Malawians living on gaga like pigs – MP Harry Mkandawire

Member of Parliament for Mzimba West (PP) Harry Mkandawire said in parliament this week that the acute shortage of maize in most parts of Malawi, exacerbated by the dramatic increase in the prices of the staple food, has left thousands of desperate Malawians to resort to eating maize bran or Madeya meant for pigs.

Mkandawire:   Has Malawi gone to the pigs? The DPP government doesnt know what they are doing

Mkandawire: Has Malawi gone to the pigs? The DPP government don’t know what is going on

Malawi is experiencing an acute shortage of the  staple food.

Most families are having difficulty to cope with the maize price situation in Malawi, and according to Mkandawire, in the wake of this desperate situation, people are queuing outside milling companies and maize mills scrambling to buy bran, a by-product of maize, used mainly as feeding for poultry swine.

“I have four questions from my people from Mzimba West.  The first one, is the Minister aware that people now have resorted to buying madeya or gaga which is meant for pigs?  Are we saying this country has gone to the pigs? This is shameful.  People are living on madeya. People are living on gaga,” said Mkandawire.

Mkandawire also asked Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development Allan Chiyembekeza whether President  Peter Mutharika has lived to his word by saying nobody will die of hunger in Malawi this season.

“We have heard of two kids of dying in Dedza. I will not mention how many have died in my constituency because you will not believe. But I am not surprised, because government is not aware of what is happening.  They don’t know what is going on. It is either they are ill advising the President, just to mislead him so that he becomes very unpopular,” said Mkandawire.

Outspoken Mkandawire said the DPP government is “divided” and that the leadership is exceptionally inept.

“ I am not surprised people are calling for this government to step down because they don’t know what they are doing,” said Mkandawire.

Member of Parliament (MP) for Mulanje Bale Victor Musowa   standing on a point of order asked Mkandawire  no to “dramatise issue of hunger.”

But Speaker Richard Msowoya ruled Musowa  out of order himself  for dramatising the issue.

Presenting a ministerial statement on the food situation in the country in Parliament on Monday, Chiyembekeza said Malawi  has 9 300 metric tonnes (MT) of maize in stock.

Chiyembekeza said the maize is still being collected from the warehouses within the country and some of the maize is coming from Zambia.

“So, we are mobilizing the maize and then relocating it to places where it is supposed to be,” he said.

There are long queues of maize buyers at state grain trader Agricultural Development and Marketing Corporation (Admarc) depots throughout the country because of shortage of the staple grain.

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19 thoughts on “Malawians living on gaga like pigs – MP Harry Mkandawire”

  1. Maxwell Falamenga says:

    Mukudabwa lero , munali kuti nthawi y a Kamuzu, Bakili Muluzi?

  2. truth says:

    Why can’t the MPs offer a few of their vast earnings and buy food for us who r starving? komanso a Malawi timacotseranji deya la cimanga which is the nutritious part of corn??? those who are eating madeya will be healthier poti even the germ is also there. tivomereze kuti govt ikucitapo kanthu.

  3. truth says:

    Why can’t the MPs offer a few of their vast earnings and buy food for us who r starving? komanso a Malawi timacotseranji deya la cimanga which is the nutritious part of corn??? those who are eating madeya will be healthier poti even the germ is also there

  4. Joe says:

    3.9 tonnes of maize and yet people are eating madeya any logic there ? Why can the government not introduce irrigation on the upper Shire river as is done on lower Shire river sugar plantations in Chikwawa district ? This problem of hunger can be minimized in doing so. WE can become a self food reliant Malawi.

  5. Nkando crew says:

    Harry is right Malawi has gone to pigs. Our president and his ministers are all busy with elevating chiefs from their home districts. When the next govt comes these will be demoted. What a shame to our chiefs.

  6. amos phiri says:

    I was shocked to hear the President saying iye alibe pulobulemu

  7. Matiasi says:

    Hon Chiyembekeza the solution is there. Order your AEDCs to register a total of 3,000,000 smallholder farmers who have wetlands, land along rivers, swamps and dambos. Encourage the youths participate in the winter program as a matter of solving the hunger crisis. Each one of the farmers should commit to produce 1 ton (20 bags of Maize). By June, 2016, you have 3,000,000 ton of maize. The AEDCs should have targets on the number of maize farmers not ghost farmers. But you need to loan them 5kgs of the right Seed (SC403 and others) for winter and a total of two Bags of basal and top dressing fertilizers. If you ask me i will supply you effective organic fertilizers at 40% less the price of synthetic fertilizers for winter farming. You should commit to buy all the maize from these farmers. Why taking our money to Zambia when we have good soils, wetlands and hardworking farmers Malawi.

  8. ANT CHAMBE says:

    A country is only as good as their leader, to know if a fish is rotten you only examine the head (the gills) you dont check the tail. Now one silly C HAMBE MAN says Malawians are lazy, really? If you travel outside Malawi you will hear how hard working Malawians are. Now tell me if your Pumbwa BWAMPINI is hardworking? We all know how he got his professorship or if you dont know its through long service (teaching) He failed as minister of education(Academic saga), he failed again as minister of foreign affairs and he is failing again as president not a surprise at all to some of us. You can say we have had droughts and hunger before, yes its true but the leaders then were seen to be doing something not this inept government, You mean all they can do is stand on podiums and blame vendors. And then go full throttle blaming MCP that they want to topple the govt through social media, what a laughable govt. The truth of the matter is this govt is inept and clueless with no leadership, I repeat no leadership. Its busy toppling itself.

  9. concened says:

    these politcians u cant understand them though we had elections but they still dont understand and every stituation which involves malawians they think thus only way to be leaders i dont exactly know where we can get sober mps when it comes to deliberations in parliament bcz what we need now is development until 2019 but everybody is partisan including speaker so who is going to maintain peace and order if all are partisan

  10. citizen says:

    Yes.I 100% agree with speaker,u were indeed out of older.Him was saying real situation on the ground.Musowa osamagotsutsa ndi cholinga chotsangalatsa APM kapena chipani chanu cha DPP.U r out of older.mbuzi Iwe.

  11. mbuyuni says:

    point of order Mr chiyembekeza ife timayembekeza kuti mutiuza za nzeru koma aaaah! tizingodikila chimanga from Zambia pomwe ma Zambians akaniza chimanga chawo.. tiuzeni zoona

  12. Kaka says:


  13. mcwynn mombetsa says:

    A Musowa which Zambia are you talking about, ife tanva kuti Ku Zambia kulibe chimanga chobwela Ku Malawi, Simunasiyebe kunama nenani zoona kuti chimanga mulibe mmalo mopha anthu ndi chiyembekezo chabodza, mukudziwa kusunga chimanga ngati chizindikiro chachipani pa nsalu kukanika kuwapatsa chakudya…,.. koma ee tifadi chaka chake nchino DPP ooooooyyyyeeeeeeee!!!!!!

  14. mbuyuni says:

    The issue of hunger is not supposed to be paperised, when people including the ministers are seeing people suffering. For example, what will it to people having 3.9 tones of maize in Malawi when admarc has no maize. God have mercy on us please.

  15. Semani says:

    Chimanga chikupedzeka Ku Zambia nanga iwe Nkandawire monga mp mdelalako wagawa chimanga? If not why pointing fingers to someone pamene iwe ukulephela kutero. Bushiri anagawa chimanga kwa anthu nanga iwe wapangapo chiani? campaign 2019

  16. Ngalamayi says:

    If this were 2019, we would see MPs running around like crazy, making sure everybody had enough to eat. But it’s not, and the DPP thinks it is safe to make empty statements, promises. What do they care about constituents dying of hunger when their own bellies are full? The DPP will just hope people have short memories, at the next election.

  17. F says:

    Still telling us our problems as if we don’t know that we don’t have enough maize in this country? As MP, what have you done to help your people? As MP, do you have any solution to suggest here? I guess you have no solution just like any other opposition MPs. So, thank you very much Mkandawire. Sit down. We are not interested in clueless MPs. Malawians want MPs who have solutions to their problems.

  18. Jak says:

    I Think, Time has come that Mkandawire Should be Serious about his brain!!! If there is no maize in the Country, Where does Madeya comes from?

  19. Chambe says:

    Is it the first time people are eating maize barn for food? Where were you all along from 1964 until now to miss this? Let me tell you Mzomera, during the Kamuzu MCP government over 31 years, we had the experience of this maize scarcity every year around from October to March in some parts of the country. In the South, people used to eat this madeya and cassava nsima which is not their staple food compared to the North where cassava nsima is normal. When you eat this food, you are not hungry anymore; so what’s your point? If the north gives madeya to the pigs, we in the South give cassava to the pigs. Did this mean Kamuzu and his MCP were pigs? It’s up to you to conclude. The same repeated for 10 years with Muluzi and in no way could people assimilate him with pigs.
    Bingu’s time was perhaps better but still the very same parts of the country always affected with hunger during this period of the year continued to experience this problem up until today.
    Malawi is just a country with huge problems and unfortunately people don’t want to face the truth. They would rather blame it on the Donors, the President, the rain, the stars, the sun,the wind, the water, the chicken, the pigs, the goats, the other tribe etc but themselves.
    This is laziness and as long as people are lazy and continue to have as many children as they wish, hunger, poverty and disease will be their best friends.
    No one in parliament is bold enough to raise this issue of population growth and laziness problem which is growing by day.

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