Malawi Police IG says ‘wrong’ to conclude that MDF soldiers killed football fan

Police Inspector General Lesten Kachama has said there is no objective evidence to conclude that Malawi Defence Force (MDF) soldier assaulted Godfrey Mwale, who was a 24-year-old college student, in post-match violence that led to his after succumbing to serious head injuries.

The late Godfrey Mwale's father paying their respects at College of Medicine Mortuary (CoM).

The late Godfrey Mwale’s father paying their respects at College of Medicine Mortuary (CoM).

Kachama: Dont conclude that MDF killed Mwale

Kachama: Dont conclude that MDF killed Mwale

On what was meant to be a news conference on the violent robbery which took place in Lilongwe on Monday in the capital Lilongwe and left one police officer dead, Kachama was taken by surprise by a reported who quizzed him on the death of Mwale and why police have not arrested his attackers.

“It is wrong to conclude that this was done by members of the Malawi Defence Force,” said Kachama.

“For now we cannot conclude that the people who beat Godfrey were MDF soldiers let the police do their investigations,” Kachama added.

Mwale was attacked about 500m from the Kamuzu Stadium on 10 May.

The incident happened as violence spilled over to the streets following a Super League match involving Surestream FC and Malawi Defense Force side Red Lions.

He suffered acute hematoma as a result of head trauma and swelling of the brain, according to Dr Patrick Kamalo.

Trouble flared after Red Lions players assaulted referee Borniface Chipinga following the final whistle, angry with him for a penalty he awarded to Surestream in the dying minutes. The game ended 2-2.

Father of the deceased Police Senior Superintendent Stanly Mwale described his son’s death as “wrongful death” and vowed to seek justice on his child’s killing.

He said he had no doubt that his son was killed by MDF soldiers following the evidence by people who witnessed the beating of his son have been presenting.

Among other things, Mwale claims his son was beaten by people who descended from an MDF TATA truck.

Mwale’s death is the second  from football violence in Malawi in two years and Sports Minister Grace Chiumia wants more to be done to tackle the problem.

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46 thoughts on “Malawi Police IG says ‘wrong’ to conclude that MDF soldiers killed football fan”

  1. Og says:

    Iwe IG, ukuwaopa makape wa eti?

  2. Richmond says:

    zachamba thiz guyz r murderers amazifira powerful ndkwaabale awo omwe ndat zisathere pompa makolo azisate abweze basi iwo cholinga chao chinari chani i het them

  3. Atchair says:

    Mukufuna umboni wotani akachama

  4. Benson Chirwa says:

    Let people boycott games by the MDF teams as south African business experienced after xeno.

  5. Wakuda says:

    People have expressed their views. For sure,many but not all suspect MDF soldiers to have had assaulted the late Geoffrey resulting in his death. Investigations of this nature take time and we ask the police to expedite it. A life has been lost and the truth has to be known. Those responsible should be punished. Carry out your investigations professionally so we know the truth. Those that say they have evidence,please provide it. I wish people had taken the photos or even video clips of the soldiers descending from the TATA beating the late Mwale. Please provide evidence,we want to know the truth. As we stand now,MDF is innocent until proven guilty and that can be done only after investigations are through

  6. Terminator says:

    Kachama, you are a goat and a coward who is afraid of taking the army head on. Idiot.

  7. nyasa boy says:

    Mbava zithothole kwambili apolisi Tiwone kuti anenachani bullshit Mr IG

  8. Chikuni says:

    Stupid IG,you deceive to die with the so called MDF.Drunkereds and adulterish people.Hello is waiting for you all.

  9. kate says:

    Asilikaliwa azisewera okha mpira. stupid army, stupid IG of police. mantha chani? akanakhala mwana wanu Godrey mukanatani Akachama? Rest in peace Godfrey.



  11. Boy says:

    Honestly speaking, the MDF teams should be banned, they are bringing bad behaviour and acts in soccer. Maybe azisewera okha!! Kukakhala lumenyanako. azimenyana okha!!

  12. Totolitotoli says:


  13. PAUL ZEE says:

    bwana IG musaope a Army, you cannot single out a particular soldier in this matter, but it is obvious this boy was killed by men from the Malawi Defense force. if you have no clue on where to start your investigations, I will give you a tip.
    find out who AUTHOURISED from Chichiri CAMPSITE;
    -the use of the ARMY truck.
    -who DROVE the truck.
    these two people will obviously give you a true reflection as to what happened as you know the ARMY has strict DESCIPLINARY Measueres which means that truck could not have come out of the camp with ARMED soldiers without a Senior in COMMAND. someone must have given them a Command to attack. should they not cooperate, then the whole DEFENSE FORCE has to compasate the family seriously so that the money should last a whole life time for the entire family.

  14. Honest says:

    Chiri kwamzako chimapepuka ndithu. Akanakhala mwana wa Kachama zitafufuzidta kale izi. Dikirani tione zomwe Mulungu abvumbulutse. RIP young man.

  15. partick K says:

    please SULOM especially u Tiya Somba Banda and you people.the Army teams should be banned from civilian league.imagine if it was your brother who was are being so linient to the Red lions.they need to be banned for the rest of the season.

  16. mulli says:

    Kachama chitsiru cha munthu ukufuna kutanthauza chiyani pamenepa. If the whole sports minister said the pelnaty given to MDF was far too little,who ru to talk this sheet. U don’t derseve to be IG. How can u defend killers. Next we will hear u defending the one who killed a police officer last monday. Stupid!

  17. Petar Mathanyula says:

    Mr Kachama is not serious, how can he say such stupid statement on the death of his junior staff’s sun???? Had it been it was your son would you have said such nonsense ??? No wonder police officers are being butchered by thugs because there’s no serious inspector general.

  18. Jonjo says:

    Kachama you are a disgrace. There is evidence to that effect that it was the MDF soldiers who descended on unarmed boy. Kachama ukuopa kuti ma soldier adzaphulitsa area 30 kkkkk. Why commenting on issues which are under investigation? Search me……

  19. Omex70 says:

    Time has come for the soldiers to form their own league. We don’t need them in Super League.

  20. MASO A GULU says:



  21. kache says:

    remember even the soldiers themselves, they confessed that they are trained to kill nde awa akuti chani?

  22. amina says:

    They were seen by witnesses coming from a MDF TATA and you tell me they didnt beat him. If it was your child what were you going to say. Its easier if its far off that way than near your eye. Take care IG. These MDF soldiers are barbarians and thats it. They are thugs and the like. Noway someone well educated and a true Malawian citizen can say what you are saying. These guys are better locked in their barracks than associating with civilians. They are nuts, wherever they pass they leave a curse.

  23. ujeni says:

    Kachama, if you dont want to jopadice investigations you should have said i wont comment on that at the moment. It seems you are another clueless IG.

  24. Zakwathu says:

    Kachama you are too coward Plz dont comment because you are afraid IG we have in Police.Who beat this young innocent kid.If this kid was your son Could you have said that Mr Fear Kachama.Plz Mr Kachama resign We are tired of your blunders.How did you get Masters.kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.We dont have IG.

  25. Mgoloso says:

    Okachama inu mwazidziwaliti zimenezo? Ngati mulibechonena osangokhala bwanji?

  26. Nyambitoni says:

    This is an insult to the parents of the deceased. What a smack in the face for the father who is also a police officer. The best you could have done Mr. IG is to shut your stinking hole. Some things are best left unsaid! Let the boy’s soul rest in peace. Instead focus your energy in combating the dangerous armed robbers who are wandering freely on our streets. Get to work man!

  27. amfana says:

    Pajatu apolice mantha dele akuopa MDF ndipo ifera madzira imeneyo .malo movomereza akuti chani IG?

  28. Dk says:

    Kkkkkk..IG, chani chimenechi? Mantha ndi MDF?

  29. Who authorised v soldiers to go out and attack v civillians? Pepani Bambo Mwale & may v Lord’s Spirit console u.

  30. zanga phee says:

    Police I G mufuniranji umboni wina, tikudziwa kuti nkhaniyi muiziziritsa chifukwa a MDF mumawawopa.Lamulo lisamapose mphamvu.

  31. real says:

    i am so sure they did..the police and army personel r the worst bandits..a couple of months ago i was arrested for having an argument with a police,when i went twto the cell they beat me up so bad like i killed the head of the land (or something).

  32. mang'anja says:

    kodi malawi defence force ntctito yawo ndi chani zitsilu zimenezi zisiye kusewera mpira zimene zkuchita sizikutisangatsa.a kanyama musaziikile kumbowo zitsiluzi zapha munthu ndizozi.vuto ya kumalawi umboni oona ndi maso ukhalepo mumati tifufudze basi.

  33. Shushe says:

    So is wrong too to conclude that fans smashed mdf bus. Thus the fan beaten himself to death and the mdf bus smashed itself. Whaty an automatic world we r living in?

  34. Mafikizolo says:

    In countries all over the world, the army is held in high esteem and fondness by the general citizenry . If the men and women in our MDF continue to terrorise their own people as is the case currently, the MDF runs the risk of being one of the few national defence forces loathed and despised by the very people it exists to protect and defend .

  35. Mapiri says:

    Who do u think assultepd him? Mr IG dont defend these criminal soldiers. If I were u, I was going to say investigations are being conducted

  36. Gulugufe says:

    Ok! Then he was killed by police!

  37. Wit marley says:

    Soldier teams must get out on super league and start their own aziphana okhaokha

  38. Black and white says:

    Listen Mr IG. Until your boys do their job to identify and arrest the ones who assaulted Mwale we shall always conclude that they were MDF soldiers and as long as you delay we shall also conclude that they are MDF soldiers but you the police are afraid to effect arrests

  39. arkmm says:

    I thought this IG creature was any better than Dzonzi but he’s proving to be so useless. do u think people who are saying this innocent boy was beaten and killed by soldiers are all foolish?? don’t you Still believe that MDF soldiers beat people, innocent ones on that day?? were u there yourself?? are u that stupid to be afraid of the soldiers?? how long are your stupid investigations going to take?? today it’s now a month after the incident, has the police released any small report about this incident?? two of my workmates were there during that day and they watched with their own eyes this innocent young boy (who was much more better civilised and educated than most average mdf soldiers and Malawi policemen) being mercilessly beaten by these so called soldiers. them themselves were then beaten by soldiers and one had a swollen eye for the whole week. so what are you saying here Mr Tall man Stupid Kachama?? do know how painful it is to lose an innocent life of your son to military mediocre?? all Malawians, except you Mr Tall man Stupid Kachama believe that this innocent boy was killed by soldiers

  40. mphini za mutchafu says:

    Coward police boss

  41. Vincent kammanya says:

    BBC what about the incident that happened two yrs ago were soldiers involved. Ngati munakanika kulowa army nde musadane nayo ndinu watsoka ndipo lidakusatabe limenelo.

  42. Getu Petulo Trivia Salanje says:

    Kachama wandikwiyitsa kwambiri. I didnt know you are such a coward and another dunder head

  43. SOOTH SAYER! says:


  44. zenegeya says:

    We dnt want MDF teams in super league, mbuli zachabechabe,

  45. Yaya says:

    A kachama ndinu a chitsiru

  46. BBC says:

    Whatever the case the point is Malawi National Defence Force should stop participating in super league tournament. They behave like barbarians.

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