Malawi Queens top pool after thumping Singapore: Netball World Cup

Malawi Queens on Sunday completed their robin round games by thumping Singapore 75-31 and top Pool C ahead of eternal rivals South Africa Netball World Cup .

Sindi Simutowe shooting

Sindi Simutowe shooting

Malawi Queens with  their synchronised press-ups at the court

Malawi Queens with their synchronised press-ups at the court

Star goal shooter,  Malawi’s first international player Mwai Kumwenda has another roll scoring at most of the times.

Monitored by Nyasa Times live on Sky Sports 3, the Queens were comfortable in this match with 90 percent shooting accuracy.

Sindi Simutowe, who Sky Sport commentators referred to her nickname ‘Snipper’ also had a field day.

They were also fantastic display by Captain Caroline Mtukule-Ngwira,  Lauren Ngwira and Jane Chimaliro.

Malawi Queens were on fire from the get-go, with the attacking duo of Mwayi Kumwenda and Sindi Simtowe netting all 21 shots in the first quarter to give the team a 21-10 lead and were firlmy in control 42-15 at half time.

In the third quarter, Malawi also led 59 -23   before sealing victory with 75-31 at the final whistle.

Singapore’s veteran defender Premila Hirubalan described the score line at the final whistle as  “actually a pretty respectable one.”

The win guarantees the Queens will top Pool C and advance to a qualifying round group completed by New Zealand, Jamaica – who will finish second behind England in pool B plus either Uganda or Wales. England will join Australia in the other qualifying group from which the semi-finalists will be decided.

The Netball World Cup final will be played on Sunday.

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81 thoughts on “Malawi Queens top pool after thumping Singapore: Netball World Cup”

  1. AK says:

    May God empower you to bring this trophy as he empowered David to defeat the giant Goliath. You can do it!. You fill my heart with joy & expectation in your exploits.

  2. Mtambazuke says:

    Thanks a lot our Queens keep on doing good work. you make the motherland proud. bring the cup home.

  3. James Mhango says:

    Up you mighty race you can accomplish what you will.

  4. Israel says:

    Timu ya aTumbuka okha okha, why? Kumwenda, Simtowe, Mvula, Ngwira, Vinkhumbo. Tipanganso quota system munya aTumbuka muwona

  5. Zagwa says:

    Koma bassop! Linda madzi apite. Taputa mavu nkhomola! Tilimbapo apa? Jamaica, New Zealand? Tinamizile kudwala kapena?

  6. sammy says:


  7. chiser says:

    proud of queens

  8. Congratulations Queens! You continue to make us proud…Go-go-go ‘girls!’

  9. SAMMY says:

    Well done.

  10. Tsoka msinde chimanga chilinda moto says:

    Bravo our Queens, this is to do with team work and team spirit. Bravo you make mother Malawi so proud.

  11. Mbuya says:

    Mmawa mutibulidwa inu ndi Jamaica….sikusekelerani anyapapi inu……

  12. gomora says:

    ma queens r they all from the north? its not only mwawi amamupatsira adzake kuti agoletse zigoli.

  13. mlowoka says:

    queens keep it up

  14. Obster says:

    Thanks and wishes you all the best girls and God bless you

  15. I’m proud of you keep fire burning

  16. Shooting Star says:

    Lelo simunyozanso a Tumbuka poti they are making us proud by winning at the netball world cup? Koma a Malawi eish. May God heal our land from tribalism.

  17. Martin Chitiy says:

    Thanx MaQUEENS You put Malawi great.Keep on working harder.

  18. chilungamochiwoneke says:

    Wankaka, wamkaka. Well done ma Queens. wish u all the best for the next round. work hard to the end mufike mu top 4

  19. kenneth says:

    We are proud of ma queens God is your side please keep it up

  20. Nganga says:

    The poorest country has the best netball team while flames blame it on funding.

  21. maphang'ombe phodogoma says:

    Malonda ndi kumbuyo. Taonani mbinayo. Yayayayaya

  22. Bwande says:

    I try to force myself to love netball because at least our ladies are doing better koma kunena pachilungamo netball is not an exciting sport. We are doing better of course but I think this sport was left to us to enjoy just like cricket is largely to the Indians to enjoy. Nothing to smile about unless it were in a more entertaining sport with serious interest from the rest of the world. We have ladies playing football these days. But forget men playing netball in the near future. Not interesting at all. Scoring baskets without anyone challenging you like penalties, winning 101-17! what kind of game is that!!!

  23. Martin Chitiy says:

    MaQueen gwirani ntchito.You make us proud.More fire ladies.

  24. obwande says:

    Good show ma Queens.

  25. wakukaya says:

    Thx u girls

  26. elisha says:

    tamwaso wamkaka

  27. Karonga Boy says:

    I’ll Marry One Of Them.Im Jst waiting For Them To Come Bako.All The Bst Ma Queens!

  28. Tadala mpoya says:

    @least some reason to some than our irking flamez!!

  29. Tengupenya says:

    Pano sitifika pa number 4? Wa mkaka !

  30. mwanjakwa says:

    Well done our girls thank u for making us proud!

  31. Ng'ombeyavuka says:

    Iya tikuoneni ngati mutapitilile. Asa zongogwela basi, koma eeee!! atumbuka ndi deal pa nyasa pano.

  32. Anyoni says:

    Thanks you are making us proud

  33. boko says:

    malawi moto malawi mbambande kkkkkkkkkkk

  34. Dickman Maclaud says:

    You ladies are patriotic and skilful. May God bless you for that and be number 1 in the world.

  35. Horace says:

    Big up ma queenz

  36. Bolero says:

    Koma atumbukawa atichosa manyazi ndithu

  37. johari says:

    The Malawi Queens have done the country proud. They should put their feet firmly on the ground and continue working hard.They have the ability to become the best and if not, to be among the best. Wish you ladies all the best. Love you Mwawi Kumwenda. Mwaaaaaah!

  38. Charter says:

    Go MA KWI Go!

  39. original gobe says:

    ndinkafuna mwayi kumwenda koma pano ndayamba kufuna sindi simtowe

  40. Lyton phiri says:

    Zabwino zonse

  41. Mchikumbe Nthesa says:

    Tsano dala zinthu ziluyenda ati? Awa mukuti ma Queens ntchito olu gwira. Kwatsala kuti timvere kuti onyapula matimu onse

  42. leonard says:

    congrats ma queens…we are proud of u

  43. stephano Kamuonjola says:

    Go ma Queens, You are making us happy here

  44. benory says:

    congratc mababc

  45. Munyalika says:

    try to make a tumbuka president then malawi will prosper osati aganga awa

  46. gift says:

    Malawi woza

  47. nyayo says:


  48. I felt good watching Jane chimaliro scoring baskets one after another.once a football player

  49. Congrats our dear queens we are proud of you

  50. Wa Nick says:

    If we have one thing that we are proud of is netball.Mukutimwetsa wa khathi khathi ma qeens.

  51. mandozo says:

    Caroline Mtukule ndimakuhopela koopsa eish!!!!!umandiwawa mtima…….

  52. mandozo says:

    Ati mahopu anga Caroline Mtukule had a good game…….ine kumtima myaaaaa!!!

  53. Radeba says:

    Netball is cool yet football even cooler…

  54. wayaman says:

    congrants ma queens always mumatichotsa manyazi…

  55. blessings thindwa says:

    Oh Yes Ma Queens mwatimvesa kukoma ndithu, keep it up we are together in prayers

  56. Chasweka says:


  57. Michael Mingo Ngoma. says:

    Mukakang’antha Newsland, England komanso Australia Eeeeeh !! mukadya nane limodzi ku Chiyimilire ku Mitengo Leveni kwa Mkanda ku Mchinji.

  58. Bristol says:

    Congrats the Malawi Queens once again. I wish you all the best as you enter difficult games. Keep up this good style of play

  59. The one says:

    Ma flames mukuwona zimenezo? Osati kumangomwa mowa ayi. Proud of you ma Queens

  60. Adam christon Masamba says:

    The elders pls don’t wonder, this is our talent what we have through to our gueens. God he gaven different talent. Keep it up u girls and we are behind with u, u are not alone there, God he’s there just believe in God.

  61. ju says:

    That’s the way to go. You make us proud. Osati zinazi.

  62. chindindi says:

    Well done our queens

  63. Mnjonja says:

    That’ the class of the Queens.Excellent interplay upfront. Fantastic cover defence led by Mtukule, superb display in the centre by katsikana kafupi kamatewe with flying catches&passes.The short ,simtowe- a marvel to watch with great movements&accurancy. What a team with dynamic combinations! Mwayi&mvula were just superb against Sri lanka!

  64. KAMBWE says:

    kodi player analowera pa window ndi Rose Chinunda uja wasewelako…ameneyo chonde Peace usamusewelese..azazolowera Rose yo

  65. TruFactor says:

    Shining starts of netball, we are proud of you.

  66. Lucky Shawa says:

    Ifenso tingathe

  67. opportunist says:

    Congrats the queenz.

  68. Souja says:

    Inuso nkhani yake iti anyway conglats malawi queens..

  69. Kanthu Ako! says:

    I don’t hear the usual chorus, considering a team is only 7 players

  70. PRAG says:

    Nkhani yabwino ma Queens!! We are proud of you!!

    1. Michael Mingo Ngoma. says:

      Thumb up ma Queens. We r proud of u.

  71. That’s the way to go the Super Queens! Proud of you!

  72. CHISWABUMBU says:

    Koma kulowesapo pamenepa eish……. utha kuiwala kwanu mpakatu…….. gud queens anyway

  73. chippie mjiku says:

    Go malawi go. Show the world that we can.

  74. nkhangazawona says:

    Good girls

  75. mine says:

    Now when I google letter “n” on my laptop it is no longer nyasatimes that appears, but netball world cup. That’s how hooked I am with the queens.

  76. Shephson says:

    I wish all best, netball, we proud of you.

  77. Madzi amphale sokumwa says:

    Koma ndiye miyendo ili bwino iyi eee.

  78. Chekambewa says:

    You know what atsikana akumalawi ndi aluso pazonse thats why mkhalamba zachizungu zikuzunguzika ndikumagwira atsungwanawa eishi keep it up

  79. Boma! says:

    Gud gud ma Queens

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