Malawi Tourism body wary over delayed info on new visa regime

Malawi Tourism Council (MTC), the official mouthpiece and umbrella body of all the associations in the tourism industry in the country says it is deeply concerned with the delay from government on releasing information regarding the new visa regime implementation for Malawi scheduled for October 1.

Rosebill Satha-Sambo: Concerned

Rosebill Satha-Sambo: Concerned

Florentine Kabefu: Concerned

Florentine Kabefu: Concerned

In a statement the MTC chairperson Florentine Kabefu and executive director Rosebill Satha-Sambo say while the MTC recognizes and appreciates government needs to implement this new visa regime it is disturbing that  two months on, there are still a number of technical issues that have not been resolved.

They say  only three weeks remaining before the new visa regime is rolled out no relevant information has not been made available.

“Visitors are being asked to get a visa prior to their arrival. Failure to do so will result in a penalty charge, yet our High Commissions abroad have received no information on what the process will be. Conflicting communication is causing confusion – the Malawi High Commission in the UK will be charging GBP 95 to process a visa, Berlin will be charging EUR 75 and a circular sent out by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs states that visas are US$ 75,” reads the statement in part.

The statement also adds that there is no separate price given for what minors will be charged and that there is no indication that an e-visa application process is in place or will be introduced.

“Our airports currently do not have the capacity to issue individual visas to visitors on arrival. This was clearly evident on 13th August, 2015, the day they first attempted to implement a charge for visas – visitors disembarking from long-haul flights stood in queues for up to 3 ½ hours.”

The statement says the development will likely lead to reduced number of tourists visiting Malawi.

“MTC Members have been sending names of tourists who have already committed to coming to Malawi and have paid deposits. There are over 350 of them. Most of these clients are now refusing to finalize payments as they are not sure as to whether they will be able to indeed get on a flight as Airlines require you to have a visa for each of the country on your itinerary if such a requirement exists.”

The statement says the money that is currently being expected is a combined total of approximately US$ 1.2 million.

“This is revenue that the private sector stands to lose, 16.5% (US$ 198,000) of which government can also expect to lose due to lack of action on this matter. Last week, two of our members lost close to US$ 13, 000 as clients decided to not include Malawi in their travels.”

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45 thoughts on “Malawi Tourism body wary over delayed info on new visa regime”

  1. ubundya says:

    A responsible officer should not be picked from tarven pali umunthu apa

  2. Jan Jaap Sonke says:

    Talking about shooting yourselves in the foot ……

  3. Kabefu don’t seem concerned at all

  4. kwesi wampanda says:

    bele limeneli mwati chani kweni kweni malonda pomwepa kavaleni kaye muchita kubwelaso

  5. i miss kamuzu says:

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  6. Jimuni says:

    Flourentine, can we hook up. J wanna suck your boob

  7. Fatsani Boyilo says:

    No 14, Mangochi Kabwafu you poor, you cant afford an air ticket, hotel accommodation, you dont even have a passport, we dont need you. Tourists will still come to Malawi.

  8. Zanga Phee! says:

    Bele bele

  9. S F D says:

    Ku Nyasalande kumeneko.Ndiye Wina Aziti Tizikwatirana Amuna Okhaokha,mabere Ayima Bwino Chonchiwa Awagwetse Ndani?

  10. opportunist says:

    Mwana wa mkazi sazatheka Bele lake limeneli .Kufa kulipo basi phone number bwa ndiyese mwayi .Nkhaniyi palibe chomwe ndatolapo after been confused with chithuzi chowutsa mudyo.

  11. No Retreat No Surrender says:

    Sindinawelenge chi story chanuchi.. Ndili busy kuona Bele

  12. Chifwede says:

    Koma ya! Mwati madonawa are concerned? The smile and the breasts ndi ayaaa ayaaa ayaaaa

  13. Christopher Chabuka. says:

    Azimayi Zivalani Bwino Abale.

  14. Prison Warden says:

    iwe Mangochi Kabwafu number 14, ndiwe wa mathanyula eti? Nkhani ili pano ndi ya mabele osati za zii ukukamba iwezo

  15. Fuckwell says:

    Kabefu woyeeee…….best buy Malawi

  16. Bololo says:

    Awadi ndi okopa alendo

  17. namz says:

    This is such a bad move. People are willing to pay for visas to counties they believe are worth going to. But as of now the tourism industry is very useless in a country with so much potential. Ridiculous hotel charges, very bad and incovenient transport system, inaccessibility to so many things and now poor security. Ndiye u think tourists azifuna kuzatani? I can imagine the chaos at the airports. This is so off-putting. Get real!give people a reason to come to Malawi properly otherwise that very quiet airport will become a ghost building. Kufuna kuba mpaka ma visa a mbolawa? Malawi has stooped low! Shame

  18. tchama says:

    Malonda mkusatsatu paja…… these guyz are from Tourism

  19. matako a pusi says:

    This is ptomoting sex tourism that’s why the kabefus are concerbed and show asset mabere shupiti

  20. chepetsani says:


  21. Concerned says:

    I’ve had my last visit if I have to pay more for a country with such poor facilities. My friends say this too.

  22. Thitherward 'wendo says:

    I’m sure this is welcome news to the Tourism Development Organizations of Kenya, Tanzania and Zambia.

    Now is the time for Malawian lodge owners to sell their assets before their value tumbles.

  23. Bin laden says:

    Well I have more forex only if u allow me to buy part of the country think about it lads

  24. Cashgate1 says:

    Azimayi mabelewa pilizi tiyeni tiwasamalire. Osayambila dala mikoko yogona pomawaika pamtunda ngati mbatata. Sumumva malangizo amanu eti?

  25. Youth League Chairman: Kawale 1 market says:

    Assets on display

  26. Mo says:

    These two are enough for our tourism basii apa awoneka patali,alendo bwelani anzanu awa akukufunani

  27. Gopaninji says:

    Where is kabefu’s husband? Paja tourism is full of masewera paMalawi pano.

  28. Crispin Bwangala says:

    This country needs more Kabefus for it to fully exploit the tourism sector and attract many more male tourists

  29. vin mongu says:

    ohh yes. i think the story has been enhanced by the boobwork. ohh my ohh my, definately the MTC had no choice and i think the voters were mostly men

  30. Dikisan says:

    Kabefu yu ndi machawa kapena mulomwe. Akuwoneka kuti ndi wozisaka kwambri! Akuitana mbana APM posachedwa. Amafufana tofefewa chocho.

  31. kwakwase says:

    taasiyeni mabele a bale asazuse? alibe ufulu?kkkkk

  32. mangochi kabwafu says:

    I think will be bad for this impoverished nation. I for one would not want to visit such a useless country. The nation stands to lose out as tourist will simply opt for better countries than our stinking one. Typical of a nation being led by DUNDERHEADS.

  33. Beast says:

    Koma ndiye kufulasha. warm heart of africa

  34. Ackson says:

    Koma belelo??

  35. belekiya says:

    kuflasha is a modern way of kuphiphilisa kuvula

  36. i miss kamuzu says:

    mayina ake ndiye a mu filimutu. rosebill and florentine? anyway shura ili pamwambayo ndi ya sharp, ili pansiyo ndikungowona ma pillow akewo. welcome tourists!

  37. Mbewa zatha says:

    Koma ndiye eeee! ma guys mwafikapo! Makakmaka Nyapapiyu chalakwikwa ndichiyani. Just go to Bwandilo kuti ukawone tourism ukuifunayo

  38. ... says:

    Koma abale…paparazi amajambula zinthunzizi ndani?
    Florentine yo akuchita pose for Playboy Magazine chani?

  39. Malongo says:

    Koma Berelo ku flasha kapena kuwonesa real concern in Tourism?

  40. Long Dick says:

    Look at Kabefu’s charged breast! Tourism yeniyeni! Doricaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

  41. amboba says:

    tajambulani njobvu, mikango, nyanja, nyau ndi ma lodge apa, osati bele olo lili loyamwika ndi loyima bho. mwalikungatu!!

  42. Sitiriti Venda says:


  43. Viyazi Tembo says:

    Nanga mabelewo, aone ndani?

  44. Bikiloni Nachipanti says:

    Koma nde ku flashatu… Tourism at its best

  45. nyapapi says:

    This photojourno is a fool. Which foto between that of Rosebill and Frolentine is supposed to be large. Just look at the two pictures. You better be a journo for church activities not tourism activities.

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