Malawi ‘toxic’ politicians back in recycling business

Why is it that Brown James Mpinganjira’s resignation from the People’s Party (PP) is not particularly earth shaking? Why is it that there is no substantial waltz surrounding the news of his departure from the former ruling party? The answers might not be far off; in fact they are right next to you.Loose cannon

It is because the people who are familiar with the politics of the man from Chisitu, Mulanje Central Constituency are not surprised with his latest step in the political wilderness. In fact, others are surprised that he has stayed this long in the People’s Party. They expected him to dump PP much, much earlier, after the announcement of the results of the last elections, when Peter Mutharika was declared President of the country. They are wondering what might have kept BJ in PP for so long.

A quick recap on BJ suffices. He claims to be one of the founders of the United Democratic Front (UDF) in the early 90’s. He dumped the party at the end of Bakili Muluzi’s second term after Atcheya allegedly reneged on some silent gentleman’s succession agreement between the two.

He contested for the presidency in the 2004 Presidential and Parliamentary Elections under his own National Democratic Alliance (NDA). He lost miserably; he came fourth. He disbanded his NDA and went back to the UDF before emerging as John Tembo’s running mate in the 2009 General Elections under the Malawi Congress Party (MCP). He came crushing again (with Obaba) in that election before later aligning himself with PP’s Joyce Banda after a self-made political hiatus during which he became a born-again Christian and concentrated on preaching the word of God.

That BJ (as he is fondly referred to by his adorers) is an ambitious politician is well documented and in the public domain. It is, however, one thing to have ambition and quite another to have a strategy to achieve those ambitions. Without ambition, one becomes a hollow politician; a flop that actually thinks he is big whilst he is not. Without question, this is the scenario that Brown Mpinganjira finds himself in.

They say a rolling stone gathers no moss. The way BJ has been rolling is breathtaking. In fact, it is legendary. Brown Mpinganjira diluted his political currency because he practices nomadic politics. He is always here today, there tomorrow. It is because of this political style that even those who are closest to him cannot trust him.

BJ might as well have written his political epitaph in this latest episode. With that behaviour, it is difficult to build a political base and to be rooted as a politician, more so, for someone who has had a go at the top job in the land, and one who still thinks can become President.

It is rumoured, however, that the latest exodus from the PP is as a result of some underhand practices and arm-twisting by the DPP government on perceived cash-gate perpetrators in the previous government. They are being threatened to leave PP or will have some politically manufactured cash-gate charges against them. It is a stinking trade-off that threatens to throw politics again to the annals of history…

  •  Tenthani’s ‘Last Post’

For once, the Malawi nation united in mourning one of the country’s most prolific writers, Raphael Tenthani. The social media has been awash with tributes to Tenthani since his tragic demise on that fateful Saturday night, May 16, 2015.

Lately, Tenthani was a fierce critic of the current DPP administration and President Peter Mutharika. Nonetheless, the Head of State has described late Tenthani “as a man of immense talent, eloquence, humour and warmth”. Other political leaders have also expressed their sorrow at the death of arguably Malawi’s best columnist.

Though I swiftly wrote a tribute column on Tenthani when he was killed during the Kamwamba accident, I still need to pay more homage to the prolific writer and a complete journalist who hardly escaped the attention and recognition of some of the world’s most famous media organizations.

His sober-mindedness when reporting on various issues, including politics, shall leave an indelible mark on him as a truly ethical, objective, professional and responsible journalist.

I mourn Raphael not only as a personal friend but as a mentor too. He was always available to offer valuable professional advice and direction. His writings were an inspiration to me and I will forever be indebted to Raphael for positively shaping my career as a journalist, writer and columnist.

Who would have thought that Raphael Tenthani would go so soon? While the nation mourns this unbearable loss, I wish to extend my personal sympathies to the bereaved wife and children, friends, relatives and the entire Tenthani family following this tragic loss.

Losing someone whom you deeply loved is extremely agonizing. It is a sad experience that you may have to live with for the rest of your life. In these circumstances, it is only Lord, our Heavenly Father, who we call upon to comfort the grief-stricken nation following this tragedy.

Finally, I stop to mourn the death of my friend and colleague, Raphael Kin Tenthani; I will instead celebrate he lived!

 “If you enter this world knowing you are loved and you leave this world knowing the same, then everything that happens in between can be dealt with.”– Michael Jackson

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16 thoughts on “Malawi ‘toxic’ politicians back in recycling business”

  1. George Lihoma. says:

    A Litmus Paper for politicians not to be taken seriously: When his or her kinsmen abandon him/her,know there is something greatly wrong. Utsogoleri weniweni umayamba nawo pakwanu then flourishes outwardly. Most of us Malawians see the opposite. Hahahahaha.

  2. Jk says:

    Politics its not my buisness but to say fact leaders like brown mpinganjila ndamene amapangisa ndale za ku malawi kukhala zonunkha ndamene akuchititsa kuti malawi ikhale poorest country in the world because they dont have any vision to develop acountry he dumped his party because of greedy no chance to steal in government my poor country malawi is perishing because lack of good leadership

  3. surestream says:

    Mpinganjira’s departure is not shaking news because the party he is resigning from has a tradition of losing vice presidents. People are saying if VPs resigned from the PP while it was in power, should it be shocking for a VP to resign when the PP is in opposition? Sidik Mia, Cassim Chilumpha, resigned when the PP was in power.

  4. Manolo says:

    That is what we call political hooliganism! “2019 no recycled politicians ” should be our goal. Malawians we have the power to take back our country. Nkhalamba zonse need to retire now. We want a youthful president. Saulos you need to start strategizing now and disassociate yourself from the blue gangsters now.

  5. Chimalilo says:

    I can commented only for mpinganjira akanakhala wina akanasiya ndale ndikuyamba mwina zampingo mwina dziko limaonamo mwa iye usogoleri koma anthu ife a pantenjera kapena kuti mwa chikumbu timamutenga ngati wamisala ndipo sazawona voti ya aliyense ngakhale atalowa dpp koma ifeje ata ndithu pangali kumuvotera nanjije anali ndi amayi hede timangoti wawo ana mmwe akuti bwanji tisamuvotere ndi omwe akumuyika pa mpandoyo ayiche akuno mupange kafukufuku muone ndipo ziko mukamakamba za iye ife timangoti bola kusamuka

  6. Mwendanato says:


  7. God's favour Media House says:

    mpinganjira adatha ma plan,musiyeni adzafa osauka.

  8. akukonde akukonde nkhoma says:

    I have read stories covering the death of Ralphael Tenthani in a car accident. one thing i find missing is how did the accident occur. it overturned yes as it is being reported. what happened for the car to overturn?

  9. Nyapapi says:

    Mwachidwa bwino akulu pozindikira kuti mulembanso a proper eulogy to late Ralph Ten. Osati zija mudalemba poyamba paja zongodzichimelera nokha kuti kenako munapezeka muli editor wa kanyuzi kopanda mfunda kaja kotchedwa enquirer!

    As for Toxic Mpinganjira lets forget about him, last him he stood in an election he got 16 votes at Chisitu polling centre while his rival got 8,762. That speaks volumes about how his own kinsmen regard him doesn’t it?

  10. JB says:

    Because the man is a shameless political bitch who thinks with his pocket and nothing else.

  11. chikadza kuwani says:

    Akuti padakafunda padadyiwitsa galu invani mwambi umenewo akufuna akafunde akabwino sugar kumeneko

  12. Dr Moo Tha Leeker says:

    BJ & JB mmmm nyambalo as Malawi politics is conxerned. Thievery and thuggery are their political blood

  13. peter muthanyula says:

    Isn’t it interesting that most media people in the West retire (David Letterman, Larry King, etc) while in Malawi we somehow die in our prime? As Bingu once said, there are just so many things that can kill you in Malawi. Very sad. RIP Ralph Ten!

  14. Quite Corner says:

    While it is true that BJs resignation from PP is not earthshaking,the author should understand that it has raised eyebrows of many on exactly what is happening in the former ruling party. The fact that BJ has been a nomad wouldn’t have made him stay in a party heading extinction. The writer needs reminding that PP lost all its elected VPs to resignations(Mia,Chilumpha and Khumbo). I don’t think Thom is too blind to see there is a problem here. Upon their resignations,the party replaced them with BJ,Harry Mkandawire and Uladi Mussa. BJ and Harry have just resigned and now its only Uladi as VP. Can’t this ring any bell in the writer? The article is trying to create a picture that it is all well in PP only that BJ couldn’t stay long as it is his character. I don’t want to deny the fact that BJ is a political prostitute,but I maintain there is mess in PPs top hierachy which is driving the others away. Don’t you think “Change Golo” is a hand behind all this? Search me… Remember,he miserably lost to Chilumpha at the convention? Remember what he used to say during campaign for the Vice Presidency(Centre)? The time JB will be opening her eyes to see,it will be herself and Uladi in the party… Why is Amayi’s lovely boy Gwengwe leaving? Thom,dig deep in the causes of the departures whether its done by somebody used to it or not.

  15. Mkazi ndi kumbuyo says:

    Loose Cannon replaces Muckrackerh haaaaa! 1+1=11

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