Malawi protests to Tanzania again over its new map

Malawi government has for the second time formally protested to  Tanzania over its decision to publish a new map before the two countries have resolved a dispute over the boundaries of Lake Nyasa/Malawi.

Chaponda:  Protest note sent to Tanzania

Chaponda: Protest note sent to Tanzania

The Joyce Banda-led administration first protested attempts by Tanzania to redraw the border and accused its neibhour of treating it in a way “that creates discomfort and distancing”.

The newly published map, which shows the boundaries of the country’s newly created regions, has reignited the ongoing dispute over the boundaries on Lake Malawi, which is potentially rich in oil and gas.

In its letter lodging a diplomatic protest, Foreign Affairs Minister George Chaponda has confirmed Malawi has expressed its concerns that “some high-handed official decided to publicise maps which shows the dividing line as at the median line which they are claiming, we have already sent a letter of protest because when we engaged the Tanzanians in the mediation process, we agreed that the status quo will remain the same.”

Chaponda said Malawi has requested from Tanzania “an urgent meeting”, mainting the stand of Malawi that e Heligoland treaty that established colonial States, was the correct interpretation of both international law and general laws governing treaties.

He said Peter Mutharika government are proceeding with the mediation which was initiated by the Joyce Banda administration, saying Mutharika’s government could not have adopted the mediation policy to have the final verdict and wants to see what route map new Tanzanian President John Magufuli would want to use on the matter.

Tanzania claimed it released the maps because new regions and districts had been created and it was therefore necessary to show the boundaries.

It has been confirmed that Tanzania had received the protest note.

Malawi disputes Tanzania’s claim to half the lake – Africa’s third biggest.

It has accused Tanzania of raising tension by allegedly intimidating Malawian fishermen on the lake.

Malawi awarded oil exploration licences to foreign companies to search for oil in the lake, which Tanzania calls Lake Nyasa.


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89 thoughts on “Malawi protests to Tanzania again over its new map”

  1. bwanankubwa says:

    Malawiyu ena angomubwereka kwa zaka 5, n’kutibwezera atatikonzera bwinobwino. Ndaona kuti maiko ena akusangalasidwa naye. Ayambe ndi a Tz.

  2. Winston Msowoya says:

    There are a handful of our people who do not ponder with heads,but rather live in a strange world of the unthinkable who had been indoctrinated by Kamuzu Banda’s way of thinking.As I have said before,the lake had been there for billions of years and it will be there for another millennium.When God created it,he did not give it a name,but rather put it there for his creatures who could be living around it.What your government and its leadership is trying to do,is to avoid accepting the real fact that the government has ran out of wind in its sails and who to blame?Tanzanians of course.The government is in horrible shortage of funds to feed it people,how would it support an international armed conflict?The workers are not paid their salaries in time to feed their families,inflation is astronomically high at 89 per cent,so how would you feed your fighters?As I have said before,war is not a cricket and you must have a real cause to start a war.Right now,if Malawi starts a war,it will have no support from its neighbours and other progressive African States and that,it will be an enormous set back to our nation.The ball is in your court,start it on and I wish you all best,but never regret later on.The lake belongs to Africa and therefore it is for Africans period

  3. tchutchutchu says:

    ukunama aise! Munyanjamo muli zose, mankhwala, forex ndi zina. Nde iwowo angotenga? Am ready to fight for my country.

  4. tchutchutchu says:

    So msowoya u mean we shld leave the lake to them? If so then ur lyng. Thats our lake. Am ready Am ready to be recrutd by Malawi Armed Forces to fight those thievs.

    1. francis mtonga says:

      Achimwene a tchutchutchu, izi tiyeni tizisiye.ine manyazi ndilibe kunena kuti anzathuwo nkhondo amaidziwa. mwina enawa anali ana, ndani anka dziwa kuti Idi Amin munthu wa mkulu nkugonja.kulandidwa kapena kusalanwa nyanja sindigatekeseke nazo. pano ena akugawana ndalama, ma contract, kuba ndalama,kudyelela mapwhando, kulembana ntchito mwachinyengo, kugula zimbudzi zoyenda-yenda the list goes on. ulova, makwala kusowa muzipatala, school fees zokwela, magetsi ndi madzi osowa omwenso akwela mitengo. feteleza wodula, makuponi akupatsana okha-okha.tiyeni tiasiye azikanganila nyanjayo, dont risk your dear life brother zikayambika tizingopenya osayelekeza kulowelapo, tigwilane manja kwinaku tikudya bonya, masacheti akumwedwa. Winston Msowoya, ba phaliliko nawe

  5. Winston Msowoya says:

    My fellow Malawians,just talk for the sake of talking,do not think even for a second that you start a war with Tanzania and win.Which war have you fought since independence more than 50 years ago?If General Yatuta Chisiza with 16 highly trained combatants could inflict heavy casualties on Banda’s reactionary forces supported by former racist armed forces of South Africa,how can you expect Malawi armed forces could stand a chance of winning against the battle-hardened and formidable Tanzanian armed forces? If dictator Idd Amin were alive,you could ask for an advice before you start your adventurous and misguided armed conflict.Please you have myriads of problems right now which need to be solved for instance,biting state of poverty amongst the overwhelming majority of your people,lack of medicines in hospitals,unemployment the highest in Southern Africa,the national economy in tumultuous state,corruption beyond control and do not forget that Tanzanians keep more than 1.5 million Malawians who are there illegally and the Tanzanian authorities acknowledge that fact.Come on,stop that humbug get educated you will regret your stupidity once and for all and the Northerners will not hesitate to align with Tanzanias as their liberators.Wakeup,and get educated and remember that ignorance has no defence.Lastly,be warned that you can never ever defeat Tanzanians in under any circumstance whether on the ground,air or water if you think Iam joking,try it and Afterall,Mozambicans will not abandon their comrades in the struggle.Aluta Continua,Venceremos.

  6. SADRIDO says:

    I cannot take it and I would rather die for what belongs to the Malwians.

  7. francis mtonga says:

    Plse shift songwe boarder past balaka to zalewa (shire river) this will give us even dead north.keep the fire burning magufuli

  8. Lexten says:

    My friends Malawians you have to bear on mind that Tanzanias capacity interms of army is very good compared to you and that’s from intelligence reports.
    For you being called a state doesn’t mean you can fight against anyone! For sure your president knows that.
    More one thing you need to put in mind; Tanzania has a lot of army machines which are about to expire and a good way to destroy them can be through getting into a real war, so as a caution please don’t request for war because you can be joking and they do what you don’t expect.

  9. Lexten says:

    My friends Malawians you have to bear on mind that Tanzanias capacity interms of army is very good compared to you and that’s from intelligence reports.
    For you being called a state doesn’t mean you can fight against anyone! For sure your president knows that.
    More one thing you need to put in mind; Tanzaniamachines which are about to expire and a good way to destroy them can be through getting into a real war, so as a caution please don’t request for war because you can be joking and they do what you don’t expect.

  10. 2016 welcome says:

    Koma tsono chithunzi cha a ndunacho kungokhala kwakwase olo nyikwi.

  11. Lenzoh says:

    we own the lake n we need it,we must fight for our inheritance.

  12. dada says:

    Lake Malawi is a transboundary water body shared by MW, TZ and Moz. This lake is known as L Malawi on Malawi side, Niassa on Moz side and Nyasa on TZ side. The border between these countries lies in the middle of the lake as per international law. TZ is now setting up a National Park or a Nature Sanctuary on their side to conserve the rich biodiversity of the lake. Malawi has to stop being selfish. They have denied northern Malawi developments because of selfishness. They insist on quota system to stifle the north. They even wanted a stadium built in BT so that the north struggles to access it. They have insisted on building a cancer center in BT, far away from the north so that we can die. Honestly, we northerners have had enough of the selfishness of the so-called Malawi. If Malawi insists on bickering with TZ on this border issue then the border of TZ can as well shift from Songwe and extend to Jenda. We’ll help TZ achieve this without hassle. So keep quiet the selfish Malawi, otherwise you’ll be extinguished.

  13. Joseph Moyo says:

    tikufuna kulamidwa ndi magufuli bas chifukwa amachosa ogwra mchiatala aules sapangra phwando dora kuchipata kulije mankhwala sapeleka ma k50pin kwa anthu olemera kale mmalo mopasa miyanda miyanda ya anyamata akusowa ntchitowa kut apangire business sapanga mabungwe monga mera omwe alibe phindu kupatula kungokhala manda a dora.alibe mulakhu wa shwahili omwe amayesesa kut kukhale mphandoloja gondolosi ndi kuphunzisa uchidakhwa a china mamwene.ine ndkufuna Tz ngat akakamile angofunilapo kumatdyera masuku pamutu.anthu osamva ndye mwatipwetekesa amalephera kuyendesa unduna?taonani munthu wa malamulo kulowerera ntchito ya khot?

  14. solomon says:

    malawi should just declare war on tanzania surely they cant win us lets teach them a lesson the way we did the mozambique when they wanted to envade zomba

  15. Zanga Phee! says:

    They are taking chances, we are calm and gentle in approach,we know for sure the consequences of war but at this contest we have no choice.Malawi should act now.They have for see what malawi shall be after oil,let them come and do their boundaries either by plan or sea swallow them one time.I hope we still have Mankhwala that turns sand to bees why are getting twisted ourselves.As commander in chief it is not an issue of just receiving those sword and keep it at the head board at the Palace it is for action.See my name.

  16. Balamanthu says:

    Tanzanians are naturally stupid from the word go.They have problems with Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and are the main cause why the East African Community cannot progress.Ujama does not make them live well with their neighbours.Lets just go to war with them and lets see who wins.If we do conquer them, lets not give them back the land.

  17. Fearless says:

    APM, its tym to walk the talk.rem u said thé lake issue is non-negotiable.

    Allow our Defense force to make some movements along the border (both water and land) to send a message that we r not afraid of them. zolemba zibaluwa za complaint sizitithandiza. JB started this by buying patrol boats and making Chirumba a full battalion so continue from that. Félix malawians, lets borrow à leaf from Israel. When it comes to matters of border wrangles and national security they stand as one.
    As for me am ready to join my friends in the military becoz if required am physically and mentally ready to be in thé front line to die for m’y country Malawi.

  18. amfana says:

    please magufuli usapitilize ndi maganizo akowo nyanja uyu wamalawi basi sanafuna zimenezo ayi ine india afusa iwe anafuna faiti banji?.

  19. KARU UNITED says:

    Kamuzu was an action man, in response to the noises from Taifaland, about then the northern tip of lake Malawi, he established the Chilumba garrison & kept Malawians prepared for any eventuality by training MILITIA Men! Apart from his loyal reserves of the Malawi Young Pioneer of the “tidzafa naye” fame. The tiri pambuyo pa Kamuzu chanters.

  20. No negotiations on the lake. Enough is enough Tanzania.You have 3 big water bodies-Lake Tanganyika,Lake Vicoria and Indian ocean with a very big port of Dar es salam.What else are you looking for?? Amalawi khaya tilibe zida, zipezeke basi-mwazi ukhetsedwe-nyanja ndi yathu palibe zokambilana.

  21. Chenkumbi says:

    you are very stupid, how can you fight your own country? What does nyasa mean? does it mean Tanganyika, or Tanzanzania? You go to Mozambique or any other country they will tell you that Nyasaland, will never be Tanganyikaor Tanzania. Ndiwe omvetsa chisoni m’bale wanga. Kukanakhala bwino ukanapanda kubadwa. No wonder Doctor Kamuzu called your place dead north. Now I know the reason, why he called you dead northerners. why don’t you posses Tanzanian passport? The Tanzanians will not accept such foolish and selfish people. I feel sorry for you brother. Chonsecho muli ku Blantyre kapena ku Lilongwe, why not go to Tanzania? We will teach them a lesson which they will not forget. Remember Kamuzu told them , that They can only enter Malawi, but will not find exit way.

  22. Bonyongo says:

    APM,i remember that was ur manifesto,act out to prove ur powers.and for the northerners who are saying ur support will go TZ that will only show ur lack of patriotism let’s fight till the truth prevails

  23. Kanonono says:

    You need to be too foolish to deny the fact that the boundary is on the middle of the lake. Tanzania is right on this and there is no reason for discussions. You are aimlessly spending the country’s limited resources due to ego. The boundary is in the middle and that is what Malawi must accept to live peacefully with the neighbour.

  24. Judah says:

    no difference with poor governance

  25. Holy of Holies says:

    GOD stands on the side who fears Him. God will be on our side against the selfish taifas until they are ashamed. In my life I have never noted God helping robers, provokers, the selfish, the trooble shooters but only the humble ones like Malawi. We ask God the almighty in the ever successifull name of Jesus to prosper Malawi and all her people Amen

  26. Nyasimmaso says:

    Had it been i was a president Malawian boarder would have extended To Dar es salaam and all names bearing Malawian names could belong to Malawi. That could be the use of the Army

  27. ben says:

    Our economy is in downfall sprial, kwacha is losing value like poeple change clothes, and now this issue with the lake, God please help Malawi, as this government is failing to tackles issues of national importance

  28. Lake Malawi is a non negotiable!! APM said, why ‘re you panicking Mr Chaponda? The Dpp took advantage of Joyce Banda’ s the so called cashgate to be in power. Now the battle line has drawn again in your hands, give Tanzanians war we want the whole lake coz it belongs to us, the PP admistration failed with negotiations against Tanzanians, now God blessed us with a professor of law in the driving seat we want nothing but achievement period!!

  29. frank says:

    Tanzania Warning Hands off Lake Nyasa, We will fight till the last drop blood, you are blessed with lot of natural resources, dont target Malawi because we are small, we will give you a suprise if you dare to cross the line

  30. dada says:

    We northerners are totally for the idea of sharing the lake with TZ. We’ve always shared the lake since time immemorial. The question of the border lying in the middle of the lake is a matter of natural course. If the Heligoland treaty arranged a different border, historians should get to correct that and research why the treaty made that scheme and reverse the arrangement – it was a human error. The treaty is impractical and unenforceable. Should this Lomwe govt insist, a war can flare up, and TZ will prevail, taking not only the half part of the lake claimed, but the whole northern lake Malawi and the whole Northern Region of Malawi, with the help of the northerners.

  31. mlauzi says:

    No 28 or 29, you ask what our Kamuzu would have done? This lake talk started with Nyerere who called Kamuzu a mad dog. Kamuzu responded in kind, calling Nyerere a jelly fish. Kamuzu further sent soldiers to Chilumba garrison and the Tanzanians relented. Someone recalled the bravery of the late General Graciano Matewere and his deputy the late lieutenant General Yohane who could succesfully take our infantry into foreign territory without fear. This is a true account.

    However times change and approaches change over time. I believe that confrontation with our neighbour will only aggravate the situation with our northerly neighbour. Let`s give dialogue a chance.

  32. Truck says:


  33. davie makawa says:

    no other country that goes by the name nyasa other than malawi so lake nyasa means lake malawi.we will fight if it means fighting ,let lake malawi be for malawians please.

  34. PIxy says:

    Imeneyo ndiyo ntchito ya ARMY ,osatiti kulimbana ndi owotcha MAKALA.TULO BASI!!!!!!

  35. Chemuyaya says:

    ‘She says I have a green Card! but on 20th May, I will show her Red Card; will same day go to open Nsanje inland port and from there I will fly to Ndata for opening of the University. On Lake boundary issue izi sizokambilana you know I am a lawyer and I know what to do about this lake issue’
    This is just a reminder Mr, President.

  36. KARU UNITED says:

    Malawi was MALAWI, when it was led by His Excellency Ngwazi Dr Kamuzu Banda, with his general Gracciano Matewere & Lieutenant General Yohanne Chiunge a fearless trio, backed by apartheid South Africa!

  37. Long Dick says:

    Lake Malawi or without Lake Malawi there is no difference! After all the money (oil/gas) goes to the POLITICIANS not ordinary Malawians!

  38. wakukaya says:

    Zabwela thawi take ndithu

  39. chithumwa says:

    Ya this is a serious issue and needs a strong Malawian leader osati enawa Oti amalephera ngakhale timabvuto tatin’gono ta ana asukulu tamawakanika,komanso abale bwanji mu nyanjayi titamapopamo madzi osati za mafutazi taonani m’mene mvula yabvutiramu Akuluakulu

  40. B4 he became president, he made a lot of noise pertaining to the ownership of the lake….he even said nkhani ya nyanja siyokambira…….easier said than done………..

  41. Cccccccccchite says:

    Mulungu akakwuya ndi ulamuliro ai sizienda;)

  42. Winston Msowoya says:

    Malawians,I vehemently see no reason why the failed Malawi government should waste precious time on Lake Nyasa while main issues like disentigrated economy and political polarization of our nation are at the lowest ebb dentrimental to the nation’s stability.Kwacha has lost its value drastically $1 to MK672.72.What a shame? we might as well adapt the American Currency like the Congolese or the Zimbabweans.The so- called leaders must not take lake Nyasa/ lake Malawi as a priority ignoring the fact that Peter’s administration is on the verge of complete collapse followed by devastating political turmoil of our time.The lake is in Africa and was created by the supreme being billions of years ago so there is no need of creating enemity with our cousins in Tanzania and Mozambique.Let’s say negotiations have failed,what would the next recourses? Military option or what? Actually,what does Malawi need to accomplish? Continentalwise,Tanzania stands to prevail in this upto now mild conflict because most of African States support Tanzania’s stand on the Lake,especially Mozambique which has a stake on the Lake and like South Africa which received enormous material and moral support from Tanzania during the liberation struggle.Zambia also helped the liberation movements from Southern Africa,warned the former brutal tyrant and expantionist Hastings Banda when he claimed part of North- East Zambia as his. My advise to Peter and his idiotic henchmen is that the lake and the oil will never ever bring prosperity to our nation,but brutal poverty,dangerous maladies and worsening of good neighbourliness.There are more than twenty oil producing states in Africa,but none of these regrettably,addresses the burning issue of dire poverty of their people and Iam sure,Malawi will never be an exception.If the only two mines Muchenga and Kayelekera have produced exceptionally worse ramifications,how about the highly technologically and controversially designed operations of oil drilling in the lake.Malawians,if the corrupt regime of Peter and his tribesmen carry on this tragic operation,we must know that would be the start of the end of our life- blood this includes our immediate neighbours.LONG LIVE LAKE NYASA/ LONG LIVE LAKE MALAWI AND LOVG LIVE AFRICA.

    1. Mandela says:

      A wiston ndinu wopusa zedi mukamakhala muzidziwa zimenezo munangokula opanda nzeru

  43. Ghadhaffi says:

    Ndilibe coyankhula ine tandisiyeni,momwe zikhaliremo ndi mmemo.

  44. Luwazi says:

    I would rather be part of Tanzania than clueless Mathanyula

  45. Morrocco Mtayamo says:

    Patriotic Malawians. This is daytime robbery at the face of APM now. Let’s see how He zeroes in on this corporate issue.

  46. abu jashabu says:

    Bolaso amayitu, osati mchonayu. He lied kuti akalowa the next day he will open the port and kukalanda nyanja the next day. He is a failure

  47. Sat says:

    Leave this issue to the northerners will solve themselves with our good and kind neighbors Tanzania,peter is a lomwe he can’t middle this issue,the northerners are capable of ending this war by themdelves.

  48. wanyanayo says:

    pakufunika freindry mach apa osatiso zokambilanapo apa …….training tinapanga kale auzeni abwere tizamenyanepo pangono a tanzaniao

  49. kc says:

    Ufumu anaufunitsitsa. Mwana akalilira nyanga …

  50. Nathan says:

    Kodi ma Taifawa bwanji sakhutitsidwa ndi madzi? They have lake Tanganyika and the Ocean, but they also want lake Malawi! Lake Malawi has been ours since the colonial days. May be these sons of Arabs think that we are too stupid to own a lake. Just let the soldiers patrol and if they find any Tanzanian swimming in our lake, they must shoot to kill. Even if there can be war, Taifas can not defeat us because are not born fighters but businessmen.

  51. Medson Admon Kungu says:

    Tanzania should equally share her land with Burundi and Rwanda. I feel pity when I see these smallest countries existing closer to this big country.

  52. kenkkk says:

    You are wasting time talking to Tz, the same also for seeking international mediation. What will mediation achieve apart from telling us to share the lake or to tell off tz that they are wrong but tz will still continue to dispute and claim 50% of it.

    All the govt should do is to go straight to the international court of justice. No need to talk to Tz anymore,they will never listen.

  53. Oliver Twist says:

    Our weakness has been highlighted due to the failure to put our stand on record on the Gay & Laesbian issue. When did APM come to power??? It’s close to 2 years now. Where were they? Kikwete feared APM while his successor was busy studying APM & checking the weak points. Now that he is in power, he doesn’t want to waste time. We need leaders who can say one word and it’s enough!!!!

  54. Peter Mthiburo says:

    Nyanja akutilanda kamba koti mdziko muno tilibe mtsogoleri period!

  55. fisi says:

    Our Malawi leader is right to say the lake Malawi issue is non negotiable or lets fight Tanzanians now.

  56. el chapo says:

    i think zinthuzi zikufunika achinyamata tsopano, nkhalamba sizikutithandiza. ndili ine wa under 40, i would just simply release my own map pompo-pompo with the whole lake labled ‘lake malawi’ and upload it on google maps, yahoo, and all other tourist map sites, one time. dollar ija yapita ku time magazine yokwana half billion ija ndinakugulila zida za nyumwitsa heavy kuti wina asapangenso mfwee mfwee. why must we continuosly be on the defensive? can’t we make the first move just once please? aah!

  57. Bambo a Temaco says:

    Nyanja nyanja nyanja mpaka liti? Likoma and Chizumulu Islands if there was oil, gas or any valuable mineral, Mozambique could have claimed those Islands to be hers because the boundary line clearly shows those Islands in Mozambique side but because there is nothing on these Islands, Mozambique jst gave Malawi.Similary all these kak from Tanzania its because of the oil and gas discovered.

  58. Blunt Truth says:

    Well Peter Mutharika capitalised on this issue during the campaign. He has failed on the economy. Is he also going to on this matter? I think he has already failed because Malawians do not know what he meant when he said that the Lake issue is non-negotiable.

  59. seka uwone says:

    ndamusowa kamuzu

    1. Nyani wa M'Mwananyani says:

      …and what would your Kamuzu have done?

  60. Mnyamata wa nzeru says:

    They are simply capitalizing on our weakness !!

  61. Wisdom Of Karonga says:

    We northerners we feel we can be better off to be part of Tanzania than be under the stinking Lomwes who think they are more important than us. These people are just good at stealing and practising tribalism otherwise they don’t produce good leaders.Their culture leaves a lot to be desired. Matter of fact, we have more in common in cultural values with Tanzanians than the rest of Malawi, and it is unfortunate we are part of Malawi.

    They are suffocating our Federalism calls just to make us be submissive to their bad governance. Make the north a federated state and you will see how progressive we will be together with our cousins and friends in Tanzania. It is natural that the Lake should be shared with Tanzania, and this will be good for the north because after sharing resources, we will come together with Tanzania and impart knowledge on each other in technology and productivity. In general, sharing the Lake with Tanzania is good neighborliness and will enhance economic cooperation.Our corrupt leaders in Malawi have failed us in the north and have made Malawi even poorer than before.

  62. Gerald mapanga phiri says:

    Negotiations and protests should have been stopped longtime. Any regime that taking that path, is a sign of weakness and lacking of national interest because all those methods fielded nothing. The real leaders will strategy to how to ruin Tanzania to International court since Tanzania is not signatory. Tanzania can not win there and is cunning to take that root. Or Malawi should accept sacrifice there blood to attract attention internationally to pressurise Tanzanian for for IC but later should be last resort



  64. Green Grass says:

    We need to have an articulate Foreign Minister who should be able to put our arguments in a convincing manner. With due respect to Chaponda he is not up to the task I am afraid. On the other hand this issue was one of the DPP campaign promises. Come on MBC you are busy especially Business on bla bla bla about fulfilling campaign promises. Come on on this one as well. Where are you?

  65. Guantanamo says:

    APM had said Lake Malawi is non negotiable when he was in opposition. Now that he is Head of State can he show us that in law, in strategy and in practice. APM had shown that JB had failed to handle the lake issue. …………………..The Malawi govt must not be reactive to Tanzania’s pranks. This is what u shud do: draw a new Malawi map that wil giv Tanzania half the lake and wil giv Malawi a strip accessing the Indian ocean…………………………or deploy the super powered boats that JB bought for our military in readiness for this provocation. Chase everyone seen trespassing into our territorial waters including local fishermen………………………in this way it will be Tanzania seeking arbitration. We cannot continue to be cry babies for ever………………………….lastly, JB had twice called to state house all leaders of political parties for a caucus. Twice APM turned down the offer. This issue has nothing to do with partisan politics. DPP shud sober up and involve everyone so that we “win” this war. Running govt is serious business, Bakili had said. APM is very lucky; he has the wisdom of Colonialists, Kamuzu, Bakili, Bingu and JB. If u fail then u r just useless

  66. Mache Roy anaishoshera dala”if Albashir dare come here will be arrested”the then interim provoking the Aluya. The boundary issue is historical only that the rhetoric then aggravated the status quo. Tame your tongue(lilaka) mama. However,interceptor boats,armoured personel carriers and the fearful infantry tiyesane adzadelera.

  67. Dyetsani Njomba says:

    There has never been any need for negotiations. The boundary is in the middle of the lake.

  68. haward says:

    Kupusa a Malawi muwona sure atilowerera, inu zowona mundadalire Mozambique kuti akhale ma mediators mesa zawo ndizimodzi ndi TZ. Pitani ku ICC

  69. Bwekabweka says:

    TZ has leaders while our Govt seems to have sleeping dogs. They cant even conclude on the gay issue. And to our soldiers, what is your role when Malawian are ill treated by the Taifas in their own waters? The strength of our country is only on cash-gate, kupha mbewa and nyau dancing. Shame shame shame

  70. jenx says:

    Dzukabegi is brainless

  71. chigumu says:

    Malire samakanganilana

  72. Viyazi Tembo says:

    Its time for these good for nothing Malawi solders to do what they are paid for……….

  73. Cvv says:

    Let’s just go to the ICJ where our claim will be justified. Afterwards if Tanzania tries to do shit they will be held in violation of international law and our friend the USA will go Iraq on their ass. Magufuli you’ve started well. Keep out of our lake or this will be your downfall.

  74. Dzukabegi says:

    IT would make sense if the boundary was put at Kasungu boma. That way all the north could become part of TZ.

  75. mtchona says:

    Yes Lake Nyasa whose land is Nyasaland is there any problem there?Taifas wake up

  76. John says:



  77. Cheyo the real northerner says:

    Tanzania is a big provoker. The issue needs diplomacy of highest level. We have so many live retired head of states in Africa. We need them now. This is the time when our men in uniform should be hundred percent alert otherwise something very unusual may happen.

  78. Mwenecho says:

    Preference of a diplomatic protest by the minister to mediation process by his predicessor is not what we need now, i think.

  79. The Analyst says:

    When APM said the issue of the lake is non-negotiable, I was given hope. Also, him being a professor of law, I thought he would argue off the Taifas claim simply by invoking a specific statute. Alas!
    I wish our leaders could make a determination and resolve this issue once an for all. Otherwise this shadow-boxing and acting-reacting strategies are helping and giving hope to no one.
    We need to come up with a team of people who are smart, active and brainy hence can argue on wits and evidence, not the likes of Chaponda and Chiume. If the two sides fail to agree, involve sensible intermediaries not the useless SADC whose leadership is nothing but the already known corrupt African leaders.
    If all fails then as a country we need not fear because we are fewer than they are coz . . .

    “In a war, it is not necessarily the number of hands that hold guns that matters; but who is holding the guns.” – Dr H. Kamuzu Banda

    We may also wish to know that . . .

    “Power resides where men just believe it resides. Its a trick, a shadow on the wall. And a very small man can cast a very large shadow.” – Varys to Tyrion Lannister (Game of Thrones)

    We need to act and act with speed. Otherwise, we are slowly losing the lake; our only hope.

    1. Bingiza says:

      How I wish they had extended their boundary to include Northern Region. I would be more at home in Tanzania.

  80. kambindingu "hard & low" says:

    Donald Trump on my mind. Spot on

  81. out of the box says:

    Let’s change strategy.
    These neighbors like to keep us on the defensive and to portray us as conspirators with colonialists. Their strategy is not rational legal-based argument, but a populist sympathy-based stratergy. What is our strategy? I suggest we ask Magufuli to give us a strip of land that gives us access to the coast in exchange for territory on water. There’s nothing for nothing. We can also publish a map of our own, showing that we have jurisdiction all the way to the coast.

  82. kenkkk says:

    Please show us the new tz map.

  83. Kokoliko says:

    MDF Ready…………..

  84. ngongoliwa says:

    Have never seen GREEDY leaders than there are in Tanzania. Tanzania, has a port at indian ocean. They have plenty of gas deposits. True? They still want to get part of lake malawi, after over 50 yrs of independence of both countries?? Can’t biliv this, GOD HELP MALAWI.

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