Malawi  Queens coach Mary Waya downplays Mwawi’s absence

Malawi national netball coach Mary Waya has downplayed the absence of star player Mwawi Kumwenda for the World Netball Series scheduled for November 8-9 in New Zealand.

Mwai Kumwenda: Pull out

Mwai Kumwenda: Pull out

Malawi Queens coach Mary Waya: Confident the squad will do well....Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Malawi Queens coach Mary Waya: Confident the squad will do well….Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Waya said the absence of New Zealand based would not affect the team because she has picked players who have responded to the national team call up.

The legendary shooter also said as the team left for New Zealand on Sunday that it was would give a chance to other players to prove their prowess.

“I cannot comment on how some of the players including Mwawi Kumwenda’s abence would affect the team because I submitted to Netball Association of Malawi (NAM) a list of 16 players for camping and 13 reported,” Waya said.

“So I will make do with what I have rather than talking about those who did not want to play for the nation.”

She also said Mwawi did not take part in Gotv Netball Club Challenge Trophy which was competed for based on Fast Five format.

The coach, sounding unconvinced with Mwawi Kumwenda alongside Tina Kamzati and Cecelia Mtukule’s absence, appealed to the players to be proud of the country.

Mwawi’s excuse that she would like to travel to South Africa for dental therapy was received with mixed reaction.

NAM President Rose Chinunda said her letter was should have been accompanied by a medical report while arguing that it was surprising whether the problem could be handled by local dentists.

The travelling delegation comprises players, Caroline Mtukule Ngwira, Towera Vinkhumbo, Jane Chimaliro, Grace Mwafulirwa, Takondwa Lwazi, Bridget Kumwenda and Laureen Ngwira.

Rose Chindunda is the leader of delegation with General Secretary Carol Bapu also making the trip.  Nam Treasurer Abgail Sharriff is the team manager

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Nyikaland national team coached by a foreigner from Malawi Mary Waya.


It’s very sorry and a pity for Mwai to start feeling too much sugars at the expense of the nation which put her on the Map. Mwai remember where you’re coming from and that those teams you playing now saw you playing for the same nation you’ve turned your back at. You better humbly go back my sister


Ndipo mukamati she should try ma dentist mu malawi which dentist or dental clinic has ever done a good job in malawi? mukufuna amuononge mkamwa mwana waeni? Its her money she can choose where she wants to be seen, kaya ku DRC or China palibe choletsa. Health comes first and she is a professional player for that matter so she is making good decisions to be seen by the best dentist so that she doesnt suffer any bothed up dental works as is usually the case most times in malawi.

Edo matweya

atumbuka achani ngati mukulephera mpira olo national football anthu ake ndiakuti gulu inu


What I see here is AZIMAI KUDELERANA. With Grivin Saenda, a male netball coach all players amamumvera . But because Mary is a female amenenso wakhala akusewera nao netball posachedwa pomwepa, kudelera kukukula. Mary, to go to Newsland with benchers only leaving real fisrt choice players behind it will not help Malawi. I plea to you and NAM to persuade these players to come for training . try to listen and sort out their grievances. Amen.


Ma players amafdalilana, nde if u drop their companions like Bridget, they have the right to not participate in the tornament. Even kanakhala ine, azanga woti we have been doing national duties together always, are left, i wud also not participate and try find a reason for my absentia. Fotseke mary n ur clue


Mary is the problem here, it has been established that she cannot talk to the players with modicum, hence they all do not want to work under her. Her coaching is mediocre, looking by the performance of her local team MTL, and all the admin staff accompanying the team have problem issues with the players, is this the begining of the demise for Malawi netball?


I feel sorry for these girls if indeed they have genuine reasons not to be on this trip. But if it’s just to attract attention then that’s a wrong approach. They should realise that the biggest mistake one will make is TO THINK YOU CAN NOT BE REPLACED. That believe me. Be at work, church or home. The girls replacing you will play to prove a point to the coach. In this short lived career you sharpen the iron when it’s hot coz soon you will be obsolete and find yourself scrambling for positions at the same NAM.

dopababi shopa

Chifukwa chiyani Team ili ndi atumbuka okhaokha? A Chewa ndi a Lomwe mulibe. I we Mary Waya ife tikufuna quota system sidza a Tumbuka okhaokha. Mtundu odzikonda.


wishing you all the best, muyende mwa ambuye timakunyadilani kwambiri

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