Malawi ready to deal with terror attack – Police IG

Inspector General of Malawi Police Service, Lexten Kachama has said law enforcers in country are well trained to take on terrorists should they dare strike Malawi.

President Mutharika having a chat with Police chief Kachama who says Malawi police have the operational ability to respond appropriately

President Mutharika having a chat with Police chief Kachama who says Malawi police have the operational ability to respond appropriately

Kachama said this Tuesday during a send off parade of 19 police officers who will be joining the UN mission in South Sudan for peace keeping.

“Soon after the Paris and Mali attacks, I called for a meeting of the high command. We have put strategies in place to combat terrorism.

“With the help of our partners, we are ready to deal with terrorism in Malawi,” Kachama told the media.

He said Paris or Mali may seem far away but terrorism has no boundary, therefore “the Malawi police is well skilled and equipped to fight terrorism. ”

Added the police chief: “We are on alert…we don’t want terrorism to happen in Malawi.”

On Monday, President Peter Mutharika said he introduced the subject of terrorism at the just ended Commonwealth heads of state and government meeting.

He emphasised the need for states to prepare for terrorism attacks.

The US, Russia, Germany, France, Britain and other European countries are fighting the so called Islamic State, an Al Qaeda off shoot that is waging terrorism war with an aim of installing Islamic states in the world.

In Africa, Somalia is battling Al shabab while Nigeria is at war with Boko Haram terror group.

Kachama paid tribute to Malawi development partners who have trained the police officers  if Islamic State or other fanatics struck in the southern African nation in the face of increasing radicalisation .

He said Malawi Police is well quipped, well-resourced and prepared.

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75 thoughts on “Malawi ready to deal with terror attack – Police IG”

  1. Mapiri says:

    Send soilders for peace keeping to Somalia and u wil invite Al Shababu to Malawi

  2. Pats says:

    That remains to be seen. U have never tested the bitter pill of terror.

  3. Ichocho says:

    Malawians are surviving on mangoes and the government is busy wasting our tax preparing for terrorist who would never waste their time and resources to attack Malawi?

  4. Kumamvetsa says:

    Graciano Mate were did the impos

  5. Makola kwalimwe says:

    kkkkkkkkk ! lets talk about how we can deal with hunger not otherwise

  6. You’re joking mr IG,Malawi has got no capacity to fight terrorism,full stop

  7. Moses Makoko says:

    Ha ha ha! Che wa ku sakata ku zomba, terrorists like ISIS’s are fighting innocent people to force them join islam. U don’t need a PhD to know that ISIS=Islam=Terrorism simple!

  8. We don’t need police let’s just pray to God keep on protecting us He has been doing.

  9. Harawa says:

    choka usadzakambenso



  11. super mario says:

    Stop this madness, Kachama, don’t think these people blow a trumpet. They are taking down well organised and developed countries with enough resources. Akabwera kuno inu mudzakhala kuti magalimoto alibe fuel, galimoto lina liri ku ukwati. After striking France every country was alert in the world only for them to strike Mali. After Mali they went to USA at a time everyone did not expect them. So please don’t make useless comments which will provoke them. We love peace and we don’t have the capacity to face such groups as a country. Look at today how many countries are fighting this group in Syria? America, England, France, Russia and many more but the group is still strong. Tiyeni tidzingodya nsima ndi ndiwo basi tikakhuta tidzigona. Apolisi ake inuyo wonyamula chibonga? Mukuona ngati kukamenya ana ku Poly?

  12. George phiri says:

    Hahahaha, osangokhala chete bwanji? Mumaona ngati akamaphulisa amagogoda? Kulephera kugwira okuba mukagwire ophulitsa inu? Koma fodya winayu. Komanso sangabwere kuno kuli chani? Ndiye tiyeni tikhale chete chifukwa akamva afuna adzayetse.

  13. chris says:

    Bodza bwanji mukulephera kuthana ndi mbava mmudzimu ndie zinazi mungakwanitse.

  14. Peter Ibu Lhomwe says:

    What a joke

  15. Tiana says:

    Nonsense fat stupid IG u r inviting trouble ho and sleep fuck urself

  16. Pedegu says:

    Mmmm apa nde mwawaputa ma telalawo bwanji, shaaaaa, mukupatsidwa bize ndi takuba tazikwanje tomweti, nde munena telala?

  17. ramsay snow is a nice guy when you get to know him says:

    lol. never laughed so much in my life. you can’t even protect a few hundred albinos. by the way, i’m at a bar right now drinking with a policeman in full uniform and he’s drunk as fuck! get real.

  18. e says:

    Lexten Kachama must be mad. I mean the elders of my youthful time in 1970s used to us(youths) that dont mention a crocodile when you are swimming in deep waters. Then why the IG whose police are just killed by useless thieves when the country is at peace.Doesnt he know that some of the Ethiopians,Nigerians, Libyans, Egyptians, Somalis, some of them are real terrorists as members of bokoharam, alishbab, ISIS etc. They can blow themselves in Malawi. I wish one bokoharam should blow himself in presence of Lexten. If you have expanded your stomach beyond its limit by sausage, don’t vomit nonsense like that. Or have you received any communication from head of world terrorism group, the one who is in terrorizing Paris, that next target is Lilongwe. If not the you are a useless Mchewa of Kasungu. Machende ako. If we were under Kamuzu Banda we could contain all forms of terrorism not today the government of this hiding gay.In fact Kamuzu had bigger connection in terms with military with countries like RSA, Israel,Britain.Today Britain can not help us against terrorism,too much of africanism in this current Britain. It appears it is weaning from its fatter breasts. Hahahahahahaha i am enjoying my freedom of speech in Malawi.

  19. Walks-By-Night says:

    Wa boza leni-leni OKachamawo…

  20. WA KU SAKATA ZOMBA says:

    The only terrorist representative I know in Malawi is MOSES MAKOKO. He is only hiding behind innocent muslims. Muslims will never be terrolists and so called terrolists will never be MUSLIMS

  21. Balamanthu says:

    Muzingotolera ndalama pamsewu ndikukamaliza nyumba yanu mukumanga ku area 43 ndi ndalama zakuba

  22. stupid Mr. IG, you are failing to deal with timbava tonunkha manyi ta m’makwalala and now you are busy talking about terrorists????? are you sure you fully understand what terrorism is all about, you nincompoop????

  23. Kanthuakoo says:

    Hahaha Kkkkkk this Kachama should be fired!! You fail to even handle the citizenry when demonstrating to the point of asking MDF soldiers for assistance, can you really fight terrorists? Hahahaha am fainting. Mukaona mbava holding a gun koma ziphwisi pwe, pwe, pwe shaking even failing to hold your own gun so what more if you face a terrorist simuzanyeredwa inu a Kachama? Your officers were beaten in Mzuzu and their guns kutcholedwa, is this the police we can rely on? How many of you have been shot dead by mere illiterate untrained robbers? Nacho chi peter mutharika chili mweeeee eti kusekelera. Terrorists u have a job now with peter mutharika and Kachama, go get them! Nonsense.

  24. Kuntumbokwayesaya says:

    Mmmh what? Kachama don’t just talk to please your master ok? What equipment do you have if it takes you 5 hours just to reach a house that is under robbers siege just a distance away from police unit? Police is failing to handle security lapses caused by Malawian illiterate robbers so what more terrorists? Abambo inu mutu wanu ukudosa? Terrorists please this policeman is lying’ooo don’t cum to Malawi abeg. We have nothing to combat your attacks n you will also benefit nothing in attacking Malawi. We have nothing our economy is one of the poorest in the world so when you try Malawi you will just be wasting your time’o and will go back sorry. We even lack good food so what will you be eating here terrorists? Abeg just stay where you are and forgive our policeman here. They say a heart doesn’t wear rags, blv me we have nothing in Malawi. Only Peter Mathanyula if you are still interested that’s de one you can visit n we will thank u.

  25. Moses Makoko says:

    Koma simunafulumire abwana? Apatu mukuwapangisa ma terrorist kuyamba kuganiza za malawi and don’t forget they have their representatives right here – muslims
    I wish we could just keep quiet. France and America are super powers but they have been hit and are left wondering of how it happened so imagine what can happen if malawi was hit, the head cook would sneak bak to US.

  26. Kanyimbi says:

    Chonde musatiyitanire mavuto kuno. Ngati mukulephera kupeza amene anapha Njaunju ndiye mungagwire terrorist inu? Koma matama enawa akufanana ndi a chule alupha popanda dzenje ndithu.

  27. Bob Ntolera says:

    Hay don’t try it mr IG.stupid,useless n hartless IG.don’t be relevant by making such stupid remarks.Do u knw terrorist,Do u knw da meaning of terrorist.hav u ever go across them.

  28. Mute Rebel says:

    Now you have just put your nation on the terrorist wish – list. This type of talking is exactly what will motivate these barbaric thugs to test your own acclaimed resolve. I really wish you well Mr IG and at the same time advise u to refrain from provoking the unnecessary nuclear tests from these maniacs.

  29. Mpumulo says:

    Which police are you talking about? They all look emaciated and tired.

  30. James kotoki says:

    This is an example of an idiot and a boot can’t deal with uneducated thugs and what more educated terrorist…IG if you can read this please do are a big fool.if you have nothing to say you better shut your mouth up.

  31. Titus scot says:

    Kunena kwa ndithe ndithe, nanthambwe anazitengera! Kaya!

  32. kavuluvulu says:

    Mr. IG please shut your stinking pie hole.

    If you have nothing to say you better remain quite.

    Don’t try to be relevant by making such silly remarks when everyone knows that your Police is as bad as pasimalo security service’s guards.

  33. Jang'ala says:

    Muli ndichani inu apolisi athu choti nkugonjesera zigawengazi. Eissh mukulephera kugwila mbava ndiye ma terrorist mungathane nawo? Nzochitisa manyazi. Atolankhani osamalembanso pa net zimenezi angamatiyitanile mavuto ife mziko lathu loti lisakuziwa nkhondo.

  34. Mirella K says:

    Stupid IG…You failing to battle these crude thugs and you think you can handle a terrorist???

  35. safusa says:


  36. anonymous says:


  37. Harawa says:

    Mr Kachama,
    IS is growing wings in this country especially in northern parts of Malawi for instance, Rumphi, Karonga, Chitipa and other districts in eastern region. Please, contact Catholic church leaders in Mzuzu and Karonga dioceses as well as Livingstonia synod can give you big things that cannot fit into your ears.

    Mr Kachama mudzamva chili mutu.

  38. General says:

    Why talking shit u kachama u think those ppl will attack poor country like Malawi why are you trying to please mathanyula and the west hypocrite

  39. Pitala Paulendo says:

    Liar!! You don’t even have the capacity to solve straightforward cases eg Robert Chasowa,Issah Njauju murders, burning of electoral votes at a warehouse in Lilongwe,burglary into a German diplomat’s residence, etc and yet you fool the world that you have the audacity to deal with terror. Just prioritize on the most important job that the DPP govt has got at hand, the jet procurement.

  40. safusa says:

    someone test the waters please

  41. aca .aj south africa pheeeee kuwonelela says:

    Iwe amene waleba izi ndi nbuli ndithu why are saying this have averben in war tone country be careful for what you say osaziyanba zithu zoti smungakwanise kuzithesa. Watch out be for talk or say muzidziwakuti malawi ndi osauka sungathane ndi tero ndiye zinazi osamaziyamba dala mukulephela kugula makhwala mudzipatala munga kwanise kugula ma mesile zinazi osamaziyamba dala tayenda uziwone mayiko mmene akuvutikila kulimbana ndi ma terolist

  42. ngongoliwa says:

    And u call this chipembezo, mumapembeza chani?? Is,bokoharam, alshabab kkkkkkkk

  43. Aca j .a south afrca pheeee kuwonelela says:

    Izi ndikhani. Zosafunika kuleba muyabisa chisokonezo dziko lantendele ngati mwayaba kunama tizifukwa muzalila ndi msakho wanu wo izi musaziyezikuvutani ndi iphawiwanuwu maphhwanga tero sizithu zosewelesa mwakhuta madeya eti

  44. mp says:

    Kkk, which police? My foot! Koma yes kikkkk zovuta ndithu.

  45. Sangomaa says:

    mukuzinamiza babaa!

  46. Soso says:

    Koma inu kodi akachama mwasuta fodya inu zoona mukakambe zimenezo.

  47. Tozer Tsono says:

    Hey Mr, officer are you able to run a mile before making a speech? You would never make it due to hyperventilation!!!

    Why is armed robbery on the rise in Malawi or why is the murder rate high? For example, do you think that killing of albinos in the country is not terrorism or are you carrying a bone from a murdered albino, which you wrongly believe will protect you?
    What about the many foreigners who are coming across the border, are you able to monitor their moves into and around the country?

    You are too excited about your position to fight anything.

  48. Matako says:

    This AG is a booty worshiper, please stop jocking about terror.
    IS , Hoko Harram,Al shabaab , Al kayida please ignore this man.

  49. safusa says:

    If you wanted to please the president with such stupid remarks, hopefully the president is not going to sleep at night and think the country is safe. For the love of God Mr Kachama your police force are failing to deal with domestic issues what more with international terrorist? Furthermore why would they want to attack Malawi? I hope someone will taste the waters and then we will see.Kusaziona eti!

  50. Viyazi Tembo says:

    Iwe kachama machende ako , ngati wasowa zoyankhula kanyere, usapweteketse amalawi osalakwa………

  51. Balamanthu says:

    Kachama is the most corrupt IG Malawi has ever had such that he has no time to train his people on cyber attacks and worse still in terrorism matters.Just Check at Kamuzu International Airport the amount of people that get ferried across immigration officers,get into the prohibited areas, pass through the area with valuable goods for him and his friends without paying duty.Even when we are checking out when going to South Africa, the screening and the checking in abhorent.

    Malawi is the only country where Kachama has instituted speed traps on high ways and inside the city.The police should go out in the country side and check on all illegal Ethiopians coming into the country and arrest all Pakistani people coming into Malawi.What has he done to arrest the Chinese that are busy killing our elephants?Useless Fool!Muzingodya za RANDERA YEMYEYO!

  52. Mpumulo says:

    You can’t deal with armed robberies and you gonna talk about terrorrists, what world do you leave in??? I can’t even laugh, why would the terrorist even come to Malawi??? What’s in it for them.

  53. dee kay says:

    Chikakhala pampando ngati chosema-uyu sipresident koma leader of mafias. No dignified presidential looks.

  54. Prison Warden says:

    how will you deal with the terrorists? by using speed trap? kikikikiki
    or by charging them ya fanta kikikikikikikiki hahahahahahha
    no no let me guess, you will set up road block pa Discorium to check if they are drunk? hahahahahha.

  55. BMW says:

    Please al Shabaab, al Qaeda and ISIS. Please ignore this fool. He didn’t mean what he said. Have mercy on us. Don’t test the waters. Just ignore him.

  56. John says:


  57. Prison Warden says:


    this is the best joke of the day. thank you IG for bringing some laughter to my dull morning. you have made my day

  58. steve says:

    Iwe bwana IG, usatinamize pano ayi. What police alertness are u talking abt? Very porous boarders where every Jim and Jack can just walk in and out of Malawi without getting checked!!! Porous Airport security with no proper equipment to screen passengers and staff alike!! Too much corruption in the immigration department including aiding foreigners to acquire our precious Malawian passports.

    Munakhuta chani kodi for u to say those words? Mowa kapena fodya!!
    Don’t just say things to make ur dunderhead president happy!!! Be professional!!!!

  59. John says:



  60. Uchindami says:

    A Kachama! a Kachama! a Kachama! ndinu munthu woyidziwa ntchito yanu. Koma ndiri ndi mantha kwambiri malingana ndi kulankhula kwanu kodzikhulupilira moposa muyezo. Ochita zachifwamba ngowopsa kwambiri ndipo ali njira zina zoti ‘capacity’ yathu ikulenga. Sindikudelera apa! Kuli ma ‘lone wolves’! Tiyeni tisamale ndi malankhulidwe athu. Sindikunena kuti musatitsimikizire kuti muli chire. Koma polankhula mudzinena zomwe mungachite osati kudzipopa kapena kunama bodza!

  61. SONG says:

    Come on Lexten Kachama that’s great staff, need to hear such strong remarks from IG. Keep it up, you security at its best.

  62. Bebvu says:

    Za zii. Mukulephera kuthana ndi mbala za zikwanje ndiye mwati well funded Al Shabbab. Some things are best not said. Please do no dare these terrorists in case they want to take the challenge.

  63. Viyazi Tembo says:

    Nanunso a kanyama kaya mukuti a kachama, which Malawi police? these security guards?

  64. Chong Weng Chooo says:

    What a joke!!! Do you even know what terrorism is all about? You can not even deal with mere criminals who terrorises people in thier homes and let alone terrorism.. This is the best joke I have heard in a century

  65. Kumamvetsa says:

    First deal with our local terrorists masquerading as police men I’m Mangochi. They are worse than IS. They are terrorising innocent people.

  66. Lake Malawi says:

    A Kachama bodza basi a polisi akowo amakhala no. 1 kuthawa akamva mfuti ikulira nde angalimbane ndi ma terrorists you are joking. Tadzingomudyerani APM but stop dreaming

  67. zimkambani says:

    A big concern resources are not used wisely. Our Police stand along our roads where there is and has never been any security risk for any of our First Citizens. Fuel to place Officers abd collect them and yet there is no fuel in hospitals to the extend a woman had to deliver in public transport that is not fair. Our priorities are upside down and this is human torture

  68. Change says:

    Wait until we start drilling the oil.

  69. Mphangwe says:

    Mukuphedwa ndi akuba untrained ones. These stupid idiots are killing you and now you are talking of terrorists. God forbid! Please terrorists don’t come to Malawi, God will fight the battle for us and you will all perish.

  70. Nankununkha sadzimva says:

    Zinazi palibwino kungokhala don’t comment. Malawi is not competent enough on these issues.

  71. Tengupenya says:

    do not be fooled. you can never prepare enough. continuous training and vigilance are key. communities must be alert and must collaborate with their police and other lawful security apparatus.

  72. Prof Peter says:

    Shut your mouth you Hypocrites which terrorist are you talking about you fail even to catch a thief. Go to your porus boarder posts with a gate made by bamboo do you think you can handle what Kenya, Nigeriaeven France does. Just continue public fundsgate and make your stomach big like an elephant don’t fool us.

  73. Kandapako says:

    A Kachama, a Kachama musanamize President ndi a Malawi onse. You would not even know where to start from. Muzingothokoza kuti there is nothing that the terrorists can come to Malawi for.

  74. flyton Manda says:

    Please. Malawi.give me a break. Please.

  75. Zamzam says:

    Materrorists are not mere thugs to face tha Pholisa. Their equals are the soldiers. Police deals with civilians period.

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