Bees attack ‘Mbona’ worshippers: Rain seeking sacrifice in Chikwawa

An ancient Mang’anja tribe in Chikhwawa on Monday abruptly abandoned their rain seeking sacrifices to their god, mbona, after a bees severely attacked them forcing seven of the 200 people who were in a forest for the sacrifice to be admitted to Ngabu Rural Hospital.

Chief Lundu : Government should help in irrigation

Chief Lundu : Government should help in irrigation

Village headman Matengambili of chief Ngabu in Chikhwawa said the tribesmen had gathered at a shrine in Matengambili forest to give the sacrifice in view of the prolonged dry spell.

“We wanted to ask favours from mbona to give us rain lest we perish. As we were giving the sacrifice, a swam of bees came and beat most of the people who were there, scattering all of us in different directions for cover,” said the village head.

The tribe is an ancient dating back to the history of Malawi. It is said that in old days, when elders gave the sacrifice at mbona shrines, rain fell immediately in abundance.

However, the power of mbona has been weakened with the coming in of new religions like Christianity and Islam that believe in one God though with different names.

Group Village Headman Matengambiri said seven people were seriously injured and rushed to Ngabu Rural hospital where they were admitted.

The village headman said they organized this after a thorough reflection of the past; traditionally sacrifices are made to ask for forgiveness and mercy.

But other chiefs including Paramount Chief Lundu and Member of Parliament for Chikwawa South Illias Karim blamed government for failing to implement long term irrigation technologies and ensure that people are utilizing the Shire River and be food secured.

Karim further called on fellow politicians to walk the talk by seriously implementing sustainanble irrigation technologies so that people do not die of hunger.

He said he has now resorted to personally helping over 6000 people in his area severely hit by food shortage.

Chief Ngabu said the offer of the sacrifice to mbona was a desperate attempt to have rains and echoed Karim’s sentiments for irrigation as a lasting solution to the problem.

The Department of Climate Change and Meteorological Department has predicted rainfall across the country from January 25 to January 31 across the country.

The department warns of flash floods in Chikhwawa and other flood prone areas accompanied with thunder and strong winds.

Mbona was a legendary rain maker with superhuman powers who lived in Nsanje. He had knowledge of medicine and magic, and had a gift bestowed onto him from the heavens to govern the rains.

Apart from bringing rain, he could also create wells of water on sandy lands, create forests where they did not exist and hide from enemies by turning into other creatures such as guinea fowls.

He had a wife named Salima who almost always stayed in the compound, only visited by elderly women and children. She ventured on a few occasions to some villages assisting Mbona on matters of divinity.

Mbona’s Khulubvi sacred shrine is located in Nsanje district. It is an important spiritual place among the people of Mng’anja tribe. It is a place where the Mang’anja worship the spirit of Mbona.

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A Phiri

An ancient Mang’anja tribe?


Ask almighty Allah he will bring rain not what ur doin

chris john sakala

When you want to do something don`t show off.This universe is bad.Satan is around the corner.Bees magic


days of worshiping spirits are gone. why not believing in God?


A far more sensible approach would be to avoid stirring up wild bees nests unnecessarily?
It is not exactly rocket science is it to see the real connections between events, is it?
As for water, as others have pointed out, it would be better to invest in irrigation technology.
Again, it is not exactly rocket science to perceive technology as providing a solution, is it?
Until you all apply human powers of reason towards solving problems you will not advance.
It is no good waiting for external agencies to solve your own problems. Solve them now!


REPENT and then TURN to ALLAH. INDEED. HE will definitely bring down some rain from the skies


Don’t be ridiculous.
There is no allah.
It is just a figment of your wild imagination.
There are also questions as to whether or not Moses, Jesus or Mohamed ever even existed.
Strange – is it not – that no contemporary evidence whatsoever for them existed while they were said to be alive? You would think that such historically important figures would have had lots written about them at the time they were said to be living. But NO – nothing at all.
Try to get real for once in your life.


Waaaaa! Pepa mphale…


Waaaaa, pepani


Even Mbona is bitter with Malawi. “Yakwiya ndi mizimu”. It came as no surprise, the rate at which corruption is institutionalized in Malawi from grassroots, district, regional and national levels, the so called minority rights “gays”, tribalism, jealous and envy amongst we Malawians Mbona ayenera kukwiya basi.

Anyway my thoughts and prayers are with those victims of bees attach. Get well soon folks.


Many ways to go to God Almighty. I believe these people’s prayers were genuine and from deep down their hearts, unlike those staged fashion show tvm prayers.


Hahahahaha zilipobe zomapembeza mafano? Kudelera Chauta eti?

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