Malawians should rise up against public theft –Nnesa

A politician and an academician have said theft of public money at Capital Hill, the seat of government in Lilongwe, will continue in different forms of ‘cashgate’ unless Malawians rise up and make protests to send a strong message to the government to take stern action against the culprits.

Nnesa: This government has tainted hands when it comes to cashgate

Nnesa: This government has tainted hands when it comes to cashgate

George Nnesa of Mafunde party said the problem is that Malawians have taken an attitude of ‘we don’t care’ because it is government money.

“Malawians seem not to care much because they think this is the government money. They forget this is their own money; this is tax payers’ money. They need to wake up and make demonstrations to show they are not happy with what is happening with their money at Capital Hill,” said Nnesa.

He said the government seems not to care as well because the former president Bingu wa Mutharika is connected to K92 billion theft of the public money while the Democratic Progressive Party –led government is alleged to be part that swindled K577 billion.

His comment come barely weeks after K2.5 billion meant to fight HIV and AIDS was stolen at the Ministry of Health.

The ministry of Agriculture has also lost huge sums of money to thieving civil servants.

“We can go on the streets to force government as we did in 2011,” said Nnesa of Capital Radio’s Daybreak Malawi program.

“We knew the weakness of DPP and we voted them back in power. Don’t expect anything to change with the tainted hands,” Nnesa added.


He also called for reforming the judiciary to speed up the wheels of justice.



Chancellor College professor Wiseman Chijere Chirwa said it was sad that Malawians have now taken as normal the stealing of public money.

He said the problem is that culprits do not get stiff punishment to deter others from stealing.

Wiseman Chijere said Malawi needs political revolutions to usher in “new faces” to serve the nation.

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13 thoughts on “Malawians should rise up against public theft –Nnesa”

  1. Winston Msowoya says:

    For sure,Malawi has become a beast incarnet State in Africa,in other ways,it is indisputably Africa’s top CORRUPT STATE with no rival elsewhere.Officially,the both satanic Muthalikas run what is known as KLEPTOCRATIC REGIMES in the world.And these two people came into power with a planed agenda which we saw on both of them.Candidly Malawians,these two rogues were here to harvest what they did not plant.You heard Peter in New York some few months ago saying that he had no time for poor Malawians after all,he claimed that he is rich and that he had a FAT BANK ACCOUNT ABROAD.Surprisingly,Malawians as usual,remained numb as if nothing shamefull and abhorrent occurred.It is astonishing however,that the British Prime Minister David Comeroone sidelined when he condemned Nigeria in Africa and Afaghanstan in Asia as brutally corrupt in the world,wrongly lapsed on Malawi.There is no anytime that Muthalika and his gang stood up to condemn the widely and free for all theft because they know they were the deadly culprits themselves.To get out of this perspicacious,Malawi must take tenaciously stand to massively protest in the streets from Songwe to Nsanje and Likoma to Chipata otherwise the people of this country,will succumb to a vicious circle of poverty and remain, “LAUGHINGSTOCK OF THE WORLD” Time is now,tomorrow we are victims of our own cowardice and stupidity.WAKEUP CITIZENS AND DEFEND OUR FUTURE GENERATIONS,Muthalika and his cohorts have nothing to loose.

  2. Joe says:

    Lets not let our tax money meant for development of our country be stolen by selfish individuals. Malawians, lets rise up and demonstrate against it.

  3. mama says:

    What surprises me is that even those involved in the recent theft in Ethiopia have not been arrested but just suspended. Are we serious?

  4. Antchona says:

    Introduce death penalty for stealing public money. All will stop DPP cannot persue cash gate with vigour because their own are involved. They are thieves, so what do you expect? Send to jail their own? That is why they can’t even persue the PP coz they know they were in bed with them before they broke ranks

  5. Ngalamayi says:

    Wise and true words from Nnesa. Until corruption, embezzlement are dealt with, prevented, and until Malawians stop worshipping their leaders and look more critically at what they do, allow to be done, Malawi will remain a poor country. The lesson citizens are taught daily is that unless you are in a position to steal (and then you should do it because your chances of being caught are small), you will remain poor, governed by those who don’t care.

  6. Bob Chiswe says:

    The Government does not seem to care because the main players behind the thefts are ultimate senior civil servants with close criminal relationships with senior politicians. Nobody wants to pursue the thefts because everybody is afraid and not sure who is involved. It is similar to the political fears of Kamuzu time when one could not talk ill of Kamuzu before anybody because they could be talking to Kamuzu spy

  7. Jahan says:

    Totally agree. Malawians are just a certain type of human beings that can never be understood. Imagine APM standing on the pulpit preaching that he has forced the treasury to pay for all students who were forced out of colleges due to gvt’s lack of funds, and what did Malawians say? Thank you Mr President! Can you believe that? Their own money, but someone is being thanked for it as if he used his own cash! Yet the gvt said it did not have the money to start with. We do not question all that!! Really sad!

  8. Nyovinyovi says:

    We Malawians are very passive,stupid and sleepy. Our money is being stolen every day but tili ngwindi ngati tikumetedwa in barbershop.

  9. Chindere says:

    No 3 statements like the ones you are making are the very essence of what Mnesa is preaching against. Casual attitude to asking for accountability from citizens. Attitude yoteleyo will result in country continuing being the poorest in the world whilst all money being stolen by its leaders. Shame on you. Think broadly and with patriotism and not a blue and cadet mind

  10. pido says:

    PAC mesa inu nomwe a DPP mudainena kuti its a rude organization. Pamafunika strike ya dziko lonse kuti iz zichepe. Those stealing in government are connected to ruling party

  11. marvel chikondi says:

    I do not think what Mr. Nnesa has said is the correct way of doing things. we have PAC which is engaged with dialogue with the government that can assist. It is government that has instituted different audits in various ministries and embasies in order to find out the truth about the situation and curb out the malpractice. should we then solve theproblem by going in the streets? I believe bwana you are talking politics and that’s why you will never rule this country. yendani ndinu asiyeni a Malawi komanso bvutoli silinayambe ndi DPP or PP linayamba nd UDF. TINENE BWANA KUTI MUNALI MWANA NTHAWI IMENE IJA KUTI SIMUDZIWA ICHI?

  12. MAENDAENDA says:

    Malawi…what a shame…

  13. smart says:

    nanga azingoba ma president okha basi..tiyeni nazo tivutike tonse

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