Karonga DC defiantly returns to work: Malawi Police arrest striking council workers

Drama continues at Karonga District Council between the workers and the embattled District Commissioner Rosemary Moyo as the DC has refused to take 11 days forced leave given by the Ministry of Local Government claiming that she has not been communicated officially.

Police vehicle carrying workers to their station from DC's office

Police vehicle carrying workers to their station from DC’s office

Karonga council strike workers at police station

Karonga council strike workers at police station

According to Moyo who appeared into office on Monday, the reports that she is on leave are unfounded, saying she is only learning them in the media.

But her return to council prompted the irate workers to boycott the work demanding she abdicates her office.

The incident forced Moyo to call the District Police Officer In charge Edward Chingayipe to lead his men to arrest the workers claiming that their decision was against her court injunction restraining them from forcing her out.

“Am here to do my usual duties, the issue that am on forced leave is not true,” said Moyo.

Chingayipe confirmed that 42 workers have been arrested who will appear before court to answer charges of contempt of court.

“We are here to make sure that there is peace at government offices as well as to protect lives and properties so the workers do not have powers to remove the DC from her office on top of that there is an injunction restraining them not to overthrow the person in question that is why we have arrested them so that others should take a lesson,” said Chingayipe.

The Principle Secretary of the Ministry of Local Government and Urban Development Christ Kang’ombe confirmed to media that Rosemary Moyo was given a leave with effect from Monday until government sort out the issue to avoid bloodshed as the two fail to settle down the matter.

Meanwhile, the Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in the district have condemned the “arbitrary” arrest of the workers and demand their immediate release.

According to the petition signed by Karonga CSO’s Network Chairperson Yotam Kaunda, the District Chairperson of Public Affairs Committee (PAC) Rev. Lesile Mtekateka and Jabesi Nyirenda of Foundation for Community Support Services ( FOCUS) among others, the court injunction does not restrict workers from exercising a peaceful demonstration.

“As Civil Society Organizations in Karonga we have learnt with great shock that our Law enforcers are in forefront violating their law by arresting the council direct employees in the name of court injunction,” cited the petition.

“Section 38 of the republic of Malawi allows any person to express their freedom of sit in protest and demonstrate with others peacefully which was the case with the workers on top of that the injunction granted by Justice Dingiswayo Madise of Mzuzu High court does not restrain the employee to have a sit in protest, hence we demand their immediate release because what the police have done is a gross violation of human rights.”

On 24 September this year, Moyo was kicked out of her office by the irate council workers as they alleged that Moyo was responsible for their poor working conditions such as exorbitant pension deductions and delayed salaries.

Chairperson for the workers union, Bentley Chihana, alleged that since Moyo assumed the office of Karonga DC, the workers’ welfare has declined significantly.

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Benson T Phiri

l once worked with her in zomba division office it’s the same as she’s doing there l think she has a problem anathawa ku plan MALAWI
ku headquarters mumuona


I live and work in Karonga. The question I am always asking myself is,”Why is our district always in the news for the wrong reasons?” Anyway, bola panopa tilinso ndi nkhani ya stadium, that’s the consolation. Komano zinazi tiziwone bwino, tidzitchuka ndi zinthu zabwino. Zakuti pa nkhani iyiyi wolakwa ndi ndani, apo ndikuti “No comment”.


This is totally a gender issue and I am wondering as to how the so called gender groups have decided to remain quite on the issue. Let us give the few women DCs the necessary support. Somebody is behind all this and MoLG please protect these DCs who are facing resistance from employees.

Concerned citizen

I personally know Mrs Moyo. She has a masters, is trustworthy and hard working. What nonsense is going on in Karonga? Who is behind it? It must be crooks who cannot get their crooked ways. No wonder we don’t develop. What has happened to the women rights group Why are yyouall quiet when a major injustice is taking place before all our eye. Give us the facts here.

Bwigane michael

If justice fails, use power to oust hr. Go bina karonga go. Ba police aba boba dogo. Linga mama uyu okakamila muleka mphomutumila njuchi. Muye myeee!!


Most DCs who were promoted by Joyce Banda, through the so called Mr. Makileni, are experiencing problems because they do not have the requisite experience and qualifications to became DCs. Most of them were promoted because of other factors not related with competency. Karonga is not the only region such things are happening like wild fire, I also held about the Ntchisi fiasco which smells the same as Karonga.


haha police man are hunting pipo panyasaland Ali mwana agwirise ,ntchito ikuwakanika koma kusodola ndiye eeeeeeee mpaka police Ku border inasamukira pa songwe bridge office anatseka ndikumalanda anthu ma handed kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk shame on u policeman!

DC Moyo is a mad person. I can not believe a normal person can behave like that. The Ministry of Local Government should not entertain such kind of people who can not listen to others. This is a problem of recruiting mahule. Even our courts should not be giving out court injunctions anyhow . Malawi shall never develop if we allow ourselves in such kind of behaviours. Moyo come back to your former school and teach. You were wrongly employed by Ministry of Local Government. Do not be cheated by other DCs who are always taking court injunctions. Those are… Read more »

Nanunso, akungokugwirani ngati mbewa? Mumaziyambiranji? Njoka amaiponda ku mchira? Typical of Malawians, we are never serious in everything we do, cowards.


Unless the Chewas,Tumbukas,Yaos
& Lomwes as our Major Tribal
entities in Malawi;Put an End to
their unbridgeable selfishess &
jealousy towards one another,Our
nation will ultimately perish in
the midst of our current
shameless record_breaking status
in This world.

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