Malawi to construct 20,000 seater stadium in Karonga

Malawi government has finally handed over to the contractor the site where it is going to construct a stadium in Karonga District which will cost about K504 million from Local Development Fund.

Karonga to have stadium

Karonga to have stadium

Speaking during the handover ceremony, Director of Urban Development in the Local Development Fund (LDF) which is under the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development, Mike Moyo, said government wants to promote sports in the country through infrastructure development.

The site for the stadium is at Baka Research Station in the area of Traditional Authority Kyungu and was handed over to Nangaunozge Building Contractor who will construct the stadium.

Moyo said the stadium, which will have a capacity of 20, 000 people, is expected to cost K504 million from Local Development Fund.

Despite producing quality players and competitive teams, Karonga District does not have a stadium and games are played on an open ground.

Construction of the stadium is expected to start on October 15 this year and that it is expected to run for four years before it is completed.

In his remarks, Director of Administration for Karonga District Council, James Tembo, said the stadium will help the council to boost revenue collection through gate fees in addition to motivating both players and spectators.

“As a council, we feel that this is a great opportunity in a way because the stadium will help us to source money and be able to do some developments with gate collections.

“Apart from financial gains, the stadium will also help our youths to improve their physical fitness through different games that would be played, and in so doing, they will have no time to indulge in bad behaviour,” said Tembo.

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39 thoughts on “Malawi to construct 20,000 seater stadium in Karonga”

  1. Photo pa mphuti says:

    20,000 seater 4 years? Just too much? You mean if you want a stadium like old Trafford it can take 20-25 years? Be serious, Ooooho! Main a mukufuna mungotipusisa! This is our money people of Karonga so no politician should say Federer wamvas bwampini Peter Mthalika?
    President wopusa ngati uyu sinamuonepo!
    Wakwiya ndi KHWITA

  2. Clement says:

    @ mapiri. Which federal govt are you talking about? Is local development fund mean federal govt to you? Sometimes learn to say thanks to the govt no matter what how witchy you are. Finally, am not a bootlicker and you must take note of that.

  3. PM says:

    People who comment here are confusing between a national project and a local one. This is a local project funded by Local Development Fund, requested by local people of karonga. It has nothing to do with Peter Mutharika. If the ruling party will use it for campaign , they will take advantage of peoples ignorance of matters of this nature

  4. mwenengana fyamba fimpapatire says:

    this is welcome development to us bina karonga dagha fiyo APM potwinong’onera

  5. Mzuzu corner says:

    This is good news for Karonga but when are we having a new modern stadium in Mzuzu city?Authorities please ask the chinese to construct one for us. The one which is there is not befitting my city

  6. Mashamase says:

    Tiwonenge lumoza how long and isazagwe ili ndi wanthu

  7. Bibo says:

    Karonga deserves a modern stadium,a top professional club, and a city because it is the gateway to the east African region.No district in Malawi has vast football talent like Karonga.

    The players that Bitomani has named had special talent and no Malawian player plying his trade in South Africa can be compared to those players.The likes of Kinnah Phiri, Zorro Msiska,Spy Msiska,and Kannock Munde also emerged from Karonga not forgetting Barnett Gondwe,Ernest Mtawali, and Jimmy Mphamba.I wonder why the past Malawian governments couldn’t prioritize building football infrastructure in all districts especially those that produce a lot of talent.

  8. nguluwe says:

    There is a high (secondary) school in the state of Texas in US which spent $60,000,000 on a stadium and it turned out to be substandard due to cost cutting. Even after adjusting for the differences in the cost of doing bussiness between US and Malawi, K504,000, 000 is equivalent to $1,000,000 and it is a JOKE!!!!

  9. Bwigane says:

    Thanks 4 the development in advance but nangaunogze z nt fit 4 dat. Secondly,4yrs z 2 much 4 a 20,000 seater stadium. U can do it in 2yrs tym if however u’re really serious. Twe bina kalonga tukuti ndagha fiyo.

  10. Kenkkk says:

    Excellent project but taking 4 years to build a 20,000 stadium is beyond a joke. If dpp wants to use it as a campaign tool, then they must build it within 2 years. Otherwise the people of karonga will not be fooled.

  11. madunganya says:

    excuse me..…am a tumbuka …..this is a good idea, unfortunately it’s not necessary…… iwe castrated minded peter, have priorities, have a square difference between what is good and what is necessary, other wise we divert it to education , health and food. get me right, am not saying it’s bad, but its not necessary.

  12. MSANA WA PETURO says:

    You rotten DPP pig! There is nothing worth thanking your idiot. Is the stadium already constructed? Be wise and don’t behave like these ruling idiots. Chitsiru iwe.

  13. Mapiri says:

    @21 Clement. That’s not Peter’s money. It’s tax payers money. Under Federal govt, that’s what happens. You share the cake. So you see why Federal govt makes sense. Umbuli a Clement. If you want Peter’s money, ask him to give you. He has millions in US dollars. Zonse zakuba!

  14. gomani says:

    Name it Ruben Malora stadium, one 4years is too much we need one year project that’s all

  15. FootSoldier says:

    You can not construct a 20,000 capacity stadium with half a billion kwacha! What nonsense is that?!

  16. Sapitwa says:

    Stadium, we don’t need it in Karonga. You are getting your priorities wrong;divert this money to revamp Secondary Schools in dire needs in all Regions!

  17. botomani says:

    I once lived in KA when I was young and I witnessed great football talents like Shallow Phiri, Andrew Munde, Shamano, Cobra Mwaulambo, Hardson Pembamoto, Benson Nkhoma, Happy Msisya, Billy Msowoya, Moses Kalua, Tenga ; just to mention a few. These guys were a marvel to watch and you can’t compare with current generation of our players. Thumbs up for the stadium, KA deserves it

  18. Nangaunozge says:

    Its a good thing malawians are winning contracts but the problem is at the end of the day we get substandard work from most of them.

  19. Clement says:

    I was expecting tumbukas, nkhondes and other tribes involved to say yewo wa dada Peter, taonga chomene but seems others it’s nothing to construct this stadium coz they used to watch football on open grounds. I remember after the robots installation in mzuzu city, people used to come where the robots are saying alongozi idzaninge muonenge masenga a Bingu kkkkkk. The magic they were talking about was when robot shows red the cars stops the opposite side shows green and cars goes. People, this is not mcp era when they denied northerners to have karonga- chitipa road. DPP govt will inject projects and Malawi will be better place with DPP govt not Congress or unknown parties.

  20. mayaka boy says:

    ife akumayaka tikuti. Ndagha mwatwinong’onera nutwe baneba ba karonga tutambiragheko super league papipi. Tukupulika buu ukuti bullets bullets lori tutayibweni lumo.

  21. yohane mbatizi says:

    Shawa wa nangaunozye angamange stadium zoona iye uja sikoma kuchinda ti ana tasukulu basi amatisunga mnyumba mwakemo a kaliyati pitani mukatipeza tili tho kumeneko

  22. dzikolathu says:

    nangaunozge is a carpenter.

  23. Tchaka says:

    Mesa mukumati ma company akunjaso ai koma amalawi ndde mukudandaulaso? Koma anthufe pliz

  24. Mr Phee says:

    Imeneyo ndiyo game ya DIPIPI, akayamba kupanga stadium munenayo saimalize pa 4yrs akukuuzaniyo, afuna nthawi ya Campaign azidzkulozerani nkhuti ya stadium not stadium, kikkkk anapangaso choncho Bwana Bingu ndi nseu wa Dowa Lumbadzi, unayambika 2008 mpaka anapangila campaign 2009 anadutsa mosavuta ndimavoti ochokera ko Nthesa, ku Namwiri,komatekenya,ko Nkwanthama,ko Kachimbwi,ko Makumbi,ko Kamphasi, kuphokera,ko Mgubane,ko Lundu,ko Mndinda,ko Donati, ko Nyundo,ko Gwangw’a, ku Kaliyenga,anamukonda Bingu chifukwa cha nseu umeneu, aMalawi kukhala ndizinthu zimenezi ndicholowa chathu ndipo zisatipangitse kusankha mosayenela mawa kikkkkkkkkk

  25. MZomera Ngwira says:

    You brutes what you should know is that the funds is from Local development fund. Do you want the LDF to be buying medicine for the hospitals? Are you guys thinking with your heads or your ass? If you talk of 4 years, do you know how much they get as LDF? Where will you get the money to build it in One year? Think and know what you are arguing.

  26. paulos banda says:

    Nangaunozge?? Mmmmm he is going to give you raw deal.

  27. NEd says:

    4 years??Nangaunozge construction, osangosiya kumangako bwanji ngati simutha muapase anzanu amange 6 months

  28. chindazi says:

    Minong’ono yinu yoyenga Stadium pa Baka nunu fiyo… Loli muyenge Stadium nunu and kawalilo mukuti mpaka vinja 4 ahahahaha…. wuli kuti chiwe chinja chimochene na half.

    Hela itankhatamya ha…..

    Linga mwachedwa nuzowachapa nu ngili mwapilika. Tutoloda ma cashgate poyenga Stadium iyi… mwapilika.

    That’s a good idea but four years is long why not a year and a half. If this exceeds the specified time you will be whipped big time and we don’t want to hear of cashgate issues …NO NO NO.

  29. Binwell musalengemo says:


  30. kemwa says:

    why not motor engil,nangaunozge will use cheap labour which will lead to poor infrastructure.if not terms & conditions shld be applied.besides 4 yrs is just too much the chinese people they even construct at night.why not with our local constractors?but its welcome idea.

  31. chimphonongo says:

    A.mmmmmmm JK umbuli wakula taziganizani musanalankhule

  32. James K says:


  33. Joel says:

    The construction of a sports stadium in Karonga is a welcome idea.

  34. George phiri says:


  35. The real ujeni says:

    Construction of a 20,000 capacity stadium taking 4 years to complete???? You are not serious people, is it going to have underground training facilities and Olympic swimming pool? This should take a year or a year and a half. We cant develop like that when we are too sleepy and slow. After six month believe you me will hear construction has stalled because the kwacha has been devalued and the budget will need to be revised, so will wait for next year for parliament to debate then approve. It will be a campaign tool for 2019 elections then 2024 elections too.

  36. waseme says:


  37. 4years! Are they going to construct another Wembly? We are not serious.

  38. tk says:

    This is good news for the people of kalonga

  39. Wa Nzeru Wa Kummawa says:

    The stadium is a welcome development however I personally feel our priorities are upside down.
    We do not have time to waste in luxuries such as stadia when we are still struggling to meet our basic needs.
    Government could have considered promoting agriculture or better still water services.
    This money is enough for Waterboard to install high capacity pumps to pump water from the lake upland to supply residents of either Karonga, Lilongwe, Blantyre or Enukwenu where water supply is terribly erratic.
    Let’s put our priorities right and rest will follow. Seek the kingdom of God first and the rest will follow.

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