Malawi Police officers cry foul over K5m Christmas party deductions

Malawi Police Service officers have been left enraged after being forced to contribute part of their salaries towards this year’s Christmas Party being disguised as a Christmas Parade slated for next month, Nyasa Times can reveal.

Police chief Lexon Kachama: Cops deducted

Police chief Lexon Kachama: Cops deducted

Making the matter worse is a directive by the National Police’s administration to forcibly deduct the contributions directly from the officers’ meagre salaries starting this month end.

Information Nyasa Times has sourced, at the National Police Headquarters; the Service is expected to deduct K5, 765,000 from salaries of about 313 officers without their approval. Officers at the region level are also expected to be deducted.

Deputy Inspector General (IG) Administration, Duncan Mwapasa in an interview with Nyasa Times insisted that the event is a Christmas Parade, adding no officer is being forced to contribute towards the procession.

“It is a parade not a Christmas party and it is not new thing; it has been there and it is a trend for officers to contribute towards the parade. They all know they have to contribute,” explained Mwapasa.

According to information in our possession, 121 police inspectors are expected to be deducted K10,000 each from their salaries, 72 assistant superintendents K15,000 each, 40 superintendents K20,000 each, 34 senior superintendents K25,000 each, 17 assistant commissioners will be deducted K30,000 each.

11 senior assistant commissioners will contribute K35,000 each, seven deputy commissioners will be deducted K45,000, six senior deputy commissioners K50,000 each, three commissioners K55,000 and two deputy IGs K75,000 each.

Mwapasa said the parade was a must-attend event where the Inspector  General (IG) Lexten Kachama is expected to analyze the performance of the service during the year.

Asked why the contributions are by compulsory, Mwapasa justified the move as one way of ensuring that the officers own the event.

“There are so many ways of contributing the money but since we are against time, we decided to deduct the contributions from salaries. We know if we give the officers liberty to contribute at their own will, some might not pay on time”.

However, several officers interviewed wondered why they are directly deducted from their salaries contributions for an official event.

“It does not make sense that we should be forced to contribute for a Christmas party being disguised as a parade. A nd if it is indeed a parade, why should we contribute? It is an official event, they are supposed to use the funds allocated by Parliament for the service,” complained one of the aggrieved officers.

But Mwapasa said the government funding is prioritized for core functions of the police service.

“The funding that we get from government is used for our core functions, that is, ensuring that we are providing enough security to the nation. But since the parade is our own event, officers have to own it by contributing funds”.

Aside the Christmas parade deductions, police officers have a total of about K13, 000 deducted from their salaries every year (K1, 087 every month) for maintenance of the official houses. But no maintenance has taken place for decades.

Information indicates that a police constable gets a take-home pay of K45, 000, a sergeant gets between K49, 000 while a sub-inspector carts home K53, 000. These earnings fall short of meeting the rising cost of living.

According to national budget documents, in the past three financial years, a total of K5.6 billion has been allocated for the MPS’s Management and Support Services.

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21 thoughts on “Malawi Police officers cry foul over K5m Christmas party deductions”

  1. mabvuto chimsana says:

    chambaeti akuba ndi ambyanu

  2. chikondi says:

    Merry Xmas Officers

  3. Che Ngana says:

    What About Moslem Police Officers??Do They Celebrate Christmas This Is One Of The Questions That Made The Former I G Josephy Iron To Give Freedom To Those Who Wish Do Contribete And Not To.How I Liked This Man!Though He Was A Moslem He Conributed For The Sake Of Parade.Aliyense Wa Police Akudziwa Kuti Akati Parade Ndi Chani??Amene Mukudandaula Kuti Mmaberedwa Panseu Ndi Vacabu Ndinu Zitsiru Amakupisani Mmatumba?Mesa Mmapereka Nokha Zausilu Eti!!

  4. bodza Lekani says:

    Aaaah NDE chifukwa rogue and vagabond yavuta mmidzimu ati….mufuna kubweza zanu

  5. cheyo the real northerner says:

    @ Ineyo. Am sorry, do not generalize that all police officers are uneducated. That is a grave mistake you are making. I for one am a cop and I have Excelled alot in terms of education. So if your brother or sister is a cop and uneducated, that is their own making. Don,t be dogmatic.

  6. Makamu Adziko says:

    Iwe Gule wamng’ono waku Dowa! Iwedi ndi nyawudi ndakuona…..
    Wazolowere kuvala zibiya kumayenda yenda munsewu ndiye ukuona ngati kuba kumaba iweko apolicenso ngokuba……samala kuti masiku ako atchuluke wamva?

  7. Brian matope says:

    When you being employed because of your ethnicity you never complained even when the more deserving recruits were left out . Now it’s pay back time you lomwe night guards of mutharika

  8. Malawiboy says:

    This is the most stupid thing I have ever heard. It’s like forcing someone to pay for their own birthday party, even when they don’t want to go.
    Forcibly deducting it from their wages?
    That’s just stealing.

  9. Jj says:

    An annual deduction of 13000mk and you expect this to maintain a house? Come on, no wonder the houses are not maintained! It doesn’t make sense….

  10. devilsadvocate says:

    Hahaha! I suggest you send those boys you always send to rob innocent motorists to line up along M1 by next week Friday you will have that figure. Happy Christmas officers.

  11. Kachilombo ka ku Dowa says:

    Asadandaule amenewa akudziwa kuti onsewa ndi akuba abwenzeretsa pa kutolera limodzilimozdi pa mnseu komanso pa milandu ikuluikulu yomwe ilipoyi IG akudziwa kuti ana ake safinyika poti amapeza mu njira yodziwa okha. Onani K45,49 & 53 pins mkukhala ndi katundu ngati yemwe alinawo anganya amenewa you can see your self they are driving good cars, each and every house there has a setlite dish where do they get all these? the answer is KATANGALE BASI

  12. Eye Witness says:

    Salaries are personal. A court order can stop this. If I had a relative or my father I could be an interested party and seek a court injunction knowing fully well that it will affect our expenditure and bring mo misery to the family.

  13. Nabanda says:

    Dont force matters otherwise matters will force you one day. Am working at Malawi College of Accountancy in Blantyre campus, I always get my pay on 25 of each month. But please dont tell me what to do with my own money as if ntchito timathandizana kugwira!!!!!!!

  14. Pronto Exile says:

    Be advised to recover that thru vagabond and pamseu just keep on begging everything will be ok.You’ve promoted corruption now .

  15. Mungete says:

    Why shud one “cry foul” over deductions everyone will be affected? Apolisi anazolowela zaulele nchifukwa chake akudandaula. Ku PTS fees kulibe. Amaphunzira ulele, kudya ndi kugona ulele for six months. On top of that amalandiranso salary. That’s why they r rude incompetent and arrogant. Amafuna xmas parade boma liwalipilire? No way!!!

  16. Ineyo says:

    Most of our police officers are less educated, go back to school and look for better jobs or get promoted. Lack of education turns you into beggers on our roads (traffic police), your logic is very very poor not qualifying for criminal investigations let alone prosecutions in our courts of law. Most of you are a bunch of dumb heads. GO BACK TO SCHOOL, PLEASE!

  17. Mandionekedwe says:

    Is this order official or archaic? They don’t have to contribute, this is official event if they don’t have money they better call it off. It is unfair to impose such deductions on a miserable salary just to let the IG address them in the name of parade. You must challenge this.

  18. Peter says:

    If officers did not approapprove of the deductions then the MPS are wrong. Why force somebody to contribute? And the issue of time is a hollow excuse; when did they know that there will be a party? Why should management’s failure to plan on time be enough reason to punish officers; more importantly, why should officers prioritize this function in spending their own money when the institution did not prioritize that in it’s budget? Every individual has the right to use their hard earned money prudently without interference and here management has goofed. Fortunately for the management, the offoofficers don’t challenge it in courts but if it were in some of our institution they would have been challenged. Sorry officers, you are oftentimes used and abused.

  19. Ayobeee de Zobue says:

    Why can’t the police find a better way of funding the event? Salaries are personal that people earn in arrears after their hard working. The IG ought to have known that there is an annual event like this that would require monetary support. He was supposed to arrange for mobilization of resources not taking his juniors by ambush like this. Every one plans for his salary. You are actually disturbing peoples plans including their families. Please sir IG, next year make proper arrangements of finding resources to cover an event like this. Otherwise God will be angry with you. Promotion neither comes from east nor west but from GOD.(Psalm 75:1). Also James 5:1-5. If the officers start crying for you, then you’re making yourself a heap of burning charcoal on your head. If the event is a norm, why should your juniors complain today? Ever since in Malawi, we haven’t heard about such complaint. May God bless you as you reconsider the decision you have make against the poor Israelites.

  20. cheyo the real northerner says:

    Police is more like a political party. The institution is not independent as it claimed to be. It is one of the institution which is full of nepotism, favouratism and biasitism. Where is liberty now if officers are their salaries deducted without their knowledge. That is bad. It has to change.

  21. Titus scot says:

    Wakwata kwa mphezi saopa kung’anima! Do first and questions later, that’s their motto. Koma sibwino ayi kuumirizana ngati ziri za office. Komabe ako mukuwadula monthly chonde maintain the houses.

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