Malawi star Mwai Kumwenda named player of the Netball World Cup 2015

Malawi’s evergreen shooter Mwai Kumwenda is the queen of the court; she  was on Sunday named the Netball World Cup 2015 Player of the Tournament.

Mwai Kumwenda: Queens of the court

Mwai Kumwenda: Queens of the court

As the most prolific shooter of the 2015 World Cup it is not only the 91% accuracy but the volume that Kumwenda puts up with 351 goals in 8 games  over the 10 days and only 31 misses.

In 2011 Kumwenda shot 222 goals – at the same 91% accuracy rate.

Kumwenda started playing netball at 15 but not taking the game seriously until she was 17. Her prodigious netball ability has taken the now 25 year old to international notice and she was the first African player to sign in a New Zealand Championship franchise, playing for Canterbury Tactix for the past two seasons.

However she had honed her skills earlier in Australia when Victorian coach Maxine Wauchope spotted talent in the 19 year old at the 2009 World Youth Cup in the Cook Islands, and invited Kumwenda to train with her Victorian League team Peninsula Waves.

Making her World Cup debut in Singapore, the Malawi Queen has 57 caps to her name including two Commonwealth Games in Delhi and Glasgow, African Championships and international Tests.

After the fifth place playoff Kumwenda said: “I am pleased with my performance during the event but I don’t think of me. I really concentrate on the whole team’s performance and try to do my best for them.”

Asked how she keeps the goals going in she says she “puts up 500 practice shots every day –and I don’t miss a day.”

A humble and worthy Queen of the court.—Netball World Cup

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58 thoughts on “Malawi star Mwai Kumwenda named player of the Netball World Cup 2015”

  1. chenene says:

    Peace Chawinga (North) Sindi Simtowe (North) Mwabi Kumwenda (North) Towera Vinkhumbo (north) Chimaliro (North) Ngwira (North), Mhango (North). Northern Region is on 6th position in the world in netball and provides World Netballer of the Year 2015!!!! Mitundu inayi muti chani??? Kkkkkkkkkkkkkk. God blessed Northern Region and mubibidwa simunati hahahahaha!!!

  2. Observer says:

    I have been privileged to have worked in different countries especially in Africa. Countries that worst their time doing tribalism are delaying in development. In Rwanda; people are not comfortable to ask them whether they are Hutu or Tutsi. This is not reflected even in their passports. They are just called Rwandans. Please my fellow Malawians. Let us remain united because there’s power in working together. Lest we forget

  3. shadreck Kaunda says:

    Welldone Mwabi Kumwenda.You have made Malawi proud. Chiuta wakutumbike iwe msungwana.

  4. Allan malipa says:

    Malawian girls should emulate Mwai, she started small but today she is being recognized by the globe, keep it up Mwai

  5. Kanda says:

    Mwayi we are proud of you as malawians. Let no one abuse your profession. Enanuso musatukwanepo apa

  6. John Paul says:

    I wish you were my wife. Love you….

  7. Good is not better. The best is yet to come. Keep fire burning!

  8. Katong'ongo says:

    Nyapapi, did you send Mwai to Sydney????? It was the God given gift and talent that sent Mwabi NyaKumwenda to Sydney. Musalakwitse dzina kukhala Mwai instead of Mwabi kuti akhale otafuna nawo mbewa. She is Mwabi NyaKumwenda, kamwana kakutowa, kanthombi, kaswenga (cute queen), Ka NyaMsopa Dayire Kumwenda.

    So Mr. Nyapapi you are regretting for sending your sisters, nieces and aunties to jando??? chinamwali??? kuchosafumbi??? Usiye tsankho Nyapapi. God is watching and your foul mouthing will plunge you into an irreparable debacle.

  9. mwe says:

    I might not be the best netballer of the world but whatever i does am inspired to do to my best…….congratulations.

  10. kamfana says:

    Nyapapi STOP writng ur RACIAL/ TRIBALISTIC STATEMENTS.Kodi tsiku lina sungalembeko chinthu cha Nzeru? Always SANKHO BASI.Kodi A Tumbuka adakulakwirani chani?Tinadziwa kale kuti momwe zililimu,poti Mwai ngwa ku Mpoto, zomwe zilembedwe zikhala zosiyana ndi MUTU wa Nkhani.Nyapapi iwe mumtima wako munazaza za chiwembu basi.Mtsikana mbali yake anayetsetsa mpaka 351 goals in 10 games.It was not an EASY TASK.Ndiponso team yonse inayetsetsa. BRAVO THE QUEENS!!!,BRAVO MWAI!! Nyapapi moyo wonyoza usiye.

  11. Mbare says:

    Imwe a Mwahenga, ndimwe a Zeleza, chindere chakufikapo. Kukaya ni nkhu? Primitive as you are, you want to compete with intellectuals. Stupid.

  12. Kavuluvulu says:

    Mwamuwona Nyakumwenda uyo kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk !

  13. Katong'ongo says:

    Mwabi and your fellow queens, you owe it to the Lord Jesus Christ who gave you life and talents. I am happy for you all and pray that you live longer. Avoid being driven into wicked life and pride. Life is so short for everything and this world is so cruel. The same ones who are praising you will one day be in top gear denigrating your personalities. You need Christ Jesus to shine in your lives my dear sisters at all times. Otherwise, I wish you long life and success in all your future plans.

  14. MwaHenga says:

    Mr. Mbare you are too dull i.e. uli muburu wakufikapo nkhanira. You said, did she brought any difference instead of did she bring any difference. Zomelezgani Mr. Mbare (fake northerner i.e. imposter). The way you write clearly indicates that you are not a bonafide northerner. Mumlomo muli tikitiki na chizungu chakupendera.

  15. Eden says:

    Lero kwatani paja mwawi mumamu jambula atagazula.

  16. Nyapapi says:

    Mwayi is a real Tumbuka origin. Very selfish people. We sent you to Sidney to bring here Netball cup for the whole team, the queens, for the whole Malawi. But look at you,you are coming here with only your cup, cup in your name, Mwai. Very selfish like a bale ako eti. Next time dont fight for yourself but for the whole team and bring here the world cup. We dont want Mwai cup but world netball cup.

  17. chizamsoka munthali says:

    Mulakho WA alo…….. Nanu tulutsani wanu, mwina wanu ndi cashgate. Tchupiti zako Rose Chinunda

  18. Maqueens says:

    We had Catherine Chikwakwa and now Mwai Kumwenda. Where are the boys? Congratulations girl !!!!!!!!!, ????????????????????????????????

  19. Maqueens says:

    We had Catherine Chirwa kwa and now Mwai. Where are the boys? Congratulations girl!!!!!

  20. Mwana Mulanje says:

    Please inform me immediately when this daughter of Kumwenda arrives in Malawi. I, the nephew of Chief Ngongoliwa want to take her straight away. I will not pay anything since I am ready to be son-inlaw(Chikamwini from Thyolo to Mzimba, mwana wamwamuna ndi kabula amathera moyenda.People out there just understand my culture. Ndipo Mwai ndi size yanga as I was born on the same day with Mwayi on 27 September 1989.

  21. BENGO says:

    Yeah this is good! Please concentrate the best is yet to come eya kaya tipeze olowa mmalo mwa MARY WAYA the Major one!!! Congrats!

  22. MAYA says:

    She is mine!

  23. Mdicai Longwe says:

    Mr Mbare I think you are out of order. This competetion took place in Australia not Malawi. So to say Malawians open our and see I think you are mistaken. Mwai was chosen by netball experts who were judges and technicians in the field of netball. They found out that Kumwenda neted a lot of baskets than any other player.

    Count all the baskets one by one and find out yourself. No other player scored more goals than her. The girl tried her best. They won games as ateam likewise lost as ateam as well. To me they all deserve credit for maintaining the sixth position. If they had dropped we could said other wise.

    The entire team you deserve my support. Do not just write for the sake of writing but you must have real facts. Follow the games and make conclusions.

  24. ngwachi says:

    Mwai hongera-congrats

  25. Mbare says:

    We were number six before Mwawi joined the Malawi Queens. And today we are still number six. Did Mwawi brought any difference? Sindie made 100% baskets with the rastas. Is she not somebody that deserves all this respect? Come on Malawi, lets give za Kaisara kwa Kaisara.

  26. Zangazatha says:

    Mwana wa Kumwenda Congrats

  27. Zanga Phee! says:

    Good job, this is what we want not to appreciate when somebody dies.Good luck our queen Mwai and the entire Netball team.There is always time.See my name.

  28. mduduzi nyanda says:

    will you marry me, mwabi???

  29. Edwin Mwalwen says:

    I saw u at Chaminade,and I told myself that u will make ursef a great shooter after seeing hw u cud perform when we had a game.Bravo!!!!

  30. Yaya kumudzi says:


  31. Hardson says:

    Ok, waiting for you here!

  32. me says:


  33. IMPRESSED says:


  34. Congrats Mwai and the whole team for your grand performance

  35. MWAWI THE STAR says:

    A NAM ndikudziwa simunasangalare nazo zoti she is the Queen of the court…………………Go and fuck yourself coz there’s nothing you’ve contributed to this nation but Mwawi has since anayamba kumenya national team. Continue kupanga shine Mwawi

  36. Truck says:

    Congratulations Mwai! Keep it up carrying the Malawian high we are proud of you.

  37. Ndinene Dzina says:

    Yes… You have made us Malawians proud. You really have team spirit as well. This is evident in the way you passed some balls to your colleague Sindi which you could have, otherwise, shoot them yourself for more scores.

  38. Maximus Decimus Meridius says:

    Milakho. Muti chani pamenepa

  39. ZANGAZANGA says:

    can i have mwai’s number please

  40. Mai Chinunda mukuti bwanji? Who has gotten the last laugh? you or Mwai?

  41. Bulutu says:

    Atumbuka mutivuta ine mumandibiwa wa

  42. kate says:

    Mwana wa kukaya. Bravo Nyakumwenda! mwa wachewa mukuti uli? paja mumalimbanandi anthu aku Mpoto. kkkkkkkkkkk yowoyanipo plz MUMATITCHUKITSA IFE AKU MPOTO MUKAMATINENA.

  43. Omega says:

    Congrats Mwawi. You have made Malawi proud. NAM, mumuthokoza bwanji?

  44. mwana mulopwana says:

    Well done Mwai, keep it ,Malawi is proud of you

  45. allan chilaya says:

    keep it up mwawi. we are proud of you

  46. Charter says:

    Queens are the best. Queens will remain the best. NAM remains Queens top threat. Congratulations Queens. Congratulations Mwawi. Welcome home our Queens.

  47. Matchonisa says:

    Mwana wakwithu uyu nkhumunyadira chomene.

  48. sikusinja says:

    And NAM thinks they don’t need Mwawi. She has been exposed to the game and NAM needs to learn from her and not the other way round.

  49. Chimbalanga says:

    Well done girls!

  50. opportunist says:

    Am proud of u my sister. U deserve the award

  51. Benga Bush says:

    You have put our country on the map.A big up sister and the rest of the queens

  52. Atcheya says:

    Congrats, girl! U really deserve it and have made the nation proud

  53. paul Tyme says:

    We are proud of you MA Queen athuathu achimalawi.

  54. Mbukavu says:

    That is the way we do it Mwabi We are very proud of you

  55. paul Tyme says:

    We are proud of MA Queens achimalawi

  56. Nyoni phiri says:

    Mwai am waitin for u, ngati sunakwatire

  57. chapola says:

    mwai proud of you

  58. Malawi Queens takunyadilani. Keep it up!

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