthu wina amene. sizikumukhuza eeeeeee anthu inu ndinu oyipa zedi

  38. peeping lizard says:

    yophera awemba!!!DPP ndiimene inapha njaunju kudzera mwa Dausi ,Mukhitho ndianyamata aku24ku LL ,tikudziwa bwino,uyomwangopeza ponamizira tiziti mukugwira ntchito! anthu opanda chisoni inu! apolisi sikuti simukudziwa chilungamo koma mukuopakuchotsedwa ntchito.malawi sadza tukuka chifukwa chaimfa zaanthu osalakwa.stupid dpp

  39. akukonde akukonde Osaopa says:

    Poor soul suffering on behalf of real murderers. did the police spokesperson not tell us that there was nothing to implicate this guy? this is typical of state machinery at play and this guy will be hanged like a sheep for the sins of others. it reminds us of Chasowa. up to now his killers are enjoying life in their opulent mansions

    1. Agent 007 NIB says:

      I listened to a Zodiak news report in which the police spokesperson clearly stated that they had initially arrested a Falls Estate chap who had been found in possession of Njauju’s phone but they had to release him after establishing that he was not involved in the murder. Now the police are doing a u-turn and are saying he is now a ‘suspect’? Give me a break – this is just MPS wanting to be seen to be making some ‘progress’.

      The phone records of late Njauju a week or two before his murder could give a clue – most likely the killers threatened him before actually killing him. I suspect he was killed by a Malawian version of James Bond – ‘licensed to kill’. Police inactivity from the outset of this case smacks of some authority telling them not to get involved…

  40. Pumbwa says:

    Koma DPP yatitola ndipo yationelela ikungochita zomwe ikufuna kuiwala kuti dzikoli ndila tonse. Tionetsana!!!!!!!

  41. drzeus says:

    There r many innocent people in jail who were sentenced to jail bcoz of cooked up evidence by the police investigators. False witnesses and identification parades r the order of the day at Area 3 and Area 18.

  42. mwana mulopwana says:

    Ignorance is not a excuse, I always tell people to avoid buying used phones from people , the only place where you can be sure is to buy from a shop where the phone will have o history of call trace.
    This guy who has been arrested will give a clue to the police as they are using call trace till the person who did the killing .
    He cant say that he bought the phone from unknown people then he should be prepared to inherit the sins commited by others,

    It is hightime the we Malawians upgrade our heads and use it for its intended purpose , the head was not meant for decolation.

    I also ask Police to handle this case professionally , don’t shield anyone here we are talking of a life of a very important person which was cut short because of useless and as well as greedy people,

    We are talking of kids who will have to endure hardship both in their physical life, spiritual life because the father and their breadwinner had his life terminated, all the people who are going to be arrested should not be give bail so that investigation should be concluded ,

  43. Mtchona says:

    k k k k k k thats a senseless and useless news to hear.Zikhonza kutheka anaitola phone

  44. zora says:

    There is no secret under the sun. No matter how long it takes, we will surely know the truth. Gods eyes are on the whole world! nothing is hidden from HIS eyes.

  45. peter says:

    We have too many dead people walking and working in our important institutions!!!! Where a crime is committed and in such a manner as that of late Njauju the police need to show serous commitment towards apprehending perpetrators of evil otherwise muzailira anthu akadzatopa ndi zibwana muchitazi inu mapholisa!!

  46. peeping lizard says:

    kkkk!!! mafia style ,kodi inu adpp mumaona ngati amalawi ndizitsiru eeti? munamupha ndiinu aboma chifukwa cha cashgate! dausi,mukhitho ndianyamata awo aku 24 tikuwadziwa.mulungu akukuonani.

  47. Antoni apaphata says:

    A polisi in komatu penapake mumatitengera ku mbwete mwati munthuyo anapezeka ndi bullet shell? Note the name. Pachibale ndi Daniel phiri? $577

  48. Denguzman says:

    No truth, hope the police are just pretending and i kno that eventually they will set him (suspected criminal) free. Kumbukirani poyamba anatiuza kuti alibe mulandu ameneyu. Let us wait and see.

  49. Chemjambe says:

    Stolen phones are everywhere in Malawi, this is just a useless arrest by our incompetent police. You mean all this time since the killing u have not gathered any information about the perpetrators…. This MPS sucks big time!!!! my condolences to the Njaunju family for the loss once again…MHSRIP

  50. This guy called Frank John is as fake as his twin brother the late Daniel Phiri. He’ll just say phoneyo anatola panjira or the guy who sold him will claim the same and our clueless police will go back to square one, running in circles like headless chickens. Find the bullets casing first and identify what type of gun was used?

  51. i miss kamuzu says:

    i just hope he doesn’t “jump” from a moving police vehicle on his way to court

  52. Professor Dr Kwapata says:

    Bwana Dausi talk to us

  53. .............. says:

    How I wish this case was concluded expeditiously. It is so disturbing and erodes the morale of those who genuinely believe in uprooting corruption out of this sinking economy.

  54. Truck says:

    Dzonzi you are right this is simple Mathematics now they must ask the Guy where he got that Phone and must also arrest the people who cell him the phone until they will find the Killers why beating the bushes eh!

  55. mdk says:

    So you are making a lawyer to be an expert in crime investigation?dikilani mumve kuti zakhala bwanji mayesa amumanga charge?I know it’s not what you wanted kķkkkkkkk

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