Malawians up against presidential chartered jets

Malawians writing on social media are up in arms against the DPP led government decision to continue chartering presidential jets despite the state of the country’s economy.

Mutharika travelled on a private jet

Mutharika travelled on a private jet

The presidential communication team says President Peter Mutharika will not stop using presidential jets chatered from South Africa despite the fact that the economy is down at its knees, arguing former head of state Kamuzu Banda did the same when he was in office.

But writing on Facebook, a renowned academician and columnist Stanely Onjezani Kenani wondored how the presidential communication team could compare Kamuzu, who ruled Malawi with an iron fist in one party state, to Mutharika expected to be a democrat in his leadership stylle.

A respected veteran musician simply put it on Facebook, “two wrongs do not make a right.”

Other Malawians challenged the Mutharika administration to call for snap elections to legitimise its mandate after, they said, most Malawians lost confidence in the government.

The government has come under intense criticism for taking a larger than life infamous entourage of 115 delegates to the UN general assembly, most of them DPP cadres when the same government is failing to hire more medics and teachers due to lack of money.

Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace CCJP National Coordinator Chris Chisoni said now that Mutharika is back amid serious concerns on his UNGA bloated entourage, he should explain to the nation to justify his actions when the country is in a social and economic disarray.

Chisoni said Mutharika “ can clear the mist” than leaving people having contradictory positions on the matter from different structures within government.

Consumers Association of Malawi (CAMA) Executive Director John Kapito also demanded the truth from Mutharika about the big UNGA entourage and who financed the hanger-on during the trip.

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professor Sizinati
May the good God intervene in the affairs of Malawi,we back in those good days,when the president could gather much courage to use language not befitting the head of state.Malawi is quickly coming offtrack in everything. This ego and pride from the president will take us no where but the dustbin.No medicines,in our hospitals,no food for the good three million over of us,bussinesses are at astandstill,workers are heavily taxed ,and the President has the guts and mouth to say to workers,”if you want to get rich go to the private sector “,which private sector ,the same that he has killed.This… Read more »
Chibanja tv
It is this space that was all over the moon praising Joice Banda just only after declaring that she was going to sell the presidential jet. Then come today mukuti chani? which Malawians that are up against the chartering of the presidential jet, am I not a Malawian? Just wait for 2019 if you want to see it again that we love APM, we do not eat political skirmishes we are happy when the political landscape is smooth leave APM alone. Perhaps next time you will be very happy to hear that the state president has boarded a Munorurama bus… Read more »
George Hopkins Kachimanga
George Hopkins Kachimanga
Much as we appreciate that the economy is in bad shape, it is important not to overlook the significance of the security of the 1st citizen. Even if I were the President, I would not allow myself to travel such a long distance on commercial jets for the sake of my security. Thus this negative talk of the president using a private jet is barbaric. Malawians should learn to reflect on issues rather than just making noise for the sake of making noise. For instance, the purchase of the jet by late Bingu was a brilliant idea only that it… Read more »

Samva za amnzake anamva nkhwanga ili mmutu


Zikomo mutatha kuweluza ndi ndi kunyoza dziwani kuti yesu akubwera ngati simulapa kusiya zoipazi wakumoto ine ndiye nganganga ndi yesu

Keen Observer

Whose fault is this??? Aren’t you the same Malawians who were supporting Abiti Ntila that she must sell the Jet & what did you expect? The Head if State to go by ship to USA????? They MUST charter kumene that’s what happens when you don’t have the presidential jet. We had the jet not for Mutharika but for the Malawi government but ignorant people sold it. Short sighted leaders.

Billy Chilewani

Dragging the men in unform to the mantle of leadership will only bring more suffering. Short term happiness yes,but long term sufferring. Try it and you will agree with me after you have experienced the iron fist of military rule.


The fact is that opposition do not wish well the President. I don’t see any problem for hiring a jet, always crying without phindu


Ine chomwe ndikuona cholakwika ndi kuyenda ndi anthu ambirimbiri amene onsewo adaonoga ma allowance. a Pitala, muzitiganizilako ndithu ntchito tikungogwirila misonkho basi popandapo chathu ndiye ndalamazo nkumaziononga chotele! Zimatiwawa kwambiri misonkhoyi. Koma tikanena nkhani ya hire
chattering an aeroplane, ayi ndithu sangachitile mwinamwake koma kutero ndithu nanga sipaja ndege ija ya president adagulitsa amai, nanga president yu adziyenda pa bulu!

Wake Up Malawi
Let me remind these fools in DPP, that Kamazu was a one man one party rule, he had no one to answer to, and anyone who complained about his hiring the Boeing 707 would have been arrested and put at Mikuyu Prison. Admittedly under Kamuzu there was economic progress but there was no freedom of speech. In 1994 after we Malawians fought hard for multi democracy, the one man one party rule of Kamuzu was replaced by Bakili Muluzi in the only free and fair elections we have ever had in Malawi , since the election in 1994, ALL elections… Read more »

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