Malawi ready to face El Nino – Govt

Government is assuring Malawians that it is more than prepared to deal with El Nino effects.

Mphande: We are ready to deal with El Nino effects

Mphande: We are ready to deal with El Nino effects

Jeremiah Mphande, spokesperson for the department of Disaster and Preparedness said in an interview that the government has sound policies that can deal with any disaster including El Nino.

“Whether there is El Nino or not we will always be on alert, we are more than prepared,” he said,

Unicef has issued an alert which shows that.

Malawi, Ethiopia, Somalia and Zimbabwe will worst be hit by El Nino that will cause flooding and drought and its side effects like diseases and malnutrition.

About 11 million children will be affected in the four countries according to Unicef.

Mphande said Malawians should not panic.

Leader of oppossition in parliament Lazarus Chakwera said there was need for government to come out and tell Malawians how prepared it is on El Nino.

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37 thoughts on “Malawi ready to face El Nino – Govt”

  1. Funzo says:

    There is a SERIOUS error in this report. The sentence ‘UNICEF has issued an alert which shows that.’ should run on to the next sentence and so make out that Malawi et al are at risk rather than that UNICEF agrees that Malawi is prepared!


    You can never be perfect in disaster preparedness. You can just do to a certain extent.

  3. wa NOMA ndi MCP says:

    God have mercy on us,pakuti chilichonse mumachidziwa ndinu,mukhululukireni uyu akuti wakonzeka kuthana ndi El Nino chifukwa sakudziwa chomwe akuchita

  4. Favoured Naphiri says:

    Ambuye Musatisiye Tokha Timenyereni Nkhondo Imeneyi

  5. choncho says:

    this is stupidity. By the way, what does this department do apart from milking tax payers and enriching themselves while they fart on their chairs. People are still in tents and others are still suffering bcoz this peter mutharika is not prepared for anything. He knew there was going to be hunger but he chose not to be prepared. And this stupid man comes on nyasatimes to say he is prepared? Please dont play with peoples lives you stupid fools

  6. Concerened Malawian says:

    You must be kidding me! You are prepared??? We still have people living in tents (eg from Chilobwe) after being displaced by the floods in the previous rainy season and the government mpaka pano has not assisted them with a reliable strategy …………. Should we really believe that if we are to have floods again the Malawi government will sort out the victims efficiently?? Maybe Nyasatimes mwangomuyika munthuyu mawu mkamwa. I can’t believe someone in his right mind can shamelessly say what you say kuti this man has said.

  7. El Nino says:

    Where is the evidence you fool? Government has no money at least tell people what to do at individual level.

  8. What preparations have been put in place? Have we diversified our cropping systems with drought-tolerant as well as water-loving species? Have we implemented widespread agroforestry and well-supervised reforestation programmes? Have we encouraged each and every household to harvest, store, and manage water? Have we worked to heal the nation’s soil so that every raindrop is absorbed and not allowed to run off? Have we encouraged the planting of deep-rooted and perennial tree crops which are extremely resilient to the effects of climate change? Have we begun to promote the wide-scale mulching of fields to help hold water during seasonal gaps in the rainfall? Have we built swale systems to stop, spread, and sink the water during periods of heavy rainfall? Have we moved away from the monocropping of one crop towards a polycultural system which ensures daily access to highly nutritious foods from all of Malawi’s 6 food groups? Or, have we just tried to ensure that the nation has access to synthetic fertilizers to squeeze one more crop of maize out of our tired, compacted, and neglected soil? Which, when it fails, leaves the entire nation vulnerable and susceptible to hunger, malnutrition, and the growing effects of drought and floods.

  9. jimbo says:

    So the country is well prepared for El Nino! How is it prepared? What preparations have been or are being made? We need details here. Just saying ‘We are prepared’ means nothing. Typical of the DPP, generalities but no substantive details.

  10. Mymalawi says:

    Hahaha!! Mr. Jerex Mphande!! I quote ” government is very prepared, we are prepared, we are very ready for el nino, ” kkk man, this is the most shallow answer of the century. We need to hear well outlined strategies that government has put in place, not just we are prepared….this is not a visit to your mother inlaw or ndata farm!! Useless talking.

  11. wadolyu says:

    Owerengawe khala maso

  12. aurora says:

    what is el nino? describe it in simple english or chichewa….

  13. Raymond Tembo says:

    wat if heavy cme and destroy ur preparations equipments? Will another

  14. JUST MY THOUGHT says:

    Do u think El Nino is a soccer game for which you can prepare by training hard?? You can gotta be serious man. We will wait and see.

  15. Ncholo says:

    Yes, Govt is prepared to deal with effects of El-Nino but how prepared is Govt. We need the details not just talk show. This is not politics, we are talking of suffering and protection of human life. Bwana Mphande, you need to come out clear here.

  16. dzeus says:

    Being ready means stockpiling disaster relief equipments such as tents, medicines, blankets, portable water tanks, water bowsers, vehicles, food etc. Can u invite journalists and show them where u r stockpiling?

  17. Patriot says:

    You are not ready, not ready at alllllll.
    What have you done for the people that have lost their properties in the just ended “chizima lupsya”?

  18. john says:


  19. Solobala says:

    The best is to ask for God’s intervetion. Other wise no sane person come brag that he is prepared against natural disasters. Let the Government and all God fearing Malawians hold national day of prayers. Otherwise we are in big trouble. This Mphande guy is vey childish.

  20. ..... says:

    Jere Mphande a spokesman for the government through the department of disaster and preparedness talking nonsense, very interesting.

  21. Gwalawala says:


  22. Gwalawala says:

    we need people with brains

  23. Likoma Economist says:

    After reading this article, I thought I was hallucinating. When I came back to my senses, I went to check the (MSB) calender to find out what the date was. It was not 1 April. So i went back to my chair and had a good laugh. What a comedy!

  24. Gwalawala says:

    Iwe mphande , why are you playing with peoples lives. I think umbuli wako pa meteorology and climatology zikukupangisa kuti uzibwata zapamatako pako. stupid boy

  25. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Why does government employ stupid people like Jeremiah Mphande? By saying they are prepared to deal with El Nino it shows he thinks El Nino a person from MCP, most likely he thinks it is Dr Lazarus Chakwera.

    You mean you will stop the rainfall, flooding and the subsequent hunger as government. Last year government was overwhelmed to the extent of appealing for aid and today you are say, ‘we are always ready’

    Someone sent you to say this thrash. But you are yet to see the acts nature when El Nino comes.

  26. popapo says:

    Is this Mphande a spokesperson for the Department of Disaster Preparedness ? Ah ! send him back to school please!

  27. Anthony Khamfula says:

    I want to know how ready the government is on this upcoming El Nino disaster, because nobody knows when its gonna strike, and does the government got plans on how to stop the El Nino from striking? Please malawi you need to tell them people the only truth…

  28. Lucky Shawa says:

    Prepared to see our bodies & properties on top of merciless waters but have nothing to do.

  29. KALULU says:

    Kape Mphande

  30. crazy stuff says:

    This guy has just escaped the mental hospital in zomba! We live in malawi
    We go in the villages. We see no readiness! Just because u have a good house and no munda u think we arw ready? Go to hell u selfish fallus. When the flooda struck the amwenye built houses for pipo whose house fell down. What readiness are u talking about?????

  31. Never says:

    Mlowelelepo ambuye

  32. The Analyst says:

    Koma a Jeremiah Mphande don’t you think that it would be more effective to just tell people to be alert and get prepared coz we all know you are not prepared. Even if you are prepared (however so be the meaning), you have not the capacity to prevent the impact on the fragile eyesores that people erect for houses.

    Its a betrayal of the highest order to give false hopes to people than just to tell them to get prepared.

    Also, tell anthu odabwitsa aja timati Asena aja kuti kulibe zolandiralandira ulendo uno hence should forthwith move to higher ground in time. Otherwise zoti tizizamvanso kuti they are becoming paper-thin for being sex-starved in camps is disgusting and embarrassing.

    Mukapanda kuauza asenawa, tidziwa kuti munadya nawo za previous disaster zija (coz anthu nde munazidya) and are just tongue-salivating, mouth-open, intestines-ready, legs-alert, eyes-open, ears-sharp; ready to feast on monies again in case the disaster strikes.

  33. How do you prevent flooding of rivers?The more we have heavy downpours,the more the rivers will overflow and sweep away the food crops in the maize/rice fields.May be also those that have built houses near the river banks should start relocating to the higher lands or else tumanyumba twawo tuzatengedwa na madzi.

  34. BrownMan says:

    That’s exactly what we want Mr Oppossition;’let them tell us how prepared they are’.No more singing.

  35. Ndine Wa DPP says:

    You said you are ready aaaaa bodza limenelo

  36. BrownMan says:

    That’s exactly what we want Mr Oppossion;’let them tell us how prepared they are’.No more singing.

  37. Mphwache says:

    Zimbabwe had plans and money to seed rainfall this year, may I ask what are your plans?

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