Malawi secures K13bn aid for fast collapsing healthcare

Malawi government says it has finally managed to secure K13 billion in donor money to resuscitate the ailing public hospitals, including the buying of enough food so that patients can have three meals a day.

Ministry of Health spokesman: Chikumbe says crackdown on drug theft in public hospitals

Ministry of Health spokesman: Chikumbe says situation will improve

Adrian Chikumbe, spokesman for ministry of health could not however disclose the donors but said they money would be given to the government as a matter of urgency following the critical and catastrophic situation in public hospitals.

Chikumbe said the money should take hospitals from December 2015 to November 2016.

Public hospitals have been hit by severe budget cuts due to the withdrawal of aid by the country’s traditional donors leading to severe shortages of medicine, frequent disconnection of water and electricity due to unpaid bills, parking of ambulances due to breakdowns and lack of fuel and critical shortages of food leading to suspension of free food to patients, among others.

A snap survey in some hospitals shows that food cooking is still suspended and patients rely on relations or well wishers.

At Zomba General Hospital, they have resumed giving food albeit breakfast and dinner only, Mzimba has resumed giving all three meals and in other hospitals, the situation is still unpredictable as hospitals are now depending on free food from well wishers.

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20 thoughts on “Malawi secures K13bn aid for fast collapsing healthcare”

  1. chilungamo chachepa says:

    zibwere ku chitipa accounts yathu ithane nazo! kaya mmaleka dala kumamera midzu pano simungawazulenso

  2. MAYE says:

    Much as we appreciate what the donors have decided to give us that amount, we need to go back to the drawing board and see what was happening during the time when the hospitals were providing essential medicines to the patients. You can choose either to agree with me or not but our population is growing at a faster rate yet our income base is not improving. This growing population is putting pressure to the services which used to carter for the people and we still want to have the same quality which was available when the population was manageable. I am not a politician and I do not intend to be near future but if Malawians were able to contribute something towards the services then maybe we could have helped the government in one way or the other to get rid of some of these problems. We can be happy today but come two or three months we will hear other stories. Let the leadership strategize on how to deliver health services in an effective way without looking at politics otherwise if we continue like this health system will completely collapse

  3. mwachaje says:

    A Malawi ngati tikukana kulipira ngakhale k500 kuchipatala,nkumayembekeza boma lipeleke mankwala,nsima,transport,chakudya cha ma guardian etc, tisadabwe kuti sizikuyenda ngakhale pang’ono. Amene atipatsa ndalamazo sangatipatse chaka chili chonse. We need long term solutions which is that users must pay a little something.
    Anthu a mbili mmidzimu amatha kukhala ndi ma cell phone koma mukuti sangathe kulipila kangachepe kuchipatala ndiye kuti chiani.Dependency itipha pa Malawi.

  4. The Most Concerned says:

    APM Woyeeeeeeeee!!!DPP Woyeeeeeeeee!!!!

  5. We need donors @ all cost. Malawi as a country,has not yet reached a stage where we can do on our own at the moment.

  6. DOBO says:

    There is too much stealing in public hospitals at all levels. The accounts and procurement departments are main culprits but the public eyes are not on them. The public eyes are always on PHARMACY, the fluel of the hospital machinary.Thefty at hospital level is like this: 1.Administration 2.Accounts.3. Procurement 4. Pharmancy 5. Stories 6.Clinicians and nurses 7.drivers 8. Hospital attendants 9.guards 10. others including guardians and patients. The most publicity of Thefty at hospital is of the drug because ldrugs are special commodities meant to save life handled by most hated personnel. Hospital Pharmancies are not run the same way as in SA where control measures are in place and Pharmancy professional is so more rewarding in SA. I sympathize with pharmacists and Pharmancy technicians in Malawi where you work in a very poor control measures with very poor salary. What attempting situations you are guys! Come to SA or Botswana where you will become hot potatoes onc registered and you will appreciate your profession.

  7. Happening Boy says:

    Thanks Peter for what, this has nothing to do with Peter these are just good will people who have just sympathized with our public hospitals situation, agalu inu.

  8. Brazilian Wax says:

    Azungu dzatilamulire ife patokha dzatilaka! Tilibe nzeru tili chabe!

  9. angoni apaphata says:

    Zero deficit budget. What kind of fools r we?

  10. kapenandiye says:

    The money should only be used to buy necessary items in hosptals. I tell u this sector eats money like mangoes through allowances, inflated food purchases and many more. The ngomas and the like have started planning for workshops, trainings visits which drain a lot of money than buying the required dgugs and materials in hospitals to benefit the sick. Ndalama izi munva kuti zatha before june.

  11. Nkhani koma imeneyo,,,,,,,,,praise b to God

  12. petro ntchito says:

    that is brilliant news to hear

  13. Aleke Msumba says:

    How is the public accounting for these public hospitals? It appears according these few comments that the allocated funds don’t all reach their intended use.

  14. Eugene says:

    What is the point when IFMIS is not working agalu inu? More money for Bwampini to steal eti?

  15. Galu Mtabeni says:

    Zidyedweno. APM mesa umati Malawi doesnt need donors nanga ichi ndi chani? Akulu inu mwina mumasuta chamba ndithu.

  16. redeemed says:

    At least some positive news and hopeful that the funds will be properly managed in order to serve its correct purpose. Woe to those who are planning to illegibly benefit from this gesture and it could be better them not to have born. May the Almighty God bless the donors.

  17. Concerned health provider says:

    This article says nothing about the CHAM hospitals which provide 85% of health care in rural areas.

  18. matombodya says:

    Thanks Peter

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