Malawi is sinking ship, Mutharika must be told – Opposition

As Malawi economic fractures deepen, opposition leaders are saying they want to have an audience with President Peter Mutharika and tell him in the face that politically and economically, Malawi was in a crisis.

Chisi: Mutharika steers sinking ship further onto rocks

Chisi: Mutharika steers sinking ship further onto rocks

“Economically, we are not making any progress, hence our wish to meet the President,” said Dr John Chisi president of Umodzi Party (UP).

He was speaking at a news conference he addressed together with Hellen Singh of United Independence Party (UIP) in Blantyre on Friday.

Chisi said: “We cannot accept to be carried in a bus that is heading towards a ditch.”

Comparing  Mutharika government to the ill-fated Titanic, Chisi noted that the country “the ship that  is perhaps captained by a blindfolded leader  and heading towards “sinking”.

Chisi said “we don’t want to sink with it.”

He said some opposition parties will work together and advise government on clues to save the nation.

President’s chief political adviser Francis Mphepo has welcomed the move by the opposition to advise Mutharika, saying they should “document the proposals” and send to State House.

Observers say a bankrupt, corrupt and increasingly predatory state is now squeezing what’s left of productive pockets in both the formal and informal sectors.

Official corruption is rampant.  President Mutharika recently admitted about the worsening corruption.

Minister of Finance, Economic Planning and Development Goodall Gondwe speaking at on Thursday at the official opening of the three-day 26th Institute of Chartered Accountants in Malawi (Icam) Annual Lake Conference at Sunbird Nkopola Lodge in Mangochi, said Malawians have become a pessimistic lot and rejoice when things are not working for the country.

“We have become pessimistic and we are happier when we hear that our country is not doing very well. We are happier when something bad has happened to our country,” said Gondwe

Gondwe’s sentiments were made against a background of ravaging poverty and glaring inequality in the country.

Malawi is reengaging its traditional multilateral and bilateral funders in a bid to open new lines of credit and budgetary support.

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20 thoughts on “Malawi is sinking ship, Mutharika must be told – Opposition”

  1. Winston Msowoya says:

    be humane,you don’t comprehend what brother CHISI has written simply because you are a harlequin of an imaginable thinking.SHAME!!!

  2. Central says:

    Kudos Chisi and Singh!!

    Nanunso a Mphepo, ndinu mwagwetsa dzikoli inu, documenting chaninso??

    Kodi kapena mukuna “proposal” chifukwa anzathu muli pa msana pa njobvu ndipo mame amene agwa pa Malawiwa simukuwadziwa?? Zoona mpaka “proposal to HE”……………..and they should “send it to State House”? Koma a tswitswiri anonadi zoona………..!!

  3. Gaza Street. says:

    This is the worst president Malawi has ever had. It seems he is clueless on how to run the affairs of this country. He has failed miserably. Dada Gondwe is another spent force, always making silly sentiments.

  4. chilungamo chimawawa says:

    Dont worry guys with these DPP thugs. God will fight for Malawians again as he did last time. Its not very far from now that bright light will shine again. When God decide to slap you hes does so relentlessly

  5. Rodwin Kalua says:

    I would like to be receiving nyasatimes updates

  6. che says:

    i admire john chisi’s patriotism.i totally agree that the country is in the hands of a brainless muppet who doesn’t know what he is doing.the president does not have leadership can see the way he is handling corruption allegations within his cabinet.

  7. Joloza says:

    This guy is sleeping on a driving seat and we Malawians are ululating. Let’s not waste time with rhetoric.. Let’s act! We are not fools guys!

  8. M Sizini says:

    I think it’s time for us to go into involuntary administrative receivership. Let’s call in the liquidators, but let’s not have any of that American Chapter 11 nonsense. The last thing we want is for the government, as debtor in possession, to act as trustee of the nation.

  9. True Patriot says:

    I think politics is a cursed profession. When I look at the senior politicians in the ruling party today and and what they were in the run-up to the general elections one would be forgiven for thinking that one is not looking at the same people. Back then, these were intelligent, humble and humane lot who seemed only driven by service to their country.

    Look at the same people now! When speak like they have the monopoly of all wisdom, and that the rest of us are all less mortals! You wonder how some of these people have suddenly gained this arrogance to look down upon us!

    Regrettably, this malaise is also prevalent in our opposition parties. If you doubt this, tell me if you can relate the MCP leader to the one who campaigned under the agenda of changed (reformed) MCP?

    1. kwikosi says:

      Don’t blame the opposition for the failed leader that you chose. why are people wanting to blame the opposition for the government’s failures. the government is also sponsoring thugs to destabilize the opposition MCP and you now sit there thinking the opposition could do something about your failed government when the government does not want to take any advice given by the opposition. leave MCP alone and deal with your nepotistic Lomwe

  10. be humane says:

    amene mwamva zomwe john chisi akunena tatiuzeni. Ine ndalephera kupeza mfundo yomwe he is communicating

    1. Okwiya says:

      @ be human. Chisi is simply saying Malawians are being ruled by the worst president in the history of this country. And he is damn right. The joker at statehouse has failed. Period. I hope you get it now

    2. Matako ako Pitala says:

      Read again you idiot

  11. Winston Msowoya says:

    BRAVO CHISI!!! You are absolutely on point.Malawi’s political and economic trends are fastly dropping out of our hands.Regrettably,we are right away in this horrendous situation of no return.The major problem is that Muthalika does not know what is exactly happening in his own court.If he knows,then there is something tragically wrong with his leadership.The country is right now in very precarious situation politically as well as economically.Right now,the shortage of food for our people in general,is catastrophically worrisome and yet,Muthalika spends State funds like a DRUNKEN-SOLDIER.For instance,most recently,he has hired a private Jet at an exuberantly high cost US$ 693million to transport dead-wood to the UN Conference in New York,while back home our children and patients in the hospitals are dying of lack of food and medicines,joblessness are regrettably astronomically high,crime has become a norm of life,people have been divided ethnically for the political interests of Muthalika and his blind surrogates,Nipotism is rampant in government hence,ineptitude and lack of transparency rules the day.Malawians,time has come to revolt against the failed Muthalika’s regime,our brothers in Zimbabwe,Congo and South Africa are already in the streets of their respective countries.We have nothing to loose,but our bondage.LONG LIVE MOTHER MALAWI!!!!

  12. Amene munasankha mbuzi imeneyi for president munatilakwira. The man was not performing as minister during big kahuna’s regime. How do you people expect him to perform as a president??? This man is too old and inept to be president of any country.

    1. Malawivoice says:

      kaya zako izo. Ife a Hlomwe ndi a DPP onse ndife osangalala kuti APM ndi president. Ndipo tizakhala onyadila atadzawinanso mpaka 2024. Find your own president who can perform to your liking.

  13. MABUSA says:

    He’s not gonna listen to you guys imagine how many times people have been advising him, the donor countries. Your good advice will just fall on his deaf ears as usual. Remember his brother, did he listen to anyone so how do you expect him to listen to you now? You gonna just waste your time and resources to go to show up yourselves.

  14. Winston Msowoya says:

    BRAVO CHISI!!!!! You are a patriotic Malawian.You are absolutely correct that our country is sinking rapidly economically and politically,we need a stringent and collective solution to liberate our country from this pernicious trend.Muthalika and his dupes are totally unconcerned with this nasty situation because as he said himself,he has fat account in foreign Banks and therefore he has nothing to care or to loose.Lately,you have seen the way how he is using public funds like a DRUNKEN-SOLDIER without caring about the acute countrywide shortage of food,medicines in the hospitals,astronomically high joblessness,frightening national crimes and myriad of uncontrollable hardships.Right now the President is in USA with band of obsolete delegation misusing public finances for their on interests.Something must be done to stop this impostor from further ruining our country as he has nothing to loose. WAKEUP CITIZENS TIME HAS COME TO STANDUP LIKE OUR BROTHERS IN ZIMBABWE,CONGO AND SOUTH AFRICA!!!!

  15. POLY POLICE says:

    The question most of us ask is, do we care as Malawians when things are as bad as it is now? If we care, do we expect someone to change the situation on our behalf? Can we afford to fold arms and let this situation continue? Do we realise that no body owns this country? Mr Kachaje said it is naïve to let the old shape our future. They do not have the motivation to bring meaning change because they will not enjoy the long term benefits.

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