Malawians urge APM to spike intelligence report on ‘regime change’

Malawians have taken up on social media to urge President Peter Mutharika to spike an intelligence report that complicates leader of opposition in parliament Lazarus Chakwera in demands for the Head of State to resign.

Dausi:  NIB report condemned

Dausi: NIB report condemned

The National Intelligence Bureau, in a report presented to Mutharika says Chakwera is allegedly orchestrating moves by civil society groups to force the President resign from the top most job of the land.

However, Malawians have described operations of NIB as archaic, saying they are no longer different from the operations of the now disbanded Police Special Branch which were targetting those with dissenting views against the government.

“Mr [Nichola] Dausi should know that we are no longer in one party state where he was an intelligence officer in the Malawi Young Pioneers. We are in multiparty system of government and the opposition is not the enemy of government but rather a government in waiting,” reads one comment on social media.

An entry wonders if NIB officers have the capacity to gather and critically analyse intelligence data, saying most of them are not qualified for the job as they are just picked for the job as long as they are connected to some government top officials.

Another Malawian says NIB has failed Malawians because it fails to pick crime intelligence that can help police prevent or combat crime.

Dausi could not be reached for comment but he has declined to comment on intelligence issues in the past, saying they are sensitive and are national security matters that cannot be discussed in public.

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68 thoughts on “Malawians urge APM to spike intelligence report on ‘regime change’”

  1. Mangochi says:

    Dzuka Malawi dzuka! Y are still believing in this Dausi abale inu?

  2. Symon Tukapote says:

    Ndi intelligence yo.Just a waste of time and tax payers money bankrolling people like dull spy Dausi who thrive on lies for their own survival.They think they will silence Mcp because of these cheap propaganda.If Pitala is not careful,his dull Dausi boy is indirectly decampagning him and next thing you will see him akupolisha za Chakwera ali pulezidenti.Dausi is just a confusionist.Nothing good can come out of his head.His head is just a decoration on his shoulder.

  3. Optic Computer says:

    Ndi aswiswiri omwe anatha mDPP

  4. Optic Computer says:

    The subject of every DDP rally was Chakwera, now they have slowed down on mud-sliding rallies Chakwera wants to overthrow the president. Plans to divert attention from poverty have dried up.

  5. hisbolla says:

    A malawi, we talk too much, but no action. Look at students in south africa. We can remove this fucking govt if we want. That’s why we are called NATO no action, talk only. We can remove this president if we want, talk only won’t help. How can we be ruled by a lomwe who scored only 33%?? Guys, let’s wKe up

  6. chakwera says:

    Peter should tolarate criticism so too should I Chakwera do. dont worry thats criticism at its best

  7. george says:

    pafuka utsi pali moto. you are all true guys.

  8. Malawi says:

    Mboga Matoga. this is a good point. Mutharika shud send soldiers there not these NIB guys. they are very dull.

  9. Sapitwa says:

    The story of Chakwera being implicated without Nyasa times publishing evidence to state that it is untrue remains a hearsay for now. Treated us such, no sane person can loose control of his/ her emotions based on this baseless hearsay aimed at confusing peoples minds and mainly MCP diehards who still believe that they were robbed of election victory. Baseless! Only headless chickens can waste their energies in making these noises. APM therefore can not waste his time to spike the report which for now is just media frenzy.
    If the report is there and busy being studied and evidence is there to prosecute, the courts will proceed without hindrance from this frenzy.

  10. VW - Gate says:

    Because of zochita za anthu awiriwa: Dausi and Mbendera I can foresee kuti zionetsero zomwe zichitike zikhala zoopsya ndi za mphamvu ngati hurricane Patricia. Get ready bwana Dausi and court chairman Mbendera.

  11. Mzanga Dausi says:

    A Dausi,

    Kodi intelligence munayidziwira kuti bulutu ngati inu. Chabwino ngati munakhozadi school ya za intelligence, tandigwireni ine ndalembapa panone. Mawa muchite compile report ngati mumayithadi – tione.


    Ndatha ine,

    Mzanga Dausi.

  12. wamasomphenya says:

    A DPP ndiye treason for at the polls you overthrew a duly elected government by the people of Malawi through rigging and today you want to turn the story around?? Amene anaberedwa chisankho anakhala phee kutenga icho mukuti chi pulezidenti chanucho kukachiyika ku state house kwakakamiza a Malawi kuti azichitchula chipulezidenti sipakukukwanani koma mukufuna kumumanga kenako kumupha amene anawina chisankho chakwera koma Hahahaha mwalemba kumwezi nkhanga zaona Dausi udzathawa wekha

  13. themba says:

    Dausi dausi dausi pakutha pa moyo uno uzayakha mlandu wa robert chasowa,njauju,bailot box unataya nthawi yomwe mbendera adachita ngati wamsala,agadama,asangala,zomwe unachita kwa abale amboni za yehova,hon nsungama mlandu wawo mmene unaotchela warehouse ku lilongwe ya MEC,komano wayakha chiyembekezo chokhacho chakhala kutundu wa a malawi proff lazarous chakwera,ndipo ukhoza kupusisa joyce banda koma lero sungatchule za chakwera akutibula anthu.

  14. Isaac Naluso says:

    Cowards die many times before their death! What a shame to those misleading the president in thinking that there is a purported “Regime Change Agenda”. The president knows better than them, as such, the best our excellency would do is relinquishing them of their respective positions! Let us not cause unnecessary psychological pandemonium in our beloved head of state!

  15. Phinifolo says:

    Kodi Dausi anafika pati ndi maphunziro. Si uja amapukuta nkupolisha nsapato za Kamuzu Banda ameneyu. Gau wachabechabe amenyutu. Kungoti amalawi tulo.

  16. NYAOPE says:

    Sorry Malawi, a governmet of the greedy politicians, by the greedy politicians and for the fucken politicians.

  17. Chatty Man says:

    I wonder if Peter congratulated Dausi” You’re an even better liar than Iam”

  18. JENTTELE says:

    kodi iwe Dausi , who killed Njaunju ?

  19. Lunjika says:

    Akanakhala wanzeru Dausi akanathandiza kutukula chioatala chakwao kumwanza koma ngakhale mabedi ogonamo odwala shame, so he is faling to devp his home area wat about national issues

  20. chatonda says:

    NIB killed Njaunju and this is the work of NIB to show why they exist. They should have caught the one who killed Njaunju if its not them.

  21. BK.PHRI says:

    There is nothing that can divert our attention from real issues affecting the nation not even this trash from this garbage. This is the right time for the so called Intelligence bureau to be telling the president the peoples feelings. People want their president to be on top of things and don’t waste the presidents time with these stinking old tasks to protect your jobs.

  22. CHINJOKA says:

    Kkkkkkk Dausi ofoyila iwe

  23. Patriot says:

    Paja Dausi anali mu boma la Kamuzu eti?
    Za nkhaza nkhazazi akuziziwa bwino.
    This is why these days DPP looks like the MCP of Kamuzu Banda.

  24. Bob says:

    The likes of Dausi, this boy Mavuto, Viola and Company are going to drive the old man into cardiac arrest and he will die. They stupidly drive the masses into frenzy with their stupid remarks and deeds. Malawians have their patience on edge and need to be pampered. Mark my words hell is going to break loose soon.

  25. Ngati amatha kufufuza bwanji osapeza amene akuotcha misika.? Anthu opusa okha akhoza kukhulupira zopusazo.

  26. machonisa says:

    Mr. Dausi, You are very stupid, and probably insane. Whether you like or not Rev. Chakwera will be our next head of state.

  27. Omex70 says:

    Mr Dausi is a waste of government resources. How I wish he was not born here in Malawi.

  28. Kalindilila says:

    This country has suffered years of mediocrity the consequences of which are manifesting in all levels of our society. Many years of putting incompetent people in important national jobs just because they are your tribesmen or political cronies can no longer hold together our development efforts. Mediocrity can never provide a foundation for society to develop and thrive on. In fact progressive societies have crumbled for embracing mediocrity. Malawi provides a good example of a society that was progressing but now is turmoil. Prior to 1994 Malawi’s economic fundamentals were fairly sound but when Bakili and team took over and permitted mediocrity to reign things started to go the dogs. Sustained mediocrity by successive multiparty administrations have brought to where we are today. We are a society that is constant decline. Every administration tells Malawians to tighten their belts with a better tomorrow. But this has been a political song since Bakili Muluzi. Our poverty is worsening and more Malawians are living under serious deprivation. Peter Muthalika’s government is no different pursuing the same old strategies of tribalising jobs despite the obvious failure of such strategies to the advancement of our society called Malawi. The truth is average brains will never transform society

  29. Mbonga Matoga says:

    That’s what happens when institutions are formed just for the sake of it, without proper job description. Let me help out this DPP govt on what the NIB should be doing,

    1. First of all we have a major problem in our country where not even the vice president is safe during the night.. Criminals are operating with impunity because they know how incompetent and corrupt our police has became, please NIB feel the gap in this area.

    2. Secondly, there is the lake Malawi issue with Tanzania. At the moment our govt has no idea what so ever on what the Taifas are doing with our lake on the other side. I have reports from some Taifas I know that their govt has been doing their own oil exploration and plans are in place that same low level oil drilling will start soon to test the reaction of the Malawi govt.

    So while Dausi and his fellow DPP henchmen at NIB are busy fucking other peoples wives and writing these silly reports to show the president that they are doing some work, the Taifas are busy exploiting our lake and making fun of our security services,

    Dausi should immediately send some of his spy boys and girls to Tanzania on the other side of our lake to let us know exactly what is going on there. Stop abusing tax payers money on politically motivated reports to the president to buy yourself favours.

  30. Madumuse says:

    Dausi, whose only specialisation is Ugogodi and Utyopi cannot not objectively head such a highly specialised unit of government.

    NIB needs to feed government with credible and objective intelligence and not ndowe.

  31. Dr Haswel P Bandawe says:

    Paranoia on the part of anybody in power is unacceptable. To begin with anyone holding public office holds such a position to serve and has been entrusted to discharge the assigned responsibility by the people.

    It is the people who are the boss, not the other way round. As a country we have been so conditioned to hero worshiping elected leaders. That mind set has cost the country so much. Not any more.

    To avoid any slide to stifling criticism of Government it is important to widely disseminate the key provisions of the constitution translated in Tumbuka, Yao, Sena, Chichewa, nyachusa, Tonga , Lomwe and other significant languages.

    Once people are aware of their rights and obligations, they will hold anyone holding public office accountable. Acquiescence in the face of wrong-doing is complicity in the unacceptable behavior.

  32. anadimba says:

    look at his empty head.whatcan come from Mwaza.adistrict which was found with literally naked people by kamuzu. Were they monkeys. Indeed Dausi shows monkeyish behavior

  33. Man of God says:

    Onyoza CHAKWERA m’malawi muno sagona timpweteka.

  34. Kalindilila says:

    This country h

  35. Anabanda says:

    Not only chakwera wants peter should go its the entire malawi b r fuckin tired of this head less chicken
    Just go to america n teach your old age people

  36. Anabanda says:

    Not only chakwera wants peter should go its the entire malawi b r fuckin tired of this head less chicken

  37. KARU UNITED says:

    A Owen, amati:” implicates ” osati complicates.

  38. We r in multiparty not monoparty era becare4. avoid to spoil our democracy which we voted for.I remember Dausi that time 1993 you were at monoparty side you knew nothing how people suffered from you.

  39. vavlov says:

    What do you expect of Dausi, his intellect and education are far below the minimum expected for the post he is holding

  40. Stampycious says:

    Koma chimenechi ndicha young pioneer’di, kunyansa chinkhope chincho, hw many did u kill? No doubt he is still killing innocent people systematically, he is a Mafia behind DPP, bloody hands

  41. Achimidzimidzi says:


  42. vavlov says:

    The same style of implicating people as was done during Kamuzu.

  43. good man says:

    amalawi siyani zinthu zoyambisa ziwawa

  44. We r in multiparty not monoparty era becare4.

  45. Teach me Teacher says:

    Implicate = allege that someone is involved in or complicit to a wrong act
    Complicate = to make an otherwise simple matter become difficult
    NIB report implicates Chakwera; it does not complicate him.

  46. bob says:

    True NIB is archaic as they like to please the ruling elite by telling lies about those in opposition. Government should consider firing Dausi if it wants improvements in its intelligence operations. The Head of NIB should be an Expatriate to make the Organization tick

  47. Masoaopsya says:

    Although the boss for NIB has mentioned that Chakwera and co. are implicated for trying to solicit support to overthrow government using illegal means, have you heard the head of state’s comments and if not why are you getting jittery if the allegations are baseless? If what is being insinuated is true let the courts decide since that is why they are there. What people are overlooking is this that God has his own way of doing things and the wishes of certain individuals usually does not materialise. Zimene wamanga Ambuye amamasula yekha. N’chifukwa chache zolinga za munthu sidzikutheka ku Malawi unless God The Almighty Himself sanctions it, period. If God wants Mutharika, he is there to stay, if He doesn’t want him, at His own time He will remove him. If God didn’t want him, why is he at the helm and not Chakwera, Muluzi, Banda, Chisi and the other lot? Mtima m’malo aNyasa.

  48. Honala says:

    Tayerekezani kumumanga Chakwera. You will regret the rest of your life. Musamachite zinthu kudalira kuti kuli a police mudzawapweteketsa. Taganizani momwe zinalili ku Egypt. Anthu amafika pa nyama a Dausi. Siyani za uchitsiruzo. Ife a Malawi tinazolowera Mtendere. Inutu ndiye eni ake a treason. Mumandinyasa kwambiri chifukwa plan yanu ya treason inapangitsa kuti Embalmimg ya Bingu isatheke. Mmalo mwake President Bingu anikidwa atayamba kuola. Mulibe manyazi MXXXXIIIIIIIII

  49. Honala says:

    Useless and canister NIB

  50. Mzanga Dausi says:

    A Dausi, utidye naye ni ukadyole wainu, ndithu ukuyikani mmavuto.

  51. komko says:

    Kutha ma plan Dpp.

  52. Masharubu says:

    Only a clueless president can pick someone of the calibre of Dausi to head any serious national organisation .

  53. Lord Mansfield says:

    If The NIB guys are serious about investigations let them give The Police a clue on Njauju’s Assasinators Otherwise This Org Is Useless & Irrelevant To Our Protection

  54. OGO!! says:

    NIB was messed up by BINGU, during Bakili time it had internal checks and balances and it was perfectly fine to have it de-linked from the Police. During Bakili times it was very effective and did not have time to answer to petty issues. The problem with Malawians is that they are easily duped and brainwashed. Its disbandment was politically motivated as the people that belonged to Bingu’s UP found the opportunity to get into power. Then it had people of different qualities technicians, administrators, investigators etc. People that were not politically affiliated, then the disbandment. Ideally they thought they could fire the officers just like that ..then they realised it was impossible and would cost billions, They then started selecting those that appeared to have more knowledge and fired them or transfered them to Govt departments that had nothing to do with their original fields. An accountant would be transfered to work as a clerk ku irrigation. Those that were lucky were those that had originally come from the Police as they were transfered to Police.
    This is a very important arm of govt but until it is with an act that would stop leaders from messing about , these kinds of things will never change.

    Mpinganjira, Sonke, Gunya, Chilumpha even if Bingu was live would testify as to how terrifying the reports to the President were how accurate and unquestionable. Pano everything is questionable. Departments stopped operating long ago, as the qualified people are no longer there because of witch hunting. You need professionals in intelligence osati cousins and nieces of politicians in Govt. Its a shame that intelligence issues can be disclosed in public and it even shocks me that a report to the President has found its way to the media, yet..these reports are not even yet submitted electronically. Thats how sad Malawi is.

  55. Mkwapu says:


  56. losco says:

    Keep on doing your job Dausi but avoid premature publications to avoid diluting issues.

  57. drzeus says:

    There are so many intelligent energetic and professional Malawians who r experts in intelligence gathering in thr Police, the army and the private sector. Why did u take Kamuzu’s body guard to b chief of intelligence? I would have preferred for a former guard commander or ADC to do the job or the previous army military intelligence chiefs or police commissioners

  58. Pimbiton says:

    Chicken Intelligence hahahaha!

  59. nachisale says:

    Those pushing for regime change have been exposed and they do not want to admit their plans are wicked and into popular.

  60. Telling the Truth says:

    It is only 3years ago by April 2012 when DPP brought this country to its knees. Now DPP is back and things are worsening. The massive increase in school fees means that ordinary poor Malawians will fail to send their children to school and the K92bn cashgate is not being invesigated. And donors have no confidence in DPP.

  61. kennedy says:

    shame on this rubbish Daudi, he wants to get top possition from his fellow old fool peter. Such people should be taken to book, how can he link such embarraing accusation to the media?
    I wich Chakwera could sue this dog.

  62. MULOPWANA says:


  63. mapwevupwevu says:

    Why should the president spike a report prepared by professionals at NIB?

    Ng’weng’weng’we! Mumadziwa intelligence inu?

    Shut your smelly mouths and be quiet!

  64. tsetsefly says:

    This is the rubbish you get when you entrust guards with such huge responsibility. The president deserves credible intelligence and not a piece of half baked information that does not bring any value to the nation. It is my belief that the president did not sanction this undertaking.

  65. haward says:

    Dausi kutaya nthawi sure

  66. nobel says:

    Where was these so called intelligence when Issa Njauju was brutally murdered but no trace? Where was intelligence when MEC warehouse was torched but no traces covered? Where was the intelligence when markets are torched willy nilly but no none has been apprehended? Where was intelligence when JB was veep her motorcade was involved in a road accident and no arrest made since then? Where was intelligence when Bingu died due to JBs purported charms kkkkkk?
    If u have answers on these questions then our NIB has a good purpose or add value to our security. If u don’t have answers then forget about the report, it’s trash!

  67. Malawiyano says:

    Atidyenawo , they will all the time go to tell the president with big lies in order to pretend as if they are hard workers , yet they are there to steal from the president.

  68. mtate mike rsa says:

    This is the shit of dpp failed government even bingu himself was doing the same whenever he’s afraid of others like Joice,cassim,cso just to mention afew zitsulu za anthu zamantha,ma cso angoti pa 27 october tilipansewu waopakale sapita ku India

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