Malawi President appeals for prayers, fasting of good rains

Malawian President Peter Mutharika says  he has noted with great concern that most parts of the country which by now should have received the first rains have not yet received the rains.

President Mutharika: Let us pray

President Mutharika: Let us pray

The President is therefore calling upon all religious leaders and the entire nation to set  side this coming weekend, (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) the 12th,13th and 14 of December 2014, to dedicate time within their normal service of worship and pray for Good rains across the country.

In a statement issued by State House deputy press secretary,  Mutharika has  also appealed to  those that congregate at lunch hour fellowships, night of prayers, youth prayer groups, women’s prayer groups and other religious gatherings during this week and beyond.

“To those who can fast the President is calling upon them to do so,” reads the statement.

For this reason the State President requests all religious mother bodies to encourage their followers to attend these prayers.

“The State President is also appealing to all cabinet Ministers, senior government officials, and members of parliament, Leaders of all political Parties, Civil Society leaders and Traditional leaders to attend these prayers in their respective or nearest places of worship,” reads the statement.

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50 thoughts on “Malawi President appeals for prayers, fasting of good rains”

  1. yungsai says:

    mr president now you talking,if you beleive in God and you are such a blessed man than what people think of you.firstly i salute,but if you want God to answer our prayers please encourage your nation to know God and before that we must repent and continue with our prayers.but before encourage others i think you must repent yourself but remember u can’t say you repented that you will not steal again while you on chair that not belongs to you.uyambe kaye kutulu udindowo then umuudziwe Mulungu m’modz wachowonadi komanso kumupempha kut atisankhile mtsogoleri wa malawi popanda chinyengo kotero kulapa kwanu kuzayankhidwa.koma kwamunthu ozindikra awa simatembelero kumalawi?mr presdent zoona udindo ndiofunika koma umakhala bwino ngat wachokera mukufuna kwa Mulungu not njira zachidule.ya Allah please forgive n bless malawi if posible and show our president that God is one and likes our nation.

  2. Wobeledwa says:

    Mr Prez there is alot of Water in Malawi which if used wisely can have plenty of food on every table in every household in Malawi.Instead of spending money on the useless Beam of sweeping road sidesSt,You can buy irrigation equipment and suck plenty of water from lake Malawi and rivers all over Malawi than always thinking of enriching yourself with hard earned tax payers money by paying yourself eye watering salaries with your friend Saulos.Start irrigation now.Dont wait for the unpredictable rains.

  3. Reasonable Man says:

    Iwetu upanga suicide siunati.

  4. Reasonable Man says:

    umva m’bebe mfana siunati. mmene unkabera ma vote unkaona ngati ndiwe Kingpin eti? hehehe. unyera pa mpando onona mfana. Malawians don’t want you. donors don’t want you. Now even God don’t want you. zili bhooooooooooooooooooooooo

  5. Sinthani says:

    There is plenty of water in our lake and rivers like Shire where we can earnestly embark on irrigation. We can produce sufficient food to feed our nation. Our leaders should stop dreaming when we have many opportunities at your disposal. The vice president went to learn how the Israelis are doing the agriculture sector so that we can emulate their best practices! Possibly, the trip was just for allowances!

  6. Funzo says:

    There is no statistical evidence that praying does any good!

  7. Zambulo says:

    we are buay cutting down trees thereby disrupting the hydrological cycle. instead oz addressing the root cause of the problem our leader is calling for prayers. God gave us a balanced ecosystem but we are destroying it ourselves. we are deliberately turning a blind eye on this mwss of our own making. Dont call for prayers mr president but you ajould instead address problems of environmental degradation!!!!

  8. Mimi says:

    Then if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sins and restore their land.Titus 1:16 says, they claim to know God but their actions they deny him. While Revelation 21:8 explains that; But thecowardly the unbelieving the vile the murderers the sexual immoral, those who practice witchcraft idolators all liars…..Revelation 9:21Nor did they repent of their murders their magic arts their sexual immorality or their theft.As the nation we have sinned. And we need to repent for God to hear us. Only those willing to denounce these sins can approach His throne of grace. Lets not play games with God. We are living in sin and expecting God to hear us. God have mercy on us sinners.

  9. Prophet says:

    wow…. bwampini is coming to terms with reality that we are nothing without God.. Mulungu ankangokuyang’anani the time you were stealing ma vote a anthu now its time to face the music.

  10. Bimbo Akure says:

    Where evil leaders rule, the people suffer! We prayed for a leader, God heard our prayers and we voted for a leader and you stole the votes and made yourself a leader. You used fire to destroy evidence of your rigging and to intimidate people. Now fire and rains do not go together. You chose fire and you will get fire. Surely the living God cannot allow his chosen to be humiliated by those who exalt themselves. Surely this leadership will suffer for the deception they orchestrated on 20 May 2014. Ufumu uwu Mulungu wauyesa ndipo walephera. Tiuzeni kaye mulungu amene mumapembedza osangoti pempherani.

  11. Mvula ya matalala says:

    So the statement was issued by the Deputy Press Secretary why not just say State House Press Office? To be seen to be working eti? And where is Khobviwa in all this? Advisors at work kkkkkkkk

  12. Chakachaka atheist says:

    There is no God to pray too. If he existed he could have known that he has forgotten to send us rain here in Malawi. Furthermore, what is rain for? Water?????????? And we do not have expanses of water in Malawi? We have! Please wake up and do with what we have. Rain should just be a bonus!

    Just giving prominance to crooks-church leaders who know nothing about the geography of rain!

  13. Nganituwe says:

    oh this time its all religious groups but when it comes to appointments and cake sharing you have your own bishops and reverends , forget papa I am not party to that. ask those who you think they are real malawians who should only benefit from my tax , Ambuye knows.

  14. Chakachaka atheist says:

    Prayers do not bring rains, Bwana President!

  15. Henga says:

    2chronicles 7:14 If my people who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will i hear from heaven and will forgive their sins and heal their land. APM the bible is clear here, you have humbled yourself Yes! by asking for prayers, but what about this condition of repantance???? after stealing the votes??? what about the 92 billion? what about failing to arrest the cashgaters? Repant first tell the Nation what you have done God is ready ti forgive the Nation and restore it otherwise God is waiting for you as well.

  16. Ben Phiri Kahuna Mathanyula says:

    Why should we fast on your behalf? Already we are going to bed on empty bellies while your big belly is always full, why don’t you start the fasting, you pig? When you were busy forcing your stupid self on Malawians by stealing votes, did you not know there is God?

  17. ng'eng'a says:

    Zinachitikaso zangati izi 2002.ask Elson agenda 4 change Bakili Muluzi kkkkkkk

  18. bmkafwamba says:

    In the name of Jesus Christ,i pray fro good rains from now


    1. Reasonable Man says:

      It’s me again, the Devil. Stop insisting on this prayer tiyambana. Petulo ndi mwana wanga. Malawi ndayikhalira pa msana.

  19. bmkafwamba says:

    Heavenly father, humbly, I pray that we should receive good rains from now >in the name of Jesus Christ.

  20. Patriot says:

    Obanda, leave TB Joshua alone yiu moron.
    Sikuti tipemphelera mvula yoka ayi komanso tipemphelera ziwanda zikulamulira mwa atsogoleri a dpp, it must come out.
    Koma ndi wongontha eeee monse tinayamba kulemba apa kuti tiyeni tipemphelere dziko lathu….zii kugona. Sack all your advisers, they are useless.

  21. Munthu wa Mulungu says:

    Eksodo 14 v 14. Ndidzakumenyerani nkhondo, ndipo inu mudzakhala chete. Apa Mulungu akunena ndi ana ake, osati thieves, oppressors, manipulators, deceivers, …… ai. Repent first.

  22. Skky blue says:

    Truly Truly I say unto you unless First lady stops her arrogance and refunds NAC funds not even a single drop shall fall from the skies. The Grand Marquee used to be a place for praise and worship today it’s a place used for stealing money from the underprivileged.

  23. verson says:

    I have always said this and I will say it again now. Our problem is misdirecting our praises when a success comes. During Muluzi time we praised starter pack when we had bamper yield instead of thanking God for good rains, the next season we survived from yellow maize from USA. This time around we voted for maize as if this party has its own source of water, see what’s happening now? We must repent and the rains will come. You were going around with maize cobs remember?

  24. Mau Apaseli says:

    Mwamudziwa Mulungu Lero ?
    Just bribe him

    1. Mimi says:

      He is a merciful God. He s got his own ways of doing things.

      1. Reasonable Man says:

        mercy without repentance? alape kaye APM for stealing the elections. God can’t be mocked. Malawians prayed for a leader and he shitted on their prayers by making himself leader. let him wrestle with God, Yakobo iyeyo.

  25. obanda says:

    Nanuxo pitani kwa T.B JOSHUA mexa munkawanena abiti aja???

  26. Jose' says:

    Mvula ingapindulire APM yekha ? Wot about ur grandmother in Muhuju or else where? A wise leader will always turn to the creator in times like these. A wise nation would fear God upon such a call. Read Noah ch 2 amd 3. Read book of Esther. God is not one to play with …I mean Jehova, EloHim,Jehova Jireh… The Creator pf the universe.
    As for me, I will heed the Presidential cry and join patriotiv Malawians in ernst prayer. APM, ur presidency inspires wisdom

  27. Indeed lets pray for good rains across the country brothers & sisters.

  28. The Truthful One from the West says:

    This is a blunder by the president. He should have consulted religious leaders for a national service of worship. This president is clueless.

    1. Kharupa says:

      pali chomwe mufuna

  29. chakwanuleka says:

    Peter must first of all repent and come in the open that he stole our votes otherwise misfortunes will continue to follow him from all corners. The strikes, hunger, corruption and general discontentment will be the order of the day. No donor will support his government until the day cardiac arrest makes a visitation

    1. Reasonable Man says:

      EYYYYY! Chakwanuleka iwe ndiye wanena MAWU!!!

  30. sister chemhu says:

    Kkkkkk so funny so boma lolowera kubera ili mumafunaso mulungu inu haha yakwiya ndi maizimu dzinthu dzochita kukakamira ndichoncho.. Utsogolere ndiwe kupempherako osati kutilamula kuti tikupempherere tikupangire fast iwe uli chete kunyopoza phwanya kunyumba yachifumuko ndi achakazi akowo… Nde bola mbali imodzi ikanankhala ikuyenda koma mbali zose eissh yakulakwira mkulu pepa.. Wamfuna mulungu poti waona zavuta pepa

  31. Stupidity never goes beyond this call

  32. brutsha says:

    The worst case scenarios of presidents Malawi has ever had are Bakili Muluzi, Joyce Banda and Peter Mutharika. Any one who can be of contrary opinion to this is very unpatriotic and stupid.

    1. Jose' says:

      Brutsha, u r the one that is unpatriotic and a shame to my country. U dont fear God. U think u can sit in His judgment throne by castigating ur leadership for his request for us to join in prayer. APM I join you whole heartedly, we need to pray

      1. Reasonable Man says:

        TAZIKANGONYERA IWE JOSE. At least you can use the shit for manure and grow one crop of maize. Koma zoti upemphere apa youre just wasting your time. Your President needs to repent first otherwise palibe chomwe muphulepo apa. Just wait for yellow maize from the USA. Chakudya cha ng’ombe.

  33. mlomwe wachitonga says:

    indeed Mw needs to pray not only fr rainfall but also fr de economic situation at hand. Ambuye atiyankha koma musiye kuba andale inu

  34. Tilipo says:

    That call alone is a blessing for the nation. Thanks Mr. President for being humble before the creator. We will surely pray and God will answer our prayers. We serve the answering God. He is living and His Kindness and Mercy endures forever.

  35. brutsha says:

    I really see God’s mercy is found where man’s fails. This mouth is too dirty and wicked to mention the name of God.
    By the way, if Malawi had visionary leadership, could we be desperate for rain fed agriculture given the abundance of water bodies God endowed this country with. Shame!

  36. MMALAWI says:

    luk @ ua head mkamwa mopanda mano ngati mtchalitchi mopanda anthu.wat i knw nkhalamba sikhala ya nkhaza koma iwe ndidolo pankhanza asa yendela waka uko.vaila ukoko.mulungu poti adabwelera ochmwa mwina ayankha pemphero lakolo

  37. Mac A mbuzi says:

    U Oooooh! Wagwa nayo. Mulungu siamvera mapemphero amenewo. Ulamuliro Oberao hehehede

  38. Unobtainium says:

    In the abundance of water a fool is thirsty.Malawi is endowed with water from North down South for irrigation and we still rely on rain fed agriculture.How far have we gone with the greenbelt initiative?

    1. Reasonable Man says:

      hahahahahahaha. MAWU MAWU MAWU. Mulungu watopa ndikutipatsa mvula. And since we keep electing stupid leaders who only know how to give handouts instead of promoting irrigation, we keep complaining about the same nonsense year in year out. That money which Goodall asked for constructing toilets could have been better used for starting up irrigation pipes koma ayi.

  39. Atcheya says:

    Kikkkkkkkk….Though not a laughing matter, pena Chauta watinyanyala ndizibwana tikupanga kuMalawizi….Kusolola and mabodza achuluka kwabasi nde osalira kwambiri, abweretsa yochuluka zeedi

  40. oooooho/ says:

    Attending does not entail praying!

    Aftwr all, God has given us all the waters in rivers, lake mw but as a country we are failing to utilise the water resources God has given us…even failing to transfer water from Shire to Bt City, from Shire to CK west for irrigation…….very sad! 50 years on we cant have a proper national irrigation scheme to cater for years of marginal rains despite all the waters?????ask Israel..and how they do it! ask how Egypt uses the Nile!

    hey mw wake up! the water is here!

  41. Malata says:

    You fast first with your fat pockets! You are suppose to lead the nation in prayers fool. That is not something you delegate, when will you learn to connect with the masses?

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