Malawi tax collection totals K228.9bn after six months

A published Malawi Revenue Performance Report for December 2014 says total tax collected amounted to K38.42 billion.

MRA boss Kamoto:

MRA boss  Ralph Kamoto

The collection represents a 6.1 percent surplus or K2.2 billion more than the projected revenues of K36.2 billion for the month.

This development means gross tax revenues collected for the first half of 2014/15 fiscal year, is at K228.93 billion above K226.86 billion.

“The positive revenue performance for the first half of the year and the month under review reflected the impact of improved tax administration, changes in government pay structure and macroeconomic environment,” part of the report reads.

Taxes on income and profits totalled K17.44 billion. This was K3 billion above the projected figure of K14.44 billion for the month against a backdrop of strong performance in Pay As You Earn (PAYE) and corporate tax despite an under collection in Non-Resident tax.

PAYE stood at K11.12 billion compared to a lower projection of K9.74 billion on account of delayed salary payment for part of the civil service. Taxes accruing to the delayed salaries were remitted in December 2014.

Corporate Taxes collected amounted K2.71 billion. This was K1.42 billion or 109.67 percent above the target of K1.30 billion for the month.

“Whereas both company assessments and provisional tax registered positive growth, the major impetus to growth was company assessments, which grew by a massive K1.12 billion over the projection of K334.38 million on account of improved enforcement. Similarly, provisional tax registered a growth of 31.28 percent over its December target of K961.04 million,” reads the report.

Withholding Tax amounted to K3.12 billion, 9 percent above its target of K2.86 billion. The good performance reflected a favourable business climate that prevailed in the run up to the festive season.

K12.35 billion was collected under Value Added Tax (VAT). Domestic VAT recorded a deficit of K401.61 million whereas import VAT over performed by K81.49 million.

Import Duty was K4.76 billion above its target of K4.42 billion. This collection was a result of pre-festive season stocking by most businesses.

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30 thoughts on “Malawi tax collection totals K228.9bn after six months”

  1. k.kamanga says:

    If true then its good for development should it be used wisely.

  2. hidgeman masina says:

    Inu ndinu mbava eti mumangobela anthu osalakwa mulungu azakulangani

  3. chigawenga says:

    Liar liar pants on fire!!!! It is a deja vous All over again. This praise song sounds familiar. How soon we forget. It wasn’t too long ago that Bingu administration and DPP hood-winked Malawians with similar stories of revenue collection success. Ken Lipenga the spin doctor at the time swore that we had indeed found a way to find our government expenditures with our own money. That was the birth of the premature Zero deficit- cum zero aid budget. Why should we believe these liars this time around? It wasn’t too long ago that the government went to borrow money from Katangale people Mta-Engil at exorbitant interest rates and attached contract guarantees. This mortgaging of our children’s future should not be allowed at all cost. This DPP government is full of liars and corrupt individuals whose interest is none other than enriching themselves.

  4. Mwama Du says:

    Congratulations to Malawians! Let cooperate and continue paying taxes! I hate donors with their sanctions. The only way to development is freeing ourselves from this Satan in the name of donor aid.

  5. Namalila says:

    Please use the money prudently anthu amene mwawalanda akuvuti ndi umphawi,

  6. zandile says:

    Yah’ check the smuggling of food crops by foreign nationals. Why are Malawian  authorities
    so sleepy?

  7. Concerned says:

    Kodi ma report ngati awa sapezeka pa website panu bwa? Za ziii. Why nyasa?

  8. Prophet says:

    Figure imeneyo kupatulapo zosolola bwenzi ili yambili chifukwa ndinapeleka ine ija simudaphatikizepo apa.

  9. HEAD BOY says:

    This is too much more especially on workers. The gvt is collecting a lot of taxes from workers, as if it is not enough, u find other taxes in shops, as if it is not enough, somebody just still the money through cash gate. Mulungu adzakulangani afarisi opusa inu. Shame!!

  10. atate says:

    I agree with peace. This projection was based on 430 to a dollar and we are at around 490. That means value added tax is pegged at the high rate

  11. Faya says:

    Keep It Up MRA.

  12. wangalusa says:

    Good news to the chief cashgater and his associates because they’re yet again ready to reap where they did not saw.

  13. Alex Likoswe says:

    Small PR to keep the job. Failures in private sector

  14. Girls of destiny says:

    Now if a no aid budget is possible then why a zero deficit killed Bing with mwakasungula propaganda? May be the finance min was an English literature expert! Lets thank MRA changes for the higher tax return collection! Koma osaba ku accontant general poti kuli ma accountant oziwa computer than their clerks



  16. Chejumo says:

    Ndalama zosenzi koma kungonyosolako ka 2 mill dzovensa chitsoni

  17. yowoyanganya says:

    There is still under collection bcoz most Malawian businesses r not yet connected to MRA through the automation systems that prints out the amount payable to MRA when goods r purchased in a shop, there is great resistance from most of the traders who r used to not paying tax to MRA. The system needs to b installed in all business premises! MRA should also go to Mchesi and check on Burundians, they make millions of Kwachas from produce but don’t pay tax, some r exporting rice to DRC(where Malawi rice sells real fast), yet smuggle the rice out through Zambia!

  18. prosper says:

    koma nde misonkho yatipweteka

  19. sayin it like it is says:

    all this means one thing…MALAWIANS WE ARE OVER TAXED

    1. M R A more fire kp t up

  20. cnkhuto says:

    Good job Kamoto.

  21. lalirani says:

    eeh, a MRA nde mukutikawa udyotu. Sitingasekerere zimenezi

  22. wobeba wanga says:


  23. Mapwiya says:

    Good news abwana mukuyitha. Koma osamangolembana ntchiot a DPP and alomwe okha. Employ professionals on merit basi. Mukatero DPP muyaya.

  24. K228 bn in 6 months plus foreign aid but we are still dancing in poverty?? tiyeni nazoni a DPP zipakuleni zimenezo

  25. PIERRE says:

    Gud job,but do not b forcing householders to b paying city rates like kamuzi era.

  26. Nyaliki says:

    Are you guys not milking the people as well? What does this money do because the lives of the people are not worse than before.

  27. maganizo wa maganizo says:

    Malawians voted wisely.They voted for someone who can deliver.This is the right person malawians have been looking for.Bravo APM not madeya enawa.

  28. Peace says:

    Amangwetu. This was because of the devaluation. The MK went down by 20% and MRA collected 6.1% more. In real terms, they collected 14% less than they should have collected, roughly put.

    Tizinena zoona.

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