Malawi Police officer abandons gun, live ammunition at Mzuzu Pub

A drunk Police Mobile Service for Delta division in Mzuzu has been suspended from work and is facing criminal charges at the Mzuzu Magistrate Court after he abandoned a government issued gun loaded with 20 live of ammunition at a party at Wade.

Sergent of Delta Division in Mzuzu

Sergent of Delta Division in Mzuzu

Police sources told Nyasa Times that Sergeant Vincent Kachikunda  had a K2C, one of the latest fire arms Malawi government has issued to the cops.

Court records show that Kachikunda, who spent three days in the cooler before Senior Resident Magistrate Kondwani Banda gave him bail, was on sentry duty at Lusangazi roadblock on the M1 road to Lilongwe from Mzuzu.

In caution statement during his initial Court appearance, Kachikunda pleaded guilty.

The Court is expected to pass its sentence on March 17 basing on the suspect’s own plea.

“When he knocked off he just went straight to some pubs at Wade and got stoned and left the gun there. Fellow customers later brought the gun to Police,” the source said.

Paradoxically, Prosecutors charged Kachikunda with the offence of ‘neglect of official duty’ which according to the section 121 Penal code is a misdemeanour deliberately avoiding section 183 which takes excessive beer drinking as an offence.

Mzuzu Police Station Publicist Sergeant Maurice Chapola said binge drinking by Cops on duty is denting the Service’s image.

“The public cannot trust us if we are irresponsible. We need to behave and act professionally if we are to rebuild our dented image,” Chapola said.

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44 thoughts on “Malawi Police officer abandons gun, live ammunition at Mzuzu Pub”

  1. Tasaukanalo says:

    Those of you, you are commenting on this story you nothing. Let me tell you, the journalist who wrote this story is also facing guilty of impersonating another police officer’s name and he had no full information to come up with the story. Mind you, the people who stole the the gun from this police officer did not surrender it to the station but they were selling it to the shop owners that’s why they had also been arrested. I rest my case because God is protecting the offender.

  2. galu says:

    Bambo a Maggie ndi connis is a criminal. He just has to find his true calling. His comments clearly give away his personality.

  3. Nyapapi says:


  4. thomas says:

    Kafufuzeninso nkhaniyi why editing now and the ndekuti muli zovuta munkhaniyi eti

  5. Abiti Sipoko says:

    Koma kwinaku nkulodzedwa ndithu kupita kumowa ndi mfuti komanso utabvala uniform. Apolisi ena mitu sikoka ndithu. Watopa ndintchito ameneyo mmangeni basi!

  6. Opale says:


  7. aabwino says:

    Congratulations to the fella who took the gun to the police. I am impressed!!!

  8. midrand 2 says:

    Mbava imeneyi ngati chimphango ndi mzake ku pmf

  9. RAPHAEL says:

    This is not a surprise Malawi police.Police officers are not receiving adequate training .vetting is also history when it comes to recruiting .I urge the government to ask for the kayombes {MYP} to intervine ask baba to provide the security inquestion.

  10. Bambo a Maggie ndi Connis says:

    Ulemu ndi khalidwe limene malemu Kamuzu anatilera nazo, mpaka kupereka Gun ku Polisi? Mmaiko ena a polisi amalandidwa mi gun dzuwa likuswa mtengo.

  11. Mtchona wopanda mano says:

    These are the stupid cops who connive with criminals and hire out guns, handcuffs and uniforms. Don’t handle him with kid gloves!


  13. Dan Santos says:


  14. bayoz says:

    This is interesting, Yesterday i read an article right here on nyasatimes that malawi police wants to start arresting anyone that drinks excessively but here is now a policeman who just got arrested for the same offence and the worst part of it is that he was on duty unlike me, i drink during the weekends when i’m off duty. Nde mukufuna muzitimanga, tikati tikufufuze bwinobwino mwina mowawo anamesedwaso. Koma nde tiona m’mene tizimangirana cause apolisi omwewo timawamwesaso ndife.

  15. Tengupenya says:

    the poor lad was off duty but incapable of securing his office equipment. maybe that is the official duty the cop neglected! was it in order to charge him also of being drunk and incapable?

  16. Khongoni Boy says:

    Protect Thieves Hunt Police Officers Pliz

  17. Malawiana says:

    At least he just forgot the gun. Other officers in their drunken state use the same gun to terrorise communities. I urge that he be cautioned against future conduct and returned to duty accordingly. Thanks also to the fellow imbibers for taking the gun back to Police because some would have stolen it and use it to steal people’s property.

  18. Citizen 'O' says:

    Vuto la mowa wopemphetsa ndi limenelo; umamwa mopanda malire.

  19. jemah says:

    amangidwe basi! Nanga nkutani?

  20. Zanga Phee! says:

    Peaceful country that was opportunity for thugs someone would have make money on that,lucky it is back to the government,he is suppose to face stiff penalty he is craziest officer ever in the history of cops in Malawi.What if one took it and start shooting innocent people what was next totally loss please we don’t want suck officer in government institution better security companies they deserve rules and regulations.See my name.

  21. noreply says:

    There is no evidence of excessive bear drinking here. The evidence at hand ndi yoiwala mfuti basi.

  22. noreply says:


  23. jones says:

    There is no evidence of excessive bear drinking here. The evidence at hand ndi yoiwala mfuti basi.

  24. Bocco man says:

    He must face the law

  25. Patriot says:

    Police ya DPP imeneyo.
    Amachita kuvula kaku mwambako ati tiziti civilian. Ali ponse ponse kulezera.
    This police of ours is a SHAME

  26. MCP GVT says:

    Mukhululukireni sadzamwanso masatcheti.

  27. iyawm says:

    Bwana Gondwa…roger?

  28. Avicenna says:

    charge also with being drunk and incapable,its in fashion for useless police officers while armed and on duty to be drinking in pubs,senior officers should be making surprise in pubs even kachasu to see how their officers are a disgrace.

  29. wanangwa says:

    The police are now dangerous criminals

  30. Mphwache says:

    Some Policeman has opened a Pub at Mbayani (close to Zikomo stage) and its frequented by off-duty policemen in uniform. I passed by there yesterday, and a few were close to being stoned.

  31. bigman munthu waMulungu says:

    shame! spending money on useless things & at the same time mukuononga ntchito. you police guys think of yr family/children (if you have any) & stop been childish

  32. sadzapangaso muveleni chisoni

  33. Guley says:

    What if he mishandled the gun and fired willy nilly in his drunken state? Charge him with a serious offence plz. He endangered lives

  34. Alfred Munduwabo says:

    Kutolera zapamusewo , nchito kumwera mowa basi.

  35. Sosten Gwengwe says:

    Sanachinde hule plain ameneyo?

  36. Kambodya says:

    Misdemeanour, is aminor offence, such that, it usually provoke less than, five years, hence, if appealed, the young cop, will automatically be renaissanced.

  37. losco says:

    Kikikikikikikikikiki …..yayi mweeee

  38. Waishosha. Ntchito pangali

  39. Mac says:


  40. Kokotowa says:

    Masacheti Ali ponseponse makamaka ku polisi chufukwa ndi otchipa!

  41. ndadabwa says:

    agalu inu chomwe mumadziwa ndikutibera basi. galu ameneyo achotsedwe nchito. ndi amene mukupha amwenye inu akuba inu

    1. Jimmy juga says:

      Kuipa kwa maschet kupose apa.

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