Malawi Secular humanist condemns Neno witchcraft killings

Association of Secular Humanism executive director George Thindwa has severely condemned the brutal killing of four elderly persons in Neno on Monday accused of witchcraft, saying the gruesome murder of the suspected witches was worse than the myth of witchcraft itself.

Secular Humanism leader in Malawi: Dr George Thindwa

Secular Humanism leader in Malawi: Dr George Thindwa

Thindwa said he was shocked to learn that the four elderly people were beaten to death in day light despite his organisation’s relentless fight against this through a three year programme that saw him criss cross the country, on various radios and televisions with the same message that people should not kill suspected witches because witchcraft never exists.

“Look at how they have killed these elderly people, in a very brutal way, this is worse much worse than the myth of witchcraft,” he said.

The four Eliza Kanjete, 86, Ayelinifa Kanjete, 76, Byson Kanjete, 73 and Idesi Kanjete 69 were beaten to death at Chimbalanga village in chief Dambe’s area in Neno after they were suspected of killing Flora Kanjete, 17, who was struck to death by lightning.

A postmortem from hospital shows the four died of severe bleeding due to wounds they sustained due to severe beating of the mob.

Police spokesman in Neno Raphael Kaliati said Tuesday no arrests have been effected because tension is still high in the area hampering police investigations.

He however said a preliminary investigation had just started to find out what really happened and identify the killers.

Gender, children affairs and the elderly minister Patricia Kaliati is yet to comment on the matter but President Peter Mutharika has time and again told Malawians to respect the elderly and avoid linking them to witchcraft.

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Masozi Mwenifumbo
Mr John, Yahweh God Himself, whom you blaspheme continuously through your willing ignorance shall surely show Himself up to you, to open your eyes so that you should believe in Him, and and in His Son, Jesus Christ (FOR HE HAS FORGIVEN YOU ALREADY, DYING FOR YOU ON THE RAGGED CROSS OF GOLGOTHA), so that He, the only name by which must be saved yourself from this evil generation and from the kingdom of Satan into that of God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ; for HE HIMSELF HAS SAID THE KINGDOM OF GOD IS NOT IN MERE WORDS… Read more »
I don’t ‘blaspheme’ (as you put it) against Yahweh. I simply say there is no scientifically verifiable evidence that any such non-entity actually exists. As it is something for which there is no proof of its existence, it is pointless and fruitless to speculate on aspects of something that simply does not exist. You may have time to waste on such pointless activities but most sensible and reasonable people do not. Strange, is it not, that no one can produce any contemporary evidence whatsoever produced during the period 0 to 35 Common Era that demonstrates that any such person as… Read more »

Baibul limati musalole wanyanga kuti akhale ndimoyo ble zamaufulu izi muzaweta mjoka nyumba muzina lafulu

Baliso dapper

Doze fucken bullshit dey deserve to die


Facts based on objective evidence:
1. Witches don’t exist
2. Jesus “the son of a Jewish god” never existed ask any jew!
3. Homosexual humans exist.

The only reason people believe in witchcraft is coz they are ignorant and the only reason people pray to someone who is fake like jesus is because they have been indoctrinated from their childhood (brainwashed!)

Unenesko Nguwemi

The fact is there is witchcraft.Lets not formulate laws that shields the culprits and suppress the complainers.If we do it people will resort to mob justice because the law is oppressive.Some of us have even publicly say there is no witchcraft that is untrue.Those practicing witchcraft cannot come in the open because it is an evil thing and shameful.That is why they donot accept.

You are talking ignorant primitive evil nonsense. There is no such thing as witchcraft. The legal offence of witchcraft has been banned from all civilized countries and attempts by ignorant savages to restore it to the statute book will always be opposed by enlightened rational people everywhere. It is people like you who encourage the illegal mob murder of totally innocent people. If anyone should be prosecuted with the full force of the law, it is people like you. I hope the police track you down and charge you with inciting hatred of innocent people. Because of people like you,… Read more »
Chilungamo Chimawawa

Thindwa is a senior witch himself.


I believe a thindwa ali ndi Mphini, nzachiyani?


Where is the MP from this constityuency. Speak up your mind please. This is your time to express your concerns. What do you think aggravated this. Is it as a of result of poverty, ignorance or what? Our MPs please show us your presence.

Dr Mphwiyo

As a qualified medical doctor I say unto you my fellow Malawians, George Thindwa is 100% right. There is no witchcraft. Accusations of witchraft are made by those who are ignorant of what causes disease and lightening and those who don’t want to accept that we will all die one day. Some of you will grow old and be accused of witchraft if we don’t support Thindwa in routing out this stupid belief!!!!

The Analyst
You are a doctor of what in the first place?; of houseflies or monkeys or chickens?; coz if you really were a doctor (that we assume you are) as you claim, you would remember that what you were taught in class, is a branch of medicine called modern medicine hence drawing a divide between traditional and modern medicine. The practice of witchery or wizadly is a part of traditional medicine; this you should have known if you cared to live the doctor you shamelessly claim to be. If you also cared to search for any trait of reason in your… Read more »

Bola mukadawadyetsa tsabola; Kuchotsa moyo. iiiiiii. A hindwa mutophetsa anthu. Muti ifiti kulibe. Mwatoonanga. Muti chiyani?

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