Malawi Police, BT City Council warns public against buying prohibited land

The Blantyre City Council (BCC) and the Malawi Police Service (MPS) have warned people against buying and encroaching prohibited land, saying illegal settlements and poorly built

Kasunda:  Beware

Kasunda: Beware

structures negatively impact on the council’s initial plans.

The country’s security agency also condemned chiefs in major cities for selling pieces of lands to people behind the councils’ back or without involving relevant authorities.

Speaking on Tuesday during MPS TV programme called ‘Tikhale Tcheru’ on MBC-TV, Malawi Police Service Deputy Commissioner—responsible for Blantyre Urban—Foster Mangani said all piece of lands in commercial capital Blantyre belongs to BCC not chiefs.

“They (chiefs) contravene council’s bylaws and its high time people realized that no chief owns land. We urge Malawians to always involve officials from BCC, Malawi Housing Corporations and the ministry of lands.

“Be informed that law enforcers will arrest chiefs and individuals believed to have bought a piece of land without the council’s approval,” said Mangani.

Likewise, BCC’s Urban Planner Brian Msitu, also speaking in the same programme, said chiefs have no authority to share or sell land to people.

Msitu, therefore, urged those that have already built houses in prohibited areas to honorably vacate before the council engage some reasonable force on them.

When contacted on the same, BCC spokesperson Anthony Kasunda claimed that chaotic building of some structures within the commercial city has affected the beauty and growth of the city.

According to Kasunda, they compromise the beauty of the city, thereby contributing to the environmental degradation of the city such as deforestation, river sand mining, low security, sub-standard housing infrastructure, high rate of waterborne diseases as people do not have adequate safe water sources.

He also said most informal settlements are close to the prime areas of the city, thereby leaving little space for the growth of the central business district (CBD).

“They occupy the much-needed land close to the CBD. Informal settlements do not pay city or ground rates needed for the Council to support service delivery and implement urban infrastructure projects,” he said.

TikhaleTcheru TV programme, produced by Elephant Media Productions and sponsored by Malawi’s communication giant Malawi Telecommunications Limited (MTL), aims to sensitize the general public on their rights and duties and at the same time urging communities to take leading role in curbing rampant criminal activities in the country.

MTL Corporate Relations Manager Tina Das claimed that informal settlements and rampant vandalism of the company’s infrastructures paralyze their service delivery, hence their interest in the programme.

She also observed that vandalism is not only robbing the country of very important tele-infranstructure for socio-economic development but it also leading to unnecessary waste of the country’s foreign exchange as copper cables are imported

She therefore said they are working with Malawi Police Service and Escom, among others, in an attempt to curb the problem.

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21 thoughts on “Malawi Police, BT City Council warns public against buying prohibited land”

  1. nana says:

    The viola family has sold part of ndirande hill at majiga.Kodi phiri limakhala LA munthu zoona

  2. Mavuto Pwiya~pwiya says:

    Comment It*s true, our city is not looking better as in 19th centuries P/S. BT. City Authorities must do something, Now.

  3. Chilungamo says:

    When the corrupt northerners from Lands and Malawi Housing, who due to tribalism and hatred sell lands to foreigners- indians, burundians etc-rather than Malawian are removed, then, the biggest obstacle to getting lands will have been removed. APM and your team, do something about this otherwise the land is going to dogs.

  4. mwene says:

    BCC Clearly demarcate your boundaries, MHC also put up posts clearly showing your undeveloped pieces of land. Why do you want to Task people to move from one office to another without being provided with answers???? Most of your officers also do not know your boundaries or pieces of land!!!!!!!

  5. Dwangwa1 says:

    Good initiative….

  6. ago says:

    Group Vge headman Misesa and her children have encroached Soche hill And most of MHC land. Why she is not persecuted nobody knows. Where is govt? The lives of the people there are at a big risk of what just happened at the other side of the same hill this season. I really fear for the lives up there. Please reclaim the lland back it is not ideal for settlement.

  7. Mweneeee says:

    Ndamaliza building my toilet and APM azapente msangamsanga

  8. Bishopu says:

    ndiye makobili awo muwapatsetu, tilozanapotu apa.

  9. Kaluma says:

    The problem is that the land distribution at City, Housing and Lands is a very corrupt system. An Indian who comes to Blantyre, Lilongwe or Mzuzu has better chance of getting a plot than a Malawian. Don’t punish Malawians who have built already. Give them papers let them pay city rates. If you were not corrupt you could have allocated land and looking at the pace of building by Malawians it means they have resources to do so. Mbuzi inu don’t touch them……

  10. Special advisor says:

    The city looks even uglier with high brick wall fences. Yet by laws are clear about maximum height and structural outlook of fences.

    Just imagine, individual owners have made fences for their apartments even at Ndirande New lines. I’m talking of mipanda yatsekela. It looks really ugly.

    There should be a campaign to pull the walls down or at least not allow new ones to be built. Tall and bushy hedges should be trimmed, waste water should go into sewer systems or septic tank. Osangowataya kuti adzipezere kopita. etc

    One more thing. Is Blantyre the only City in Malawi. What’s happening elsewhere… Lilongwe mutani?

    But…. Security!

    These problems are inter-related, inter-dependent, inter-twined, inter,….

  11. BOMA LA KUBA says:

    Please remember that BCC is not older than chieften system. Understand that before Blantyre became a City the land belonged to the chiefs. Jutst negotiate with the chiefs because both the chiefs and BCC belong to the ministry o f local government. D not show your ignorance otherwise you seem to be very active managers.

  12. george says:

    Muyambile kundirandeko kuli kamfumu kamodzi kovuta kwambili. He turned the Ndirande mountain into abig rock now he is selling the land on the mountain. Deal with him ASAP

  13. gift default says:

    Comment. BcflL

  14. True patriot says:

    The problem with city officials,is they frustrate people with their delaying tactics and corruption.So in turn we approach our good chiefs.To our good chiefs,please avoid selling same land to different people,avoid selling graveyard land and deceased land.Lets love our country and people therein.

  15. Mada Chale says:

    Eeya anthu asamukiretu ku Soche, Phiri kulikwera ngati ngalawa ya Lake Chirwa. BCC and Police take action as Dep Commissioner said we must abide the laws.

  16. chejali says:

    Kodiiiii ayi akhomeleleni mafumuwo

  17. Patriot says:


  18. Nyani wa ku Mwananyani says:

    The absence of a credible strategic plan about future development, that takes into account the quick and fast migration of people from the rural south into Blantyre City, is a big problem. Denying chiefs any responsibility of land in their jurisdiction seems to me only a way to deny the chiefs of any financial benefits from the land transfers. And the big bosses at BCC , Malawi Housing Corporation, Ministry of Lands, and may be the Police too, just want to share the bribe money; in stead of having the chiefs get the lion’s share as is currently the case.
    I tell you, selling and buying land in Blantyre involves scheming, and bribing at various levels of government. Some people have been losing out, and they know it. Now, they want a piece of the proceeds.
    The buyer has still to bribe to get electricity and water connected. (Yet there is no garbage collection, as a service). I thought the new DPP government and the new guys at city hall were going to show some guts by trying to change the game. All they are doing now changing the beneficiaries, or the players! Asah!

  19. chido says:

    fact remains that: DEMAND FOR LAND IS VERY HIGH AND AUTHORITIES INCHARGE OF SELLING OR LEASING OUT LAND TO THE CITIZENS ARE BUSY SNOOZING except for attending workshops, conferences, meetings and what have you so they can pocket allowances. Same individuals in authority also own land in the said places that are deemed reserve areas or illegal land.

  20. The issue chiefs and their roles was started by Hon B. Kadzamira when he was an MP in LL city centre when he argued that cities dont have chiefs but block leaders,he togather with LL DC,mr Kalemba worked hard to abolish this practice of having chiefs and groups in our cities but they were assisted enough. I hope this time around the issue will be taken seriously becoz these so called urban chiefs are part of a problem interms of land dstribution. Its a fact that we need these leaders in our towns and cities, but not as chiefs rather as CHAIRMEN or BLOCKLEADRS!

  21. Skeptical Malawian says:

    Koma Pitala azigula nyumba za city ku area 12 pamtengo wa 3 Million.City people and lands are the most corrupt people in Malawi.You find Asians and other foreigners are acquiring nice plots in cities than the indigenous Malawian just because they hv been palmoiled.For a Malawian to hv a proper land it takes ages to be approved by city or lands department and there prices are unaffordable by most Malawians.Basi tonse tikhala a cashgate to acquire good things?kagwereni uko ndima double standards anu.

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