Malawi running on autopilot, Malawians – a people who care less: Nyakuchenya Ganda column

Without initiative, says Bo Bennet, leaders are simply workers in leadership positions. This has never been more spot-on for Malawi except that ‘workers occupying leadership positions’ actually ‘work’ to earn their keep.

President Peter Mutharika and First Lady

President Peter Mutharika and First Lady

In Malawi, ‘workers in leadership positions’ do nothing except sitting and scheming how to pinch the odd donor buck, if NAC-gate is anything to do by.

Since NAC-gate is now a matter that National Aids Commission has to ‘clarify’ to its donors, and later to be the subject of a yet another audit to be buried under the carpet, if we are to take the Minister of Health at her word, I will let sleeping dogs lie.

Having said that, the picture quickly emerging is that: close to six months from May 2014, it is as if there hasn’t been a change of government at all.

A quick analysis of our recent history cements this as a fact we must get used to, whether we like it or not.

In six months or so, back in 2004, late President Bingu wa Mutharika had already won over a sizeable number of sceptics.

Cynics who had fought, and fought tooth and nail Muluzi’s (the then president) bid to put late Bingu wa Mutharika in office, for fear that wapakaliyala adzayamba kuyimba belu were in six months, silenced and satisfied that Malawi now had a president who meant business.

By the end of Bingu’s first six months in power, every one (except those crying foul for his dumping the United Democratic Front) was singing “Halleluiah” and marveling at how great the Almighty is, and how indeed, His ways are not ours.

Although years down the line it turned out that they had celebrated too early, when one comes to think of it; the Bingu of the first term, the Bingu of the first six months of his reign; was a Bingu of the people, a Bingu who would lock up thieving ministers, a Bingu who was destined to take Malawi somewhere better, not to where he eventually left the poor country.

Then came Africa’s second woman president, Joyce Banda. Within six months she was presiding over a contented Malawi, with Malawians grinning ear to ear.Why?

Because within a record time, Joyce Banda had made amends with everyone that had been peeved by her predecessor’s contrarian behaviour.

Dollars, euros, rands and pounds were freely flowing into the economy, fuel queues and sleep overs at filling stations quickly became a thing of the past.

Once again, the celebration proved to be a bit premature; and here we are, driving in reverse gear, and with each passing day, sinking deeper in the mud.

Looking at the incumbent’s first six months against the stellar first-six-months performances of vintage Bingu and Joyce Banda, you and I can say, without fear of contradiction: that the election in May 2014, might as well have been a ballot to hire a non-worker into the number one post in Malawi Limited.

Six months on from May 2014, reminiscent of a president-less country, the feeling that Malawi is lacking leadership and direction is overwhelming and getting worse.

Six months after taking over the baton, the best this government is doing is creating the impression that it wants to experiment with how far Malawi can go on autopilot, and how much longer Malawians can tolerate a government that consumes taxes and nips donor money while providing no services, offering nil direction and taking a ‘deserved’ nap under the impression that fixing the economy is something that some being (a UFO) will come from Mars to do.

No-one following events and lack of development(s) in Malawi has any doubt that currently, there isn’t a single soul working on fixing the economy.

For every action, there must be a reaction. Therefore, if someone was taking action on fixing the economy, and doing this well; the reaction would not have been a Kwacha heading for the chasm.

If someone, employed and paid to fix the economy was not sleeping on their watch; inflation would not have been growing at an alarming rate, critical services and operations grinding to a halt, while journalists – from nowhere  evolve, into a priority pro-poor investment area.

Naturally, given the unattended to economic malaise, service provision is suffering to the detriment of the people who depend on the government the most i.e. the real poor. And the poor, in any sober definition, do not include that lot that after being wined and dined, were thanked with MK50,000 donated to Malawi to fight HIV and AIDs.

This begs that question: when shall our leaders learn that you can fool some people some time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time?

With one hand, they extend a begging bowl; and with the other they and their cronies,are busy pilfering the little that the donors had given for the cause of those that are stricken with HIV and AIDS.

And look at the looting:a third (MK50, 000) reportedly went to the journalists, and two thirds (MK100, 000) into you-know-who’s wallets, wallets that should already be bursting with taxpayer’s money.

If “cash-gate”will one day be defined as “the malpractice of making hefty payments to connected suppliers for supplying nothing”; the current government’s invention, “NAC-gate”, will be explained as“the art of a presidential economic advisor fundraising from donor-funded NAC, for events that have little or nothing to do with AIDs and some lucky character at the State House purloining a third of the loot.”

Disgusting isn’t it? The more things change, the more they remain the same. The feeling of déjà vu is unbearable for any patriot.

  • Nyakuchena Ganda is a Nyasa Times columnist
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61 thoughts on “Malawi running on autopilot, Malawians – a people who care less: Nyakuchenya Ganda column”

  1. victim Chamkhuni Lwazazi says:

    All problems facing Malawi!!! – i don’t see anything to do with tribes here. It just shows how shallow some people’s minds are.

  2. mona says:

    Iwe mayaya shut up your stinking mouth ulibe mzeru

  3. Wanga ndi yemweyo says:

    Now I know one of the reasons why we have the kind of administrative problems that we are facing as a nation. It’s because 50 years after independence we still have people who think like Mr Mayaya. He says this country belongs to Lhomwes??? Seriously? Mr Mayaya, do you think all the people who are not satisfied with the way thing are going are Tumbukas? Are Lhomwes so tribalistic? Or is it just you? I hope the latter is the case, otherwise…..God save Malawi! By the way Mr Mayaya, do you ever sing the Malawi National Anthem? Do you believe in it? Or would you rather the word “Malawi” was replaced with “Lhomwes”? Let us leave tribalistic sentiments out of this issue and look at the bare facts. And whether you like it or not, the facts show that we are on autopilot. Period!

  4. Isaac says:

    so tumbukas are the root cause of all these problems malawians are going through?what do you gain by castigating a certain tribe or region?we call ourselves a God fearing nation and yet there is no love amongst ourselves.if we continue thinking that our tribe is better than other tribes and that these other tribes are second class citizens then we shoulod forget about any properity in this country because this demonstrates that we shall never be united as a country and yet unity is the preliquisite for any countrys development.lets forget about what tribe we are and always call ourselves Malawians then we shall move forward may God bless Malawi

  5. Mdzukuru says:

    koma ndiye autopilot ai Kwataine ananenanso kuti tikuyendera gear ya neutral – lol. Tifweng!!!

  6. dorobuchi says:

    A mayaya ngati mwasowa choyankha ingokhalani phee. Why not just argue with the points raised in the article rather than just bublinging nonsenses based on trivial and petty tribalistic issues? nkhani ya Atumbuka ikubwerapo bwanji apa?

  7. King Zude says:

    Mbambadi mkuluyu afa imfa yowawa ngati akulu ake,ma demo here we gooooo!!!!

  8. mayaya says:

    Ine ndimadabwa anthu ena mukamakamba za atsogoleri adziko mopanda nzeru,ndindani,wantundu uti amene angalamulile dziko mokomera aliyense?
    Ndimanena mobwelezabweleza kuti kuzakhala kovuta kwambiri kuti atumbuka azalamulire dzikolino,mwina mulimbikire kuti makhale ndiboma lanulanu koma osati kuvoteredwa ndidziko lonse.Alhomwe ndiye eni dzikoli ndipo tizapitiliza kusankha atsogoleri akuntima kwathu moyang’anira mitundu.1992/93 H.Kamuzu Banda ananena kuti “AMALAWI OSAZALOLERA KUTI DZIKO LAMALAWI LIZALAMULIDWE NDI MTUMBUKA NDIPO ANALAMULA KUTI APHUNZITSI ONSE ACHITUMBUKA AZIPITA KWAO KUMPITO”
    Ndinachita kuona ndimaso anga aphunzitsi anga achitumbuka akulira kusagwirizana ndimfundo yobwelera kwao m’menemo ndili STD 4A.Funso langa lomaliza wabwino ndindani?

    1. pierra says:

      maybe you have never understood the true meaning of a DEMOCRATIC government standing for Government of the people by the people and for the people! Any elected leader is a servant of the people and should govern accordingly. Any powers that he may accrue are due to the greater powers that elected him.

      HKB maybe a fine role model to you but he single handedly derailed the Malawi Constitution to bestow himself Life President, hitherto Dictator. You seem pleased about HKB’s action on teachers from the north without due respect to the rights of all Malawians to make personal choice about where to earn a peaceful living. Incidently, he never complained collecting their share of taxes…and was hard against tribalism and regionalism. How he never questioned about this contradiction, we will never know.

      The current leaders are the choice of all Malawians. If they fail, they will be failing all Malawians regardless of region, tribe or district. We all want them to succeed for Malawi to gain prosperity it deserves.

    2. Chilungamo Chimawawa says:

      Thats why your idiot presidents will be dying one by one with cardiac arrests! You will keep on ruling but God will continue punishing you devils! You are cursed and will rule his country with no peace, cut my finger for tomorrow’s sake!!!!!

  9. Zainno says:

    Why northeners you are hating southeners YOU CAN look the situation carefully .its only four months that you are judging our presedent . You forget that its only four months when we remove amayi with there poor leadership. Realy northeners you mean that the situation can be handled within this period?. Even obama can do that? Without donor aid? Oh!! Malawians why? You forget that the picture that you are exposing outside will again affect you very soon. Lets wakeup and work together. And you northeners you forget that apm’s votes were also coming from some districts in northen region. So why? Pliz change your minds malawians.

    1. Chilungamo Chimawawa says:

      Mbuzi iwe galu wachabe chabe. Wakuuza kuti amene akunena kuti AMP boma lamkanika ndi atumbuka okha okha ndani????? The whole country is crying now, saying Mbendera and his fellow idiots at MEC betrayed Malawians by rigging votes in the may 20 elections. Please wake up yourself because you are the one who is sleeping. This is not only about tumbukas but every malawian of rightful thinking. If you have nothing to say here just zip up your mouth!

  10. spokosi says:

    I respect your opinion Ganda and respect mine too: You are basically an intellectually incompetent person you NEED guidance when writting these so called analysis, more especially when you are putting them online. You may apply such myopia at chigwirizano, bwandiro or kwa kamba tarvens or bottlestores in the middle of night to lure prostitutes or your prospective beer donors! trust me ‘am not a partisan at all, let alone malawian politics, my foot! but you my friend needs some miracle in order to at least come close to competency in analysing anything before you fat an opinion. timadabwatu kuti mumakhaladi mmalawi momuno kapena chani?..iii ayi ndithu.. thank you

  11. Onasiwelo says:

    we may write, talk, shout this and that the question is, is the leadership of the country working? If yes are they working to make matters worse or good? If we are to measure the work of the leadership of this country are they doing enough to solve the problems we as Malawians are facing or I should say are they doing what we voted them to do. Do not forget the president is employed by the nation and he is answerable to the nation. What ever is happening the head leader should shoulder the responsibility and get a credit when things are ok that is leadership. Russian president has just finished a state of the nation address soon after their currency has depreciated, how many times has our beloved professor addressed on the same? If there are some measures which are to be taken aboard do you and me know any? If no is not the country run on an auto pilot? lets think with our brains not behinds.

  12. cash gate says:

    If we keep on dividing this nation and saying that it is the fault of the southerners, then i say Malawi is poor because of the Norhterners. The Northers are the ones leading in many organisations, compannies, departiments, name it. But what are they doing?, change should begin within yoyurself, your sorounding and then your society. This regionalistic mind is what is killing us. when something originates from the south it turns to be trash but if it originates from the North even if chitakhala mbola, you this is what we want. shame!!! If you are good up there bring out your brilliant ideas and sell them to Malawians abd develop this country not what we are doing. we have been doing this for a long time and we are achiving nothing and I mean nothing. Change for the better northerners ilove you all.

    1. Malunza says:

      Here is one idea for you, Let us have a Federal System of government.

      1. Member says:

        Another idea is; Harmonise all salaries of Government employees(Judiciary, Central & and Parliament) quickly before things fall apart. Those who are not happy should gracefully resign.

  13. BTN says:

    I am sure that most patriotic and intelligent malawians are dismayed and disconcerted at the speed at which APM’s enemies have taken at vexing him. The pen of reporters should at least unite and bring hope at this most trying time but it is continuously provoking. Malawi is not about Peter Mutharika, governing Malawi can not be one mans show, thats archaic thinking. APM needs support of us all in fact not only APM but all leaders need support of their teams to succeed. It is shameful to see a malawian delighting in vexing his/her president. We seem not to have compassion for the poor nerves of our Prsisident. I for one admire APM most, he has good education, I honour his circumspection, he is scrupulous in responding to your insults. Malawians plz put APM aside and think about where you are pushing your country to. Why do we have learned people, i thought it is for guidance? Why are you taken by avarice? Shameful schoolars.

  14. victim Chamkhuni Lwazazi says:

    The children of God suffering in the wilderness, full of snakes, scorpions, lions….. May the Lord give Malawi REAL leadership. Sacrificial leadership for all. Amen.

  15. XXY says:

    Mwana ATU said it. “If you will vote a cash gate government you will gnash your teeth”. Then we all knew that JB was involved in K13billion cashgate, DPP in K92Billion and UDF in K1.7billion. We all quashed him saying he was still a baby. Between ATU and us who is a baby now.

  16. pierra says:

    I think the term AUTOPILOT is seriously flawed in this case. Pilots would be first to appreciate that before engaging the autopilot, a planned course, correct speed and balanced aerodynamic trim is made to the ship; only then is the autopilot engaged. In the absence of these critical factors, the autopilot may not engage; bringing the ship to a state of freefall! Besides, NO pilot with quality wings would dare leave the wheel before engaging the autopilot or handing over control to a skilled Co-Pilot.

    The question most Malawians should be asking is where are we going? There appears to be no planned route towards a semblance of economic recovery! We can see the economy is in dire straits, but what are our problems? Before a pilot can undertake any flying mission, he/she has to analyse all factors such as weather, passenger and baggage details, cruise altitude, fuel, destination conditions, alternate airport including safety altitudes along the way, etc. In Malawi’s case most problems are exhibited in the freefall Kwacha, fuel and commodity price hikes, etc. There appears to be a huge iceberg effect that none of our leaders are telling us and yet we advance perilously ahead into almost certain collision. How many warning flags should there be before the order to abandon ship is called? Passengers have fidgetingly clasped their life jackets! They can see and hear the mis-firing piston engines, the near misses with tall ship masts but no word from the crew, let alone the Captain.

    So, this is no plane in autopilot mode. Its more like a balloon running out of blast fuel but suffering a major leak in the canvass and certainly on its way down with all ballast already tossed overboard! Its never going to be women and children first!

  17. manyanyule says:

    don’t point fingers to any tribe because the so called tumbuka people they are just fighting for transparency

  18. Jose' says:

    I am baffled with the naivety of the author of this article. How can we praise Bingu today when we couldn’t back him during his time of hardship in the country? What good did he do that the others have failed to provide? Why should Kamuzu all of a sudden become a hero when we all know he was a dictator?

    Mr (or is it a miss?) author, does it mean that a leader with clues is the one who goes around making noise at the podium castigating the dead – who cannot respond? Is distributing goats, chickens and building a 2 x 2 house your yard stick for a leader with clues? Tell me, are you insinuating that you cannot see that the turmoil the country is swimming in is the making of amayi?

    Why should we Malawians always be at the fore front shooting down efforts of our leadership in the name of freedom of expression? I for one, have not seen a people that do not have respect for their country as Malawians. Auto pilot?? my foot. Do you even know the definition of the term auto pilot? I wonder

    1. YOKWIYA says:

      Auto pilot means something is not being controlled by a person. It is running on its own mechanism, without human interference. I agree with the author. I looks like the country has no ruler. There is no driver. Things are happening in the country but there is no word from the powers that be. The president is not saying anything about the Kwacha, the dollar, the strikes, the rains, tobacco , maize, religion, nothing and nothing at all. He is just there to scheme his version of cashgate. Shame!!!

  19. Bazuka says:

    Brilliant work but you are talking to deaf, mediocre, barbaric & tribalistic Malawians especially southerners that have a blue brain which impedes their reasoning & thinking. Tribalism & regionalism are the root cause of our leaders doing evil things since they are guaranteed of being voted by their tribe. This generation will certainly perish since it is reaping what it is sowing. We did sow Mutharika & now we are reaping NACGATE. Malawians vote on whims & not on reason. Peter et al will continue to ruin this country. Just see comments that support Peter & JB even though they are fully aware these monsters have come to root, plunder & kill. Shame!

  20. ndadabwa says:

    kikiki pachithunzipo pali Zombie and Zombiess

  21. Alufeyo says:

    Am a proud southerner and i temain so. However why insult northerners for sins committed by our people from the south? Frankly the current leadership is clueless lets admit. Why inspite of cashgate was JB able to pay salaries when APM is failing? The position of Chief Secretary has been reduced to a messenger. How can the CS take orders from some stunted personal Assistant? We have seen the demise of OPC in less than 1 year.

  22. Chaholi Chifipa says:

    A LOMWE this country has failed you because you a bunch of lazy people and failures……………Shupiti

  23. Ghost of Kamuzu says:

    Sir it is with regret that I who have supported you for many long years must now admit that you are a dismal failure sorry I should use a capital F, FAILURE.
    The first thing you did on being elected is to appoint your lomwe kith and kin into high offices, and then resort to soliciting and receiving bribes from corrupt Indian businessmen to provide them with immunity from prosecution or being investigated.
    You are not failing but have FAILED, you are a FAILURE. Better for you to resign and attend to your throat cancer. Or if you want to remain in office, then please agree to return the millions of dollars that Bingu stole, because that is what he donors are demanding. The audits etc. r cash gate casses will not mean donors resuming aid, but the return of the millions that your big brother stole will.

    1. Nankungwi says:

      why are you accusing the man on behalf of is brother? Failure amchita assessakatha nchito not while thw man is trudging to make it! you sir are the faikure you are bitter and yur assessment is very poor indeed!

      1. Ghost of Kamuzu says:

        Nankungwi No 27.1. You appear to be ignorant. I am not attacking incompetent APM because of his brother. But since you raise the issue APM was part on Bingu’s government, and now that APM is the President he has a duty to the nation f Malawi to recover the money that Bingu stole. So I suggest Nankungwi going back to school for you!

  24. ANGA KHWESI says:

    MAYO 000000!!! MAYO000000 !!
    MAYO 000000 !!! MAYO 00000 !!



  25. Zamadula says:

    DPP apologists may not agree with this article; but the truth of the matter is that APM and his cabinet seem to think that they have very little to do in terms of improving the economic situation in the country.

    To underscore this point, in his public pronouncements APM emphasises the importance of paying taxes. Yesterday, he went to the extent of threatening anyone who is evading tax that: “We are coming after you”. The truth of the matter is that in the third world, especially a ‘failed state’ like Malawi, evading tax is the norm rather than the exception. Even if we were to examine APM’s own affairs before he became president, I have no doubt that we would find some unpaid taxes.

    The major problem is gross inefficiency. This is what APM should be focusing on – improving public service delivery at every level. Many income taxes (except for PAYE) are uncollected simply due to MRA inefficiency – resulting in self employed millionaires paying less direct taxes than an employed clerk! APM promised to revamp the public sector, but now that he is in power he is not delivering on this promise. The key to transforming Malawi lies in transforming public service delivery. APM should also consider drastic cuts to executive waste. There is no point in increasing tax collections if the additional revenue is going to go down the drain through executive arrogance: Trim the state residencies, trim the convoys, trim the unnecessary trips, remove the advisers (APM already has a cabinet), avoid duplicating offices (e.g. paying for 2 army commanders instead of one). The executive can do a lot in trimming unnecessary waste – do not just focus on revenue generation.

    In summary, APM should focus on improving revenue collection while at the same time cutting useless expenditure. The key to all this is revamping the public sector…

  26. Lake Malawi says:

    He he he deeeehhh koma limeneri ndi banja kapena ali pa Drama??????????

  27. Chikwawa says:

    Malawians why are we now crying? This is our choice of Leadership period! AIDS we are truly dying now because donors will never support us anymore to curb this problem. In other countries they respect such donations but what is wrong with Malawians ABALE!!!
    If I were the first Lady I could simply pay them back and end up the story to serve my peoples’ lives living with AIDS. The Kwataine’s group is very wright ABALE ANGA and what BAMUSI is talking about is just selfish and the good news is that Bamusi has not been AFFECTED with AIDS. But he must know that either one or his relatives must have silently been affected and BAMUSI is just a fortune seeker ALL THE TIME.

  28. mbwenu says:

    Atumbuka tsopano, Bingu mumati oipa lero ndi wa bwino chifukwa APM ndi president

    Ndale zomwe zimasewera inu ndi za chibwana atumbuka, nthawi zonse kulimbana ndi president.timabungwe tisogozedwa ndi anthu akupotowa ali busy kuti asokoneze ulamuliro wa APM

    Koma ziwani kuti ngakhale banji even company moyo si umayenda chimodzi, mtendere ndi mavuto omwe zonse zimayendera limodzi

    Tonse tikuziwa kuti mavuto onse ndi chifukwa cha Cashgate yomwe yasekereza mabungwe ndi maiko akunja kuthandiza dziko

    Tiyeni tonse tigwire nchito limodzi ngati a malawi lokweza dziko lathu losaukali, kodi nsanje itifikitsa kuti amalawi??

    1. ANGA KHWESI says:



  29. Jendayekha says:

    Typical Mlakho leadership, no clue on managing government affairs. But top performers on Kusolora, Looting where they did not sow, Tribalism, Regionalism, Arrogance and Stupidity. In terms of plumber 66 Billion, Uranium proceeds, personal mansions in Ndata, Blantyre, Lilongwe and around the globe. What a family even wives have now been identified as thieves. Cry my beloved country for putting in high office hardcore thugs who have no welfare of the poor and the sick.

  30. chengolo says:

    Tinkanena ife che Pitala simungayendetse boma, koma kukakamira ndi izi within 6 months mwayamba kale kunyeredwa nawo u president. You have done completely nothing apart from kuchotsa anthu ntchito, mbuzi iwe meeeeeeeeeee

  31. me says:

    yes its so true JB was a nice president but those guys there are not to much smart so .
    because maybe she was a women and malawian man are not ready to hava a women president.
    but one thing its for shore,investiments were going there from europe and all because of that women.
    now what malawians have?
    should be ashame of stupidity.people please you need to take them out of that government as soon as possible aand put JB again there.
    she have personality and know how to stay and gives a good image to the country.
    when nelsom mandela died and when she made that speach all world clap hands.
    stop beeing stupid and learn how thw world works.
    economy was going up,she was working to stop unger and she was doing a good job.
    dont forget she took the country from bingu so it was not easy.
    bingu stole to much and did not do nothing good even the money from mote he took,bribe money too much.
    try to do the right thing
    one question?
    are you better now??????????

  32. Masharubu says:

    The country is indeed on auto-pilot . The only notable things Peter Mutharika has done since assuming the presidency some six months ago :
    1. Kuveka ufumu wa a Ngolongoliwa;
    2. Kutsegulira dance ku mwambo wa Mlakho wa Alhomwe;
    3. Kubwenzeletsa VIP status ya oimba uja Madonna .
    Fellow Malawians, we are in trouble .

  33. Herald Pitala Mathanyula says:

    Hahahaha reverse gear indeed, so Peter is failing to drive for sure kkkkkkkk. This guy is really crazy to have thought that he could be President of Malawi. Walira nyanga ya nsatsi msemere imufotere yekha. Mopwiya ameneyu yamufotera too early hahahahaaha

  34. Patriot says:

    Eti dzulo ati wayika ndondomeko zokopera ma bizinesi akunja kubwera kuzagwira ntchito ku Malawi.
    Olo US embassy ikuwuza nzika zake kuti asamale chifukwa chosowa chitetezo mdziko muno, ndiye wina aziti nya nya nya nya nya.

    1. Malunza says:

      Munthu uyu walephera basi. He will not help Malawi, he needs to retire, he has new ideas.

  35. Mbanangwa says:

    I love you man, auto-pilot and moving in reverse gear, sinking deeper into the mud expecting some an Unidentified Flying Objectect ( UFO) to come from planet Mars to do the job. Kikikikikiki,I kikikikiki. I love you Ganda !

  36. Mafikizolo says:

    I see chaos in Malawi within the next few months . Men who were capable fathers and breadwinners in their homes and families are being made to look like fools who cannot provide for their families . All because of the sorry state of the economy . And the people who were elected to improve the lives of Malawians are not only sleeping on the job, but they are exhibiting gross arrogance by looting money from organisations set up to alleviate the suffering of destitute people . And, to add insult to injury, when asked yo return such looted money, they use their so – called spokespersons to give very immature and provocative statements as to why they will not return such money .
    A word of advice to APM and his cohorts, a people’s patience is like an elastic band : although it’s properties allow it to be stretched, it too has a breaking point .

  37. SMM II says:


  38. Kadonaphani says:

    Abale, kodi akwiirana???
    Picture says a thousand words.
    Aliyense ndwindwi. Doesn`t make anyone proud at all to say this is our president and his wife. Can someone please tell our first couple to at least smile on camera and show relaxed face? Otherwise the picture here tells different stories. And anyone who does not know this is a married couple would argue to the last drop of blood that the two are either estranged or not married at all.

  39. Kamchitete says:

    It is shameful to disappoint global fund donors. We cant feel the pinch now but let them stop. All arv consumers, nurses, health workers, tb patients will wake up with bows and arrows pointing at apm and getrude. I dont want to celebrate another cadiac arrest. This is a testmony of stealling someones leadership. If God indeed made apm a leader, things cld not b as negative as they are.

  40. Dan says:

    The whole leadership framework must be reorganised.

    The Republican constitution should expressly provide the must-follow criteria:

    1. It must expressly bar any person with a record of having failed to exercise his or her leadership duty to resolve an impasse in any of the government departments and/or ministries.

    2. Any person married to a politician should not be allowed to go for the country’s presidency.

    3. A person should be elected into the office of the country’s presidency with 50+1%.

    4. Chiefs of the government’s institutions should not be appointed by the president; but they should be shortlisted, interviewed and vetted by the parliamentary public appointments committee.

    5. Any sitting president in breach of the laws MUST NOT be immune to public legal prosecutions.

  41. Prophet says:

    Now this is what i call good columnist,nice script and critically well put.Nyakuchena Ganda thumbs up for ya wake the president up.

  42. vindere says:

    In future. our neighbouring countries will learn about ” THE RISE AND FALL OF MALAWI”.

  43. makito says:

    Wonderful article Nyakuchena. The truth.

  44. Ngozo says:

    1/100 government performance. First agenda in office was wedding, what do you expect from such a fellow? Very sad.

  45. Sidix says:

    What ever u lament,will not yield anything to APM , 1st tiny lady and the swarm of APM advisors. The bible says,”an old man, over 70 yrs old does not listen to advice”So mungozivutapo kulongolora!

  46. I salute you Nyakuchenya Ganda you are a man who speaks nothing but the real truth
    Imagine what that money could do for example we had reports a few weeks ago that Kamuzu Central Hospital was going to suspend its operations due to water shortage

    Couldn’t it be wise if the said resources (that the Number One Thieves of Malawi pocketed)
    were directed towards this good humanitarian cause.

    Why is it so difficult for highly learned leaders to accept and acknowledge the fact that Malawi really needs some action on the ground not mare rhetoric

    The time is over no more lip service “We MUST as A Nation Demand Faithful answers we need to know the truth about the so many Questions Unanswered, mysteries Unresolved, Doubts to be cleared, Trust to be restored in the People of Malawi .

    Lets put an End to this clueless “GOVERNMENT OF PROF Arthur Peter Mutharika”

    This Man is so old that his thinking capacity and intellectual level has gone down so low
    He has reached a level whereby he doesn’t trust his own decision he is actually at a point whereby he simply listens and quickly endorses any proposal without critically analyzing
    the underline factors that would help determine the likelihood of success in running Government business.

    There is Urgent need to call an emergency meeting involving all well wishing Malawians to sing a petition that would enable us call for a legal constitutional referendum where we would express our “Vote of No CONFIDENCE ” in the DPP led Government

    Failing which we should expect chaos beyond our control, Fires ragging from street to street, People being murdered left and right, communities becoming intolerant

    the struggle for power begins right at your door step “Make a move lets you be left behind in the 18th Century whilst your top SERVANT ENJOYS THE FRUITS OF YOUR LABOUR Living life in the 20th Century Whilst you die of Hunger, Envy and Disease

    We are a poverty stricken lot and its undeniable fact that “I thought would have given our leaders a clue to what really needs to be done “In terms of Priorities in the life of a common poor Malawian man

    Nobody can comfortably say that they are able to afford the three basic human needs
    Namely “Food Clothing and Shelter”

    How then would you expect a nation to develop in such circumstances

    Families are busy struggling to earn the three basic needs, they have little or no time to think about a child’s education as there mind is always thinking of how to pay that monthly rent, what about today’s food, someone is sick we need to pay for medical bills
    to reclaim your right to life

    I cry my Poor Malawi “We are so helpless a PEOPLE

  47. Hebrews says:

    What you are forgetting is that Bingu won the hearts of the donors by arresting Muluzi. I don’t know whether arbitrary arresting of people a being human without thourough investigation! Joice Banda was perceived as she turned things aroung quickly because most of the services were condolences like fuel condolence from Zambia, container of food stuffs from Mozambique. Above all else, JB found the country with so many resources namely: Had 23 billion kwacha in Zimbabwe that was realized after selling maize which was used to supply fuel when JB was in power, We had food surplus that every Malawian was able to feed themselves and donate to other countries surfice to say donors had just suspended their aid. During Peter’s reign, the country has no resources. The money that was supposed to run the government was plundered through cashgate. Donors put there foot down because of the same. Above all else some of the problems are man made because some of the donors that were against Bingu’s regime are friends of Joyce Banda therefore they remain sympathizers of JB. hence their tough stance. But what is clear is that the Azungus do not want a strong leader! They like weak leaders so that they should be dancing to their tune! I-e The azungus were against Gadaffi just like they were against Bingu. Look where Libya is now. This is because of evil people like the Azungu. Do not forget there is God and one day God will intervene and people will be ashamed! MAy God Bless Malawi

  48. the abductor says:

    They deserve some whipping of any sort, its high time Malawians have been taken for a ride

  49. mlomwe says:

    peter yemweyo kuti wawawaaaaaaaaaaa

    1. hst says:

      Does DPP have anything to show as counter-arguments against these clear signs of incompetence?

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