Economist wants inquiry on ‘tractorgate’: Malawi obtained K23m India loan for tractors

Renowned economist Henry Kachaje has asked President Peter Mutharika to set a commission of inquiry to probe reports that government obtained a K23 billion loan from India to buy tractors for smallholders farmers but were fraudlently sold off to influential Malawians including politicians.

Kachaje: Lets get to the bottom of the matter, probe

Kachaje: Lets get to the bottom of the matter, probe

Kachaje said this on Tuesday in Lilongwe during a debate on whether the Malawi economy can opt for the poor which was organised by Centre for Social Concern.

“We need to find out what parliament agreed on the loan, did government tell parliament that it would sell the tractors?” said Kachaje.

He said there was need to read the bill that authorised the purchase of the tractors to see if the minister of Finance told parliament that tractors would be sold.

Kachaje said reports indicate that out of the K23 billion loan that was obtained in 2011, only K600 million has been recovered with K131 million from the ‘hire a tractor scheme’ which was abruptly discontinued to pave way for the sale of the tractors.

“How did we handle the loan, what happened that we borrowed money to buy tractors and ended up in selling the tractors to few individuals,” said Kachaje.

The tractor scam happened when former president Bingu wa Mutharika was in office and some quarters of society say the deceased president benefitted from this scam now christened as ‘tractorgate.’

This matter was brought to the attention of Malawians by Rumphi east MP Kamlepo Kalua who asked the government in parliament to explain the whereabouts of the tractors, alleging the former head of state used his aide at State House to make the scam, an allegation flatly denied by minister of Agriculture Allan Chiyembekeza.

He read out the list of people who bought the tractors and the list included minister of Transport and Public Works Francis Kasaila, Speaker Richard Msowoya and the once blue eyed boy of late Mutharika, Leston Mulli.

Kachaje said Malawians, the tax payers who bought the tractors need to know the truth.

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Malawi @ my heart

If the president was all that serious he could have looked into this issue without him being told…we need a president who us self starter and not one to be told what to do


Please also investigate Chuka, there is a fishy deal with MZUNGU exporters that they keep 100% of the export proceeds, this is putting pressure on kwacha depreciation as exporters are getting more kwachas for there dollars and money is being changed with some officials there. This policy was introduced by chuka


All politicians are the same made from the same clay. Greed and self-gratification are the main characters of a good politician. Peter like spending big on foreign trips while Chakwera like riding multi-million kwacha gas-guzzling cars in a poor country like Malawi. And this Msowoya guy’s name is everywhere for a bad reason. Sons of the same bitch.

Gumulira Sikoti

A Malawi nkana tili amphawi zaka 51 chilandilileni ufulu. Nkhani walankhula Kachaje yo njopeka? Chifukwa choti yaturuka nthawi ya DPP basi ndekuti ndiwandale?

Malawians be patriotic like the Tanzanians. Otherwise if we continue with this attitude of backing ma politicians even when they are cashgating tax payers money…. then we should forget about development in this country. Alternatively, tingopinyolitsa Malawi yu kwama China basi… abweretse malamulo oti kupezeka ndi mlandu wakuba ndalama za boma chilango chake kuphedwa basi…


More fire we are tired of the imposed poverty on us as Malawians. Afinyeni basi.


Next the list of beneficiaries of mk577billion pls.

Wina Mpoto

This govt is useless. Chakwera is the only hope for malawians


We need to know the truth. Akakhala pa nkhate sapheka. Wina alira pano. Kayaaaa!


Dont hide behind “economist” are a politician(mcp)..Mr Kachaje.You are on a mission to discredit this govt…you are serving MCP…

Alex Likoswe

The issue was wrongly conceived from the beginning. We would have looked at the farming structure in Malawi. From
Hoe to MacFergursson or Ford Tractor. That cannot work.
Indeed India was best placed to supply hand hold mini-tractors suiting people in simulemba.
These would have been affordable and with village polytechnics maintenance would have been sustainable.
Mr Chi and your dull PS please look at this .

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