Malawians tear apart Mutharika’s honorary degree by University of Addis Ababa

Malawians are up in arms against the University of Addis Ababa for awarding President Peter Mutharika an honorary degree because the president has diversified the economy and has fought corruption.

Mutharika addressing the gathering at University of Addis  Ababa

Mutharika addressing the gathering at University of Addis Ababa

Stop this nonsense! Addis Ababa University is trying hard to gain international recognition by conferring on some people honorary degrees for achievements that are entirely false,” writes newspaper columnist Lameck Salamango.

His column was reposted  on social media by political and social commentator Onjezani Kenani to trigger comments from many.

He asks which trade has  Mutharika led Malawi to.

“Show us the statistics, show us the data. What were our exports before APM became president and what are our exports now? What is Mutharika’s impact on trade,” says the columnist.

He says fighting corruption is one area which Mutharika has particularly shown lack of, saying he has rebuffed granting the Anti Corruption Bureau the independence it needs to fight corruption more effectively

“Truth be told: Mutharika style of governing involves putting government machinery on auto pilot, hoping that nothing goes wrong. When he attempts to step out of his comfort zone to explain his policies to the people, he appears disconnected from reality,” he says.

The post has attracted  many comments with renowned economist Henry Kachaje saying Mutharika does not deserve the degree whilst veteran  journalist Dickson Kashoti imploring on the university to withdraw the degree.

Speaking to state run Malawi Broadcasting Corporation, Mutharika said he was given the degree in recognition of the efforts he has made to ensure constant supply of water and electricity all day long.

To the contrary however, dry taps and blackouts are the order of the day in Malawi.

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15 thoughts on “Malawians tear apart Mutharika’s honorary degree by University of Addis Ababa”

  1. kapy says:

    Malawias too much jealousy…..pull him down syndrome…….if it was me syndrome … what’s your problem? you think those who have awarded a Malawian leader are incompetent, they don’t know their job? You think you are more intelligent than Ethiopian professors? Champweteka akakupe madzi mnyanja….the precious degree won’t be withdrawn.

  2. wawa says:

    nde Bodzatu .. amene waperekayo its just politics not …not the truth.. 5years ago this same university honored BINGU .. for abook if am not wrong

    Corruption yake wathets kuti anthu aku africa tidzadziwa liti kunena ndikupanga zoona …Anthu akuba ndalama…. Nigeria nayoso akuti to honer munthalika koma kwabvuta anthu akuda sadzanva sadzathekaso ayi

  3. The Commentator formerly known as Obanda Joyce Nti says:

    Kkkkkkk. A Malawi nanu why did you choose Bambo ogonawa for president. Ine I like these stories coz munandinyasa when you let him take power.

  4. if that that is the case then let every one get an hounary degreee including kalindo

  5. Mgonapamhanya says:

    Kamuzu spent most of his formative and prime years in the West where democracy was vibrant yet he ruled Malawi with an iron fist. Do you think it was by accident? It was by design. Kamuzu knew that Malawians like bickering and are too much obsessed with trivia. They refuse to be governed. Every body wants to bask in false prominence. So the only way to rule over them and get things done was to squeeze their balls for 31 years.

  6. International Observer says:

    If certain individuals refuse to acknowledge what is happening there on the ground, let them be because the country will not cease to be operational because they have chosen to express their dissenting views. The gist of the matter is that those people are at pains to notice that much as they have involved the donors to stop assisting with their meagre finances, life still goes on in Malawi although painfully with the hope that once we graduate and pass through the difficult patch, Malawians will sing glory the rest of their lives. Leave these “Prophets of Doom” suffer in isolation. Where were they when the previous leaders were being decorated with useless degrees and yet some of them didn’t even hold a mere Form 4 certificate? Get a life and find something profitable to do other than being on the opposing benches year in year out.

    1. Central says:

      Iwe wanyamula sikono iwe! What are you defending and who told the donors to stop other than a mbuyako omwewo? You think the donors are puppets like your team and need external influence? Mbuziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!

    2. Life says:

      International Observer, what do you mean “on the ground”? Don’t use terms you don’t understand. No one would oppose anything that is based on “facts”. It is too evident, even for people without a brain, that production has dwindled steeply in the past decade and more so now; that we don’t add value to our meager products and of course we don’t export apart from Tobacco. I assume you are educated enough based on the “grade 6 writing level” of your post, and would have expected you to know that facts “on the ground” tell a different story in terms of corruption which is at its worst and trade deficits. If you don’t understand some things, the best a clever person does, is to remain quiet and watch.

  7. Maunisi says:

    Lawson check the content of that of Malawi doing without donor funding there is promote trade and fight corruption. Which corruption he is even failing to fire the 7 cabinet ministers involved in looting of 236 billion kwacha. Useless and waste of resources the guy has wrong advisers there is no kangandiwamba here what is here is failed leadership.

  8. lawson says:

    it’s a pity Malawians will never appreciate, the theme was Malawi is doing without donor funding let’s give a credit where it is due instead of trashing everything (mtima wa kanga ndi wamba ndi womwe umatibvuta a Malawi)

    1. Costly Gochisale says:

      Shut up your mouth!!! Who is paying dearly for the donor withdrawal? I thought it is the poor villager? Donors cannot pour in resources where up to now there is lack of accountability. We have not seen enaction of laws against corruption nor have we seen the making of the ACB as an independent institution. Possibly it’s a honorary degree for his achievement in finding a wife after becoming president.

      1. Thuth only the thruth says:

        Lawson keep the fire burning. Enawa ndi makape who always cry like babies. Munthalika is the professor and what he got is just an honors degree which is below even his qualifications. Should we really waste our energies. In 2019 people with bad sentiments against Munthalika will faint seven times in disbelief that what the same international observers are forecasting on elections comes true

        1. Franz Van Gwire says:

          Truth only the Truth. It feels very sad and makes one wonder what type of a society are Malawians who are failing to see what is happening on the ground. Just to recap what the Finance Minister said recently at the close of the budget session, he said many low paid Malawians will find life hard in the current financial year. As a country we are not producing enough to get more needed Forex. This is the more reason government gave in to the demand to authorize growing of industrial hemp as a last minute life saving attempt. Just see how prices of commodities have gone up and wait until the tobacco season is over to see that the economy is in bad shape. As for corruption the guy Peter has literally done nothing. He knows that he has corrupt ministers in his cabinet but he cannot fire them because of nepotism. Ethiopia and Nigeria are some of the most corrupt countries in the world hence they are recognizing their own comrade in promoting corruption.

    2. Shameful says:

      Lawson, your response is pathetic, you either live in a bubble and don’t see how Malawians are suffering without donor aid or you are just as mentally challenged as your president

    3. Life says:

      lawson, its clear that you are either a DPP agent monitoring Nyasatimes or haven’t been to school beyond standard 5A. The basis for conferring the degree is “corruption” and “trade” NOT “managing the economy”. This is the first step, understanding the “prompt” or for you to understand the “subject matter”. Now, revisit your thinking after helping you understand. I want to see if you are trainable.

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