Malawi Police release panga wielding thugs

Malawi Police  released  on bail suspects arrested  in  connection to the violence that erupted last week at a solidarity rally Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president Lazarus Chakwera held in Mzuzu city after press emerged that they had  implicated senior officials of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

Mzuzu panga thugs beleived to be sgtate-sponsored  are freed

Mzuzu panga thugs beleived to be sgtate-sponsored are freed

Five suspected arrested involved with the violence are: Thembisire Nkosi, 32 from Nkosi village, Traditional Authority Nthwalo in Mzimba; George Mwamtobe, 38, from Mwangukulu Village, Traditional Authority (T/A) Kilipula in Karonga; Lumbani Munthali, 29, from Matupi Village, T/A Chikulamayembe, Rumphi; Clive Nthakomwa, 52, of Malema Village, T/A Kyungu in Karonga; and, Frank Simwaka Kashololo, 30, from Kashololo Village, T/A Mwenewenya in Chitipa.

Government officials are said to have ordered Police to release the suspects.

The investigations have also been compromised with DPP interference, it has been reported.

But Northern Region Police spokesman Maurice Chapola denied  political interference, insisting investigations are on going.

Meanwhile,  the Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace (CCJP), a social development arm of the influential Catholic church has expressed concern that Police can be politically “compromised”.

CCJP acting national secretary Martin Chiphwanya said Malawians deserve “an honest and truthful police service” since it is run on tax-payers money.

Police have been a letdown to the tax-payers for their inaction during the day of the violence and  behaved unprofessionally throughout the development on the matter.

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26 thoughts on “Malawi Police release panga wielding thugs”

  1. tuvitwana says:

    Ku malawi kuli police kodi??
    How can villagers ovetpower the whole police n kill a suspect?? Kkkkkkk.
    Dpp police.

  2. cthete says:



  3. Webster Chapondaminga says:

    Chakwera wise up. Come June 2016 K1 budget for Ministry of Home Affairs

  4. mukharapwio says:

    Chakwera next time when you organise meetings, arm atleast 50 very brave youngmen you trust with pangas sharpened on all sides and command them to ‘hack to amputate’ anyone who will try to disrupt your not waste your time on the premise that you are a man of God bcoz even cerebrated men of God like David, Solomon, Moses,Samuel used violence to attain peace.nowadays survival of the fittest is the order of the day

  5. Chimunthu says:

    Clearly the police are in the hands of the DPP. Why else is the government funding the building of police houses and painting them blue? Malawi is becoming a dictatorship once again under APM. Corruption reigns supreme under the DPP which is a power crazed party with no idea how to fix the country’s problems, not that it even wants to. People who are struggling for their very existence are not very likely to rise up against their rulers and the government knows this.

  6. Chalungama Mpilisi says:

    The simplest thing is to eliminate these barbarians one by one, how lace them with petro filled burning tyres

  7. Hamza Wotch says:

    Hahahahaha!police ya pa Malawi yoyenda ndi zibonga kkkkkk!utsamunda siudzatha.

  8. peter says:

    MOB justice …….

  9. Pido says:

    As we coment, do we know what the law says? How long have the “thugs” been in custody? What have they been charged with? Are they convicts or criminals? Is their case worthy granting bail? Is the case over or it is still in the hands of the authorities? Zinazi, we put too much politics to it that we fail to differentiate the left from the right

  10. Nyau ya ku Dowa says:


  11. Bwande says:

    And then you pretend to discourage people from discharging mob justice. Isn’t this encouraging people to next time take the law into their hands? Those who were hacked by these thugs will surely feel betrayed and seek their own revenge. Shameful police

  12. lola vokan says:

    leave DPP out of ur useless issues……….the more u talk about DPP the more u making it famous trust me come 2019,,DPP shall rule again whether azabela or not…

    DPP,APM viva 2016…..

  13. Kupata kwa ana says:

    So why do you (police) condemn mob justice? Tiziotcha tikagwira because you are currupt

  14. yusufu maulidi lunzu says:

    The eyes are bearing witness

  15. yusufu maulidi says:

    Why leaving these chritian terrorists? They must face the law!!

  16. Mulhomwe Wankulu says:

    This is very very bad indeed!!!!!! Why releasing these THUGS? Mr. Kachama, The Police IG, your days are numbered, surely!!!!!! and its a fact that Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) indeed had a hand on this barbaric deportment. Shameeeeeee……….

  17. Tabwalabwa says:

    Mukuona bwa? Mukudabwa cha? Nde mutan? Kuti zitan? Chifukwa chan? Zitayeni zimenezo. Alipo ena oti nzao akamalira iwo mtima mbeeee ndipo siziwakhudza.

  18. Nkhani says:

    Pompo Pompo Justice is the only solution to Zigawenga zimenezi

  19. Nyaliki says:

    These panga thugs are not safe now. Malawians are tired of criminals bcoz the police just let’s them loose.

  20. BOKHO says:

    Ndakhumudwa ndi a Police koopsya

  21. john phiri says:

    The police is promoting mob justice. These people wanted to kill so killing them first is the only solution.

  22. Ine says:

    Is this an indirect way of saying ‘Yes to Mob Justice’. When police is failing its people, what do you expect from societies? Dedza community has started it, kukatulutsa munthu kuPoliceko, ndi kupha;

  23. Omex70 says:

    When people resort to mob justice you say people should not take law into their hands yet we don’t trust this pro-DPP police. Our police service is not professional at all.

  24. Harawa says:

    Just burning, killing, revenge and other means are paramount solutions in deteriorated police state. MCP Congressmen are mature people and the lessons have been taught to educated old dog. Waulemu adanyera m’bus dzimvere mu mtulo.

  25. Ngati apolice mwalephera kupiła nawo ku khothi anthu then us we organising mob justice because they wanted to kill us.And let me warn you Malawi police you have to hide them somewhere far hence because these pepple one Day u Here nad New and im swearing before my God

  26. Tili Chenene says:

    Poti ndi ku mpoto boma limangowasiya kuti azingophana. Police does nothing on violence in the north

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