Malawi political party funding regulator proposed

Malawi should establish a political party funding regulatory body which should look at the main sources of funding for political parties and the rules applying to their use, Patrick Zeus Phambala, a Lilongwe-based political and social commentator, has proposed.

Party financiers: Before Peter Mutharika  government, HTD danced in glory with the Joyce Banda's PP government as good "well-wishers" as seen in this file photo

Party financiers: Before Peter Mutharika government, HTD danced in glory with the Joyce Banda’s PP government as good “well-wishers” as seen in this file photo

Malawi parties are mainly financed by “well-wishers” who happen to enjoy government business – mostly dubiously – or those that seek opportunity to do business with the State.

In the worse corruption scandal called cashgate, the courts in the country have heard that the scheme was raising money for the then ruling People’s Party.

There have also been cases record of wrongful-fundraising for Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and United Democratic Front (UDF).

The money raised have been channelled to party leaders who controls and uses the same to wield power.

However, Phambala said the regulator would widen public interest in the running and overall ownership of parties.

According to Phambala, unregulated party funding is a major contributor to individual ownership of parties and is responsible for the “demigods” in political parties.

“ In Europe, no party founders have a right to claim ownership or exercise monopoly in positions of the policy-making process.

“ In most European countries, parties are mandated to observe their funding principles and orientations, are not allowed to accept anonymous donations, let alone donations exceeding a certain amount per year,” stated Phambala as quoted in the press.

He then observes that parties formed on ethnicities fall victim to the founder syndrome.

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21 thoughts on “Malawi political party funding regulator proposed”

  1. Njuli says:

    That’s the way to go, mwina cashgate nkuiwalako abale, by the way why do politicians owz drag feet when it comes to them being accountable? tichedwepo pamenepa.

  2. Willie Chimseu says:

    Mr Phambala tell us the criteria to be used or all the 50 to be funded?

  3. chikwawa says:

    Mukazamaliza kusolola muzanena.koma mulungu Ali nanu ntchito

  4. kamowa John says:

    You really have a point. I support you 100%. Pajatu kusolola eee nkosanena.

  5. Patriot weniweni says:

    Phambala wayankhula Fundo apa.Otherwise ma cashgate sazatha pa Malawi to fund some useless parties with no agenda to develop Malawi.

  6. Wachaghaya says:

    It is high time now we needed to change our mindset and love our country.let law take its course

  7. Lizulu says:

    That’s the way to go, but who in African politics can champion that? 99.9% join politics to steal ,kill and destroy. Politics is the way of getting rich quick. Its cashgate competition. Trust me if any other party was to be in power tomorrow, HDT will go there to dance too. We have political party prostitutes because of corruption.

  8. I believe that Phambala has got a point

  9. commentator says:

    There are too many bodies that end up as holes that drain public coffers. First thing to do is to outlaw campaign related gifts and one man projects during campaign season

  10. This is true, we needed this as soon as yesterday. The problem is that the very lawmakers will drag their feet to have the enabling legislation in place. See how all opposition politicians complain about the ruling party abusing the public broadcaster but none of them has the balls to propose the necesary legislation that will stop this abuse.

    We need a mechanism of holding our politicians accountable for their misdeeds. In Malawi, parliamentarians do not truly represent the citizens. This must change.

  11. Nasan says:

    I support that mwina kusolola kungachepe zitatelo ?

  12. Mulangizi wa APM pa za mthibulo says:

    Jelbin: MCP is what everyone else wishing good for Malawi is relying on. Sadly though, the truth about MCP is that they are so entrenched into their chewa culture. Where only the top can propose ideas; anyone else – iii tawasiyani akudziwa kale zimenezo. Inuyo mukukhulupirira kuti mungakhale odziwa kwambiri kuwaposa iwowo?

    It is a culture that is so outdated with modernity – especially in this age of social networking.

    Sound proposals like yours should be quickly taken on board and widely circulated amongst executive members and reach a general consensus quickly and use every opportunity available in parliament.

    But I don’t see that happening with the sleeping giant of central region.

  13. Maheni says:

    Any party that cashgates it’s leader and close relations should be banned from politics and the party must be deregistered.

  14. Sambaukwatiwe says:

    Its a gud idea though it’s going to face strong resistance one brought to the August House becoz it will require the support of the politicians

  15. Kanjipiti says:

    Malawi should avoid rushing to create unproductive new “vehicles” to deal with problems. For many years we spent millions of Kwacha on university entrance exams when it would have been cheaper to tighten security of exams at Maneb. We build new universities when existing universities are poorly funded. Recently a “vehicle” to recover MSB toxic loans has been created when MSB could have recovered these loans on its own. We have Fiscal Police, ACB and FIU when we could have one body dealing with financial crimes. The list of duplication, or even triplication, in Malawi is very long. All this duplication takes a heavy toll on the public purse. Just imagine we have a whole office dealing with declarations of assets. Really? Couldn’t Parliament secretariat have handled this?

    Another fallacy here is that cashgate happened to fund political parties (PP, DPP, and UDF) in the multiparty era. However, what is clear is that the stolen money was ending up in individuals’ bank accounts – and not political party accounts. We must not accept what the suspects are SAYING, rather we must look at what was actually HAPPENING. How can someone say I stole to give JB, yet he is the one who bought an expensive range rover and his account was bulging with stolen funds?

    Therefore creating this unnecessary body will not solve anything simply because political parties do not steal; it is people who do. And most of them are not even politicians, they are either civil servants or business persons.

  16. James Phiri says:


  17. chimwemwe says:

    Good article thumbs up

  18. Achimidzimidzi says:

    That is a good idea, kome eee mbaza zake zimenezi.

    MCP was selling party cards and AFORD is doing the same but UDF, DPP and PP steal goverment money.

  19. Jelbin mk says:

    That is the to dealing with the current problem of swindling our taxes to fund their political parties. But to do that the opposition are our only hope to enact the process of putting that into our book of law (constitution) though I at the same time feel they are also the same as those in government. Just imagine how unnecessarily long is it taking for the opposition to table a bill in parliament to change the much needed electoral system which would bring sanity in the way our elections are handled. I suspect they also want to abuse the same system of elections thus why they want to ignore it that way if not then how was it difficult for one member of parliament to rise in parliament on a private business day and table the motion? In that case our expected messiah is MCP though I think the party is so optimistic of winning the next coming general elections with or without electoral reforms. But let me warn MCP that even JB thought the same that she could win the 2014 elections even after lying to us that she was going to abolish quota system. She thought she could lose the central and southern votes if she announced that quota system was no more and yet she forgot that the southerners do not vote anyone who is not from their region no matter how beautiful your manifesto is because to them democracy is a foreign language. So please MCP with other opposition parties rescue us from this deadly trap by enacting good laws in parliament use your majority in the house to do that,don’t lose this opportunity if you are for the welfare of the public.

  20. Truck says:


  21. segerege says:

    am 100% in support of the idea. until then, there will be sanity in this devil propelled country.

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