Malawi President on his way home: ‘Shame on you, Mutharika not dying’

Malawi President Arthur Peter Mutharika on Saturday left  Unites States of America on his return to the country Sunday – weeks after attending the U.N. General Assembly meeting of heads of state and government in New York last month.

Mutharika: home coming

Mutharika: home coming

Mutharika is returning home amidst speculations about his health and his absence without leave created a lot of rumours, including allegations that he was hospitalised in the US.

Malawi’s information minister Malison Ndau, however, rubbished the reports.

President Mutharika has got wind of the rumours and is not amused with the “nonsense” of  wishing him dead and he wants his Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) supporters to unite against opposition enemies.

DPP supporters in the southern region took to the streets on Saturday demonstrating against “sickening” rumours about Mutharika’s health and wishing him safe trip back home.

They chanted that “shame on you, Mutharika not dying.”

The Vice President Saulos Chilima office also confirmed the Presidents return on Sunday, rubbishing “sensational” reports about his condition, saying there has never been any cause for alarm at any time.

The general-secretary of the Malawi Law Society, Khumbo Soko, has said there is great anticipation for Mutharika’s arivval.

“Everyone is waiting with bated breath for the President to touch down and possibly explain to Malawians where he was and more importantly why the State House didn’t find it important to tell Malawians where the president was after his engagement at the U.N. General Assembly,” Soko said on VOA.

“As you can imagine, it has given rise to quite some very unhappy speculation and I think all these were needless if people have just been told where the president was. There would have been no need for people to engage in speculation as it were,” Soko said.

He said since Mutharika was relying tax-payers money for his stay in US and travel bill,  it was “only going to be fair for the people of Malawi to be told at least where the president was.”

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22 thoughts on “Malawi President on his way home: ‘Shame on you, Mutharika not dying’”

  1. Shredder says:

    Shame on who…shame to the one who is failing to run the country

  2. Mr choonadi chionekepo says:

    This is now 14:20 so tell as where is our prisedent please?

  3. DeadEnd says:

    we need a law in Malawi that says anyone who wilfully provides wrong information to the people of Malawi in his or her official capacity commits a crime against the republic of Malawi and its people, and should be prosecuted. The role of the Minister of Information is not to misinform Malawians but to inform them with correct information. When Sata was sick in Zambia, the government announced that he was sikh and asked the nation to pray for him. What is wrong with the Malawian Givernment? Days are gone when you can hide an illness — that is why attempts to hide Bingu’s death foiled. In fact, the biggest crime that JB government committed to the Malawian people was to get off the hook all those who lied to the nation about Bingu’s death, going to the extent of costing the nation so much money to send a dead body abroad and bring it back later.

  4. santana says:

    Winston Msowoya, how many Tumbuka MPs are in DPP? Were they voted in the South or right there in the North? Did they not vote for DPP after all the memory of the death of those thieves on July 20? Who is to blame now? Is Chakwera no contemplating to dump Msowoya for Sadik Mia? Whats wrong with the speaker? Come home and convince your fellow tribesmen to vote for a Tumbuka in 2019. We will see if it will work. You say you are concerned yet you are there eating matofutofu instead of coming and suffer with your countrymen here at home.

    1. Handsome Chaponda says:

      Satana, oops! Santana. Thank you in the first place for acknowledging the suffering of Malawians as seen in your invitation. Point of correction: No body voted for DPP MPs in the North, but those crooks were voted in PP and dumped the party for green pasture in DPP. They are helping government to fatten up their accounts from the tax payers. Umvetsetse usaumitse chintima iwe, nobody voted for ma crook wo as Death People’s Parts MPs as you heartless Satana say. Come out again and let’s argue about this, you heartless and selfish!! Do you know ‘JESUS’ or you are an atheist? People are suffering and you are busy bootlicking the party because of money. Heartless!!

  5. mudzalila says:

    The president and his people is the stupid one here.In case you didnt know, you are the head of state and the people have the right to know of your whereabouts! A father should let his children know where he is all the time.In a civilised country, this amounts to negligence!But of course you are in it for the money and nothing else.Now today, if at all you are coming,people haven’t got electricity and no water even to wash themselves and yet they are going to the airport to sing and dance for you! For what? Equally a stupid nation!!

    1. chenkumbi says:

      Mudzalira, udzaliradi, because you are a fool. Electricity, water are these items scarce because of the DPP or president ? Mwakhala mukudura mitengo nokha, kuotcha makala, kudula matabwa osabwezera, nyengo yayamba kusintha mosakhala bwino, ndiye muku ika blame kwa munthu oslakwa. Amalawi munakhala bwanji anthu opanda nzeru inu. Phiri la Ndirande, Michiru, soche etc used to have lots of trees, were those cut down by government? anthu opusa munakhala bwanji.Kuzolowera placing a blame on somebody a mistake done by you. Even chikangawa this time there are no trees, were those cut by government?

  6. Eugene says:

    Midnight Six thief is back to steal some more taxes kkkkk

  7. Handsome Chaponda says:

    Indeed DDP supporters, shame on Malawians with their tax payers money! Shame on stupid Malawians who can’t take to streets as you have done demanding the whereabouts of their president who depend on their hard earned money! Thank you so much for shaming Malawians, God bless you for your patriotism! Today’s Malawians are stupid and fools if you compare to the time of John Chilembwe who couldn’t be taken for granted by the whites. We are peace lovers. We fear the bullets to hell. Whenever street demo pops in, July 20 paralyses the efforts. Good job DDP supporters; I pray that you go back to the streets and chant ‘VINDERE VYA MALAWI!’ I bet you, neither bullet nor tear gas will land securely on your smooth bodies. You are beautiful and handsome, the likes of Chaponda, handsome guys.

    I remember my hard working president, Bingu malemu, saying “Suja mumati ndamwalira, pitani mukatenge casket ku South Africa tu.” That was the time he just came from China for holiday and it was rumoured that he was critically ill and died there. He called the T/As to palace and refuted the allegation before them and the nation on the MBC TV. Barely a month later he died. Malawians may suffer silently, but God fights their battles. God fought for stupid Malawians during Kamuzu, who was called “Wamuyaya.” Let’s wait and see. Foolish Malawians are crying like Israelites under the oppression of Pharaoh in Egypt.

    I pray that APM arrives during the day and tolerate to be asked by the journalists about his whereabouts after UNGA. If he is health, then our president has a problem; why choosing to be silent. We live in the era of twitter, whats up, Skype, etc why not send the message through MBC TV and comfort us that we should not be worried about the speculations. He could send the proceedings of UNGA to MBC TV, why not after, because Malawians were told that he is working not just spending their money anyhow.


  8. winston msowoya says:

    I wish I could have heard the rogue had followed his thief brother Bingu,however,his days are still numbered.If this President was a Tumbuka,the Chewas,Lomwes and other ethnic groups in Malawi could have shouted hoarse with unprecedented insinuations(a Hinyas,Mbwenus,Chikangawas the list is long).Now who is destroying our country?The two Regions South and Central have so far since independence,produced 5 inept Presidents in 52 solid years.Aren’t you not ashamed and guilty of tribalistic crimes against your fellow Malawians? If Muthalika had qualities and patriotic zeal of his country,he could have sincerely thought of the dehumanised people back home and rush back home soon after the so-called CONFERENCE ended to face the disastrous situation head on.Now back home,what is he to tell the people what he had been doing all these weeks while his counter parts left for their countries soon after the Conference.He must also explain to the people how much of their tax-funds he used with his servile puppies while our children and old people are starving to death,surgery rooms in darkness as if they were graves.Malawians,time has come to stand in unity to face this rogue,enough is enough Malawians,the international community is laughing at us and let’s stop this preposterous TRIBALISM for it only fosters MUTHALIKA AND HIS GANG OF LOOTER!!!!!

    1. Christopher sinkutwa says:

      Thats not correct before Jesus eyes leting malawian people to be in dack you heartless leaders

  9. Chilungamo Chimawawa says:

    mbiri yoti APM wamwalira ndiyochita kupangidwa ndi chipani cha DPP. Cholinga chake ndi kukhwimira president APM kuti asamwalire nsanga. this is what we call African magic…..

  10. Abeat Minthu says:

    The problem is that the leaders dont care which money they are living on. They taket Malawians as fools . These are leaders who are educated lived in demokrati countries but when they return home they treat people who faight for democracy as fools. Its up tog Malawians tog wake up but it will take 100 years before Malawians will know their rights.

  11. Welcome home says:

    If this is a recent picture of APM, there Is no need for celebration, the man will not perform the function of a president. The face looks puffy and he is pale oand at his age he may still not complete his term. I can bet my last coin. The best would have to honorably hand over power to the Energetic Chilima while he fully recovers. Let us play for him. He is being pushed by greedy Chaponda

    1. Concerned reader from nsanje says:

      we dont say play for him..go back to standard 8

      1. Sukulu ya Kwacha says:

        Concerned Reader from Nsanje, check the word ‘don’t,’ in your correction. Between n and t there is an apostrophe. It should read ‘don’t.’ I plead with you to go back to standard 7.

    2. Kanthu Ako! says:

      Being energetic does not mean one can not die untimely.

      1. Handsome Chaponda says:

        Kanthu Ako, yes I agree with you, but you can’t compare with a pale and puffed up individual. You can’t choose the sick and leave the energetic to work for you, unless you tell me that ndiwe tindele chakufikapo. Energetic leads energetically.

  12. xxxxcdx says:

    This is where there’s a problem with malawian journalism. You mean there was nobody who saw him off Saturday to provide a bit of photo truth to your article?

    It is this kind of reporting that leaves one wondering whether what we are reading here is truths or speculation.

  13. Phiri says:

    Long live the president

  14. Achimidzimidzi says:

    So he thinks our concern was nonsense but what he was doing after the UN schedule. He must be too wise to lead us. Just a simple reminder, we had the “Life President” Hastings Kamuzu Banda and another president Bingo wa Muthalika” Chitsulo cha njanji” . They are all 6 feet underground now.

    So at his age he doesn’t know that we shall all die.

  15. Gule wa mkulu says:

    shame on who?

    True a stitch in time saves nine. Had it been that people were told what happened, there would not have been these speculations. Pple were not told anything, so it was their right to speculate in this case

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