Malawi ‘Red Star’ campaign hits a snag, landowners obtain court order

The Blantyre City Council (BCC) Red Star Campaign has hit a snag after 54 property owners obtained a court injunction, restraining the council from enforcing demolition of earmarked buildings.

Kasunda:  PR Manager Blantyre City says they will challeneg the injunction

Kasunda: PR Manager Blantyre City says they will challeneg the injunction

However, BCC says it is continuing with the operation and still observing the set deadline of 31st March, 2016.

President Peter Mutharika in February last year inaugurated the Red Star Campaign that would see some buildings in Blantyre City being pulled down completely and others being renovated in a bid to make the city beautiful and meet international standards.

BCC through the Red Star Campaign, has earmarked 161 buildings for demolition in central business districts of Limbe and Blantyre.

In an interview, BCC Public Relations Manager, Anthony Kasunda told Nyasa Times the council was working on challenging the restraining order.

”We received court order obtained by 54 developers restraining the Red Star Campaign committee from enforcing demolition,” said Kasunda.”As the council we will pursue the matter in court”.

Kasunda revealed, despite the court order, they have received action plans from other developers interested in seeing the city refurbished to modern and international standards.

”We are happy with them because this is what we expected”.

He said the interest of other developers to proceed with the operation would allow the council to demolish the earmarked buildings in phases.

”It would not be in the interest of Blantyre residents to have about 161 buildings demolished at one goal. Then the city will look like a war zone or that it was hit by natural disaster,” added Kasunda.

”So we will be working closely with those developers that have clearly indicated how they intend to implement our recommendations”.

Meanwhile, BCC has warned to take action against some of developers who removed the red star mark on their buildings.

According to Kasunda, doing so is against Section 72 (1e)  of Town and Country Planning Act.

”These developers are given seven days to restore the red star or risk facing legal action. All in all, the Red Star Campaign is still on and we appeal to developers to bring forward their plans of

BCC, last year, through the Red Star Campaign committee assessed 191 properties in Limbe and out of this 87 were recommended for demolition representing a 46 percent.

Blantyre has 189 properties and 74 were earmarked for demolition, representing 39 percent.

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19 thoughts on “Malawi ‘Red Star’ campaign hits a snag, landowners obtain court order”

  1. KARU UNITED says:

    We also need PATRIOTIC judges, magistrates & lawyers, not mercenaries. People need to comply with the operation red star or emigrate to other countries of their choice.

  2. ZAYA KU NKHONGO says:

    ku Zomba kuno za nyanya redstar ifika lit?

  3. GONANI says:

    Guys guys guys! don’t insult each other like this. Both Indian Malawians and Indigenous Malawians, don’t you know that you are giving a chance to other people to lough at you.

    A wise man one day advised his children adopted and biological ones – saying, ” my children, when I am no longer here whatever happens, you need to remember that there is power in unity. you will always be difficult to defeat if you don’t allow anything or anyone to divide you.”
    When the father passed away, those kids always remembered what he had told them and did just that. Together they developed a business empire that no one of their enemies could believe.
    They were united and developed one common interest. So what do you, sons and daughters of Malawi do to honor your Mother Malawi?

  4. Drake says:

    The Red Star has been there since 1989 when Kamuzu advised the Asians to upgrqde the standards in
    Limbe and Blantyre, it was during the time of Muluzi who compromised but these amwenyes are aware that
    this would one day Revive. City of Blantyre you have the support of Malawians go ahead and you dont need to do it in phases
    just demolish, let those plots be vacant and allocate them to Malawian developers and most of those plots are on freehold leases.
    Most of the plots like those in Limbe opposite the Mosque belong to Asians who dont reside here, they are British citizens
    they only come to collect rent and externalise the money . Lets improve our city and those who hqve obtained an injunction check their Nationalities you will be shocked that they are not Asians of Malawian origin and must be deported. If some one @ City Assembly is conniving with these Asians and giving out vital information ACB iss monitoring your movemnts watch out you will be arrested,

  5. Compensation Gate says:

    I can’t wait bring it on. Malawi are you READY are you Steady & Stable? so lets Go.

    Are you ready for fuel ques?
    Are you ready for inflation reaching 80%+?
    Are you ready for Tanzania?
    Are you ready for the biggest drought to hit Malawi?
    Are you ready for no tobacco sales?

    NO your not sit back down!

    You say you don’t WHAT need them Chonde lets leave this issue here.

  6. Manuel says:

    The Gujurati Indians are like slaves in their country. They were brought here as labourers to lay the railway line. Now they have the guts to insult Malawians.this,only in Malawi for sure!

  7. Mbuya says:

    Those who took injunction r these amwenyes koma kutulusa forex we want BT to look nice shupid

  8. Kanyimbi says:

    S768, you have no right to comment on our affairs.This is not your country, If the laws are not good to you, then go back to your home country.

  9. Benjones says:

    This is the war we were waiting for. But you know guys it’s out president who supports these Indians. You all have seen immediately president is sworn they go with brief cases. It’s our poor system that has given these people so much power. This time we will not accept. Are all landlords Asians its a very serious question. We need to look into carefully. At the same time they hold British passports don’t you think very fishy.

  10. onachi says:

    that Malawi, plastic paper ban, we rush to obtain and injunction; operation red star an injunction what will we accept for the good of the country and the good of later generations? Let us embrace change for the country to develop like other countries for example Rwanda

  11. Indians says:

    I’m sick and tired of these Indians. They add zero value to Malawi and think they are above the law. They need to verify deported back. I hate them and we need to start. They are destroying Malawi and don’t pay taxes. They don’t want Malawi to improve that’s why they go to court, bribe a judge and get induction. I say we get rid of these cow worshiping devils out of Malawi. It’s time

  12. Fuck Indians says:

    S768 You greedy Indian bustard. You are all alike mother fucked. Selfish and abusive and involved in stealing our forex. You don’t like my corrupt country then fuck off and go back to your stinking country. This is my country and it’s your type that is always corrupt and making zero contribution. So fuck you and your fellow corrupt Indians. You can all burn in hell while you worship cows and dogs for all I care. I don’t like you people and you should know that 90 percent of Malawians don’t like you fucken Indians. Judgement day will catch up one day mark my word you idiot

  13. Jackson says:

    If the aim is indeed to make the city beautiful, then also encourage construction of beautiful structures/buildings as much as you seek to improve the existing ones. Some of the buildings constructed in recent years leave a lot to be desired. Our cities deserve better structures than the four plain walls with windows and of poor workmanship. If you ask people on the streets to list beautiful buildings in our cities, very few recently constructed structures will make the list. That should be food for thought for developers, architects/engineers and authorities. Beauty has a cost but it has value too.

  14. Patriot says:

    Nyumba za apolisi simunazithete chifukwa cha?
    Zimenezonso zofunika demolition.

  15. Bibo says:

    Malawi is one of the few countries on earth where foreigners come and succeed so easily while indigenous people are not empowered economically.In countries like Ghana,it is the locals who own big businesses apart from investments from western Europe and USA.

    In Malawi,non-Malawian Indians come from Asia, access bank loans,and put up businesses in a short period of time.They are glorified at the expense of Malawians. Malawians find it hard to become successful entrepreneurs due to hurdles in financing their prospective businesses- in short,Malawians are not empowered economically so they can contribute to the country’s success.

    The sad thing is nationalities from India come and make money in Malawi but don’t invest in good structures like modern buildings or hotels.They externalize forex under the disguise of a secret dual- nationality. They don’t care about Malawi’s modernity;to them, Malawi is like a mine which you exploit and leave it in a desolate state.

    Such things would not happen in a dictatorship as someone put it in a different article. This habit of court injunctions derails development. Judges must use common sense not to entertain those who promote mediocrity in our cities. Malawian cities must match international standards from airports to central business districts, to trandportation systems,and to road networks.

    In fact,nobody owns land in our cities.When an investor or any other person acquires land to put up a structure,that land by nature,is a leased land from government and the purchase can be revoked at any time.Therefore, government has the prerogative to snatch that land from the investor if he/ she breaches usage obligation. That is to say, a developer has to conform to the required standards of development as stipulated in the statutes. These Indians must comply or leave,they will not be missed.Malawi needs to move to a different level.

  16. S786 says:

    Mr so called bean to India. Who the fuck invited u to India. U shud have stayed in ur corrupt country. Most Indians in India are poor does not give u a right to insult other countries. If I go to England and say kill all Malawians! Or deport them all! Wud u like it? Ur the one who worships cows like the Hindus. U must be the one who shits outdoors u asshole. Many Indians in malawi are Muslims Alhamdulillah. Next time think before saying. I don’t want to wAste my time talking to ugly dogs like u! Now fuck offfff. U swinnne!

  17. Music says:

    Hahaha too much freedom in Malawi. On the other hand do not just replicate what was done during Kamuzu’s days. Times have changed and requires different approaches.

  18. alhomwe atilaula says:

    Anthu amenewa ndi anthu osafunira dziko lino za bwino. Ndi kuno kohka komwe we have poor infrastructure, maiko anzathu ndiokongola and amaoneka otukuka coz they have good infrastructure, BT Council pliz do not be intimidated by those people, go ahead with your plans, asafuna achoke! Ndipo ife tikufuna titachita business koma tikusowa malo! Achoke amenewo anthu akufuna kwa bwino apitirize!

  19. Been to India says:

    Amwanye all they want is to make money not invest. They should also be told not have residental places in the shops, imagine they hang underware in the open in town. These indians they worship cows in india and they think like cows and they are darn racits, go to india like some of us and you will believe. Infact we should chase them away like Idi Amin did, stupid people, 60 percent of them shit in open place in india here they treat malawians like lower case people what they do in thier diry shitty country they do not want to stay in.

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