DPP trashes Ntata as clearly a ‘frustrated man’

The ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) spokesman Francis Kasaila says lawyer-cum-political activist Allan Ntata is “clearly a frustrated man”.

Ntata: Labelled frustrated man

Ntata: Labelled frustrated man

Ntata used an interview on a Times TV to bash the DPP and President Peter Mutharika’s henchmen.

But Kusaira will also be on the same Times TV this Saturday  in attempt to hit back at Ntata.

The DPP spokesman has meanwhile trashed Ntata who has become a biter critic of the Mutharika government as being a frustrated man.

Ntata, according to DPP spokesman, is seeking attention to cure his frustrations.

But Ntata, who is a consultant at Rak Gas and United Arab Emirates (UAE) firm which is involved in oil exploration activities in Malawian districts under Block Five, has shot down the claims of being frustrated.

Ntata is accusing President Mutharika of taking advice from assistants and individuals who not only assist with the political issues of which they know very little, but also about which they are even less competent.

“They then begin meddling with his economic and developmental agenda and policies. It if from this sort of advice that you see a President start making blunders such as going to write his name on the walls of a prison cell, and as the criticism grows against him, the President begins to believe his assistants and old-timer pals more and more and embrace the Siege Mentality.

“He begins to respond to the accusations and becomes personal, mentioning writers such as Raphael Tenthani and Madalitso Musa by name. His praise team begins to shamelessly use every project, no matter how old, to tell an account of his various achievements. They claim that Malawians ought to be grateful because they have a wise and dynamic leader. The President is taught to despise criticism and starts making more public appearances to dispute the claims made by his critics,” argues Ntata.

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I like this madness,, we missed u man ntata,, koma osathawaso kkk big mouth but coward


Send a thief to catch a thief,, uyu ndi fodya wake atithandiza! Suta kwambiri kuti uzimasuka polemba,,


Pitala and his henchmen are the ones who are frustrated

Dambudzo Mwasanya

Truth pains.People with blind loyalty hates truth and constructive criticism.Peter forgets that he was put in that position because of lawyers in the midst of night while Mbendera was crying like a hungry baby.Peter is waiting chikwanjje anaona JB ndi mzake Jonathan Goodluck.Let the bootlickers deceive that you are popular in Malawi.You think Saulos will be there to tamper with Airtel machine.Ntata awuzeni ankhutukumve amenewa.

timothy mandambwe

Mr. Ntata just find something to do coz you’ll get thin with all these false issues. Help the Government if you want to develop Malawi than giving us these stories out of your frustration. Those days you never said any but now due to the fact that you are frustrated you want to confuse Malawians.

100% Lohmwe

Whether he is frustrated or not, but he is telling you only the truth . Get his advise if you are really there to change Malawi for the better other wise you will regret it. More fire Tata !

Shela Zane

i think the fact that the president asks some of his ordinary staff for advice shows that he is open to hearing the views of all pople. they act as a spring board fo his ideas and those of his experts

Louis Gobede

Francis Kasaira Is Wright Ntata Wants To Comfuse Us


The ntata man is not frastrated at all bt he’s telling u the truth.


Iya! Muisova konko ife bolakwacha.

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