Malawi ‘Red Star’ campaign hits a snag, landowners obtain court order

The Blantyre City Council (BCC) Red Star Campaign has hit a snag after 54 property owners obtained a court injunction, restraining the council from enforcing demolition of earmarked buildings.

Kasunda:  PR Manager Blantyre City says they will challeneg the injunction

Kasunda: PR Manager Blantyre City says they will challeneg the injunction

However, BCC says it is continuing with the operation and still observing the set deadline of 31st March, 2016.

President Peter Mutharika in February last year inaugurated the Red Star Campaign that would see some buildings in Blantyre City being pulled down completely and others being renovated in a bid to make the city beautiful and meet international standards.

BCC through the Red Star Campaign, has earmarked 161 buildings for demolition in central business districts of Limbe and Blantyre.

In an interview, BCC Public Relations Manager, Anthony Kasunda told Nyasa Times the council was working on challenging the restraining order.

”We received court order obtained by 54 developers restraining the Red Star Campaign committee from enforcing demolition,” said Kasunda.”As the council we will pursue the matter in court”.

Kasunda revealed, despite the court order, they have received action plans from other developers interested in seeing the city refurbished to modern and international standards.

”We are happy with them because this is what we expected”.

He said the interest of other developers to proceed with the operation would allow the council to demolish the earmarked buildings in phases.

”It would not be in the interest of Blantyre residents to have about 161 buildings demolished at one goal. Then the city will look like a war zone or that it was hit by natural disaster,” added Kasunda.

”So we will be working closely with those developers that have clearly indicated how they intend to implement our recommendations”.

Meanwhile, BCC has warned to take action against some of developers who removed the red star mark on their buildings.

According to Kasunda, doing so is against Section 72 (1e)  of Town and Country Planning Act.

”These developers are given seven days to restore the red star or risk facing legal action. All in all, the Red Star Campaign is still on and we appeal to developers to bring forward their plans of

BCC, last year, through the Red Star Campaign committee assessed 191 properties in Limbe and out of this 87 were recommended for demolition representing a 46 percent.

Blantyre has 189 properties and 74 were earmarked for demolition, representing 39 percent.

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We also need PATRIOTIC judges, magistrates & lawyers, not mercenaries. People need to comply with the operation red star or emigrate to other countries of their choice.


ku Zomba kuno za nyanya redstar ifika lit?

Guys guys guys! don’t insult each other like this. Both Indian Malawians and Indigenous Malawians, don’t you know that you are giving a chance to other people to lough at you. A wise man one day advised his children adopted and biological ones – saying, ” my children, when I am no longer here whatever happens, you need to remember that there is power in unity. you will always be difficult to defeat if you don’t allow anything or anyone to divide you.” When the father passed away, those kids always remembered what he had told them and did just… Read more »
The Red Star has been there since 1989 when Kamuzu advised the Asians to upgrqde the standards in Limbe and Blantyre, it was during the time of Muluzi who compromised but these amwenyes are aware that this would one day Revive. City of Blantyre you have the support of Malawians go ahead and you dont need to do it in phases just demolish, let those plots be vacant and allocate them to Malawian developers and most of those plots are on freehold leases. Most of the plots like those in Limbe opposite the Mosque belong to Asians who dont reside… Read more »
Compensation Gate

I can’t wait bring it on. Malawi are you READY are you Steady & Stable? so lets Go.

Are you ready for fuel ques?
Are you ready for inflation reaching 80%+?
Are you ready for Tanzania?
Are you ready for the biggest drought to hit Malawi?
Are you ready for no tobacco sales?

NO your not sit back down!

You say you don’t WHAT need them Chonde lets leave this issue here.


The Gujurati Indians are like slaves in their country. They were brought here as labourers to lay the railway line. Now they have the guts to insult Malawians.this,only in Malawi for sure!


Those who took injunction r these amwenyes koma kutulusa forex we want BT to look nice shupid


S768, you have no right to comment on our affairs.This is not your country, If the laws are not good to you, then go back to your home country.


This is the war we were waiting for. But you know guys it’s out president who supports these Indians. You all have seen immediately president is sworn they go with brief cases. It’s our poor system that has given these people so much power. This time we will not accept. Are all landlords Asians its a very serious question. We need to look into carefully. At the same time they hold British passports don’t you think very fishy.


that Malawi, plastic paper ban, we rush to obtain and injunction; operation red star an injunction what will we accept for the good of the country and the good of later generations? Let us embrace change for the country to develop like other countries for example Rwanda

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