Malawi tells UN no to homosexuality

Malawi government has vehemently rejected a push by the UN human rights council to legalise same sex relationships and abolish death penalty in Malawi.

Soliciter General Dr Janet Banda:  Its a NO, NO to same sex in Malawi

Soliciter General Dr Janet Banda: Its a NO, NO to same sex in Malawi

Secretary for Justice and Solicitor General Jane Chikaya Banda confirmed the government’s stance on the matter.

Banda said legalising same sex would be against the Constitution of the Republic of Malawi and values of Malawians.

The US and its European allies are pushing Third World countries to legalise same sex marriages and respect rights of the minority groups who include gays and lesbians.

However, this is the first time the government has told the UN off on same sex marriages.

The UN secretary general Ban Ki Moon came to Malawi to secure the release of a gay couple after they were arrested during the Bingu wa Mutharuka regime.

On the death penalty, no one in Malawi has been executed since the dawn of multiparty in 1994 when Bakili Muluzi came to power as most death sentences have been committed to life sentence though the government has resisted to abolish the death penalty altogether.

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Misi Anguisher

Latter days we words of God will b changed as a reason satan to conquire many!Be vigillant enough and pray harder God will assist us all!Loard healp as to escape from satan’s trap.Amen


TT ur just another headless chicken.u say ur not gay so what are u supporting it.if u think its fashion and then devorce ur wife and searce for ur fellow guy
.phala leni leni.mind you its the whites who brought us the Bible that says no to gay and this time around they are opposing the same thing they broght to what exactly to follow.if chickens,goats,dogs,cows are not going gay,why a human being?satanic influence.

Usasuse Chowonadi Uzalira
Usasuse Chowonadi Uzalira

No. 122, I case you and anything with you. I declare death on you for your deliberately misstalking of that name. That god your saying is satan, devil, no. looser. The God that Malawians and all born agains, Christians worship is Jehova, Yahwe, God!


Our leaders u hav shown that u love ur nation and its culture that is above everything.keepit up, may God continue giving u wisdom to be different from the wants of this crazy world.


Osawanyengerera. Ngati ndi ndalama, Mulungu adzatipatsa chifukwa cha ubwino umene tachita.

changalikandu pwagu
Swedish, that is a very non-sensical position! You know all too well that there is more to the disparities between Malawi and Sweden than the idiotic argument that the former is God-fearing and the latter, not. When the European powers came to Africa, they brought their religion with the argument that Africa (and by inclusion, Malawi) was backward because it had not embraced Christianity. Europe, including your Sweden, were in the fervent of Christian revival back then. Today, of course, the tables have been turned around – Malawi is religious and the European nations are not. Our religiosity has nothing… Read more »
In Sweden less <4% are god fearing, same sex marriage was made legal in 1944, our social demographic data is by far much better than most countries, with an infant mortality rate of 2.6 deaths/1000 live births. Malawi is a god fearing country, with lots of religious people, praying everyday and pastors everywhere. Same sex unions are regarded as unholy according to religious Scripture. The country is god fearing. Yet it's social and demographic parameters are among the worst on earth, with an infant mortality rate of 54/1000 live births. Can someone explain to me why an all loving and… Read more »
Winston msowoya

Kudos Malawians.Now you are talking.At times,we must stand for our values not through money,but through our beliefs and our cherished ideals.Sodomy is a curse and a shameful crime against our supreme being who had been our guide through thin and thick.Africans have never exported their traditions to the white people,why then ,must they impose their signful way of life on us.Once again,Kudos my brothers and sisters Malawians in diaspora are proud of you.ALUTA CONTINUA,VENCEREMOS ( THE STRUGGLE CONTNUES).

William mgabadere

Let malawi stand still on this one!


God bless Malawi

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