Malawi recalls 72 diplomats, 10 others coming in November

Principal Secretary for Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Dalitso Kabambe has disclosed  that Malawi has recalled 72 diplomats from its foreign missions in the past six months and 10 others are coming in the first week of November.

Kasaila (r) is joined by Foreign Affairs PS Dalitso Kabambe (c) and Malawi envoy to Mozambique Frank Viyazhi - Pic by Chikond Chimala, Mana

Foreign Affairs Minister Kasaila (r) joined by Foreign Affairs PS Dalitso Kabambe (c) and Malawi envoy to Mozambique Frank Viyazhi

Kabambe said  K7.3 billion will be saved in the 2016/17 financial year on salaries and benefits  as well as  rentals for houses of diplomats and school fees for their children,

“As a result of this reduction, the monthly total wage bill for Malawi siplomats abroad has reduced fromK966 million per month to K620 million, transalting to a saving of K346 million monthly and a total of K2.8 billion to the end of the fiscal year,” Kabambe said in a media statement.

He said government will no longer be responsible for payment of house rentals and school fees for the diplomats abroad.

Government has since reduced the number of diplomats in established positions from 234 to 152 this year. The number is expected to reach 126 by next year. On the other hand, the number of local staff in the foreign mission has gone down from 217 to 184.

For example, where there is a press attaché and a tourism attaché, one officer will go and his/her assignments will be taken over by the other.

Kabambe said government has laid off some diplomatic staff and compensation have been determined, saying they will have ti pay out K929 million and K263 million monthy savings to the end of the financial year.

“In total, therefore, through the restricting process, teh government is expected to save K7.3billion in this fiscal year alone, which would have otherwise been paid out,” Kabambe said.

But while the government is trimming personnel in some  missions, it has established a mission in Geneva, Switzerland, to strengthen ties with that country and United Nations agencies operating from there. Malawi has also opened a point of representation in Tete, Mozambique where trade and investment opportunities have opened.

In recent years, the government has closed down embassies in Canada, Namibia, France and Kenya. However, the mission in Nairobi was reopened in 2014.

Malawi has 19 foreign missions, with eight in Africa, four in Europe, a couple in Asia, United States of America (USA) in addition to the United Nations mission in New York.

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Abeat Minthu

Its common in African that a relative of a minister is given a position in government or abroad. Even If They are not qualified. It is why things are not run professionally. Its either relatives or friends. All leaders have done that. Kamuzu Banda all Kazamiras had position they did not deserve or qualified for. Bakili Muluzu his son. Bing. JB and Now Peter. Many Lhomwes are in government. The same partern keep repeating. Education and qualification does not mean anything in Malawi.look AT waterboard. ESCOM the who government is full of fools friends.

Abeat Minthu
The government dont check Who these diplomatics take with them and They call their children. They take older relatives children over age of 18 whom the government pay expensive schools. I know some who took brothers children and her siblings adding to her children. Accommodation is very expensive in Europé. Zambia is the only country who bought the Accommodation to make it cheap. Now government cut diplomatics next cut expenditures of government officials business class travelling and allowances. Expensive cars to government officials. Let them buy The prados and only provide fuel. TZ and even rich counyries have done that.… Read more »

Thats good initiative and well received. But what are the ministers children doing in the embassies and yet you want to cut the expenses? Azipongozi mkati….not fair

Foreign Affairs

Tell people the truth that you have replaced them with your fellow lomwe belt. You need foreign missions. Are you really saving the money? Or you are redirecting it to Party developments for campaign. Koma kunena zoona ulendo uno nde mwatibwelesela mbuzi za man kusi…Anthu omphunzila kulibe? Those who have been recalled really served the country well, and kuwabweza kwache kwachipikisheni as if they are the Cashgate suspects. Kodi boma likasintha anthu watipasawa azapita bwanji? You can rule forever..


Last week I was in Lusaka_Zambia, I am told the daughter of Henry Mussa who works at the Malawi mission in Lusaka is harrassing Malawian women who are not even staff of the Malawi mission. Understand in the name of being the daughter of the minister. This woman spends every night at Chenthemba pub but Malawi government is paying her salary to finance her binge drinking. What is she doing at the embassy, do we need her there Mr President

Dr Tambala

What is her name? Muchaneta mussa? Coz iyeyo ndi amayakaditu plus clubbing


She is a real looker eh!!!

Zaya Kunkhongo

That is quite true mwana waMusa wavuta. mowa nde sizinawonekeko sungatinso ndiwamukazi.


How one spends their salary is a private matter, you can’t sack someone because they are drinking away their wages. Come up with another reason directly related to their Job at the Malawi diplomatic mission, otherwise sacking someone because they chose to spend their wages on drinking is unjustifiable.

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