Malawi to establish job centre -Minister

Job seekers in Malawi will soon have an official platform to look and find jobs,  equally for employers will know where to find potential candidates.

Mushindo: Country Director  for ILO

Mushindo: Country Director for ILO

Minister Henry Mussa with President Mutharika: To reduce joblessness

Minister Henry Mussa with President Mutharika: To reduce joblessness

Minister of Labour and Manpower Development Henry Mussa told journalists in Lilongwe that Government would like to end burden that people are facing when searching for employment, as well, to enable employers have information of number of qualified people they look for.

He said Malawi is to establish Labour Employment Bureau with support of International Labour Organisation (ILO) and offices will be in each and every district.

Speaking in Lilongwe when introducing the new Country Director for International Labour Organisation responsible for Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique Alexio Mushindo,  Minister of Labour, Mussa said there are few things to workout before the offices for such task are introduced in all districts.

“He (Mr. Alexio Mushindo) came to get our priority list, one of which is establishment of Labour Employment Bureaus,” he said

“We are going to have system data that the job seeker, by the touch of a button is able to know which companies are looking for what skills. Equally the employers should be able to get information as to how many of qualified people are looking for employment.”

The Minister added that government is preparing for infrastructure, hiring of district labour officers and equipment for the offices.

Mussa emphasized that the Labour Employment Bureau is one of the key area which Malawi has asked ILO to assist because government wants to enable people look and find jobs in their district of residents without necessarily travel to towns or another region to look for jobs.

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37 thoughts on “Malawi to establish job centre -Minister”

  1. wokwiya says:

    Ngati pali nduna yakuba, khuluku, shasha, mafia, nde ndi Mussa. He is busy cashgating in community colleges. Busy overestimating costs of renovations in these fake colleges. Apm be careful with this monster

  2. Chiye Nang'omba says:

    we have tired of that nonses!! Muzilembana pa chibale panu inu!

  3. Round Head says:

    Interesting…instead of supporting existing platforms such as the government will establish another inefficient system????

  4. Ac Matewe says:

    Are You Trying To Kill Labour Offices?

  5. Malawian MomS says:

    we already have labor office, in each district.

  6. stain says:

    George Kananga walemba chimangirizo one kwa twenty sizikumveka

  7. Lungalunga Pobadwa says:

    Creating jobs centres without jobs.Very funny idea.Those countries that have job centres have alot of jobs and they work 24/7.In 6 oclock madzulo all places are dead apart from drinking places with prostitutes roaming around looking for clients.Anzanu aja ntchito zimakhala kutapa kutaya while inu ka vacancy kamodzi is fought for by 1000 people,and that’s where some men bosses find an opportunity to screw some desperate men looking for jobs.

  8. Ras Mix says:

    Something to laugh @

  9. musekanji palibe kanu says:

    good development koma adzigwira ntchito mosiyana bwanji ndi a ministry of labour,zisakhale zija zongotsegula ma office kuti ma civil servants adzikangowelenga news the whole day osamathandiza anthu..

  10. Happy Eduardo says:

    Great idea!

  11. The real ujeni says:

    Malawians need jobs not offices to inquire for jobs. Countries that have Job centre have plenty of jobs on offer. DPP has a problem of doing things just to be seen to be doing something.

  12. estery chibambo U.K says:

    Kodi ntchito zingapezeke for the young Malawians pomwe nkhalamba zoyendera ndodo like Minister Gondwe, pulezidenti muthalika, minister Henry Musaa, a Jean kalirani, A lipenga and many other top govenment officials who honestly speaking are out of date , need to retire to pave way for the new generation but kumangokakamila ndi ntchito za boma ,PANGANI RETIRE ANA AKUPHUNZIRAWA APEZEKO MWAWI WA TCHITO IN FACT IT SHOULD BE A LAW CONSIDERING THE SHORTAGE OF WORK IN MALAWI THA THE RETIREMENT AGE SHOULD BE 55YRS bwanji pamenepa akuluakulu?

  13. ineyo says:

    why introduce a new office to be in every ditrict when we have ministry of labour offices in all the 28 districts of the country. If was a leader i could have just gave those new roles to the min of labor

  14. Kaka says:

    We are a shame as a nation with shameful leaders. What should start between job centre and jods

  15. This is another nuclear plant alomwe wants to build in this nation which ains at destroying people from the north & center with you tribalism, regionalism, biasness, hatred & jealousy strategy which you have been using since bingu started to rule Malawi. Indeed Malawi has gone through such issues but it was at a very minimal size. But since Alomwe started to rule it has gone very worse.
    .The truth us this the ministry you want to establish is there to favour people from the south only. Since you are producing dull graduates with “Quota system” & you know for sure that for them to get employed & perform well it will be very difficult & this ministry will help you to put your dull graduates in positions they do not deserve.
    Let me tell you the truth any alternative you put in place to cover your evil actions it will never work at all. Your alternative plans are short lived The people you are oppressing will rise to greater heights because God in Jesus name will fight for them because the Battle belongs to God. “No matter how long a lie is sustained, Truth will forever prevail”.
    This ministry will be full of the Lomwes.
    As God fought for the Israelites before many tribes who hated & envied them so He will fight for people from the North & Central Regions
    The few people you have put in positions from the north & central you are using them as a bait % to blindfold people that you are for all but it is a big lie because you want donors to give you cash & enrich yourselves as bingu did during his rule.
    APM & your fellow dogs in DPP no matter how fast you are running but your kingdom is falling. “Time will tell by the late Bob Marley, I Quote”.

  16. Fumbanani says:

    I strongly support the idea. Ku Geneva tikukhumbakoso nase.

  17. Nana Chione says:

    kkkkkkkkkkkkk CREATE JOBS FIRST MR. MINISTER……………………………………!!!!! DONT THINK UPSIDE DOWN!

  18. nana says:

    Labour office is for unskilled persons nanny gardenboys

  19. bob mzunga says:

    Hahaha please donot insult my intelligence. I am tired of reading jokes from DPP gurus!

  20. Truck says:

    That’s a good move keep it up Minister.

  21. Kanthu Ako! says:

    The problem is not a lack of jobs, the problem is trust. You can not trust anyone in Malawi these days.

    It has become safer to employ people that you know rather than people who know.

    Education in Malawi counts for nothing, it appears people are learning how to steal more than how to do the job.

    A change of the thieving habit is better than a million job centres.

  22. Abiti mtajiri says:

    wellcome developmnt mtengowaminga woyeee n a pita woyeeee

  23. Prof says:

    Please stop misleading poor malawians kodi ndima company angati omwe boma lapanga introduce kuti amalawi apedzeko ntchito. How can someone introduce a programme without a solution? Why not say something positive for the future of malawian rather than politicking

  24. kapunjunju says:

    This is very encouraging go ahead and implement these good ideas mwina nkulemba anthu ambiri only if merit will prevail

  25. kk says:

    I don’t think zitha kuyenda. Mtchito zimene zizipezekazo, atumbuka azakhala atapatsana okha okha. Please ku head office ya ma bureaus musayesele kuyika munthu wa ku mpoto.

  26. Ameneyo says:

    Good idea but for this to be successful, the government and the private sector need to create jobs first otherwise we will just have a repository of skills for nothing.

  27. princess says:

    Adzilembedwatu ana a mabwana basi nanga ifeyo? tili nawo kale ma labour office ngakhale amangopezeka ndi azimayi antchito basi. Malawi zero….

  28. Tili Chenene says:

    What kind of economics is this? Even children know know that there is plenty labour force but no employment so why establish such a mockery? This is as useless and doing nothing

  29. Zig says:

    Consolidate the gains we made with then functional district and regional labour offices; check on the prime drivers for their downfall and surely the purposed priority will not be validated. It’s more the bureau that Malawi needs. It’s unfortunate that our leaders don’t realize what we need or indeed they have limited understanding of the drivers of change or transformation in Malawi.

  30. Nasfam party acting president says:

    Ife anasfam tikuti ayi zimenezo zosathandiza komwe chomwe ife tikunena kuti muyike ndondomeko za bwino makamaka anthu obwerawa asamangosekula ma shop ayi tikufuna manufacture investors, zoona tidziitanitsa mabatani kunja? Zoona leather izikachitidwa turn ku hong kong? Zoona tidziitanitsa ma tooth pick? Zoona tidziitanitsa nyali za galasi? Zoona tidziitanitsa zikwAma? Zoona tidziitanitsa ndodo za police kunja? Zoona tidziitanitsa ma pant kunja? Ife anasfam tikuti malawi antha kutukuka choyamba mubweretse total new n patriotic blood, Ofunadi kuthandiza osaba ozasesa nyasi zonse, Chenjezo kwa andale iiiii Ndalama zakuba misokho ya wanthu sidzitupa simatha phyiti kuyambanso kupepha eg Gwanda chakwamba alibe kanthu pano, Former Dpp deputy minister maotcha banda akukanda koopsa, Former UDF minister midiani alibe nyumba, Former PP presidential advice on youth mpofu kathupi kakuonda pano list is long Ken lipenga

  31. Dr Henry Mussa-Cypress University says:

    Za uku ukuku uku za ziii. You are failing to operate District Labour Offices ndemukati ma bureaus? Hehehe to cashgate again? Or preparing okabera ma elections?

  32. phwiyonaire says:

    Job centers can be and should be esfablished by small individual persons as businesses. Not this issue of burdening government with more burden by adding more institutions when they are failing to run the existing ones. And Mussa you call that a priority? You’ve certainly outlived your usefulness, thief.

  33. moya says:

    There are no jobs what Wii staff in job centers be doing? Just taking in CVs and getting monthly salaries? Create jobs, attract investors by creating a conducive, secure and corrupt free business environment. Help industry boom. Cut taxes for businesses after that you can now gave employment centers.

  34. j k jere says:

    Zopanda pake zımenezo coz labour offıce ıf well equıped would do that,govt of mapwevupwevu busy jublıcatıng thıngs tızıtı mukugwıra ntchıto!just create envıroment yotı ma company abwere ambırı bası!fotsekı!

  35. neymar says:

    We have labour offices in the districts, just improve on that one, mukunenazo mwachepa nazo

  36. ahoy says:

    Establishing a job centre won’t easy unemployment, we want job not a centre

  37. ujeni says:

    Another plan to cashgate the little rsources we have. Xool fees K275,000 ndani ali nayo imeneyo?
    Funding angodula dula akanganyawa, koma for mapwevupwevu celebrations osadula ayi.

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