Malawi VP Chilima visits flood-hit Mzuzu, leads relief response

Vice President Saulos Chilima on Tuesday spent time with Mzuzu people affected by unprecedented flooding, walking with them in mud, standing  with them in the rains and jumping swamps together during the intensive tour of the affected areas.

Chilima visists flooded area

Chilima visits flooded area

Flood victims in Mzuzu

Flood victims in Mzuzu

House destroyed by floods

House destroyed by floods

The Mzuzu floods are as a result of the 10 day persistent rains in the northern region city leading to six deaths, injuring 10, destroying over 1000 houses and affecting about 17,000 families.

Ironically, during the tour, it was the Vice President who insisted to visit all the heavily affected areas before he launched government relief items response to the disaster.

As Minister for Disaster and Management Affairs, the veep accompamied by government officials and communities, went as deep as Kauwa where the floods were catastrophic killing six peole and destroying several houses.

Chilima met all the bereaved families, condoling and giving them words of encouragement as they sailed through the trying times.

Speaking at Masasa where scores of people are being housed in a church, the Vice President said he was sent by President Mutharika to appreciate the situation and cordinate the response operation.

The VP said he had come along with relief items from government that included maize flour, tinned beef, soap, salt, sugar and blankets and made a symbolic donation at two camps.

He then appealed to the people to relocate to upland to avoid such disasters in future, saying such catastrophes affect the national budget and there was need to opt for preventive measures.

“It is not a good thing that every year we should be facing similar calamities that can be avoided if we all decide to move to upland areas. As government, we will do our part and as citizens you should also do your part,”said the Vice President

A representative of the victims, thanked government for the quick response since the disaster struck and appealed to more well wishers to join government efforts.

Mayor for Mzuzu, MP for the city and councillors thanked government for the swift response, saying this demonstrates the unity that this country enjoys.

The VP was scheduled to proceed to Rumphi and Karonga from using a rescue operation helcopter but the plan was shelved due to bad weather.

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31 thoughts on “Malawi VP Chilima visits flood-hit Mzuzu, leads relief response”

  1. Ndata farm says:

    No red carpet ngati Mathanyula??? Kikikikikikikiki

  2. COMPAY 50 says:


  3. Fatso says:

    Inenso katundu ndamuwona.Ali bho.Ine monga mzimayi.Tulo kuletsa lol.

  4. sam k says:

    osamachedwa ndikupereka macomment onyoza ndikupepuza president inuyo mukanatani sindiye kuwononga kokhakokha basi mungamati apulezident akanagwera inuyo? akanakhala kamuzu mawu amenewo ndithu munali mzingwe inu tikanakusakani kkkkkkkk

  5. munyane says:

    Its good that it was Chilima who went there, and not this old defender “Peter” bwezi pano titanva kuti wagwa pofuna kuchita “presidential long jump” I can see that Saulosi has strong legs and can even score from a panalty spot. kkkkkkkkkk

  6. Vvvv ptc says:

    God is there he will stand with u


    Peter sangalumphe ngati Chilima bwenzi atagwera m’madzi,ngati amagwa podzala mtengo waun’gono kulibwanji kulumpha ngati VP.

  8. Amen pemphero says:

    the Photographer kikikiki maso alibe mpanda

  9. Nyaluhanga Linda says:

    Since time in immemorial this has never happen in Mzuzu why now? transferring of people/or finding another place for them is not a solution but find out what is the root cause of this all. Where are our Engineers? please help bail our country.

  10. kkilembe says:

    Bwanji mukundinena kuti ndigwera mmadzi? Jelousi eti kuti ndinali ndi a VP?

  11. pika says:

    Tumbuka. kuthandiza munthu suchita kuyimbila maseche kuti aliyese adziwe kuti uyu wathandiza uyo. Do you want these well to do people from the north to publisize that they have assisted their mothers and fathers and siblings kuti aaah ine ndamuthandiza mchimwene wanga kapena mlongo wanga aaaaah you are not serious. Let government to its part as relatives do their part. some of the affected may not be from the north. mind you Mzuzu is a city where people from other parts of the country also live and stay in not well built houses

  12. Beware says:

    Hahahahaha now it’s you turn Tumbukas last year you were mocking our brothers and sisters in the south who perished due to heavy rains! You talked all that shit and now it’s your turn. Lesson leave God be God! Things on natural disaster are not man made so be careful when making your silly comments next time.

  13. Yohane says:

    anthu kusamva nyumba sitimanga mmadzi popeza akulu ananena Ku madzi saiwala nkhwawa lero2 mwaziona. kamangenu kumtunda anthu inu chonde.

  14. O lord hv mercy on our national Malawi

  15. Bambala. says:

    Empty tins makes a lot of noise ,as you can see from some useless comments above.

  16. Vry bad to our national Malawi we ar stl hvng similar problem evry year, plz God hv mercy on as forgive i know we wronged u!

  17. Tumbuka, what you have said is absolutely true. Even the items donated by government, how many of those are personally from APM and SCC themselves? This other day on Zodiak radio, this fool from Kasungu Police PRO went his shoulders high telling listeners that he has donated blaaaa, blaaaaa. Asked where he got the money, he said it came from his friends in UK. An educated fool! Tumbuka, Malawians have no spines. Too greedy and unpatriotic. Too much money but very appreciative to God. They will perish with their money and riches. As for me, I will continue doing my Christian values according to the Bible. Tumbuka, thank you very much!

  18. CHIMTEMWENDE says:

    Man ya Jacket yo mwati sinagwere mmadzi?

  19. CHIMTEMWENDE says:


  20. Abel says:

    kip it up a vp.

  21. Zagwa says:

    Kids like to play in the rain!

  22. Patrick says:

    Where’s Kamlepo and his gurus

  23. fred says:

    Ndi nkona timafuna atsogoleri achinyamata, mwaona kudumpha Klaus!

  24. chikopa says:

    Eeeyadi. Photographer at #6 anenana zoona! Luggage ya Bwana ili bo heve! Timakunyadirani.

  25. Wage says:

    Chilima is the leader at best. No wonder the papers gave him 80% as opposed to his boss APM who was busy in Nchalo at the so called developmental rally. Please don’t hate this young man, but just work with him. This is what we call a Bulldozer not what we heard in Nchalo as a self praise Chaponda.

  26. The Photographer says:

    Kodi bwana VP, katundu yenseyo ndi wanu nokha?
    Kuphangira madalitsotu uku!

  27. tumbuka says:

    In Lilongwe’s area 43, 10, 12, 11, 14, 47, 3, 9, 15, guliver, blantyre road, Mchinji road and in Blantyre subarb and many locations we have very rich people who are from the North. Please this is the time to share your wealth with the affected families. Do not leave government to do everything for your ralatives. Even, in developed countries, rich people render helping hands in the situation like our brothers and sisters have found themselves in. The problem with tumbukas and others from the north you are good at point fingers at government but you do very little to help yourselves. When you look at the list of people involved in cashgate, 2 thirds are from the north. Most of them have not been arrested and you can use these stollen money to help your people.

    Stop castgating our DPP government.

  28. ken nsonda says:

    kulupha kumeneko bwana chilima?akanakhala a president kulupha kumeneko kunali kugwa pansi ndie matope ake amenewo wina akanachosedwaxo ntchito.keep it up bwana chilima.

  29. Penya says:

    preventative measures and building resilience are key.

  30. MO says:

    Thats good koma Chilima r u still the minister of disaster????because on the list of ministers your name appears Saulos Chilima vice president kkkkkkk

  31. Dr tonde says:

    Haters won’t love this all they want to hear is that apm and skc are not on talking terms ndiye asangalala

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