Malawi VP Chilima, former First Lady to attend Mulli’s memorial: Updated

Malawi  Vice-President Saulos Chilima is expected to attend the commemoration ceremony of late Lacton Mulli, the founder of one of the country’s business conglomerates, Mulli Brothers Limited.

Callista Mutharika: To attend

Callista Mutharika: To attend

The Mulli family is expected to hold a commemoration ceremony celebrating the life of late Lacton Mulli who died in 2006 with the event budgeted at K20 million.

Chairperson of the organizing committee, Reverend Billy Gama disclosed on Wednesday in Blantyre that the memorial service set for Saturday at Mulli family home at Horo, Nyezerera village in Traditional Authority Kaduya’s area in Phalombe district would be preceded by some entertainment activities on Friday which include disco and traditional dances.

“Late Lacton Mulli established what has become as one of the biggest business realms in Malawi. He left a legacy worth remembering, this is why the family has decided, as it is every year, to hold a commemoration ceremony,” explained Gama.

Gama disclosed that aside from Chilima, former First lady Callista Mutharika would also attend the memorial service on Saturday to be characterized by service of worship prayers by different churches and choir performances.

Great Angels Choir of Lilongwe is expected to perform at the function alongside other choirs.

The event is expected to attract about 5000 people with the budget estimated at K20 million.

MBL group of companies has marked eight years since the death of the company’s founder with a renewed vision to spur the company’s success.

MBL has grown from being just a business of buying and selling farm produce to a fully fledged company working various sectors of the economy such transport and communication among others.

  • We earlier indicated the First Lady Getrude Mutharika will attend. It is infact the former first lady. We regret the error.
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32 thoughts on “Malawi VP Chilima, former First Lady to attend Mulli’s memorial: Updated”

  1. Try Mwale says:

    zochimwitsana basi!!!!!!!

  2. So so sad says:

    This is a game called the rich and famous. Apolisi 9 died on duty less recognition. Mulli memorial service the rich and famous goes.Ofcourse Mulli will cough 20Million. Does that include allowances for the body guards, fuel for the convoy etc. Economically things are bad here in Malawi and we can feel it. Osangotumizako Minister wa za Business bwanji to save matambala. Just thinking loud.

  3. cnkhuto says:

    Don’t worry about the money, it is for them. You do not budget what does not belong to you.

  4. Bondera Bondera says:

    Mulli mulembenso proposal ku NAC nanga sikumenekonos kukakhla Alhomwe ndiye akuti Alhomwe akasonkhana pamakhala chigololo ndichifukwa chake NAC inapereka ndalama. Perekaninso apa nanga sikuli gulu.

    Lipirani ancthito

  5. Nohakhelha says:

    Kukapembedza ziwanda…. Ine ai masalamusiwo!!

  6. peter says:

    Up to traditional dances at sadaka? Zomvetsa chisoni. Anthuni mukuganizawanji? Mapemphere okha kapena makwayala mzoveka koma magule shaaa…

  7. Mchawa says:

    While am not condemning commemorating the life of late Lecton Mulli but am just thinking to say what if that MK20 million was used to construct two school blocks and the donate them to the poor people of Mullis community as part of the charitable legacy of the great son of Phalombe. Coz spending that much just for phwando of one day will be of meaningless impact than something that can be cherished for generations!!

  8. mbuya says:

    Shaaàaaaaaàa…….mpaka baboon?

  9. tsetsefly says:

    This is money obtained from corrupt activities. Contracts that were not honoured, goods not supplied but money paid buy govt in full. Mulli is another Lutepo of the MK92B cashgate. So no matter how successful he might be I can not admire him.

  10. Imeneyo timati sadaka ndipo ife aCCAP tikudabwa kuti mbusa Gama ndiye akutsogolera mwambo wa sadaka

  11. Masoambeta says:

    The sunglasses make the woman look like a baboon.

  12. Nachipanti says:

    NAC iperekenso ndalama ku memorial kumeneku…

    Dii Phiii Phiii…Boma iloooooo!!! likatuluka silidzalowansoooo!!!

  13. Nyankhonjera Chisi says:

    Koma tinted yo amwene hehe

  14. Prophet says:

    Kulemba kosokoneza uku,budget mukunenayo akonza ndi eni mwambowo,tsono kumalemba ngati budget akonza ndi a boma mukufuna kusokoneza anthu,fotseki!

  15. Alungwana says:

    But dont commit another ‘gate’. One thing I know is that our taxes will further be spent at this occasion even thou its not a government function

  16. Jacob chitseko says:

    Very interesting to see weath passing from generation to generation my many Makawias emulate from this. Rightous leave weath to children’s children. While unrightous leave nyanga,lichero,kasipa etc to children’s children.

  17. Yet the fools are failing to resolve the strikes by the Judiciary staff. Mulli is dead and will never come to life again. Let’s meet the needs of the living first. The preachers at a funeral openly talk about the dead, “kwakwe kwatha koma otsalanu.” This is ridiculous.

  18. Mtungah says:

    A first lady, tinted glasses mukuoneka nayo ngati ndinu body-guard. Alangizi, athandizeni mayiwa.

    1. aTeacher says:

      Please alangizi kodi cant u tell our 1st lady kuti big glasses r for those with bigger faces small faces can use police shades or other smaller designer glasses. Asatengere onenepafe she shud kno her body.

  19. Hoitty says:

    Muziyendanso mma college mu ana achilomwe akutulutsidwa mmayeso kamba kosowa fees pomwe abale awo ndalama mulinazo. Nthawi ina muzapange donate makobiri kwa ma self sponsored students aku Phalombe wina aliko ku KCN anangopereka 3000 pa fees yake kamba ka umphawi. Even mlakho budget can be used to help these students. Anthufe ndi ochepekedwa kale kumaphunziro tiyeni tithandize ana athu omwe mwayi wa university waapeza.

  20. baba. says:

    Lipilani antchito omwe anakugwolilani ntchito Kaye kuto nzimu wake uzisangalala komwe uliko than spendi g all that money for nothing. MHSRIP.

  21. meya says:

    May his soul continue RIP.
    Koma chondinvetsa chisoni spending all the 20million yet there r a lot of employee demanding payments ena mpaka anasiya ntchito koma salary yamiyezi ingapo asanalandire kukhoti milandu ingozelezeka opanda anthu kuthandizika. Memorial imeneyi nzimu wake sungakondwe even if you spend billions yet someone somewhere akukudandaulani ndi ntchito yomwe anakugwililani and not paid for. He was one of the founders but koma nzimu ngati umaona ill treatment yomwe atchito

  22. Tengupenya says:

    Mulli Brother- you are a pride when one looks at the humble beginnings. Be a legend and clean up associates who might attract the wrath of misfortunes to anyone associating with them! Consider convincing and possibly helping some associates refund money ill gotten from NAC, Govt or elsewhere connected with the public treasury, and the Lord will bless you even more for such a noble gesture. The cries of the rightful beneficiaries of the ill gotten ndalama are being read and heard by all and sundry, even God himself. Remember that God is a jealous Lord who punishes children for the iniquities of their parents. Also remember that man can save fellow man from the wrath of God by using persuasive word of mouth on the prospects of God’s punishment for iniquities carried out with impunity against the poor and helpless. The rule of man can be circumvented or even purely ignored; but not that of God, who is merciless when in his punitive mood. Instead of a party at this year’s commemoration , consider using the budget to refund NAC money someone of your associates ill-obtained from NAC. That can best be done quietly! God bless you for considering this gesture. May God plant the eternal remembrance seed in the minds, bodies and souls that need to respect the poor and helpless by not depriving them of their hard found resources for enterprises that can easily be funded from other resources. Pray it in His name and it shall be done! in His time.

  23. Alfred Munduwabo says:

    You used to blame Mai for attending to all pety functions , today we are seeing worste money spending for the government money on useless functions using government machinery .
    What is so special for the country’s Vice President and the First Lady to go and attend the memorial service for a Mlakho member who has no history background to the freedom of Malawi ?
    Very soon we will be hearing that the family of Mulli and Munthalika will be appearing nearly on every cashgate query of MK92 bn. The same people who are appearing on the MK20 bn will be appearing on the MK92bn . Mulli wanted to join PP but he was reject . The MK92bn Mulli will be the main beneficial together with Munthalika .
    JB was talking of auditing the MK20bn during her public rallies , this dunderhead AMP never mentions or talks anything concerning the MK92 bn.

  24. Mmh all this money from where? Isnt he thesame. Lad that cried for money recently? Hey mr big spender

  25. Mbanga says:

    Womwa tea ndiwakumwa.

  26. ASS says:


  27. ASS says:


  28. SIZOO says:

    STUPID! Pamenepo tanthauzo lake lake ndi laugalu, A Mulli kuchita kuonetseratu kuti ayambapo kukonderedwa ndi boma abenso kukhale MULLI GATE tsopano muyambepo kudzatula chimanga ku Zomba Prison mkulipidwa katatu lorry imodzi.

  29. jokido says:

    Mr Lacton was ahard worker and aman of good spirit thats the reason his worth is being rising tru the good son.he had no evil with the sons.good father.RIP L.Mulli.amen

  30. karonga says:

    Bravo mulli bravo!!

    Chinapasidwa kwa inu chizakhala chanu basi, satana nthawi zonse ndi olephera pa maso pa Yehova.

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