Malawi woman blackmails Irish VIP over sex tape

A Malawian-born woman based in Manchester  UK has hit headlines in Ireland  for blackmailing an Irish VIP after secretly recording him during a sleazy sex session, Nyasa Times  has learnt

The Malawi-born hooker who secretly filmed the Irish millionaire businessman

The Malawi-born hooker who secretly filmed the Irish millionaire businessman

Nyasa Times traced the Manchester-based ‘Flora’ who is aged 20 ( her full name has been withheld for legal reasons)  after the Sunday World on Ireland published that a well-known Irish public figure was caught in a sex-tape scandal, with an escort.

Flora claims the businessman gave her thousands of pounds, showered her with expensive jewellery and even wired her over more money by Western Union using a false name.

Shockingly, the Malawian-born  woman referred in the Sunday World as a “prostitute”  openly confesses that she tried to blackmail the man after sending him video clips taken during their liaisons, which were shot without his knowledge.

According to Flora,  she first met the businessman at Manchester’s swish Lowry Hotel – a popular haunt of Premiership footballers – last April.

“The first time I met him he gave me £3,000, that was just for 12 minutes,” she recalls in quoted attributed to her by Sunday World.

“The second time I met him he told me his full name, showed me his passport and pointed out how much weight he had lost. He also told me about what type of business he was in.

“A few minutes later he asked me to get him a man and I got one for him. He gave me another £3,000 and the man also got money.”

Flora admits she secretly recorded the VIP without his permission during one of their meetings. The video, which was offered to the Sunday World, shows the well-known Irish figure naked in the room with Flora, where they discuss various sex acts.

The Malawian-born woman says she offers a variety of sexual services, including “BDSM (giving), foot worship, hand relief and oral”.

But she claims that the Irish  businessman was more turned on by the male hooker than by her.

She initially claimed she sent him a copy of the video as she wanted to  show him “how crazy he was that night”. She now admits : “Yes I did blackmail him.”


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65 thoughts on “Malawi woman blackmails Irish VIP over sex tape”

  1. Iwe GONDWE WA feki atumbuka simahule tiyeni tikambe zankhaniyi, comment yako walakwisa I know the lady

  2. chefourpence says:

    azimai a ku Malawi kuba! Kuzolowera kuzunza amuna. This lady is Flora Chirwa. Uyisovenge!

  3. gondwe says:

    Uyi ndi Mtumbuka nchifukwa chake Nyasatimes ikubisa dzina lake. aTumbuka uhule basi. kubabika ndiye nambala wani

  4. Bullshit says:

    A blackmailer who threatens to publish a defamatory statement of and concerning an individual may be liable to be sued for either libel or slander if he/she subsequently carries out that threat. Blackmail has imprisonment sentence of up to 14 years. Enjoy the money you received before you appear before the Majesties courts.

  5. titani says:

    Andulire mwana wa mwambila…wafika pamenepa. Uhule sudzatha utha ndiwe. Amalawi diaspora yafika pamenepa.

    1. Wachimalawi says:

      Ati a 20 year old, mukumunenayo is not in that age range.

  6. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Kodi mukuti cholinga cha ‘blackmail’ akuti ndichiani mukafunsa zimayiyu? She is going to be arrested soon.

    Please, send Mrs Kaliati, minister of gender to talk to this lady. She is abusing men. Right?
    Its bad you agree and then you blackmail your client _the person who is buying your wares.

  7. Fathi Alshdhaab says:

    bofza bodza ilo….!

  8. Chithumwa says:

    Kodi Nyasatimes nkhani zenizeni zija zinatha? Ndikuona tinkhani tambiri timene mukumalemba m’ntautsiru bwanji!

  9. bigman munthu waMulungu says:

    sons & daughters of vipers(ana anjoka) what else do you espect from them.

  10. George Lihoma says:

    Mai simunachenjere.Ndi kwaazungu muli inuko,liwu loti blackmail is a crime according to their penalising code.Mukamatayila zitsipe zamzimbe munsewu,musayetse konse mungatero.Katayeni makoko aMango kuBotswana muone.

  11. Tofyakwa flara money will kill you.

  12. Keen Observer says:

    Anzanu amaganiza nazo. Blackmail muzapezeka mmamawa atakuchitani strangle Kupha umboni

  13. Wanga ndi yemweyo says:

    …..and so it shall be in the last days. The wise will read the signs, interpret them correctly and act accordingly. He (and she too!) who has ears, let them hear what the angel says. Amen.

  14. you have brought shame on us and our african warm heart,Malawi!

  15. God forbid says:

    Little with the fear of God s enough but plenty without the fear of God brings sorrow. At 20 u r 2 young 4 this. Y shd u be a sex object serving ziwanda za lust? The man lusts after fellow men n underage women thats demonic. U r playing in the devils tarf ufa. Jesus loves u. Repent b4 it is late. Poor as we r we dont need such money. Think money is not everything.

  16. James says:

    Ndi zomwe mukumapanga ku UK…kuchititsa basi. Zakuvutani…ife we are getting honest pays not pussy pays….

  17. jacaranda says:

    These ladies can do anything for money. It is happening even here in the offices. Bosses yanking their subordinates. Married young ladies falling prey to secure jobs.

  18. Suicide Bonza says:

    Kodi nchifukwa anthu mukukonda ku UK kuti mudzika nyobetsa? Koma ndiye muthaditu, nyobetsani mmene mungathere abale katundu ndi wanu

  19. Nde yake asakupusitse enanutu konkuno mumapanganso ngati emweyu keep it up

  20. mkulu wampingo says:

    anthu abodza inu munthu kukupasani ndalama yonseyo mungakane enanu mukukanika kugona apa chifukwa nzanu wapeza 3000 uros in 12 minutes nsanje
    muzingotaya nthawi kumutukwana uyu munya muwona . katundu wanuyo mwinanso ananyenyeka kale kale ngati muli ndi malangizo osalangiza mahule a Malawi momuno akufa daily wa ndi HIV bwanji akutchayidwa ena chifukwa cha k1,000. flora olo mudane naye zanu izo ndinakakhala nkazi nane ndikanapita ku Ireland ko ndikayese mwayi ndinakalola a minister wo andikwere mwezi wonse ndalama yake yomweyo

  21. mike Fletcher says:

    She is a malawian.Malawi has lost all her moral values and this is what you should expect.Dr Kamuzu Banda was a man who taught malawiana how to behave not these plastiic presidents that you have now.So this one is a pure malawian and she must be living i the UK without proper papers

  22. Ubwele uzapangechindilo cashgate wo kuno. Uzaone ngt suzasiya manyi amenewo!!!!!

  23. ujeni says:

    Malawi prostitutes in Ireland should be warned. They are tarnishing the image of Malawi, when Ireland retaliates will cry pyoo, no more Malawians allowed there

  24. traveller says:

    Anatopa ndikulandira ma K500 a short time pa Malawi.Its a common thing in the Mzunguland to famous people.Women want to make quick bucks and lead easy life buying expensive cars and designer clothes.Ma player ampira akhala akukumana nazo mumalo azinjoyo and end up paying eye watering sums of money to silence these hookers and save their reputation being dragged into mud.Zimenezi umva makolo Ena akunena kuti mzanu wapita dzulodzuloli kunja wamanga nyumba 10 Ku area ujeni za jacuzzi ena mwama style ake amakhala amenewa.Tikukumana nazo mu ma clubbing mmenemu muliyenda atsikana atavala movula.Aliyense wants to make a name pa town kuti he/she has fat bank balance whether earned in an honest manner or not that doesn’t matter.Look how Politicians in Malawi are covering each other over the cashgate issue palm oiling the corrupt judicial people.Mdyerekezi wazera mumakobili masiku omaliza ngati ano.Enanso musamunyoze mzimayi malawinso pali uhule osasimbika including ndi azimayi apa office omwe to make ends meet with this unbearable costly life.Kuno u find that some are even doing pole dancing yowonetsa maliseche while punters are drinking.Azungu alibe nazo ntchito as longer as you are paying tax to their country.This is what our sistoz can do to earn aliving in a tough world.Ndani safuna kutchuka kuti alii well loaded pa town?

  25. Stupid gal she is not a Malawian we are all smart and clean and we know each other as well how come we don’t know her osamatiyalusa please.

    1. ujeni says:

      Are you saying you are in Ireland doing prostitution and you know each other well who are in this trade but you dont do blackmail.

  26. CY says:

    Hotlady why mentioning great Nija in this issue. Come on Nigeria ladies are very standard . That lady in question is original Malawian from area 47 sector 4

  27. Hotlady says:

    Basi kumapita kunja kuti muzikachita uhule?muzafa imfa yowawa.may be she is a nigerian not a malawian.

  28. Naddil Khalifa says:

    That’s fucken shit….you fucken frola, your not our fellow Malawian, how could you loose ur diginity?….to hell with your blackmail.

  29. Bongololo says:

    3,000 pounds in 12 minutes? My goodness lady, I’d bone the dude all the time and never tell a single soul.

  30. Vivian says:

    Chitsiru – nde akumangatu chifukwa blackmail ndi mlandu woyipa! Kumafunsa kaye zinazi and kuyankhulitsa! They’ll use her own words against her!

  31. Bwantasa Gomdwe says:

    Last time it was judge chimasula’s daughter and this time it is this yatch. God forbido. Amalawi tawongeza.

  32. Bola kusamalira okalamba kusiyana ndizimenezi

  33. MBACHI says:

    AMalawi zamanyazi

  34. nyasa boy says:

    Malingana ndi u mphawiwathu sanalakwe

  35. son says:

    This is not true am here in europe,to find woman here not difficult,you can wash pipe every day.bcz alot of woman are single light now am in ireland,woman here they wil ask man for only sex.

    1. Flora says:

      Grammar mercilessly murdered. i don’t blame u….

    2. Patriot says:

      In other words, RIP English

  36. hohoba says:

    masiku omaliza

  37. Fred0 Mulox says:

    Refrain Pliz From Such Abomination, Y Cant U Praise God? Than Seling Ur Precious Body , Koma U, God Forbid.

  38. Kamchitete says:

    This is typical of lomwe. She should be frora mtharika.

  39. Kodi kani says:

    Komangosokosela anthu kuno Ku mudzi kuti mwana wanga amakhala ku UK osadziwa kuti amapanga uhule

  40. GaBa Pa joloza says:

    Zosezi mnzachabe atero mlaliki.

  41. kapila mathieus says:

    what a nonsense

  42. says:

    And the newspaper pays anything between 20,000 to 40,000 euros, zoopsya

  43. Chimbirazowa says:

    I hope more hule’s will b going there leaving Alimi a fodya kumalawi.

  44. musisipala says:

    Abale nkhani zina izi zimatiyalutsa tokha. Muziyamba mwaziwunika. Mubise zina lake koma zaziwika kuti ndi malawi

  45. Mbanga says:

    Iwe chitsilu eti. Munthu okupatsa dollar chonchi nkumujambulanso

  46. Goose Neck says:

    Waithaaa Udzakhala Omenyaaa

  47. akatswiri says:

    Shame on malawian girls in Ireland mudzigobwerako kuto mudzikachi uhule ku centre point

  48. Kadakwiza says:

    Very shocking,

  49. Reasonable Man says:

    zopusa! kupanga komweko 3000 euros? hahahahhahahhaha

  50. jack Phalombe says:


  51. hoitty says:


  52. me says:

    3000 pounds for 12 minutes is K2.1 Million . Please donate to flood victims girl!

  53. popapo says:

    Flora should be from Kasungu black in complexion and very attractive.

  54. Malapwalapwa says:

    A Malawi tikunkera nkerabe kuyaluka chonchi pa dziko lonse lapansi chifukwa chiani?Ambuye wathu a kumwamba atikhuze ndithu.

  55. ujeni says:

    Check it out you’ll find this Flora prostitute is an Asher in some Malawi church, dirty malawians

    1. Wailing Soul says:

      Asher? What does that mean when you say she is an asher? Who is an asher?

  56. True patriot says:

    What a bad incidence for one to be recognized with.

  57. ujeni says:

    Ku Ireland Uhule by Malawians wachuluka. The Irish man knew that Malawians in Ireland are giving him for Euros. Most girls in Ireland either are single mothers who left kids back home or prostitutes who left Malawi for green pastures.

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