Malawian killed in Soweto attacks:  His penis doused

A  74 year old Malawian  shop owner  has been attacked and killed in South Africa following attacks and they disembowelled him as he slept in his shop in the early hours of Wednesday morning.death1

The murder comes as widespread looting of foreigners’ stores has broken out in Soweto.

The looting was sparked when a foreign national allegedly shot and killed a teenager while a group of boys attempted to rob his store in Snake Park on Monday.

Residents responded to the shooting by looting foreign-owned stores and blockading streets in the area.

Reports indicated that the assailants had hacked the door off the 74-year-old Malawian’s shop early on Wednesday morning, attacking him while he slept.

The Malawian, who was known as M’dala to residents, also had his penis doused in paraffin and set alight.

“He was a good man who lived alone. All he had was his small shop, where he sold paraffin, sweets and some biscuits and the small corn garden he’d planted,” resident Dan Mokwena told The Star newspaper of South Africa .

“He was blind in one eye and partially deaf. He was an old man. There was no need to kill him like that,” Mokwena said.

Reports indicate that Malawians and other foreigners are facing new wave of xenophobia as the locals are chasing them calling them “makwerekwere”.

Makwerekwere is slang for foreigner.

The Ahmed Kathrada Foundation expressed concern at the spate of attacks on foreign business owners in Soweto. It said the attacks formed a pattern similar to the 2008 xenophobic violence and “condemn them as such.”

Sapa reports that nearly 70 people have been arrested on charges including murder, robbery, public violence, and illegal possession of firearms. Eight of them were foreign nationals allegedly found in possession of unlicensed firearms.

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73 thoughts on “Malawian killed in Soweto attacks:  His penis doused”

  1. misozi nkhonjera says:

    am rily sad 4 wat hapen 2my bro.we malawians we ar
    e blessd lets nt fight wt.only God know.we have hope and faith.let kip walking and nt 4get our home koz we wil go to our blongz 1day.we aint dstned 2 b hea bt koz we r poor.

  2. luis sakala says:

    Very bad they have to think b4 doing things cos God is watching them

  3. Redeemed says:

    The sad truth that most of South Africans refuse to acknowledge is that the majority of them are just laizy bones who expect the government to provide everything freely. unlike foreign nationals who come into the country with an ultimate goal, and believe me, unlike most of African countries, South Africa is full of possibilities, one just needs a will to utilise these tremmendous opportunities. God blessed this country for a reason, and I always argue that no country on earth has no foreigners, irrespective of its economic state. Foreigners have been here before and will still be here after them,therefore they must just deal with it.
    To those who keep saying that we must come back home, please get real, we left our home country for various reasons apart from poverty, for some coming back to Malawi is a suicide mission, therefore the least you can do is to pray for us so that our lives are spared from these tragedies.

  4. Peter says:

    It’s a very sad development.

  5. Heartening says:

    RSA is more less like a grave, many inocent foreigners have gone the way of all the earth.
    RSA’s pipo r very lazy they only kno how to kill, but not how to work. God sees from a distance, they wil b paid later.

  6. Shepherd says:

    This is very sad indeed. Something similar to this happened in Mzuzu and Lilongwe I think. Mmmmmm lord have mercy.

  7. Kenneth duwa says:

    I’m vry concerned 4wht the s.african done 2 my fellow malawian.This happen due 2 lack of awareness,transparents, civic of Education & the like.Off course, we can say high rate of unemployment definitely S.african r lazy.what they know iz stealing,according nyasatimes report hm got small shop.His aim behind inorder 2save food 4evrydy.May he soul rest in peace

  8. Mc Nyopex says:

    my brothers and sister in rsa pliz come back home izi sizabwino

  9. Chabecheker says:

    There is no difference when one tribe dominates over others in malawi;most top jobs belong to that tribe

  10. #54, Please advise how I can view SABC??


  11. Azijo says:

    Its all about being inhuman nothing else.

  12. Stanford Jere says:

    All that I can say is that poverty is what makes us Malawians go to other countries to seek greener pasture. But in South Africa ,there is no greener pasture but only torture such killings, and other primitive activities. My appeal is that we Malawians should learn to live in our own country and let develop it though poor

  13. andrew Tchale says:

    This is very sad indeed, how can they kill a fellow human being like that! I ask the authority to stop this xenophobic violence at once to avoid further dearths.South Africans must know that foreigners are playing a very big role on the development of south Africa! Those who are busy killing foreigners are lazy they just want to steal from foreigners. Lord have mercy on all foreigners in RSA.Do not let any evil to happen to them in the name of Jesus! may the soul of mdala rest in peace, Amen.

  14. Ish Bornlast says:

    Dziko ndiwawo ndalama ndiwaife

  15. me says:

    These black south africans are afraid of their fellow Africans in their country. They fear other africans will end up dominating in theim in terms economy etc they claim immigrants are “stealing” their jobs, but the truth is, those same foreigners acquire these same jobs due to qualifications not due to any sort of corruption or napotism whatsoever and in essence we can say that foreigners are an essential driving force in the SA economy and yet due to jealous or some sort of animosities, these ignorant people, they attack the foreigners and loot their shops. One thing for sure, it is ironical that they attack AFRICAN foreigner; I mean given the history of discrimination in that country. The only people they should fear are the Guptas not innocent Africans who are just trying to earn a living…. What a shame !

  16. Tiyanjane says:

    Those of you who have been following the events on SABC must have pleasantly noted that SA Govt officials swiftly acted on the situation. Yesterday, officials had a meeting with the foreign shop owners who were assured of safety and protection. Both sides apologized to each other, and I believe ernestly so. Soweto residents have also apologized for the chipolowe and are even pleading with shop owners to return. Forgive and love lesson there!!!

  17. kkkkkkkkkkkk says:

    pano ndI choncho amatI ndife makwere kwere amphaka amenewa yessis bushit people this south afrIca land of satan

  18. What i see is lack of civic education in SA & high rate of young youth engaging in drugs bcz of high rate of unemployment too.

  19. mann says:

    kodi forena alibe mau

  20. thoko says:

    Ingopililani kunonso Sama same pofera salambula

  21. opportunist says:

    I don’t like this stupid country which is only known for killing pple as rabid dogs

  22. opportunist says:

    I don’t like this stupid which only known for killing pple as rabid dogs

  23. musisipala says:

    East, West, home is best . Come back home guys

  24. Rashid says:

    Comment reserved. Zamaliyenda izo.

  25. Searching for green pastures expect to meet snakes in those pastures and believe me or not, we are here kumudzi sometimes living and treated like foreigners and yet u r happy. We don’t have hope or even hopeless we don’t have then clapping hands for ourselves with a reason that we are home for nothing. We Malawians our case is terrible. #big man R.I.P Wasn’t ur wish but poverty that’s the only wound u had while alive.

  26. Mzomera wa mzomera says:

    Kazi bweraniko basi jon jon chani mwaonatu zaninge kuno heeee!

  27. peter says:

    may de,spirit rest in pc

  28. Kangankude says:

    Pliz African leaders dont b quite,,,do something about this..africans r suffering in their own continent

  29. wodabwa says:

    Eeeeee kakamilani ma randiwo kenako azikuwotchani mutanenepa ndi phwanya yawoyo

  30. Abdamadashu says:

    East,West, home is best

  31. sulman says:

    allah will judge south africa

  32. stan says:

    Lord have mercy and may the soul of the old man rest in peace!

  33. wez wez says:

    Tizingobwera basi tizalime kuno kwanu sikumaipa nyasaland pano ndi diru.

  34. We fought for the freedom of South Africans so that they could in the end be free to kill foreigners!!

  35. frank says:

    Xenophobia will not stop until obwera onse atachoka.I have been in that country for 21 years as minister of the word.late me tell you that the word kwelekwele is bettet than silwane.this word means an animal and all foreign nationals are animals and are no different to dogs.kukwatilana nawo means chinyama chakwatilana ndimunthu.The foreigner death is animal death.research the word.

  36. Kodi should qwe avenge to the foreigners that live, trade and at times terrorise us in our community?

  37. Namalila says:

    God have mercy on us and may his soul rest in eternal peace.

  38. ZAFARI says:


  39. Dida Kafelamo says:

    So bad indeed.RIP

  40. Kumbukani says:

    Very sad news! RIP Mdala

  41. Thomas says:

    A Chiccoh ake a kufupi ndi Woodmead. Or. ati May his soul RIP

  42. chief mpezeni says:

    Ndiye Joweni imeneyo akati violence ndiye nambala.Blaming foreigners for their own laziness.Sad for an old man.

  43. kahovd says:

    Thts hw life is here in SA

  44. Kadakwiza says:

    West, East or North, South always home is the best. But with the situation in Malawi, people have no choice but to emigrate. Nobody, I say nobody is happy in a foreign country. Malawians abroad want to go back home but what will they going to do. Unemployment is high in the country. Malawians are abused, killed abroad but nothing they can do. So please don’t blame them, but blame our selfish, corrupt leaders we had in the past 50 years.

    1. Noisey Politician says:

      But the guy was not employed too, he could also do his business here. Don’t despise your country that much, others are coming in here to work, Pakistanis, Ethiopians etc. It depends on how best you think and work.

  45. zandile says:

    There is nothing in Malawi. Even if there is xenophobia, life is very good. That’s many foreign nationals stick around. It is easy to make money in South Africa compared to Malawi. Yes, this man was selling paraffin and biscuits, but he making money. If you make R5000 a month, it is K200 000

    Every wk thousands Malawians enter RSA to find jobs. They are running away from poverty in Malawi. For many Malawians, xenophobia or no xenophobia they prefer to stay in RSA where people can create jobs and survive. There are certain Malawians who burn and sell Malawian music @ R10. They make over K120 000 per month. Mind u RSA is the second largest economy in Africa. People are after kudya.

  46. ujeni says:

    One thing for sure kukakamira kunja can lead to bad consequences. Always think of home

  47. william says:

    Very sad some of south africas heart more than the Beast

  48. ujeni says:

    When your home country is at peace and you are not a refugee, always plan for home. Home is best.

  49. Isaac chagwa mzuzu says:

    His soul rest in eternal piece

  50. Bwampini says:

    Don’t say Foreign-owned shops BUT African foreigners shops. Mbuli zili ku. South Africa sizimazikuwa kt mzungu akachoka kuAmerica/Europe etc ndi foreigner. Furthermore, Afican leaders are just kwaeti while their pple are terrorised in their own continent.

    RIP Mdala

  51. chimugonda muzya says:

    better tobe at home rather in foreign state


  53. south africans hate other countries, yet they say SA is a rainball nation

  54. amolly says:

    cm home we kno sm of u in rsa live a life of an escaped prisoner. do come back b4 they treat u to an early hell of fire. home is home.

  55. Dr. Mango says:

    Very sad development. South Africa is a very dangerous country to live in. May His poor soul rest in eternal peace!!

  56. Man to man says:

    I would rather be poor yet living peacefully than seeking treasure in the where human life is not regarded sacred…very bad news indeed

  57. chiccoh says:

    Watch me, I ‘ll destroy the bastards..well prepared

  58. Ngozo says:

    S.A is like hell

  59. mavolo says:


  60. Greencardless Malawian says:

    Very sad. Zibwerani kwanu a Malawi…kukaka mira sziko lopanda mtenderelo bwanji?

  61. apao says:

    RIP M’dala atilangiza ndani, he was mdambo,

  62. very sad issue to hear that one of us he lost his life on violence which it had happen on wesday.Because so many malawian we are here in south african also any thing can happen to us.What I can say is that we must put every thing in handofGod, and he w’ll help us in tomfoolery

  63. Kauswe says:

    kumudzi kuno munathawa chani? mpaka at 74 living alone selling paraffin & biscuits in s/africa pliz come home Malawians

  64. upile says:

    This is sad development. My fellow Malawians come home

  65. Zachisoni kwambili,Amalawi zaka zomwezi munthu adali akali kuno ku RSA?
    Zandikhuza kwambili .R I P

  66. dalitso susan kankwamba says:

    Lord have mercy

  67. fkr says:

    Very sad to hear of this. Please don’t go to South Africa and open shops. Rather come home and open shops here. Yes we don’t have electricity and water but South Africa is going the same way so it’s better at home here

    1. parks says:

      I feel for the foreighners in rsa cause they didn’t like living their country.I don’t condone this at all but I don’t like the influx issue too.our brothers are struggling because of cheap labour.I believe that before you can offer food to your neighbours there must be enough food for us 1st.

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