Malawi switches to digital TV transmission: Set-top-box now K15,000

Malawi government has further reduced the price of Set Top Boxes (STBs)—hours after rolling out the digital television transmission—to enable more people have access to the gadgets.

Set-top-box now selling at K15,000

Set-top-box now selling at K15,000

Nankhumwa: Switches off anaologue  and turns on digitial television

Nankhumwa: Switches off anaologue and turns on digitial television

The STB gadget has been reduced from K20,000 to K15,000. The initial price was K25,000.

Minister of Information, Tourism and Culture, Kondwani Nankhumwa said the Digital Terrestrial Transmission has come to stay and Malawi cannot afford to remain behind technologically

He therefore urged people to move towards the digital age.

Malawi officially rolled out digital terrestrial television on Wednesday, June 17 2015 in concert with the worldwide switch off of analogue television.

Through the digital transmission, government is promising more channels and better pictures from the country’s 17 television stations.

The International Telecommunications Union (ITU) put June 17 as the digital switchover deadline.

However, Malawi and other Malawi and other countries in the Southern African Development Community (SADC) bloc started the movement from analogue to digital on December 13, 2013.

“The Set -Top Box is the only gadget that would ably help Malawians watch televisions beyond June 2015 with quality pictures.

“Digital broadcasting will be cheap, faster and productive to all Malawians apart from improving delivery of broadcasting services for both radio and television,” said Dennis Chirwa, coordinator of the project in the Information Ministry.

According to him, Malawians will have no choice apart from STB gadget that will be decoding digital signal to allow the channels to be displayed on the television set.

“More channels are available on the digital transmission with a faster response as compared to that of the analogue broadcasting,” said Chirwa.

The decoders are being sold through Malawi Postal offices.

According to him, government installed the Digital network control centre in Lilongwe and Sub control centre in Blantyre to enable television broadcasters (Content Providers) not travel long distance to submit their signal to the network.

“Malawi established the Malawi Digital Broadcast Network Limited (MDBNL) to provide signals to all television stations in the country. Currently transmitters have been installed in Mzuzu, Lilongwe, Zomba and Blantyre.

“This has given us a coverage of 55% of Malawi population. It should be noted that this percentage is quite high if we compare to the analogue penetration of 47%,” said Chirwa.

Plans are that by December 31 this year, all districts will have the digital platform.

“Digital television is about content on the platform. For television to remain competitive they need to have good content,” he emphasized.

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20 thoughts on “Malawi switches to digital TV transmission: Set-top-box now K15,000”

  1. EMPAK says:

    Kod mukhala ma channels angat?? nanga tizilipiranso kapena za ulere?? ka price akonso takatsitsenikoso kafike pa 7500 muganizirenso ife akumuzife..

  2. Wanyasa says:

    zoonadi amalawi mukusogola komabe we are lucking full infomation regarding box.wont there be any subscription fee or it will be just free as previously used to

  3. FRANCIS says:

    yes this is a great achievement in technology but tell us the installation charges ?

  4. Nachipanti says:

    Have we really migrated or anthunu munangopita ku Mzuzu kukamwa mowa? Why are these meetings being conducted in BT? What is this am hearing about re-launch of Digital Migration to be done in Blantyre for failing to switch the migration? Kungofuna kuti a Malawi tithamangile kugula ma STB anuwo ndicholinga chotikawa basi.

  5. Thoko Elliot says:

    Mukufuna tigule ma STB anuwo kuti tizionera pa program anu ofoilawo? Ma program onse achizungu kupatulapo tikufelanji basi! kodi a MBC mumaona ngati kumalawi kuno ndikumangalande? Kapena mumafuna aziona azungu amene amamva zizungungu zanuzo? poor grammar and even spellings! Ndikwiyatu! kkkkkk Any way its a welcome development but u need to work out on your programs musamatichititse manyazi pilizi!

  6. PA MALAWI says:

    Tifunse nanga tizionera ma channel onse akumalawi? If so congrat………..
    Komanso atchipitsebe akumudzi akwanitse kugula azionera nawonso tabwino tabwino coz zambiri zimawabutsa

  7. I like the idea of Digital Migration as a way to go in this world of technology to be more precise 21st century. However, I am not fully conversant with the idea of government selling the STB gadgets. There are still some more gray areas that the government has not said. In the first place where will the proceeds go? Who is supplying the gadgets? What if one gets a similar gadget but not from Malawi government? I am not trying to advocate for free STB gadgets to the citizenry, but I dont trust our government with monetary issues. At the moment I am tempted to believe that our government would like to make profit on Digital Migration issue. We really need to have a better research on how our neighbouring countries or even other SADC members have done it. Let us wake up from our slumber, if we are just over excited about this Digital Migration issue, someone will take away our taxes. I feel like the next move, will be “pay tv” for the local channels. I smell a rat. I am not trying to scare you from going Digital. This is a way to go but let keep our eyes opened. You even never know that may be the STB gadgets were given freely by China and yet our government is selling them to us, who knows? In RSA, they have been on Digital Transmission for more than 7 years now but I have never heard their government selling Digital compatible gadgets to the citizens. DPP governement ikufuna kutorera msonkho chabe apa. If the STB gadgets were procured by Malawi government, how come that wasnt deliberated in our parliament when the issue of Digital Migration was introduced in last year’s August House? Kaya tiyeni tione!!!!!!!!

  8. Lexxxus says:

    Apa nde tiyambe kulipira TV lisence tsopano Kkkkkkkk

  9. dot com says:

    congrats MBC. now we can watch those boring shows in clear pictures

  10. Dziko Langa says:

    Ndagula kale koma ndikaibweza

  11. Mapuyamurupare says:

    Ndiye DPP imeneyo. Munavota nokha munya nokha.
    Ife tikuonera zaku Moscquo ndi Zembo.
    Kenako mafuta agalimoto atsowenso ngati mankhwala akuchipatala.
    kenako njala basi – no maize.
    DPP Woyee A Peter woyeee Ma decoder Aulele koma ogulitsa woyeee!!!!

    Ndiza pereka ma dekoda a ULEYA , UREA iiii ULELE.

  12. ujeni says:

    Its for Free to Air Channels people. If there are freeview channels with Dstv through Multichoice then you will access them using the Set top box

  13. Bwande says:

    Of course Malawi cannot afford to remain behind in this. But you main TV station MBC is still centuries behind. It refuses to move with the times. Too much politicking. It can’t even see the good standards of BTV and SABC. So you want people to move to this new platform but still watch the same Mulakho TV programs and propaganda. You have moved with the technology, yes. But quality of what is to be broadcast matters. Change MBC first Mr Minister. It’s high time they ought to be professional.

  14. Okonko says:

    TV is about content. Switching to digital doesn’t make dull ideas any interesting. Our TV’s need to jack up and give us content that’s interesting, osati mmene mwayambila covering ma company events, presidential rallies and diaries..etc. TV stations here need to change their models. Every TV station in malawi thinks if they employ camera people, editors and producers that’s it, kwao kwatha. Kwa anZathu amene TV anaiyamba kale. They know that u can’t get the best content from your salaried employees cause even if they are not creative enough to produce good content or just them being laZy…they know that they will still get their salaries at the end of the month. Ask SABC, they got external content providers like Mfundi Vundla to produce Generations and that’s been his job for the past, i don’t know how many years. Big international stations of course get big programmes done internaly like was the case of BBC with ‘Top Gear’. I know people here who have been trying to produce soapies but get discouraged by bad deals that these TVs stations offer them. What has a TV station got to loose if it shares 50/50 of advertising money for the ads that a popular local soapie would attract? Firstly the TV is lucky cause it’ll be assured of a good inflow of programmes and secondly it gets a chance to attract advertisers that may never have been interested in advertising on TV just but for the popularity of the series. Then you find kuti people get frustrated and stop their productions and what do the TV stations do? They go kunja kukapempha irrerevant old programmes and macartoon akale and show viewers those things the whole day. Koma dZiko lathu ili, ine limandigometsa

  15. Chesterton says:

    An increase from 47% to 55% is ‘quite high’?


    How much was invested in this project? They want to sell rubbish Chinese decoders worth 5,000 for 15,000 and they say it’s – reduction?

  16. Davis says:

    Dicorder imeneyi ikufuninikiranso dish?

  17. What will happen to these decoders that are being used at present such as Strong ,Philibao and so on?

  18. MJ boy says:

    tatchulani momveka bwino kuti pazioneka ma channel angati? Super sport imodzi yokha osaiwala kuikapo

  19. Gibo says:

    If ibuy that decoder thatmeans iwillneverpay anything monthly?

  20. MJ boy says:

    ndiye muyike magetsi m’midzimutu nanga solar power ingayatse tv,decorder nthawi imodzi? I doubt

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