Malawi tobacco crop threatened by flooding -TCC

Lethal floods in Malawi which have killed at least 176 people have caused extensive damage to tobacco, the country’s leading hard currency earner, a senior official said on Friday.

Munthali: TCC boss says tobacco to be affected

Munthali: TCC boss says tobacco to be affected

According to the World Bank, tobacco accounts for around 60 percent of Malawi’s exports, and the floods come as the impoverished southern African country struggles to woo back donors who have withheld funds over governance concerns.

“We are still assessing how much damage has been caused by the heavy rains on tobacco but I can safely say that many fields have been washed away and the impact on the economy is obvious because tobacco is our main forex earner,” Bruce Munthali, the Tobacco Control Commission’s chief executive, told Reuters.

There are also worries about the staple maize crop which feeds the nation. Last year, Malawi’s farmers harvested 3.9 million tonnes of maize, providing a surplus of almost one million tonnes.

President Peter Mutharika was scheduled to make a televised address at 1800 local time (1600 GMT) about the situation.


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Alex Likoswe

59percent plus 49 percent is equal to 100 percent. These are the fruits of quota system. Malawi will regret for the rest of the coming years. Chaponda’s achievement .


Demacation or fedelism can’t help to address the challanges in this country only god can


Guys are discussing what Mr Munthali said or something seated in your hearts?
Please, we need to demarcation of boundaries otherwise mutheka basis.

south ahlomwe

ködi kumpoto kukanakhala fodya wambiri ndibwedzi , atamangako company .yafodya where is limbe leaf tobàcco. where is limbe leaf occuation floods stop stuped ideas southern region produce almost 49 percent of tobacco which is different with north and central which produce about 59 percent and remember southern regiön grows tea,sugar cane, coffee., maccadamia and rice be wise u stupid people


Only low lying crops near rivets in the South have been effected. 99% of tobacco crop is ok. Season is late but crop is looking very good. Malawi can expect same crop size as last season


We are in one nation and we must love one another. North, Central, South,West and Eastern region we need to love one another. No segregation zaphetsa anthu ambiri mu mayiko ambiri zimenezo. Ask Rwandan nationals and Burundian they will tell you what it means .


Kukanthidwa chifukwa chosokoneza mavoti, ndi nepotism mumaudindo,,inu mumayesa anzeru ,koma apa mwapusa,kaliati satanism yako ija ,ukuganiza samadziwa ndi ndani? Bweretsatu solution,mwamudziwa yehova chipokopoko

Gerald Kanjex

Z a w o z i m e n e z o ! ! !


South only has tea and sugar, other manufacturing companies are either foreign or Asian owned. On land ndiye tisakambe, there is no land too populated thus why mountains are bare with no trees as people go up looking for land to cultivate for maize. Ndirande mountain is a good example

Suicide Bonza

Ndiye paja ndalama munakongola kale poganiza kuti zokolola zikhala zambiri, mukabweza chani?

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