Malawi President Mutharika asked to resign by opposition MCP, PP

Main opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) and its parliamentary bedfellow, the People’s Party (PP) have openly told President Peter Mutharika and his government to resign for failing to solve myriad economic problems.

Mutharika told to resign

Mutharika told to resign

Speaking at the just ended high-level conference of civil rights and religious leaders and academics, who met in Blantyre under the aegis of the quasi-religion Public Affairs Committee (PAC), MCP publicist Jessie Kabwila did not mince words: “He (President Mutharika) must resign. He has completely failed Malawians.”

Kabwila added: “Unfortunately his incompetence is costing lives of Malawians. Malawians no longer want him.”

She said the acute food shortages, the ailing economy and other problems rocking the country is a clear indication that Mutharika and his Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) government are “clueless” on how to run the affairs of the country.

Kabwila said: “For us, there are no words to say—the DPP has failed miserably, we don’t need a microscope to see… We are in a crisis.”

PP vice president Kamlepo Kalua and party publicist Ken Msonda also asked for the immediate resignation of the President and his government, saying every Malawian knows that his administration has completely failed the nation.

“As People’s Party, we demand immediate release of the maize if at all they have it… We are giving them 30 days, if they don’t have food in Admarc markets, government should step down because it has failed Malawians,” said Msonda.

Kalua said Mutharika should “pack up and go”

He said: “We are giving him 90 days to resign because all these problems it is because of Professor Peter Mutharika. He has failed in two years to manage the economy, he has failed to show leadership, he is ruling this country by remote [control].”

However government spokesman Jappie Mhango said in an interview at the conference that Kabwila, Kalua and Msonda were over excited, overzealous and probably constipated.

“You cannot take Kabwila, Msonda or Kamlepo serious, they are jokers,” said Mhango.

“The President cannot resign and will never think of it. Everyone knows that the problems facing Malawi are not manmade and this government is doing all it can to deal with them and very soon all the problems will go,” he said.

Mhango defiantly said MCP and PP should be prepared to be in opposition for lengthy period.

“The DPP government will be there until 2019. We will renew our mandate for next five years to 2014 to be in power. Tough luck MCP and PP,” Mhango told Nyasa Times.

PAC spokesperson Father Peter Mlomole said calls for the resignation of the President were individual or party sentiments, saying PAC is yet to release its resolutions and recommendations.

Mulomole, a Catholic priest, also dismissed press and social media reports that the Catholic Church was against the meeting, saying to the contrary, it had the blessing of the largest and influential church in Malawi as evidenced by the attendance to the meeting of the Episcopal Conference of Malawi general secretary Henry Saindi.

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61 thoughts on “Malawi President Mutharika asked to resign by opposition MCP, PP”


    @ kenk you are absolutely right MCP and PP they think they will take over but if the president willfully resigns then the vice president will ascend to power thus what the constitution says. Dyera ndilomwe likutipweteka. To me PP is doing this out of frustration amidst the court revelations by the convicts(cash gate) and MCP is due to Americans funding in pursuing the Gay issues a thing which APM said let Malawians judge knowing fully that our answer is NO.

  2. Howard says:



    Those are the consequences of an ACCIDENTAL PRESIDENCY!!!!

  3. Ahbig Mhone says:

    Gents Open Your Eyes And See, Some Of The Example Of Killing Z Nation: Educaion Sector No Std Eight Certificates, Form Two{ Jce} No Certificate But We Pay Exams Fee, Term Fee Sure From Std Eight To Form Four No Any Paper. Malawi Is Now Not A Warm Heart Of Africa But A Heart Ov Devils

  4. Tim says:


    This man should have never been allowed in Office !..

    Many are suffering and many thousands will die before the worst is over…

    DPP is a party of DEVILS!… Also a Religious Leader should not be President… Take a good look
    at THE HATE THAT RELIGIOUS LEADERS PREACH right now in the country ..

    The DONORS SHOULD NEVER RETURN… Malawi is hopeless !!

  5. Kenkkk says:

    Please note, pac has not called for apm to resign but Jesse and kamlepo. Also calling for apm to resign doesn’t mean the opposition are planning a coup, absolutely not. After all if apm resigns, another dpp person will take over the leadership, Chilima and finish the term to 2019. Change of the dpp leadership or presidency could actually lead to new dpp direction in trying to solve the national problems.

    But this will not happen anyway. So tough luck we in opposition.

  6. Mabeka says:

    Only Thabo Mbeki had resigned in Africa

  7. unknown says:

    mufa ngati bingu a peter.mungotula pasi udindo

  8. komwe zikupita ndikonkuja kwa dzana.Zidateronso paja.Koma zisateronso,ayi.

  9. MBAWAA says:

    I now agree when it was said Chakwera is planning to takeover the Governemnet by force. This is a real . must have planned this with Joyce Banda.
    Malawians are very foolish people . How can you remove the president only for less than two years.
    My question is one of the following fit to be the PRESIDENT

  10. lam helpless lcan see the wind blowing to past direction.Weneed to inform each other the truth.Otherwise gvt and oppstn should beable tofore see the effects of their decisions respectively.

  11. Jimbo says:

    ‘The government is doing all it can to deal with them, and soon all the problems will go.’ What everyone wants to know is. ‘WHAT exactly is the government doing to deal with the problems?’ If it is going to solve ALL the problems soon, how come the problems arose in the first place? The DPP government is quick to come out with fine words and promises, but no one sees any actions. This is typical of the government- promises, promises, promises. Actions speak louder than words. The people are sick and tired of words, words, words and promises, promises, promises. The DPP government has nothing to offer by way of solutions and should simply resign en masse and let some others have a go.

  12. jo says:

    nde akachoka pabwera dolo lina lithamamgepo zache nalonso muzingoti pusisa basi mbuzi inu eti agalu swuuuuuuuuuuuu!

  13. maganizo wa maganizo says:

    you want him to resign reasons being what? you must be very very stupid.chakwera should resign idiot you do not know what you are talking about.we elected him to be in that position and it is our mandate to ask him to resign but through ballot box.otherwise forget about it.for him to be in that position he had to sweat during campaign and god rewarded him for his hard work and your boss was just sitting phwiii

  14. frank says:

    APM please note excssive kwacha falls is hurting poor malawians, so please address as moving from 450 to 900 is just too much, we Malawiians we cannot accept that type of economic meltdown. 450 to 550 is in the acceptable level range.

  15. Rasheed M'madi says:

    It is a time now mr president to puck and go oh yes we can’t wait

  16. Chambe says:

    Basi angousiya mpando poti inu mwafuna? Isaa!!
    You are not even spokespersons for the majority of Malawians except amu zipani mwanumo. Musatengere mangawa poti munaluza 2014. Apa havitheka ifenso amene tinamusankha tiyimapo mukazitengera pa mangawa.

  17. Mzika ya Mw says:

    Kupusa, kuganiza ngati mbuz, galu kapena nkhuku. Musatinyase mbuz za anthu. Ngati mukufuna zanuzo tione 2019 ngati mungazamake! Nawenso hule Jesie watikwana ndi mbusa wakoyo

  18. Chilungamo Chimawawa says:


  19. Nyima says:

    Listening from the voices calling APM to step down ,you can easily write a composition of 1 million words.PP is bitter that APM outsted their Abiti Mtila from the Hot seat with a technical knock out.Kabwila is bitter that APM won the election by crook,with all the delegates and political parties which were there ,why only kabwila and Msonda are requesting this?.I understand this two naughty fellows are Malawians and i myself i am also a Malawian,and i must say the pain that you are feeling due to this economic turmoil is better than my self,but to me this does not the grantee the president to step down.Firstly the problem of hunger every one knows that it is coming due to the floods that devastated 15 out of the 28 district of Malawi.and this resulted into poor harvest which has led us into this situation.Concerning the economy ,when abiti mtila was leaving government she left our economy already in the death bed ,no one can Malawians that jb left a healthy economy ,and every one knows that jb cash gate its the root cause of this,even when mcp was campaigning ,they were saying ,they will fix the ailing economy ,which economy was they talking about?APM and his DPP inherited the already cracking economy ,and to fix national problems can not happen in one day.Even if we give this country to Lazaro today ,we can not be patient enough ,we will demand him to resign before his term expires .Every Malawian should admit that our problems has accumulated for many years ,and these problems to be solved we need collaborated efforts ,not finger pointing as we are doing.Currently our population is growing at a faster rate than normal,how many political leaders are talking about this in there manifestos ? this the way how our problems has accumulated,we wait until its tough ,then we start pointing fingers at government of the day .
    To conclude my story MCP and PP are jealousy of their fellows in government ,some of MCP official we heard kuti munatenga ngongole kuti mukawina chisankho muzabweze ,so here we see that you want just to be in government so you settle down your debts ,not other wise,lecture me if APM steps down ,what next?

  20. KUKAYA WA KUKAYA says:

    On the third paragraph from the bottom. I should be schooled here; how can you remain power in 2019 polls and also retain the power in the next election in 2014? How feasible is this.


  21. pido says:

    When people say resign it does not mean iwo akuterowo alowa pa mpando. It just means paving way for others to rule the country with good will as compared to what is being experienced today.

    To say that there cannot be some people to rule Malawi apart from Peter is a big joke in a country with 15,000,000 people. We should not be at ransom just because someone somewhere is feeling good with the stolen bread he is eating. If you follow Mhango he is one of the people destroying Malawi Olympic Committee reputation. People who even assisted in demising other people in MOC. Useless

  22. Zat says:

    Dausi should be the first one to go. He has failed to properly advice the President. These are not Kamuzu days. we are in democracy.

  23. Dog says:

    Peter must go or else?

  24. Kanayenda says:

    Sorry for those saying he cannot be removed from office. You are behind intellectually. Just now in South Africa there is a “Vote of No Confidence” for Zuma in the South African Parliament. If this motion succeeds Zuma can be removed from office resulting in an early election.

  25. Nansani wa chingoni says:

    Dikirani nthi yanu!

  26. Osangokhala says:

    Its not about forcing one to resign but preparing one to be the better leader, do we have a better leader in store for us? As of now I don’t see the better leader out there. And we supporters are to blame because we don’t have time to prepare our leaders rather we opt for criticizing to an extent of forgetting our own problems

  27. Independent Diplomat says:

    KKKKKKKKKKK MCP and PP will never rule MW. They are aware of that fact !!! Don’t waste time of Malawians by making useless noise.

    I understand Kabwila had very serious gonorrhoea when she was a student at Chancellor college. The disease affected her brain;. That is why she behaves that way; Unfortunately, their imbecilic leader, Chakwere, is not aware of that fact.

  28. MALAWIAN says:

    koma chamba sichabwinodi eti.wanena ndani zimenezi?using which legal powers from which section of the const.wanenayo nzeru alibe olo wezi iye akuganiza kuti basi peter busy kampeni mu 2014 muja fuel pa cars onse aja going around dzikoli basi kuti he should rule Malawi for 2 years.kikikikikik chamba basi u think pofika kuwina u president umawononga k2 eti?ask wanenayo who is going to replace him mumve mayina ake.the opposition must wait till 2019 FULL STOP.NJALA INALIKONSO 2001 TADYA NAYO TILIGU,KWACHA INAGWAPO 1995 ALMOST 100%.GO TO SCHOOL TO STUDY ECONOMICS U WILL UNDERSTAND THE DYNAMICS OF THE ECONOMIES.KUMAFUNSA KUTI KODI KWACHA YANGWA WHY?

  29. International Observer says:

    Here we are once more going in circles as we have always done before. Unfortunately during the circus held at Mount Soche Hotel there were those people Malawi regard as learned who went about pulling strings to satisfy their political parties. As long as the current leadership and party were elected through the ballot, no matter what certain individuals are aspiring for, nothing is going to unseat what is in place to day. One thing those calling for his resignation are failing to see and understanding is that the structures that are there in government were a choice of a collection of followers who chose democratically. If you want to apply the law of the jungle by forcing things your way, do you think those for DPP will seat down with their arms folded? Not at all. It is not surprising that there is rampant criminality in the country and the most unfortunate thing is that that is being instigated and stirred by learned PhD holders. Do these people have in their vocabulary words like “Rapport or Contact and Dialogue?” I wonder. By the way, do they have families, if so what warfare have they put in place in case a civil war is created because of their greedy attitude and myopic reasoning? On the other hand, you mean Malawi does not have laws in place to cater for insubordination and anti-social behaviour or acts that will instigate social unrest? In developed countries like where some of us reside, unscrupulous behaviours like these are nipped in the bud immediately people on drugs and those who get educated by accident misbehave. These people will tell you that in the western world that is what is practiced; west yache itiyo? Malawi needs heavy handedness in order to sort out this rubbish. Chilope ndi magazi auchifwamba eti? APM will be removed from his current position through a ballot whether one likes it or not. Who doesn’t know that absence of the buying power etc is being experienced worldwide. Usawi, chiiiii?
    Finally, be informed that not all security personnel in the military/police are MCP/PP neither are they all DPP (Free Warning).

  30. kings says:

    achoke tatopa akadye 577bln anatibera ija akutani kukatengalo kugulira chimanga mbava izi basi chitukuko mulibe

  31. kings says:

    mazika zaka ziwiri mwapha angati wankulu wa untcorrap uja mwayiwala apm agona nyumba yandani ayenda misewu yandani wapangapo chiyani kuba basi 577bln ili kutiko inakagwiratchito kuja bolaso 20bln ua joyc athu amagira manyumba zamuvuta basi he must go tipne zina ife palobe chiliyenda apa agotibera mitsonkho bolaso wa kamuzu umayambira 21yrs kapume apm wava

  32. obanda says:

    Our nation has been around for over 50 years as an independent nation yet we still think we are still a child state.Well time has come for us as a nation to set aside some child things and begin a vital process of embracing genuine and vivid personal,family,community,societal and National behavioural change. Its sad that as a nation we speak of change when in fact we haven’t changed our altitudes at both levels.How many of us today are willing to offer and accept bribes? deliberate bend the rules so as to escape justice and twist civil servants arms so as to get that contract that we know are not capable of executing to the the required standards but we want it anyway? You find that we are so many in our society and these are just few of the numerous examples of the ills taking place in our society.For us to move forward we must begin with the assumptions that our current ways are bad and we must change.Leaders must keep the interest of the people at heart and electorate must carefully choose the next occupants of any seat within the government.The change must begin we The president down to ministers and senior civil servants, controllers and clerks at lower levels must also embrace reforms.Businesses of any size must conform to all acceptable standards of corporate governance and social responsibility.That would be the best way to start. Not pointing fingers or try to lay a blame.It will take us nowhere.

  33. Dikisan says:

    Its not something do with MCP or PP. We are all in problems. Ife amene tidavotera tikuti Atuluke mbwalo chifukwa gule yemwe akuvina samene ife timafuna. Mwina UDF zikukusangalatsani . Koma naine wa DPP, Ndikuvutika! VOti yanga idabedwa. Atuluke!

  34. khoniiwe says:

    Kufuna kupeza udindo through backdoor mwauponda,maloto achumba ife ochuluka omwe tinamuyika pampando tikudikilla kuzateronso 2019

  35. Chipoya LJ. says:

    You brethren from opposition, try to bring back Section 64 first before you cal for President’s resignation.

    People like you dont deserve to be in that August. Muyenera kuchoka because u are failing to come up with solutions to the current economic crisis.

    Mwalephera ntchito yanunso inu ngati aphungu omwe muli mbali imodzi ya boma.
    Stop your nonsense! All in all, GOD bless Malawi!!

  36. The Analyst says:

    It is good to dream; but let us so dream as to dream in colour!
    . . . We Malawians do not just live in Africa but we are Africans also – in skin, blood, at heart, manners e.t.c. Do you expect a mere call for resignations to come to fruition? Nooooo! Not in Africa! You need some effort, like impeachment, coz the word “resignation” was long deleted from African presidents’ pocket dictionaries.
    . . . Are you any surprised therefore, that even before APM responds; this tail-less rat called Jappie Mhango sees the suggestion as a joke hence orotundly just laughs it off?

    Let it be known that subjecting Malawians to leadershiplessness hence problems, is synonymous with violence on the people. And in AFrica, YOU MEET VIOLENCE WITH VIOLENCE. It is as simple as difficult as that.
    Also, calling for resignation of APM and not outlining even a sketchy plan of what shall happen next if the unthinkable (APM resigning) happens, is as useless and nonsensical as not doing anything at all.
    . . . Will some party or some council or the millitary just take over, if APM resigns? or the country shall have fresh elections?
    . . . Will APM be allowed or blocked to contest in the fresh elections?; if allowed, what shall we have achieved (since he can be voted back)? If blocked, using what statute?

    Isn’t chaos or failure a sure result of unpreparedness? It is! And you guys are unprepared. You may therefore do us more good to shut up, than plunge the country into chaos, until such a time when you are prepared.

  37. Ahhh! Ehhh! Ihhh! Ohhh! Gulewatokanika kuvina atotuluka m’bwalo. Hey mr,´resign before it’s too lake. Go back to US we don’t want 2 see ur ibu face again. Why did u send dausi 2 burn the votes if u indeed won

  38. Pwiya wa Pwiya says:

    If this is in the interest of the right to freedom of expression, then I fear for those calling for resignation of APM on two fronts. One is that is this a sign of toppling the incumbent Government? or just a sign of dissatisfaction with the leadership? As one has already stated, hunger in Malawi has been there for ages, during Kamuzu era we had such misfortunes some years, during Muluzi the same. Amsi had a two year interlude which was characterized by resource plunder. Please opposition tell Malawians solutions and not just politics. In my view, these trio, are just as confused fellows, Malawians know them well, they are activists who hide behind politics. We see you and never think of our votes in 2019. This is proof that you are not mature in as far as politics is concerned. Build your structures first and assess public’s perception about your parties. I urge PP and MCP not to be overexcited with ideas of calling APM to resign because we, who voted in that election have not been heard. Sober up, sober up …..

  39. His Excellence the Life President Wolemekedzeka Mkango Lion Chivomerezi Chisokonezo Artillery Missile Manthakanjenjemereza says:

    Peter is a leader, makhwala lololo mzipatala, chimanga lololo ku admarc, magetsi 24 hours, no currency fluctuation, no maluzi, good economic growth. The porofesala wa law. If that was ideal peter i would have liked him to stay but he is the opposite, therefore he must go.

  40. Goddiea says:

    MCP and PP takhalani chete! You think munthalika can resign yet he knows that you foxes want the same seat?
    How many times have you called him to resign?
    Your baseless comments will tarnish the party’s image!

  41. PIxy says:

    A khiristu ogona ,asilamu omwe timaganiza kuti savomereza zautsilu nonse MBATATA.Muvi oyang’anira siuchedwa kulowa m’maso.

  42. Ndalira Kwabasi says:

    Kodi pa dzana paja tinkati tikuvotela chani? Mbuzi zenizeni ndi ifeyo anthu aku Malawi. We are so stupid that we don’t even value ourselves. Peter was there when his brother was the president; what did he do that made us chose him for president. Why do we always devalue ourselves ngati kuti sitimadzifunira zabwino. We had all these signs before our eyes and yet mu uchitsiru wathu we chose this idiot to be the president. Ndiye pano tikulira chani? If I had the time ndithu I would sit pa Clock Tower nkumaomba makofi aliyense atadutse chifukwa I know kuti one out of three people anavotela mbuzi ikutilamulirayi. Next time let us use our brains not emotions. Tidzikachita interview wa ntchito wolera ana athu what more with a leader wa dziko? Tidzachangamuka liti a Malawi?????

  43. Kunyeziwa mussa says:

    kkkk koma a opposition wy JB failed 2 resign nthawi ya cashgte ija amsonda,kalua,kabwila,?.ur not crious @o.kuzipani zanu mukungokangana nde wt about kuyendetsa dziko? u wil b shoked in 2019 dpp wil win wth land slide ndale zopusa mukuwona ngati amalawi angadzakuvotereninso kwanu kunatha basi musiyeni prof atilamulire mpaka 2024 ingosamukani agalu inu!

  44. Jobe says:

    PAC wa PAC, that is not the way to vent out anger. Numerous people are suffering, do not be heartless because your bread winner, APM is facing these resignation calls. Afterall it is for the good of your relatives at home who lack food etc

  45. subaira armitage says:

    Yakula apa ndi nsanje. Chakwera and his killer party MCP + PP the cahsgate party want to pave way for the return of the chief cashgate thief Joice Husband snatcher Banda. The chief cashgate thief knows that under APM leadership, ali m’madzi. Let me warn you imperialists. We voted for APM and his DPP. Noone and I repeat no one can remove APM as it is us who voted him and not you killers and thieves. Wait for 2019 ngati mudzanunkhe kanthu.

  46. #bwapmini must go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Kadundulu says:

    Munthu wankulu anakulilirani kale tiye nazo kwanthu kungokuwonani

  48. Zika mexico says:

    wat do you mean when you say wat next uyu akasowa. Munthu ndiyeyekhayo? Kakaka koma zocitika side. Why can’t he stand up and address the nation.cule wakeyuso Guido bp inatha koma ngati akulankhulila. Mkabudula. Naye kaliyati kukamwa ngati lumbe zone a ngfati kukulamkhula nku mtuzu kwake. Do we have leaders solo a leader in this country?

  49. Semani says:

    MCP and PP don’t waste your time and energy with DPP did you vote DPP 2014? wait 2019 then you will prove that Chitsiru chilichonse chili ndimwini Wake. Njala inayamba lero kapena ndiyachilendo kwa ife a malawi? Believe it or not DPP is a movement
    muzakhumudwa 2019

  50. mazika says:

    Even those who are calling for the president to resigne the don’t have solutions. Because yesterday when I was listening to a radio I heard Kabwira compairing adriver of a min bus to Government how.Bring solutions then you can talk not just jealousy. You failed when you was in power for 30yrs what did you do apart from killing. Has peter arrested any one of you.Think you big mouth people.

  51. Gracian Jeke says:

    Mukuzinamizatu inu ngati mukuona kuti angatule udindo zanu izo.ngati munalephera kuwina ndiye mwati mulowere pawindo

  52. Pido says:

    MCP and its dirty minded Kabwira, PP and its ugly minded Msona and Kamlepo; can you fools hear this? we are not interested with foul mouthing and aparent mounting of pressure on leaders that be. I for one do hate coments that have potential to raise political tension as you fool (Jessie, Kabwila and Msonda) are doing. Ndiinu mfiti. Mumadya mamina. Ndiinu oipa mitima. Asatana …. Why should it be in your best interest tom mount pressure on a government that was dully elected democratically? Wait for 2019 maybe you will be lucky – which I doubt as you are failing to even provide alternatives now. So, keep quite and let us hear nothing but sense

  53. tulo amalawi says:


  54. Patriots says:

    The minister speaks boldly with a lot of inconsistencies and failing to articulate policies. The saddest part the executive arrogance ignores sound counsel regardless of oppositions stand on APM. Hon Mhagho should know positions or appointments are temporal the legacy one lives matters!

  55. This notorious Man called Pitala has been out of Malawi for over 40 years and nobody invited him to come home, He must go! My fallow Malawians “MAKWERE KWERE”(Matchona) Savekedwa ufumu pamudzi, Mapeto ake ndi izi Amalawi kusamva, If he can’t resign, vote of no confidence in Parliament is the only solution to deal with him once and for all, Malawi MPs, wake up and think of Millions of Malawian who are going through difficulties than protecting one Man who has failed completely to find the solution.

  56. joseph says:

    APM this is what happens when you fail to act in time, you should have have fired Chuka when the Kwacha was depreciating above 600 to a dollar. We warned you Chuka is appointed by PP and his policies introdcued are hurting the kwacha therby making DPP unpopular. Now kwacha at 760 and with limits in place that kwacha can only appreciate 0.25% per day i dont see the kwacha and economy rebounding. It is about time you start firing people who are underperforming then only people in positions will perform

  57. Chimuzanga Majoti says:

    So the PAC meeting was all about asking APM and DPP to resign. How shameful! The opposition should not think they can get into government via the back door. They should wait for 2019 and come 2019 DPP will give them a whacking they will never forget in their pathetic sorry lives. Ulamulilo waDPP is annointed from the heavens above kukanapanda kukhala choncho mukanawinatu in in 2014. MCP ndiyotembeleledwa simudzalamulila kaya mpakana liti. PP ndinu aja amasoka kupasidwa boma on a silver platter munaliwulutsa nde muziti mukufuna DPP itule pasi udindo – sitimatelo makosana! Wait for 2019 we will give you a further whacking on your silly bottoms.

  58. Kadziotche says:

    Messers Kabwila,Msonda and Kamlepo should lead by example.They have messed things in their respective political parties but have not willfully resigned.

    Why are they demanding that a sitting constitutionally elected President should resign? If the incumbent President is ‘clueless’ to run the country whether politically or economically,the people’s vote will remove him from office at the next presidential election.

    I know such agitation is simply intended to put APM on his toes.I works to his advantage.He will indeed wake up.He will pull his socks then what next,he will win again the elections!

    If APM is not performing just leave him alone to multiply his follies for a good riddance to bid him when he loses the next election.

  59. ESTERY CHIBAMBO ,U.K says:


  60. Kufakuno ndinjala says:

    Zoonadi asiye pansi udindo palibe chomwe akuchita

  61. Pac wa Pac says:

    So when APM and his DPP go, what next? Because APM as a president and DPP as a ruling party were democratically elected by the masses though the opposition thinks otherwise. What does the constitution say about such calls? Possibly parliament and PAC will ratify it. Zosatheka zimenezo! In 2014 Malawians climbed mountains for change of government which by then was JB’s after sudden demise of our beloved late President Bingu wa Mutharika. Nonse amene mukuti APM atule pansi udindo NYINI ZA MANU!

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