Malawi Police nab Indian hemp peddlers in Nkhotakota

Police in Nkhotakota arrested four men for illegally found in possession of Indian hemp locally known as Chamba.

Chamba peddlers in Nkhotakota with their bags containing the 'golden leaf'

Chamba peddlers in Nkhotakota with their bags containing the ‘golden leaf’

Among the suspect’s were Felix Maulidi (35) and January Jafali Phiri (30) who are co-accused of found with 26 bags of the illicit drug loaded in 90 and 50 kilograms sacks.

Nkhotakota police station criminal investigation officer (SCIO), assistant superintendant Cosmas Kadzandira told Nyasa Times: “Working on a tip, on the night of Monday August 31, 2015, we ambushed the house of Felix Maulidi at Mchambwe village, just few metres before Lake Malawi.

“Later upon search, we found 26 bags of hemp of which nine were loaded in sacks covered with mosquito nets. We arrested Maulidi.”

He said during questioning, Mualidi confessed that he is not the owner but January Phiri who came in the night and coaxed him to keep the illicit drug.

But before making a move to arrest Phiri two drug traffickers Steven Phiri (30) and Chilizani Mwenda (20) unknowingly passed by police at the scene. During the time, police did not use police motor vehicle. When stopped and asked what was in their bags one voluntarily revealed that they have carried the dangerous drug and were immediately arrested.

Thereafter, the police arrested January Jafali Phiri at Nkhotakota trading centre.

All have been charged with a case of found in possession of cannabis sativa contrary to section 4 (a) of the dangerous drugs regulation and 19 (1) of Dangerous Drug Act.

The suspects Felix Maulidi (35) and his co-accused January Jafali Phiri (30) hail from Mchambwe village, in the area of traditional authority (T/A) Mphonde in Nkhotakota and Mwasinja in the area of traditional authority (T/A) Kachindamoto in Dedza district respectively.

While the other two are Steven Phiri (30) and Chilizani Mwenda (20) all fom Kabuwa village, in the area of traditional authority (T/A) Khonsolo in Mzimba district.

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21 thoughts on “Malawi Police nab Indian hemp peddlers in Nkhotakota”

  1. cosmos says:

    Malawians will never be rich. How come you have the market for tobacco .rice. potatoes. Maize. Mapila. Chimela. ….ganja is the only one that has the best price for your country. And it is rich in all source of medicine.

  2. Kamwendo says:

    Lamulo ligwire ntchito

  3. mwanawane says:

    Agalu inu asiyeni anthuwo chambacho muwabwezere ,Apolice mbuzi za anthu

  4. ALOSWEA says:

    Malawi please where is that industrial hemp come on ! We have good soil ,we need ,cotton from hemp ,paper from hemp,fiber from hemp ,medicine from hemp and medicine ,its only 90days we are on the load to riches ,rethink

  5. Davie says:

    Asiyeni anthu alakwachiyani mukufuna azilemera ndi alendo ife ayiniyake nthaka kumavutika amalawi tipange bwanji

  6. Mani says:

    Alendo atilemelera poyerayela a malawi… get up!

  7. Thako Lambeta says:

    No need for arresting these hard workers akulima okha kukhetsa thukuta lawo mukufuna ayambe kuba kapena ngati lutepo

  8. Bongolo says:

    Stop arresting chamba users. Some countries have already started legalising hemp like USA and why not legalise it in Malawi so long there should be controlling measures of how to cultivate and who should use it. We have so many issues to deal with than wasting our resources arresting chamba users or people found in possession of it. DZUKA MALAWI DZUKA. PENYA PATSOGOLO MALAWI!!!.

  9. Ras Judah 7 says:

    That’s the problems with hemp smoking, voluntarily revealing that you are carrying the dangerous stuff? How silly can one be, at least you could have said you were carrying fish!!!

  10. sammy says:

    Leave them they didn’t committe crime

  11. Mpinjipinji says:

    Asiyeni anthu osalakwa awa, Chamba! !!! Aarrghh.
    Mangani a cash gate osati anthu olimbikira ngati awa.

  12. Ambuye says:

    Amenewa alandire chilango chokhwima ndithu awa ndi anthu omwe amaipitsa Nkhotakota olo chopoyoza cha Lutepo the master.

  13. Wa BB says:

    Just legalize it! There is money in it

  14. car key says:

    Let’s deal wit real issues osati chamba..alakwira ndani?

  15. Leatherface says:

    so not fair…anthu mabanja awo amepezela thandizo pomwepa mukuwalanda deal mukatero mukagulitsa ndinu in the name of research at chitedze…

  16. ENI MBANJE says:


  17. chifundo says:

    Just leave them alone, there is nothing wrong with Chamba.

  18. Iam told some countries in the world are spining a lot of Us$ through export earnings from medicinal marijuana and other by-products from Chamba.Give those Chamba farmers a market or find them jobs.Sending them to jail will not solve the problems of youths in Malawi.The youths need money,food,cloths,education for their children,some money also to quench nyere(mind you there is no free fucking),cigarettes and general housekeeping issues.Hence Youths end up resorting to dagga cultivation(Green gold).

  19. ROBIN HOOD says:

    Dear State,

    Congratulations mwamanga ogulitsa chamba koma ndiye ndisamve kuti mwawapatsa Zaka zoposa za Lutepo. ….Our Justice system is corrupted.
    Apatseni Three months kusina mkungowakhululukira angazaone ngati moyo ndiophweka.

    Kind Regards.

    Robin Hood

  20. SALIMA BOYS says:

    Asiyeni awa sanalakwile Munthu.

  21. i love prostitutes says:

    i wish we could just legalize the
    mary jane.

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