Malawi should abolish party manifesto system -Economists

Two leading economists have suggested that Malawi should abolish political party manifesto system and instead adopt a long term national development plan to ensure continuation of development programs even if an administration is voted out of power.

Kachanje: Malawi needs a national development agenda

Kachanje: Malawi needs a national development agenda

Henry Kachaje and Edward Chilima, chairman and executive director of Economics Association of Malawi made the suggestion in a special sponsored television program Thursday evening.

Kachaje noted Malawi will always lag behind in development programs if its development agenda is set and driven by party manifestos,”When an administration is voted out of power, so goes out its development plans too and all development programs initiated stops.”

He suggested that there should be a national development plan strategy instead spanning say 30 years or more.

“Politicians, during campaign, should be telling Malawians how they would implement the national development agenda for the five years if they are voted into power,” he said.

Chilima, on the other hand said this would be a sure way of continued development.

He said it was pathetic that several development programs had to be stopped in Malawi just because its political administration was out of power.

Malawi has had five political administrations with five presidents since independence and has been independent for over 51 years.

However, the country remains one of the poorest in the world with its people living in grinding poverty and analysts blame politicians for not doing enough to take the nation out of its poverty trap.

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30 thoughts on “Malawi should abolish party manifesto system -Economists”

  1. Anti Orange says:

    Better still, abolish the political system and vote for a government of technocrats that can effectively manage the economy and development issues. These should include upgrading agriculture, water management, power, city / regional planning and development and international relations. Malawi needs patriotic people of integrity and high moral values, not these deadbeat businessmen and school drop-outs.

  2. I also agree with 26. Mabotco that Malawi should limit political parties to ONLY 3 but not to regions

  3. Achiwechetaga says:

    The proposed idea is empty of inalienable aspects of pluralism and democracy. Yes, Malawi needs a national development/growth plan. Yet the country equally needs parties with sound manifesto documents which, among others, show how their governments will advance the national development/growth plan. The plan must be national and therefore shared by both the politician and the electorate. The latter will use the plan to determine the former’s potential to develop the country. This determination will inform the decision for voting during elections. The populace will equally assess party performance based on the national plan. This assessment will help the citizen decide whether or not to re-elect a party into power.

  4. kaonde says:

    If only we were patriotic enough and angry about our sorry state of country,would we have will power to move out this state. It appears our leaders are not ambitious enough, do they feel ashamed of their country when compare with other countries. They only thing they know is to fill they pockets.

  5. Mabotcho says:

    That’s a brilliant idea to taken in board. I also wish to limit number of political parties to maximum of three not by region.

  6. Gerald mapanga Phiri says:

    It looks like he knows the problems and he is not profiting from the political corruption mafias rings. He has an answer but who can convince those greedy politicians

  7. Charter says:

    This is a reasonable idea worth pushing.

  8. Telling the Truth says:

    I cannot believe it that these well read Economists can propose this trash. I am amazed that Kachaje and Chilima do not know that the most highly developed countries of the world- USA, Western Europe, Japan etc use the party manifesto system. Bvuto la a Kachaje mukupita kwambili pa MBC TV where you have to say zokomela DPP for your views to be aired.

  9. becks says:

    Nachisale you are saying the same things these two guys are saying but differently. The difference is the same

  10. Chayasimbi says:

    This guy Kachaje just want publicity

  11. Vwapuvwapu says:

    Akachaje azayime nawo in 2019 kkkkkkkkk

  12. mr. Tablets says:

    Let him alone he has aright 2 vomit wat he thinks

  13. haward says:

    Koma a kachaje masiku ano ndayamba kukayika nanu, mukuwopa ndani makamaka. Zomwe mukumavomereza za boma ili ndikudabwa kwambiri. Chenjerani musapusitsike ndi madzi odutsa

  14. JK says:

    That’s the only way we can realize real developments & move out of the poverty trap……Kumeneko ndiye kuganiza though being said to the deaf….

  15. ALOSWEA says:

    This true and its practiced in Portugal

  16. Masoambeta says:

    There is no accountability in Malawian economic administration. Politicians are too greedy and always want to embezzle public funds. The way forward is to make development programs liable for public scrutiny.
    Transparency will bring real development. But of course every politician is against being scrutinised even if they are living on a public pulse.

  17. Cecilia Mapila says:

    ….and also formulate a continuous performance assessment mechanism and hold accountable those non compliant and non perfoming. This a brilliant idea. Let this see the light of the day.

  18. Mbiri says:

    Welcome idea which may only work if there’s continuity, therefore also push for rotational presidency. For as long as one tribe dominates, the others will feel oppressed and will definitely antagonize any development plan however good it is.

  19. peter says:

    I agree with these gentlemen. Let us abolish party manifesto system and let politicians campaign based on their ability to fulfil a well set and agreed national program. In this case integrity of officer bearers and their tract record should form part of screening mechanism before one is even granted opportunity to stand for an honourable office. otherwise what we have had is a government formed by the most crooked parties using highly crooked means.

  20. Paulos Banda says:

    A Kachaje munali munthu kale. Lero tinadziwa kuti ndinu a Diesel Petrol Palibe.

  21. Professor Dr. James Napwiri Phiri says:

    Mr. Kachaje and Mr. Chilima, I am behind you. THIS IS THE WAY TO GO

  22. M'Malawi Weniweni says:

    What economics is that? If different parties cannot sell themselves on basis of manifestos, what would be the basis os electing one party against the other? There are not as many implementation approaches to development as there are parties contesting an election. It is the different visions that matter as there is no limit to the number of visions for a country.

    As for lack of continuity, the problem is not party manifestos, it is the priority, quality and desirability of these projects implemented by different parties. So if one party thinks Cement and Malata is a high priority for development and another thinks high priority should be given to productive investment in R&D for example, why should it continue with a “wrong” program started by another party?

    The problem is that Malawians do not agree on priorities other than religion! The same economists cannot agree of what should happen first: new stadium in Lilongwe or industrial manufacturing zones?

  23. Boma says:

    How will parties sell themselves without a manifesto? Unfortunately, in Malawi we do not vote on the basis of the manifesto but the personalities and tribe/region. It is the kind of leaders we vote into office.

    Bingu had a stellar performance in his first term until power got into his head.

  24. Balamanthu says:

    You guys make alot of sense.

  25. drzeus says:

    This suggestion is highly commendable, let us give ourselves specific strategic targets . For example we may visualize Malawi having a rail network from Nsanje to Karonga by the year 2025! This is achievable and a viable project because we will be interconnected to Mozambique, Zambia and Tanzania rail network!

  26. nachisale says:

    This just shows how confused these two economists or our economists are. In liberal democracy, parties are free to plan their own economic programme and sell it to the masses through their manifesto. This is a crucial principle of pluralistic or democratic politics. You need to understand that party manifesto is more specific in terms of policy areas, ideological positions and is probably costed. The national development plan is a technocratic and national document that encompasses the overarching long-term economic vision and goals, hence, in normal cases there should not be complete divergence and total contradiction in the ‘goals’ of any party manifesto and national development plan. Rather parties will spell out how they intend to achieve ‘these goals’ by proposing strategies and approaches. For example, the people of Malawi want better and quality education. To achieve this, MCP policy would say that fees should be paid from primary to secondary school, UDF policy say there will be Free Primary Education and recruitment of unqualified teachers; DPP would say there is need to increase fees in secondary schools and introduce fees in TTCs. People will then choose what they think is the best. In the west, the difference between parties is defined by clear and sharp differences in ideological positions (right-wing or left-wing/ free market and socialism. In China, there is no separation between the Communist party government hence people might think that the national plan is more pronounced and their party manifest inept. However, China’s national development plan mirrors the Communist party’s ideological position albeit changing over the years. The idea that party manifesto should be abolished in order to elevate the prominence of Malawi’s national development plan is utterly ridiculous – it is like suggesting that politics and economics should be separated. In the real world, such a separation is artificial. Please, our economists try to familiarise yourself with some of these issues before you open your mouth. In fact, most developed and emerging economies have used party manifestoes.

  27. Chinena says:

    Mfundo iyo a Henz

  28. chakhalira says:

    I believe our Economists also just make a lot of noises in the media. The question I once asked was ” Do these comments made in the media reach the Presidents of the day? Or the MPS?

    I also said the only party that had National Policy Development Plan was Malawi Congress Party. No other party has done it. Think of UDF Party. This was the worst they only knew how to steal ( Anyamata othamangathamanga pa Town” what did this mean? The first DPP tried but they were myopic. They were quick to introduce segregation policies. For example ” Where there were opposition MPS, they said there was going to be no development in that constituency.” Unfortunately this was repeated when this one Sanga in the North said ” You Do not Vote Mutharika, No development”. This is madness. I can not talk of PP because they brought in their strange goat policy.

    We have said this time and again. The best Malawians can do is vote for MCP, they will go back to their plans. We are still alive not all of us are dead. We are still strong. Secondly, because of poverty there are MPS who said were independent and they just wanted to be in Parliament and yet they do not know anything about how development is done. They have also joined these governments and toe their policies of segregation.

    I said the other day that in South Africa they also have opposition parties. But When it comes to National Development Plans, they share the same ideas. For Example, If they want roads, they all look at for the benefits that would accrue if they had roads. NOT Ndarama za mseu kwa Jali, you divert to Thyolo, Mseu wa Jenda, Embangweni dies natural death. Stadium to be in Lilongwe goes to the Farm in Thyolo. This is Party Politics.

    Until our MPS forget their personal gains, they will never stand up for National Policy. May be Nyasa Times should fight for Malawians, because our Economists also after talking for few days the Government with its Party Policy will give them MK50,000.00 each and they will be quiet.

    May God help us!!!!!!!

  29. Victor Jumbo says:

    I for one do agree with the above article and this would also help reduce corruption while maintaining continuity of developments at national level. This would also help stop or reduce self enrichment by unscrupulous government officials who always wants to reap where they didn’t sow. This is a very good idea for long term economic development. Please embrace it.
    Victor Jumbo

  30. NKHUZI says:

    I totally agree

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